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NFL Week 1 Picks and Best Bets [Lions at Chiefs, Bills at Jets + MORE] | CBS Sports

Sep 08, 2023
oh yeah we're almost there Lions Chiefs starting the first


here's the list of all the games uh ending with the Bills and Jets Monday Night Football Aaron Rodgers' debut with New York let's get some


from some of the


games and we have Gotta our lead analyst Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco here for another year of


that won last season. Brady, did Brady win last season? Okay, Pete better get off the schneid. This is an interesting line here. I won the year before the Chiefs minus five supposedly supposedly Travis. Kelsey has doubts at this point and the line has moved a little since that news, it was around six thirty, now it's down to five and that thing is going down for Thursday night football.
nfl week 1 picks and best bets lions at chiefs bills at jets more cbs sports
Look, I'm still on the Chiefs, here I was. I mean, it's As for Travis Telsey maybe not being able to go, he doesn't miss many games, Pete, so this might be one where he suits up and tries to try. I don't know how effective it will be, this is where I think. The game has been won and lost for Kansas City and if they cover it is the scheme of the Kansas City offense against Aaron Glenn and the Detroit Lions defense. I need to see improvement over what we saw last year to be able to believe that this group is I'm going to be able to contain the passing attack of Patrick Mahomes and everyone else, even without Kelsey playing a major role, if any role at all. , which is why I look at this matchup and still need to see something from Detroit on defense.
nfl week 1 picks and best bets lions at chiefs bills at jets more cbs sports

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nfl week 1 picks and best bets lions at chiefs bills at jets more cbs sports...

I'm with you, Andy Reed and Patrick Mahomes, no matter who they throw to, yes, you would love to have Kelsey on the field, they will still find ways to move the ball, get creative and run. The interior offensive line is the


in football and they had to know they had to pay a lot of money for right tackle. They had a veteran at left tackle. I think the line will be as good as it has been and we. I saw how good he was in the playoffs against the Eagles, so I think they'll move the ball the other way.
nfl week 1 picks and best bets lions at chiefs bills at jets more cbs sports
I also think the Lions will move the ball because I think Chris Jones, not being there, is the destroyer of the game on defense. They don't have a right game, so I like the Chiefs because I think they'll figure it out offensively, but I also think it's running out. I took a page out of your book, Brady, and I took it and said, yeah. to the party with a little undercutting there too. I'm going to go and keep in mind that I think you're going to get to the bottom of these lines well with the highest level, yeah, and look, there's always those growing pains, I think every time you start a season, try it. to find a rhythm, find your chemistry, sometimes maybe even without Kelsey, let's not forget this injury happened on a Tuesday, which means you don't really have much practice before a Thursday night game like that, maybe some make some adjustments because he doesn't know what he's doing with my house, so it's important, it's not so much about that, it's about Kelsey not playing a role, which she has played an important role all her time.
nfl week 1 picks and best bets lions at chiefs bills at jets more cbs sports
There's how to adjust some of the concepts of the situations that throw Red in. Zone, uh, without him potentially being the main target because you know they like to give him the ball. Does He Play with a hyperextended knee in your mind? I think it can, I mean look I've had a hyperextended elbow, it's painful as long as there's no structural damage you can handle it, it all comes down to how it feels and also the risk of being okay. Do we want to put him in now that he's getting extra rest? After this, let's make him healthy or weak too, that makes I think that might be the way the Chiefs end up playing this.
He hasn't missed a game due to injury since his rookie season 10 years ago, so both guys like the Chiefs minus five, but they differ on the over and under. game on CBS Late Window Sunday 4 25 Eastern Tua and the Dolphins Herbert and the Chargers La giving three at home I'm going to give myself a penalty flag right here because I submitted the wrong pick oh, actually, wow, not really, actually I made my picks are online, you can search them and I have Miami covering. I have the Chargers winning, but it will be very close, so I'll take the flag.
You can give me a personal foul if you want, whatever you want. Second choice. of the year take me out of the game if you want I said the wrong one I'll let it go well it's the first


I'm not going to change the pen you look great I look great but I'm saying you're getting there in age so physically you don't look very good mentally, You sent the wrong message at least five different times over the course of the season last year, yes you did, if I said the wrong message I followed it and sometimes it worked better.
For me, yes, it did, but you sent it, but no, I'm going to change mom. Miami will keep it. I think it's going to be a very close game, a lot of points will be scored here uh because I think Kellen Moore will allow Herbert. throw the ball down the field, which he didn't do last year and I think Mike McDaniel struggled last year against the Chargers. I think he will discover some things against him. Remember they took away those fast passes. Lanes he didn't like. If he didn't do it, I'll take it, I'll do it, game over.
I'll take Miami to the point. The East Coast team plays on the West Coast and you talked about some of the difficulties of fast games, screens. quick passes on the outside uh the charger is going to have a good game plan for that. I'm big on charges this year. I think Justin Herbert is going to do a lot of numbers. He fits well with assistant Kellen Moore compared to Joe Lombardi. was doing last year my concern about where this game is won and lost for me is the Dolphins offensive line facing pressure on the Chargers. I just don't think the Dolphins are going to be able to hold on, I think there's not much I can do to prevent that and that's where I like the charges here, establishing the three points.
I think they have a better chance of dominating a lot of the line of scrimmage, particularly when those two phases are on the field, okay. go to Sunday Night Football as those guys disagree with the Chargers and the Dolphins, it's the Cowboys against the Giants. My eyebrows rose when I saw this line. I thought the Cowboys might have to score one or two points, but minus three and a half


than the field goal here at the Giants, but dig a little deeper and Cowboys fans and Giants fans know that Dak Prescott They've won 10 in a row against the Giants, they've had their number, and for some reason I looked at this and said, I feel like, "We're not talking about the Giants enough.
I know they may have been outplayed in Brian Dable's first year to get there." to the playoffs, but it also seemed like we weren't hearing much about it and they got Daniel Jones back. solidify some things defensively where they are in a much better place. I think it's going to be very close to the division opponents to score in the first week. I'll take the three and a half points here on the home underdog team. I've been a home team player so far with our picks and I'm going to continue that at least for the first week.
I'm going to travel with the Cowboys here and Dak Prescott I'm going to continue the streak. I think he continues. I just think it looks like the Giants surpassed last year, let's face it, and they've improved, don't get me wrong, they've improved, but Dallas has also improved a lot, I mean, from a health standpoint, they've improved a lot. I think you know that playing Parsons as a rush guy is a smart move and I think that will make him a strong contender for defensive player of the year. In fact, I think he's going to win defensive player of the year, so he's picking the Cowboys.
I will put the points. I don't normally like to put the dots on a Sunday night on the trail. I'm with you, but I'll do it anyway. Looks a little suspicious a little suspicious a little suspicious a little suspicious and you you that hook man gets you buddy you got it you took the bait it's suspicious the other way around that's fine by me but you gotta take the bait , so we'll see how it goes, it could be that Brady hooks up there, let's go to Monday Night Football. now consider the Buffalo Jets road favorites as Aaron Rodgers makes his Jets debut again, you heard my strategy here at home, the underdog now the Jets with Aaron Rodgers I know there is a lot of excitement and I understand there is some concern for you We know what the Jets are really capable of doing on the field versus what we're seeing on Hard Knocks and in the press and everything else.
The reality is that this is a really good football team when they have play from their quarterback position. I'm not going to put them in a bad defensive situation, it's one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL, they have one of the best cornerbacks, really the secondary in general, I think they can contain Bill's passing attack and look, I know that have made. I have questions about his offensive line, but you also have Rogers out there and I think he can spit the ball fast enough to some of the young, talented receivers to catch the ball.
My big concern is whether they have any balance. Can they run the ball? What I always feel that way about the Buffalo Bills too, can they handle the ball? Do you want to handle the ball? So I'll take the two and a half here and the Jets at home as a hometown underdog. I'm going. with Buffalo and I think Buffalo is the team that everyone sleeps on this year and I don't understand the Rogers hype and the Miami hype and everything else in that division. Buffalo is a better team than they were a year ago and they will be.
I think Sean McDermott taking over defense makes them a better team. I think they'll be a lot


aggressive on that side of the ball, which will help them once they get Von Miller back, they'll really be better on the right side. defensive side of the ball and offensively I think they have improved their offensive line. I think that's something they had to do. You talk about running the ball. They have trouble running the ball because the offensive line has been a problem. I think they have to do it. be more committed to it, you'll take the pressure off Allen.
Allen's still going to have a great day. I'll take Buffalo, speaking of pressure, who would say they have more pressure? Josh Allen, all those turnovers now some skeptics in Buffalo, not that they're not a good team but they're not a Super Bowl team is he doubting them or did you just say it we're done we're overlooking Buffalo nobody doubt they are just exaggerating that they are a championship team that can overcome the obstacle against Kansas City against Cincinnati who has more pressure Josh Allen or Aaron Rodgers with the New York Jets. It is a difficult question to answer because for Rogers it would be one thing to have a unique year.
Basically I already said that won't be the case, he'll be there at least two, maybe three and who knows after that depending on experience, so I don't know if he feels a lot of pressure, uh, maybe as the season goes on , if they continue to win and it starts to build a little bit, then you start to feel that, but I feel like it's more of a responsibility on the Buffalo Bills and that window that you know is open or closing and how much longer. What do they have with this squad because, according to your point, they are one of the best American football teams in the AFC, in the entire NFL, but over time they are going to start losing some of those pieces, the guys have to be paid.
I'm not sure what to do with Stefan's stuff from time to time, if he's happy, if he's not happy, you see contradictory things and only he really knows and the people inside know, so that's my only question , it's just that more of you know it. there's a window closing there in Buffalo, like we've seen them peak or they're just getting started, as long as you have Josh Allen playing quarterback you have a chance the window won't close, the window won't close at all. a great quarterback. keeps the window open you just have to be good at complementing what's around because you're right, they're going to start losing pieces.
I think there's more pressure on Rogers and the reason there's more pressure on Rogers is all the drama of the way he played and now he's free and he's friends with all the players and he's going to play and he's watching Michael Jackson play. with the team and it's great, that's what he didn't see Hard Knocks, he went to see Michael, they have a Michael Jackson. he played on Broadway and the whole team went and I wonder: where was he with the young Packer wide receivers a year ago? He didn't spend any time with those guys and believe me, when I was in Green Bay, they made a comment too.
He didn't have a Michael Jackson play in Green Bay, you know the point, he wasn't in the facility and now he's rejuvenated, the pressure is on him, he has to make that team a legitimate Super Bowl contender if they don't make it. postseason, that is. a big flop by the New York Jets and you know there's going to be changes there, so Pete's got the


covering that, obviously winning two and a half Brady has the Jets covering the Jets winning straight up. I'm going to go ahead and Call the Winning Hour because when I made my season predictions I had them split, so Aaron Rodgers is going tomoonwalk on Monday Night Football.
Let's get the best


for the first week. Pete, let's go to Chicago, okay. Aaron Rodgers is finally gone from Grand. Look at you, he's fine, he's finally gone. Barry's parents are thinking, okay, this is it, we're on an upward trajectory, we have, we have a quarterback now they're putting one in the house and not only do you have Green Bay winning this game but you think they're going to win this game too. division. I believe it, I believe it, and by the way, Chris, I know you're a Bears fan. Think about next year because next time and I really think they are going to be very good.
Jordan Love enters Chicago beats Bears. People will think that next year will never come. No, next year will come even as Jordan loved those. and I beat the Bears because I think Jordan Love is better than people give him credit for and this team is talented across the board, they are loaded on the offensive line when Jenkins is healthy de bhaktiari is healthy, they are playing on the left, the line is talented across the board Watson and Dobbs will put up big numbers, they can run the ball with those running backs to take the pressure off of Jordan Love and then defensively they'll be really good just because Devonte Wyatt Quay Walker, we talked about that earlier . the Brady program from year one to year two, guys, take the next step.
The Packers win this game and they flat out don't need the point, poor Bears fans. I know next year won't be pretty in Chicago next year, they'll keep saying. next year that's what you're doing next year not next year next year okay what's your best bet for them. I have the Seattle Seahawks Lane five against the Los Angeles Rams. I just don't have a really optimistic view for the Los Angeles Rams. The season is difficult and obviously you have heard from various sources. Matt Stafford is having a hard time connecting with some of the guys he's throwing to.
Two coming out of the Cooper Cup, obviously a little banged up as well, that plays a role in one of your best players. He's going to be healthy for this one and I believe in the roster that Pete Carroll and John Schneider built there in Seattle. I think if Geno can replicate what he did last year, there's no doubt this team will be in the hunt for a playoff spot, I'm not saying they're winning the you know, the fantasy West, but if he could come close at these numbers again, this team will be right there in the mix, so I think they can cover all five at home, right? get close to those numbers again, yeah, I think why not, I mean let's look at it, that's the big question, the addition of Jackson Smith and Jigba to go with Locket, my God, like they just want to throw the ball.
Matt Stafford called out Aaron Rodgers, he found his way to the heart, so all young players do it like that. I mean, Stanford's winter got a Super Bowl, they're turning the page on The Grotto, they're going through the growing pains, so Stafford already did it. What Rogers is trying to do: go to a new team, win in his career, but now he has to connect with young players. Now it's hard to do it. I connect with all of you young people. I'll give them credit even if Brady doesn't. Pete Brisco Brady Quinn first week picks here on HQ uh pick six podcast Tuesday's episode Pete was with his power rankings uh Brinson default Wilson broke them up with Pete and Wednesday's episode new today Brady Quinn picking NFL futures

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