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Jun 17, 2021
what's up guys welcome back to the channel i got. I can't wait to show you this game because I feel like you'll get a lot of information and a lot of knowledge about what goes through my mind when I'm playing solo and trying to get a win, okay, the number of plays, the endgame, the final circle, the kills i get mid game it's like wow how did that happen and i think you guys will enjoy today's video so i want this video to break 30k likes i know we've been trying to set goals for 20k likes and we've been destroying it every time but i look back on my recent videos and every time we get over 20k so if you guys can drop it 30k lights by today that will come on if you haven't already make sure to hit that subscribe button to continuation for the gospel to be 2400 commons as you can see here we'll be using kyle or goz and it's cool it's cool I mean like it's a throwback because I played Modern Warfare the original campaign and see gods in this game right now for multiplayer it's pretty refreshing pretty nostalgic and then we also have a new m4 that comes with a pack but the original attachments were completely crap so I guess it's like the green camo scheme but let's put the gold just because it looks great in-game with the specific gold and blue print combination.
new operator and m4a1 warzone
I hope you enjoy this video. I'm telling you right now this game is pretty crazy. amount of tinkering i make with the car and just like the randomness that happens with it its a bit crazy hope you enjoy the video. I'm going to connect three people in the comments section who will drop everything that can come with their ps4 Xbox system pc and yes I'll see them in the video so today I want to break down exactly the game plan for more wins and solos ok, there will be different opinions on whether the recons and solos are worth it or what not, but here's why I do the easy contracts before the big contract and why there are only 90 people it doesn't matter even in a Lobby 90 or a Lobby 150 I'm going to get a decent amount of kills and win here and break everything down so when you go into a solo match and complete all these easy contracts first it's good and then let me tell you why it is well the amount of contract bonus you get for completing the easy contracts early on is ridiculous and me and I've mentioned this in previous videos online it's crazy who's coming right now bro come on man ace So my recommendation is to complete at least two or three easy contracts before you hit a bounty, once you hit that bounty it will give you like 16 K I think the original reward for a bounty is 6 K likes, it's just not worth the Shame because that requires killing someone you know and I understand not everyone is the best player so this is my strategy when it comes to getting easy dub solos with t A decent amount of death folds from these contracts complete two or three of these and your kill reward one bounty will be significant and then obviously from there you can use that bounty you know the 16K to get UAVs.
new operator and m4a1 warzone

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new operator and m4a1 warzone...

I'm going to complete another recce as these are very simple to complete so there's really no reason you shouldn't complete these and obviously this is very different from what I normally do which I'm going to land in a superstore and get a bunch of from kill I guess the point of this video is to show the strategy when you are trying to get an easy dog ​​so after this you can definitely get a reward so Bonnie is here there you go so the next contract bone will be from 80% and that's huge that's good it's definitely better than the 6k you'd get from the rib reward as you see that's 10k almost double the amount of the original reward you'd get if you didn't complete those two easy contracts this guy is here somewhere Oh dude dude dude you can't do that sorry 23 bears right now yes sir yes sir so from here obviously you'll get a cargo crate and then you'll get an auto-rean imation and getting a V that's what I'm saying really sets you up for a really good game plus the recce gives you ideas of where the final circles will be so today we'll be using the m4 which is what i put a gold camo on it and it looks great with this camo scheme so I say now just for demo purposes we do another reconnaissance we have a UAV but I want to save that UAV just for a bounty because that will actually be you know what I would have said let's just do a bounty because we have a UAV most people don't have ghosts right now but let's get this done real quick and hopefully guys are enjoying the content so far I appreciate all the people who they have been falling legs to subscribe to the channel it's definitely overwhelming so let's get this done There's a contract here use the car as cover from our back just make sure your heart beats stuff like that and you'll be fine there you go and then, after this we're going to play a bounty and that should give us about sixteen point eight.
new operator and m4a1 warzone
K or fifteen K something like that and a bounty works perfectly here we go and this guy definitely doesn't have ghosts so let's push this that's the benefit now we need to wrap up let's see that's the benefit of using a UAV on a bounty , yeah, out of the rip at the beginning of the game because no one has ghosts and it's easy money now we're back in 24k if you guys follow this strategy it could be with your friend it could be with anyone you tell guys right now it's an easy way to gain momentum.
new operator and m4a1 warzone
It's a big part of playing Warzone. You really have to feel yourself and have a rhythm. Have a strategy and this is a really good strategy so let's play one more bounty and that should give us a ton of shit should give us advanced UAVs t Let's start playing more reconnaissance Occident called a UAV here because I feel that people are not around. strategy get rewarded getting in the habit of marking things is a really good thing to start marking when you know someone is close to this guy here i'm not really sure if i want to get involved but let's get involved interesting i'm gonna play another bunny like i said never mind but the 90 player Lobby which I don't know why for the 150 player Lobby the same principles apply now obviously doing this right here it's a 50/50 you know when you want to get a ghost.
It's a little bit important, but it's just a big part of winning games, so we successfully pulled it off and now we're on the mountain here. By accident, I got two UAVs, so another UAV. In fact, I'll focus on this guy first. of the bounty just because he's pretty close and I think I can kill him, I think he's here somewhere, very unlucky for him, very unlucky. I'm going to blow up one more UAV here. See how we're not really playing the bounty guy, the bounty guys at the airport and I just don't have a good vibe. when i press the airport we are making friends but you just got destroyed also another good strategy when it comes to killing people on higher ground if you are in a car you can use the car to your advantage here and you know kill easily. definitely pushed I'm going to push this with absolute silence and he'll have no idea that I'm always pushing this plate over the plates on the floor so you can start restocking stuff so I'm actually going to ignore the bounty guy.
I don't think it's really worth it in this situation. 50 seconds or 30 seconds left. It's really not worth it. Our best bet now is to start playing recon so sit back and take some time to reflect on the game reflect on your current strategy what you want to do and you will be fine as you can see we already have seven kills with only a lobby of ninety players, no matter how many players are in the game, it's all about your strategy, so if we come after us, I don't think anyone. It's close to us I mean there's a guy two here on the radar but you're still in the car and that doesn't have a trophy so we have to have a trophy or we should probably try to mark the car here I am?
I'm going to take the ATV. I feel like it's for a safer post like you're more exposed but you know three codes on target come on yeah folks here on titties and you got folks here that guy's like try and hangers though should probably will I'm going to animate him real quick because I know where he is he's just camping in a corner obviously cross this is a big risk but it's like you have a gulag you should still take a chance when you play the game alone if you don't want anything oh there is a trophy we need d all this UAV and it's not there anymore GG is sending another UAV now I think our goal right now is to enter a small safe area near the safe zone and we will get one more after each circle new contracts here I don't know if that is a glitch or they just added it but new contracts appeared.
The people are coming. I see someone. but I think right now getting a UAV and completing this right now is our best bet. Got a UAV. Someone is doing a reconnaissance somewhere that he is doing there. Well, actually I'm going to go for this guy, yeah. Putting the contract here is risky, although I will say that just because, well, I saw someone on the minimap when I went there and I don't know how to get past all this is my car. I could get a UAV right now. Get a UAV. There are only so many times that you get that biostation feeling. ng confident and banging because you know a lot of times people get soft stuff but this is still around that area that's coming right here the vibes are weird right now honey look at this open field so I don't know what to do here. i'll really upload it again since a lot of people don't have ghosts for some reason we're going to give another UAV actually we're going to take two UAVs here we're also going to take this bounty just because it gives us an idea of ​​where people are at I'm going to take that our threat levels are super high right now he's after me okay that's the guy i can oh wow you're weird that's enough you're still standing what a crazy game huh i know where this guy is i saw him oh most of the high ground are already calling the storm, although what the hell, what the hell are the five targets left, you did not advise me that I do not have to see, yes, it is not difficult?
I mean there's really nothing you can do here imagine getting ng 16 kills and a 90 player lobby y'all need to leave a like and subscribe come on baby yeah if you made it this far in the video I want you guys to follow me on twitter it's Kor 3a yn we're really close to 100K so if you could give me a solid and just follow me there if you're on twitter ok but yeah we're really close if you want to talk to me here follow me and help me get. at 100k see you later

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