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Mar 29, 2024
Happy birthday to you, okay, um, it's been a challenging few years, for sure, but I'm happy that it's because of each and every one of you. I am the luckiest man in the world. Make a wish, friend Weed Wilson, who asks. Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait, that's supposed to be scary. The tie-in isn't new to me, friend, but it is new to Disney. Mr. Wilson, it appears that he soiled himself while he was unconscious. He was not unconscious. Who are you? Why am I here walking with you? I waade you are special this is your chance to be a hero among heroes I smell what you are stepping on Sensei your little cinematic universe is about to change forever I am the messiah I am marvel jesus god please oh my salt love this part, wait, no You stay there, monkey, give me a hand up, no, actually I'm fine, thank you very much, could you look at that?
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Unfortunately, my design does not facilitate this type of pit. Destin waits. Legend has it that there's this huge treasure hidden in a secret vault and if you're going to look for it you better get any help you can get because it's in the world's strangest, most dangerous dumpster in the universe. God, I hate this planet, right? what is that smell? Come on, roll up the window I don't want to turn the window es p es p why did you think it was called Piss wash how did it get the name? It's in my mouth through the air.
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Do you know how many people have died searching? This vault we have something they don't, girl, okay, what big problems is it time to make it rain with your body parts? What did I tell you? minimum expion. I said there is no explosion. Do you want my? Do you want to step aside? Oh, the biggest door of mine. I needed a gun, so you're the only one of you in the world, you're special, uh-oh, you killed them all. What is happening now? I'm expelling excess lead. I can't go if you're looking at me. actually waste I can really can is actually helping are we really waiting for this to end keep looking at me help me help me Complacent wait, close your eyes and you will find yourself when I was a child my mother used to tell me a story about a demon king and his army they brought fire and terror to the land until they faced the protector of the town, the white monkey, there you are, you are a beast in this city, the rich don't see us, how people give me the job, no one wants to do it, I will do it, anyone who forgets, please, it doesn't turn out well for them. this is not the place to work if you can't handle that kind of thing every day i have prayed for a way to protect the weak i have an answer to every prayer i call her nikki minaj big bumper nice and life let's boo her we have abroad the MC in rap count three Dr your body like a TR one young two you one 2 3 you I need to fight for your mother for all of us anger won't want to have a soul myself don't call me son it's time to remember who you are but only love You will learn, just a small ember can burn everything, ladies and gentlemen, are you ready? for 2 3 guys, whatever is there is big and moves fast.
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Drive guys, you have to get out of here, do you hear me? It's Tyler Owens calls himself a tornado Wrangler if you feel it Jason, I said if you feel it here we are wow oh she's perfect she's beautiful you thought you could destroy a tornado we never had the chance you want a care , you don't face your fears, you mount them, we have twins, twins, no, are you familiar with the concept of evolution in your time, humans were capable of many wonderful things, no, they could fly like eagles fly, they could speak to across the oceans, but now is our time and it is my kingdom, we will learn.
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The apes will learn. I will learn and conquer. The legend says ape and human. Liv side by side is impossible as it may seem, why are they hunting her? She is smarter than most. The elders did not tell us everything about this world. Bow before your king. Apes hunt humans. That is wrong. Together you will die. Not together. Strong for centuries. There was Harmony the Titans were the Guardians of Nature and the great apes became the Protectors of humanity we have discovered a signal that she can sense Kong Godzilla they can feel it too something is coming something even they are afraid of you they want to go for a thought for a walk You never asked try not to swallow your tongue what is it, oh my god, that mini call, oh my god, that's not just a sign, it's a call to war, what is it that Kong can't stop this for yes alone, it will.
Not being alone the last time those two met was almost the end of Cal, they don't have to like each other, they just have to work together now that I've seen everything, we've made some minor increases, oh we're going to need all the help we can get. we can get let's go to work call dark and horny at 12: clock I've been waiting 40 years for this they called themselves Ghostbusters according to these tricks they saved the world without eyewitnesses and it is found out who carries the descendants of Egon Spangler's torch you have a minor hanging off the side of a moving vehicle firing a laser gun indiscriminately has a proton in his back is completely safe I wouldn't say completely safe Ghostbusters is done, well nullified sustained thanks to the weird guy who buys Strange old things, correct on both aspects, buddy, you just hit the jackpot, what's better?
The question is what's inside it. The parables speak of an unimaginable evil that commands an army of ghosts with the power to kill by fear itself, literally scared to death. We will be seeing our second Ice Age. We're going to need all the help we can get. Let's get to work. Can I be of any help? Melet in uniform, yes, is there something strange? Is there something strange? What are people going to call the Ghostbusters? Do you want where the Ghostbusters are? Can I tell you something else? What bust makes me feel good? It makes me feel good.
Head Up all dark and horny at 12:00 Yes, whatever you have to do, however long it takes, promise me you'll find your Way home Ditch give me this promise L and gentleman start your engines I'm furious to the darkest of the angels the question is do you have it in you to mike it? Epic, my son never show Mercy, they pray, we are predators, guys, his mother is. dead she died because you sent her away she was weak see sck in her mind you know my business yes power is about strength if you show weakness you will give our enemies a chance to shoot he is weak like his mother leave it what happened then day I looked death in the face and for the first time I saw my true self tell me about this hunter.
They say he uses a connection with animals to track his prey. Once you're on his list there's only one way out of there, six of us and only one of you now it's six why do you hunt? My father puts evil in the world. I sack. I think they have some kind of honor. You are exactly like our father. Just another man looking for a trophy. We are murderers. Isn't that what he taught us? You can't do that to me anymore. Mr. tlin. Mr. tlin. Where is Mr. Tlin? Oh, you're standing on it, you're a fucking lunatic, oh, just find out there's an animal inside of us now you don't want to know why they call me the Rhino okay I'm here I'm here it's been a while since you've had one of those nightmares tell me about it what it was is just fragments nothing is clear you' I have been fighting the hinin for decades.
My family has been fighting them for centuries. Your blood comes from dukes and great houses. Here we are equal. What we do, we do for the benefit of all. I would very much like to be just like you. Maybe I. I will show you the way to deal with this Prophet, send assassins to feed Roa, he is psychotic. I see possible futures all at once and in so many futures our enemies prevail, but I see a way. There is a narrow path through my loyalty is to you. Believe me, this is a form of power that our world has not yet seen the supreme power.
I want you to know that I will love you as long as I breathe, you will never lose me as long as you remain who you are, consider what you are. about to make for a traditional silence this prophecy is how they enslave us, you are not prepared for what is to come, I have made a match, the prince, we need this, your people need you, I need you to listen to me now, I don't . Trust them, they may be royalty, but that doesn't make them good people. Your hand, child, close your eyes. I understand what happened to you.
You join a long line of women who have helped build this Kingdom. It is this sacrifice that we make. Commemorate each generation a tradition that dates back centuries a legacy of honor and duty that you now inherit I flee for every innocent woman whose life was stolen Take over her You know nothing of our history This is the end of your story Take a deep breath Let the tension go God disappear, it's good to see the Fantastic Five B together again, this is a vacation, remember I'm sorry, it's my real wedding. Where we go? So this is supposed to be an adventure.
How do you know about this place? Who did you share? This is perfect. roof this a Shar that there is no signal cut stop the ship are we going to sink? I can't swim I just need to hold on we can do it okay take a deep breath dead I'm so sorry this is happening draw attention to the ground beneath your feet someone needs to swim to ask for help I don't know if I can do this for much longer notice any anxiety exhale and let go let him free you hungry you go then bastard take a deep breath take a deep breath take a deep breath repeat to yourself I'm sure before you start Do you have insurance?
What is your coverage? What type of dental coverage do you have? Oh haha, is there a hospital nearby? Is it too far? About 25 minutes. I mean, I just slapped you, are you okay? win no one ever wins a fight this isn't a holiday and buddy okay I'm moving, a friend of mine suggested he come talk to you. I have a house in the Florida Keys lately has been attracting the wrong clientele. I can pay. your good money judge it by your car you need it good I like my car think about it come on I know who you are Elwood dton Big B that guy has a knife under his shirt just take a big step back and stick it in my face you can do it tell me about this inflatable, all nice like he's Mr.
Rogers or something, but then he's going to get a really interesting guy in general. BR wants to take the Roadhouse from me, he wants to build a Resort. I must warn you that they have a certain way of doing things around here hey friends, it seems like you are slapping me, I have a tip for you, don't let anyone get too close, come on, let me go, don't threaten me, tell me to go out of town I'm under the impression that you can't be threatened once KNX is at work, it's over honey, it takes a lot to get me angry, but when I am I just can't let it go, people seem a bit aggressive around here.
Not your friend, I just broke his arm, it's time to take the next step in your journey. I will no longer be the Dragon Warrior, you will advance as spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace. Inner peace. Inner peace. Keep your surf away. my grass dinner please dinner with peas in a sesame SW Glaze, this does not work at all, tyum, big fan, once I possess the Kung Fu of every villain master, no one will dare to question my power, nor not even the Great Dragon Warrior, which has the most powerful form. -changing sorceress the chameleon how do i find this the chamon?
I'll take you right to the front door he went against an army so we'll have to get an army of our own what is this place? the best thieves and criminals live here, you are a wanted criminal, you sound surprised, is it surprising? Now, kids, be careful with those fireworks. Violence makes our stomachs tingle. Why should we help you? We can defeat the chameleon together being the Dragon Warrior, I am who I am new. Do I know what it is to be a spiritual leader? What is it? You are holding a cookie. You were chosen to become something more than what you already are.
How should we do this? Quick and painless or slow and painful. Slow and painful. You finally met your chameleon. You're not that different you and me SC back off I'm going to kick my own ass complex fore fore spee spee fore fore for in three 2 1 so good good good good head name anyone but him I didn't approve of you I know you're literally the last person to the Earth I want to see slap you. I really could and am open to that and a safer environment. You've been ghosting, no phone calls, no texts, it's not like I don't want to. to apologize you don't have to explain anything it was just a flame so how have you been?
God I hate those thumbs up, stinky things, I'm the director, let's set this man on fire, you're a stinky guy, we need to keep it super profession profess is my middle name you said your middle name was Danger how do we really do it boss yes holster it's holstered it's already done forget it, you never saw it Tom Ryder, the biggest


star on the planet, is missing, you need to bring him back B Jody's


is dead why me you're a stump man no one's going to fixate on you that's your job no offense I mean get taken away you find Ryder you save Jody's


you get the love of your life back I'm not the hero I'm just the double today no you're not Tom we need you back in the set, friend, your corpse in Ice, it was so dead, it was super dead, it hasinvolved with some shady people, I had no choice, I had to do it. do some jason board they were trying to kill me and not in a fun way you can do it you can do it you can't do it it's too dangerous it has to be stairs okay oh what happened to your face you look terrible you look amazing You fall, get back up How far would you go for the person you love?
What BL do you drink when this is over, engage your core, yeah boy, they'll do it later, wanna go to the beach somewhere, drink a spicy margarita, make some bad decisions, yeah. oh shit to the heart and it's your fault

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