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NFL Brutal Hits of the 2023 Season Week 6

Mar 25, 2024
reg tah Hill looking for his Titan receiver who is caught by Chris Moore the flags are everywhere defensive back tall and spread trying to get in helmet to helmet right there that separates the ball from Moore, let's hope he's okay oo that's a


hit 14 Baltimore they just threw, did they just throw Kyle Hamilton out of the game? Well, that's a great decision too, third and 10 shots from Walker high in full for more and a flag on the hit to Gibson who is going to give him the first down, let's see it personal foul Defense number 31 contact with a defensive receiver despite that rises even though it rises, contact must still be made.
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season week 6
I would love to know what Dean is, what his two cents are here. but that doesn't seem like a foul to me Dean, what do you think you have a defenseless player so you can't make strong contact in the head and neck area? It seems that Gibson goes from the shoulder to the body and this seems like a foul to me. legal hit, oh my god what a great call that would have been fourth and 10 big fake calls, a handoff slides through traffic and then gets hit by jron curse and a flag, personal foul, unnecessary roughness, number one def, yeah, great decision of yours, that's helmet to helmet on.
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season week 6

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nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season week 6...

Justin Herbert and a good call down the field and 15 yards gets the ball to the Dallas 49 Lawrence had the pressure under the tight end Ferguson, yeah, I wondered if that flag would come and it certainly did. First catch for Ferguson Murray's tackle and there's the hit just to the right side of the head personal foul unnecessary roughness Defense number three a 15-yard penalty first down second and 10 from the 31 after the timeout Smith, the deep drop Smith lo load caught a big hit on the 11th on Bobo Flags flies and Bobo holds on to the ball which was just a surprisingly good hit, let's see and he led with his shoulder first, let's look at the shoulder again, but you do see the head get involved in the top, the results of a play, a full sack, personal foul. unnecessary harshness and then that Mike Evans one, now Godwin, oh man, he took a hit from Tracy Walker the first time we actually said Walker's name, he got flagged for that hit, I'm telling you he's got his mask up, it's not down. in the head and neck area, that could just be a good physical hit.
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season week 6
Is he helpless? You're going to go to the defenseless player because he hadn't had time to establish himself, but what a tremendous catch by Chris God on the play? the contact was on the shoulder, they got a track team third and 11 and two go long looking for o m and then he took big


from Franklin and Henderson here the man Von Miller took Taylor's throws, it's complete and it's a first down he got Robinson


hard, but Wale gets him inside the Red Zone to the 19. Robinson on the outside, some here will end up blocking Bon Miller, but watch him turn down the field third and 18 out quick.
nfl brutal hits of the 2023 season week 6
Robinson quickly struck Taran. Johnson, the Bills' standout cornerback, can really spark an offense, Aon Kno, trying to help block Allen, running, throwing nothing, open field, downfield, incomplete oari tonight, so it really is K Kavon, maybe so 25 Allen in trouble here trying to escape. moment he throws it downfield and it's incomplete and Allen also made a great throw and a flag falls late abruptly the passes Defenseman number 58 Terry I'm going to pass this on to you and Chris, I'm going to tell you. It's not a foul to come out of the game to be checked and Kyle Allen is coming in, maybe you saw the way he hit his helmet.
Allen is running quickly toward the blue tent and Harris is at running back for the Bills, a big coup. Harris, but beyond the 35 yard line, it looks like they came right down the line, but it's marked as a first down and there you see the hit that happened with Oar and they quickly took out the board to look at it and evaluate. Harris and to get him in the ambulance as quickly as possible adori Jackson his starting corner fell immediately from the New York Giants secondary is being more physical at the point of attack and that time Jackson tried to be more physical and that hit of his own boy Under pressure G was protected St Brown has to get to the 14 yard line and he will Craig Reynolds threw the big block and St Brown works the entire field for the touchdown just rushing downfield and gets the big block on Carlton Davis right there so Alan Ross St Brown to turn the corner, what a great job, little move that time by Tomkins, he has Kade uton blocking him, Jack Campbell hits him, rookie Blitz coming from the Lions Mayfield hits while throwing and it's incomplete for Evans, it's for That everyone loves Baker Mayfield as their quarterback and teammate, he will take a hit from Tracy Walker, Unblocked Free Runner, right at the quarterback.
Baker Mayfield just stays in that pocket, he knows he's going to take that hit and he does everything he can. Can does well on that elbow and we've seen Baker Mayfield taking hits all day and here's another one to finish the game breaking that 14 game streak and now on the first play Fields evens out, that's been a problem at times this year, this is what Brian Flores wants to do as defensive coordinator, he wants to mess with your pass protection, he wants to get bodies into the box to confuse you, so you better bring him in and be ready to tackle, you saw he's a little banged up . sitting on this play, Fields hits as he throws and it's going to be a short gain, yeah, and jyree Carter was rotating at that left guard spot with Kevin Jenkins and you see Mattel coming in now on a third and target Fields steps up, takes off, but he hit and fell inside Phillips able to fall and make that play he needs seven yards he has time and now the pressure is catching up with him he tried to turn it around at the last second but I think they're going to say he's down.
Denal Hunter is in the field. that the quarterback was down before the pass now Justin Fields is not a good sign for Chicago right now he's heading to the locker room he just landed awkwardly you're right Robert yeah and he's and he's and he's holding that he's holding that right wrist It's hard to say it again, you don't want to speculate, you know, it just became funny, but you can see him wincing immediately clearly in a lot of pain, it makes it so dangerous this time. I've been looking for it again. Let's get to it, my God, he did it.
He took a big hit from Cam Bam, but a big catch for 24 yards for more, we'll take a look at him. Look at him, he just holds out those fingers, that thing and he's got a hand there. I think it's a clean catch, no doubt about it, another Tanel throw, one is caught over the middle by Cincinnati rookie Josh Wy, that's a gain of 11 and another first down, Kirk scored, so to speak. less. took one right on the crown of the helmet right there Kyle Hamilton, who is all over the field as always with Patrick Queen in the first third of the way, they are 0 for three in the third today Wilson in trouble and sacked Jordan Davis falling Zack Wilson on 24 four and the Eagles defense Stands Tall again after these big guys smoke, look at Davis.
I mean, this guy is just a huge two gapper in front, he's like a Volkswagen Beetle just parked in the middle of your front. Herz's pressure is coming and he has sacked quarterback Bryce Huff. He went straight through the block for his second sack of the year. 5 free play a free play for Wilson. Pocket in the middle. Has Garett Wilson gets a block at the 15. Wilson within 10 flags. they're down in the secondary when Nicholas Morrow makes the stop at the nine and then here comes the block Wham, ouch, and I love Lazard's ability to block downfield.
I just think the discernment there to know that you can just high screen that guy instead of The Knockout. blow, I understand that Kade Maz will start at left guard today, second down, six for the young man who closes the pocket, goes at 23 and was sacked on Bradley's play, second sack of the


. Boseman rushed in first and scored the goal while he threw incomplete as they were. looking for Hayden Hurst is outside looking to the left takes a big hit while throwing it almost manages to catch it with one hand in that left tackle position dubs thrown by Donald that's unreal Aaron Donald is too fast for this type of plays you can't throw that much guard and tackle and hope Aaron Donald doesn't go in there and make a tackle for a loss look how fast he is look how quick his feet are he's been making these plays for years second downs five chased by Jones Wilson out of bounds takes a shot at the end by Justin Reed looks down the field sees Chanel follows running back Williams down the field so again this is what much of this year has been close to being a late hit out of bounds by Reed, but there's no call, good look at Parsons, he's been pretty quiet tonight, he's only been involved in one tackle, no sacks by the defense, they haven't handled him in San Francisco either and here he is right on Q Parsons, his first ones Cowboys first and what a time for it, a loss of eight

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