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New Exhibit And Zoo Tour! - I'm Building A Zoo In Minecraft Again! - EP07

Jun 04, 2021
he's doing this he's so happy to see me thank you moonlander it looks like he has a lot of plans for this zoo and so far it's already amazing I love the addition of the diving equipment I wonder if maybe you can put like a dispenser and then the person steps on a plate pressure and automatically equipping them with scuba gear is one thing, this is an older version of the mod so I'm not sure if that's a thing. I love this little door here too, it's probably a chisel. See, this is why I love visiting people's zoos.
new exhibit and zoo tour   i m building a zoo in minecraft again   ep07
I have so many ideas I have so many ideas I love the feel of this zoo you know you're just walking all the blocks on the path are nice and simple mine have a harder look with mud brick slabs and stuff like that but look at all the


s already set, this will be an amazing zoo, lots of little places to just sit and rest, let's move on and rarely use our ability to fly just to show an overview of what we have. Here now, is there something in this fish


? This one in the middle looks like it would be perfect for elephants or something big, right, oh look, it even has a little ledge here, oh, that's a long way down, look those are giraffes. maybe that would be cool here maybe some maybe some oh he has hippos i didn't even see the hippos you didn't even show me the polka dot hippos look at these guys they are beautiful this is a beautiful display oh and you can come down here and watch them swim in the water


, which reminds me a lot of my zoo from season one.
new exhibit and zoo tour   i m building a zoo in minecraft again   ep07

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new exhibit and zoo tour i m building a zoo in minecraft again ep07...

I still have it saved somewhere. I'd probably like it to be publicly available or something because it was so much fun, my first zoo. build anyway I love this moonlander zoo you are doing a fantastic job, I especially love the diving. I've been struggling with ideas on how to differentiate my little areas, okay, so let me try to explain to you here because there are a lot of paths and so on. There are many routes around each of these exhibits. I don't know if I like locking a place and saying this is the Oceania section, so what I think I'll do is have a master key, it's not really a legend.
new exhibit and zoo tour   i m building a zoo in minecraft again   ep07
I'm not sure if these words make any sense to you. I'll have a frame here, a bulletin board, and each display will be differentiated by the road blocks underneath them, so Oceania would have like a mud road block next to it, like above. here or something, so you know these are all animals from Oceania and then as soon as the paths change, I mean it could be tricky, like if I put one here, I'd have to do a half and half path, which is kind . It's weird, uh, but if the roads change, then you have a different exhibit like, uh, I don't know, uh, about North America, I don't even know if there's North America or just the Americas, but anyway you guys know What do I mean, the other idea.
new exhibit and zoo tour   i m building a zoo in minecraft again   ep07
What I had is, instead of having it open and stuff like that, I can block this, so I'll put up a wall around the entire Oceania exhibit. It's probably easier to show you here, so I'll put up a wall like everything around here, okay? and then I would fill the gaps with trees and bushes and little parks or something and then there's only one way in and one way out, once you're in you can obviously travel any way you want, but once you're out you travel to the next exhibition, I think that would be good too.
Now that I think about it, I'm leaning towards that one, I think because I feel like the road blocks will be complicated if they put a display here that I'll have to do like half and half and it will look ugly with the road blocks. I don't know what you guys think. I'm going to make a little confession. I'm really interested in collecting tree frogs right now, not in real life in this game, so I thought, hey, the next exhibit I want to build is a tree frog exhibit. Now they are not going to enter the Oceania area, but I won't.
I will put them in a specific area and they will have their own little tree frog house. There are 12 species. Apparently I asked in the chat and someone said there are 12. So I hope that person isn't lying to me. two three so I'm going to make a giant circle


staying on theme oh maybe I should move it a little further back ah no I think this is good because we'll have a path that goes all the way around and then I'll have some trees and things on the edge of the zoo, so I'm going to make a giant circle here and there will be 12 exhibits inside the circle for each of the species of tree frogs that I am.
I'm excited about this, I love these little tree frogs. I think I only have six of them so far, so the fact that I can get out, explore, and search for more has me even more excited. Now let me make sure I make this circle correctly. I think there are three, we have one, then we have two, then two, then one, two, three, then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. I think that's the correct layout here, three one, two, one, then three again, one, two, three, and then one, two, three, four. five six seven is aligned with that one, I think that's okay, so here you see the full circle and everything, it's bigger than any of these circles, but again it houses 12 different animals, well, 12 different species of animals, the tree . frog, I'm very excited about these exhibits, they're going to be difficult, I'll try to make each one of them look different, but it'll be difficult because they're 12 different ones, I mean, they all need the basics, the same basic things.
There are correct trees and grass, so it will be interesting to try to understand and all of these exhibits will be very, very small. Anyway, it's going to be interesting, so I'm going to make the entrance here so you can come in there will be like a circular area where the tree frog exhibits will be on the outside here and you can stand inside and look at all the different ones you want and then you'll come out. in the same way. You came in because if I make the exit here then that would cut off the exhibit space, so let's make the exit here, which is the north side here, um, is it the north side?
I think not, it's the uh, east side, probably safe. let's make it three widths, okay now how am I going to have to do this? I'm not sure how far I need to go, so here's the progress so far. I decided to use full display blocks. glass because I don't like the one of the panels you'll need, you'd need an extra block right there and then you're going to cut your exhibits at each location, really each time there's going to be a little twist. cut in the space they have, so I used full blocks. I think it will look very good.
This is the display glass I am using. You will be able to see the tree frogs from this direction on the outside with the walkway that runs on the outside and the walkway that runs on the inside also I need to fill in these walls here these walls separate the exhibits from each other so this will be a tree frog exhibit then this will be a tree frogs then this one for a total of twelve one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve tree frog exhibits or scam container uh 12 tree frogs um houses okay, I'm done, wait, let me moderate your expectations for a moment.
The entire exhibit is not finished, there is no decoration or anything, there are no tree frogs. I just finished the general structure. I have glass all around the outside and around. I have glass throughout the interior. this little central area, I'm not sure what to do. I have some ideas. One is to simply plant a tree here and let it grow through the roof of the frog house. I still don't have a name. I have to think of a catchy name, the second is to make a display here for tree frogs and have one of each species in here, that would be cool and the third is to just put up some pillars or something and just make this like a little area to sit when people arrive, where people can relax and just watch the tree frogs, but that's the general idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis exhibit, how high should I make it?
Maybe one more block, I'm not sure I won't do it. I also don't want to make it too tall as it fits in with all my other exhibits, as you can see it has path blocks around it, this is as wide as the path will be on the outside which means there will be easily visible sight lines for these tree frogs. I don't know how densely decorated these exhibits will be for each of these frogs, but we'll get to that in another episode. Thank you all so much for watching. be for today remember that if you want to play on this server it is 100 free to play and free to join and free to download the modpack everything is free we love having people here I love visiting their zoos and I love seeing the ideas what they have People look a little short, don't they?
I think I could braise it one more block. I think it might be the best idea anyway guys, thank you so much for watching this episode. We have the Komodo dragon exhibit. Done, we add some animals, visit a zoo and start


our truck, our trogg, what's our frog, a frog house. I have to call her something clever. Frog House just doesn't seem very creative if you have ideas for that, hey, let me. I know it too, thank you all so much for watching, see you in the next episode, bye.

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