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NEW Motorcycle Rider? Learn How To Start Riding A Motorcycle!

Jun 06, 2021
You're ready, okay, so like I said, what we're going to do is just squeeze the clutch, we're going to focus on the clutch, you don't need to worry about the throttle at all, okay, so don't worry about the throttle, just we are. I'll be playing with the clutch, find that friction zone, turn your ankle, so guys, just roll it forward, come back, so when you get to the flat foot, you're just going to let it pull the clutch that way. you can go back and then


letting it out again go forward a little bit back a little bit by a little bit back it's already too far so the


ing procedure just figure out what the starting procedure is and all that and it's a bigger bike than the 250, but you can step on it flat so if you want go ahead and step on it so you look good so there you go so just flip it over so there's the motor it's not just the battery it's also the motor so you can see it okay so this is like you're doing your starting procedure so you've got your kills now you can you can start your neutral by saying the abs are on remember you say once you start get going . they also turn off, so are you completely?
new motorcycle rider learn how to start riding a motorcycle
Did you turn completely? There we go, why do the guys think? What I just want to check is that it's oil, okay, so make sure you're in neutral. It doesn't say you need it. it's all just doing a check enjoy and turn it on so you'll want to push the clutch when you do that's the kill switch okay okay look it turned off okay so you can put yourself in neutral so that You can let it go, it's okay, when you get there. in first gear, that's when you need to focus, don't even worry about the right hand, yeah, it rolls, so go ahead and get into first gear, yeah, we have adjustments, so push it down, okay, remember it's your foot, no, no gas, no accelerator, just nice. to have an idea of ​​that and if you feel that it is moving away from you there you go there you go like in class now what is the only thing you have to do? keep going, keep going.
new motorcycle rider learn how to start riding a motorcycle

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new motorcycle rider learn how to start riding a motorcycle...

I won't get into that with you. a good feeling, see how you swing your foot back right to where you lower it and lay it flat, then pull the clutch to turn it back, get on the heel, let the clutch come out in the friction zone until it starts. moving so the bike moves it forward, this is the first thing they teach you and they said quickly, almost all of them, now if you let go too much, you'll want to try it just so you feel like it's not damaging your bike. Your bike is scary, but you know that's the thing, you gotta look, you gotta do it, just let it go, it's okay, that's it, it's your first time now, so if you start it, you gotta push the clutch. a few more times you're going to do it all the time there you go remember now don't release the clutch too much there you go all she's doing is this just so you can get an idea of ​​the bike and it's clutch and its friction zone, no There's no throttle at all, she's just putting her hand on the right handlebar, obviously, a handle so she can get an idea, you understand, you're going to walk fine, so this is the second thing we did. in class is that you're pretty much just walking the bike in the friction zone, so the bike moves her and all she does is rock it back and forth like a penguin, that's all she's feeling.
new motorcycle rider learn how to start riding a motorcycle
For that, baby, also remember to look ahead, don't look at your controls, you have to feel it with your hand, just there you go, baby, durable 500, that's an amazing bike, there you go, you know if you feel it go. pulling the clutch too fast, that's it, you have to look ahead, although it's okay, today it's just the speed control or clutch control and we'll do it another day where we'll add some acceleration, you have to get familiar with your


, it you achieved For one, it's always good to wear a helmet in these scenarios in case you slip and fall or something.
new motorcycle rider learn how to start riding a motorcycle
She slipped and fell at a stop on the MSF course and hid her helmet and she actually has a nice little scratch but her lip got a little bloody but imagine not having any helmet on so even if you're doing something like this, wear a helmet, wear gear, you don't have to have everything closed like that because we're not worried. abrasion is concerned about impact so yeah go put it in neutral there you go and if you feel good that's a lot turn it off stand up walk a bit and then get used to that so you can turn it off with the slaughter. switch, okay, the kickstand, there you go and trust the kicks and it won't move anywhere.
Remember what I told you. I always did it with the kickstand while keeping my oh yeah, I keep my foot there when I get off, there you go, so now you have to do it. Turn off the bike because you see the lights are still on, that's all, how did it feel? She's powerful, she's a little bit more powerful than 251. I was able to walk fast enough with her, you know, yeah, and she was small enough to feel her. Okay and both yeah it's a lot bigger well it's 500cc so it has more power but you're going to grow up to that power you're not going to be out on the streets doing what we're doing so you.
You'll want to have that power. This is not a parking lot bike like the 250, you mean fifties fun on the road, but it's a lot of fun in the parking lot, so this is not a parking lot bike, although you can do a lot. There are many interesting things there. I'll try again, the more times I repeat it, exactly what you did was perfectly fine. Remember that the third step is to simply let go of the bike and you are barely tapping or not tapping. Everything so remember what I told you about the handlebars, yeah, pull the steering wheel or the handlebars that way, don't try it again, so turn this, turn the handlebars, there you go a little easier, huh, yeah Okay, there you have it? you have to turn the key there you go, so it's just one click back.
Did you make your tea clocks? You didn't check your tire controls. No, I don't need to solve it. Yes, everything is fine, so you are in first or neutral. Okay, so first put where you're going. I know, but where are you going? You have to look forward. Look forward. Yes, you always have to look forward. Okay, oh no, we'll move on, we'll go that way, we'll go. going around the building is all we're doing this is the easiest the easiest first step to


ing how to use your bike is clutch clutch clutch clutch is huge look how she's getting a little faster a little faster you feel a little better now leave it leave it there you go do it as you feel comfortable you have to look where you're going even if you don't look at the speed the speed doesn't matter the speed doesn't matter look where you're going we just did it without me, that's it, you're doing it right, like this that first gear, you have to put your feet up, just stay in first gear, don't worry about shifting, there you open up and look at the corner, so what we did, we just did this.
I originally just wanted to go up this little hill right here, she killed it, so I started running and pointing at the ground where I should be looking and Iran goes around this whole building with my big guy boots, so let's hope she makes it around this corner. she should think she knows what she's doing she knows what she's doing I think I see the headlights there she is so look through the curve look through the curve we're only in first gear practically idling with no throttle very good my GoPro and you never had to put enough batteries in, so I'm using my phone for this.
There you go, watch where you're going, it's stressful, but once you get over that nerve, it's the same in class because you have a turn to take. Well, give it a little speed, give it a little speed, okay, before you hit the clutch, go ahead, hit the clutch, that's why you should look for it, you're in the club pop in neutral, that's why you should look forward, you notice how, how. the street is starting to lean so if you go too slow the bikes will want to lean to your right so if you have enough speed what happens when you give your bike too much speed?
She wants to stay upright so avoid these current around these curves you're going to have to give her a little more speed than this and you have to make the turn once you make the turn slow down and we'll continue so let her out and do your thing. I've done it before in class, turn around and come here look where you're going there you go there you go there you go now when you straighten it out by pulling the clutch you see how there is no power when you pull the clutch there you go straight on the wheel straighten the wheel every time you stop you want to straighten the bars very well now keep practicing very well you are getting a little more speed that's good more speed you get the stabler stable Do you have to turn?
Do you want to do a turn in the front? Do you want me to turn around for you? It's okay, you can do it. You're overthinking, it's different, that's what we're doing here and okay, okay, drop it. Okay, okay, if you drop it, this is what will happen. Okay, if you drop it, you'll probably break this piece, but guess what, we've got something else on the way. Let's get some adjustable ones. You could scratch this, the tank, I think. Should be fine, if anything, you might get a little scratch, no big deal, these things are flexible, they'll bend enough and if I have to customize the dynamics, we can use new turn signals, that's no big deal, this It's a pretty easy bike. these are designed these pegs are designed to go up when they hit the ground and if you break them the shifter will get a new one it's not a big deal if you can save it if you feel like you can save it because it's so slow speed go ahead and try again that way, it slows down and hits the ground, but don't hurt yourself, but you need to get that out of your head, that's what made you mess up the second day, the first day you're having fun, so don't think about that, it's because That's why a lot of people start with used bikes because they're already scratched, but don't worry about that, we'll get you a new exhaust at some point, we can get your new bars, we can get you. all those things are new and give it character it's your bike you want me to turn off the camera okay you don't have to accelerate so much you're scaring me here we go perfect that's right now we're just doing it she's gaining speed she's accelerating we'll stay first on these straights , she'll get some speed, this is her like a fifth rotation around the building in this exercise, now look at the curve, done, I think after these two more turns we'll be on it. two laps and after this we're going to call it a day because it's getting a little dark, we'll start again tomorrow and we'll probably go left side, right side, but we'll keep going and warm up like working, we'll warm up with some really easy stuff at low speed, clutch control because anyone keeps the bike upright at high speed, there you do it, very good, perfect turn, very good, that's a decreasing radius turn, there's a little bump, so I mean, her.
She handled it perfect, she goes around the building, looks through the curve, there we go, much smoother wood last time I saw her do it, she wasn't looking through the curve, so it's very choppy curves and I thought who had explained to him that he did it. everything else great, so I said, I just looked at the curve, look at your exit in the curve, that's what it is, look where you want to exit from and now she's doing it and the curves are smooth, perfect, perfect and she's accelerating in the curve. once again she wants to go fetch I think we said two but she's having too much fun she's having too much fun at some point although you know we're having fun and that's when you're in the right state of mind to practice but she really starts to have fun when you're confident so we need to be confident and it's a little dark and for me personally I'm as confident as I am in his ability.
I think it would be better if we just removed that variable and did it. during the day so I'll try to stop oh she's good she's turning left in that parking lot now she's having fun okay let's see if she's okay for the day let's act smart yeah she's okay for the day day you're playing smart, she's being smart about this as a beginner, you gotta play a little smart, so clutch, clutch, clutch, clutch, pop into neutral, there you go, turn it off, oh my gosh , that's good, it was fun, eh, that's good.

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