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New Car Prep: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Jun 06, 2021
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amazing car absolutely stunning in fact its as fast as a 991 gt3 at nuremberg you should go get it which is scary thats crazy are these cars etc. In today's episode, we're going to talk about how to polish a new car, and you guys usually know me. I don't want to polish a new car, but if you need to, you should. we're going to put a clear bra on the front here and then more importantly we're going to put reflux on the whole car including the clear bra so just put that aside we're going to talk about that throughout the video here's an interesting backstory on this car this car came from dc washington dc all the way to connecticut and drove northeast rain drips and all of that got mixed up so the gentleman who owns this very nice man decided put duct tape here on the bumper and hockey tape type of hockey tape I guess s on the hood now I don't necessarily blame them that makes sense you don't want to get Rock chips right before you put on a sheer bra but on the hood you I'm going to show some interesting things that have happened because of the glue and I think because of the rain, so as always I'll call Kevin Brown because he seems to have all the answers and I'm sure he'll have something to say. say about it.
new car prep alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio
This is carbon fiber, so the hood is carbon fiber. the carbon fiber from the roof on the carbon fiber from the driveshaft so i think the glue did some weird stuff and we're going to buff it out this is in the place i didn't think we were going to do this particular part that you know today so anyway that and much more in this episode where I'm driving protected so they overlap Oh what a pain Oh ok first test drive in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and I'm I sure am messing up that pronunciation from the start.
new car prep alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio

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new car prep alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio...

I have to say the seat is absolutely amazing it's very very stiff it gives me this kind of feeling of a racing seat in a Sparco Recaro that kind of thing but at the same time it's really luxurious and it's comfortable but it's firm , I don't know how to explain that the right way is like someone punched you in the back but in a comfortable way and all of that sounds horrible next thing I see the steering wheel is beautiful and has Alcantara in all the right places now I'm im a big fan of alcantara and it has a mix of alcantara and leather i prefer all alcantara but this is a wonderful mix the next thing you see is the paddle shifters im obsessed with the shift paddles s1 tot whatever you want to call it a year and they have to be put on on the center piece of the steering wheel here, not on the actual steering wheel, so if I turn the wheel to the right, it doesn't go well with the steering.
new car prep alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio
I don't like that aspect it's actually a solution for the column is what I was looking for so r really like that plus they're huge so if you're on a turn and you're spinning the wheel you always know where it's up, you always know we're down, so that's a big deal for me in terms of handling. right now it's really not that nice it's lida drained it it snowed last night kind of a funky little mix so clearly i can't do anything i'm in non-sport mode because this isn't my car and there's only a couple of in the usa .and I'd like to give this back to the guy just detailed and wearing a see-through bra, but I'm licensed to drive it, so I'm certainly going to drive it.
new car prep alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio
I just ran over a snowbank and we're sliding whoo baby i said only possible ice and snow showed up well that's good that's good glad to know overall from what i've read and what i've seen so far with this car it's pretty spectacular put it in perspective you know I'm a huge Porsche fan it's the 991 gt3 we can all agree it's a pretty amazing car that runs at the same time as this car at the Nurburgring which is a mind bunker this is a race car four door i mean you could fit your kids in this thing so


did an amazing job overall the fit and finish i think is absolutely spectacular so detailing putting on a clear bra and then mirroring the car first the masking tape and hockey tape needed to be carefully removed the hockey type tape left some residue from the glue which would later be removed with a healthy wash and pressure washer then on I did the previous pressure washer and turned on the burner for lukewarm water as it was about 25-30 degrees when we started this initial cleaning.
Next, I pre-rinse the paint-end wheel to remove any caked-on snow crumbs, then mix up foam and push it into a foam cannon to dissolve any lingering sauce while waiting a minute or two for the boost to do its job. cleaning the beautiful rims with a silk blend of Brut and boost after another warm bath it was time to take her inside and assess the paint onc When I looked at the paint in the proper lighting I discovered that the tape had inadvertently caused vertical lines on me the hood. This is when the detail jobs get interesting and it was time to make a phone call earlier in the day.
I called Kevin Brown and he sort of described the situation to him and he was on the phone helping someone else and he said let me think about it and try to figure out what's going on in the paint so I'm going to call him right now live on the real thing. show and I'll take my microphone and he already has to say I hope he picks up Kevin Kevin it's Larry how are you hey I'm fine I think I'm going in that car it's fine I'm dying to hear you know the explanation and we're live right now on the show, so say hello everyone oh very good hello and thanks for having me he told me that he applied tape to the vehicle and his hands for it and I wanted to use a pretty strong tape and the thing about the tape is that You know that it has the ability to constrain or limit the expansion and contraction of a base surface, so if it's a very strong tape, it will constrain it more than one that is twisted and soft and flexible, so in this case it has fiberglass. carbon, it's got composite bumper, it's got very strong tape and it makes sense that the tape would restrict the ability for unrestricted extended contract pinch so you printed it so your job is basically to try to easily retool or reshape it, can trying to heat and cool it repeatedly through you know light eater or is it just teaching or you can buff it and it would start with a very soft pad that you're not trying to remove scratches or anything so you're just buffing to create some heat and push a bit the surface let it expand and move and come back to rest the way it was originally painted so that's what I would do and I think that's what happened I don't think you need to remove much paint in your case you have a kind of limiting time frame so it has the advantage of doing a lot of expansion and contraction it has to do the work to be able to get films it's ok to put a protective film on it ok so i'm trying to guess it knows heat it up a bit and hopefully it's slow, I guess it's unless you know you can, otherwise the guys open up and let me go back to rest.
It was originally flashy before the tape was applied, no, you should be pretty successful. Well, I was pretty good, so that's why the paint did what it did. Armed with this knowledge, my goal was to heat up the paint by mixing and polishing. What's interesting is that there are no scratches or hazing that need to be removed. the actual act of compounding just generates by-products that have heat which as detailers we try to minimize to avoid burning the paint, but in this case I'm actually looking to slowly and carefully generate heat so that the clear coat flows fairly well with the Detailing principle of the least aggressive method first, especially when the depth of the paint cannot be measured.
I started with the M 205 polisher and a microfiber cutting pad, frankly because I'm comfortable with this combination after a few quick strokes, the temporary 280 point six degrees Fahrenheit, but there was little to no reflow effect. Next we use m 105 which is a type of compound and microfiber cutting pad. The temperature rose to eighty-seven point three. This was showing signs of sufficient temperature to start reflow in the paint. Instead of using a stronger compound, we did what's called a half-step in the details, which is running the product a bit longer and slightly increasing the pressure down to get a temp of almost 95 degrees while using the same product. .
This was doing the trick but it was taking a long time so I was wondering if I could take another half step up by using a stronger pad in terms of heat generation but more lubricating fluid like in M ​​205 ok so w We have a little update here so we've been using the 205 with a microfiber cutting wheel and then at the high points using the 105 with the microfiber cutting wheel again with different heat and then we said ok maybe we'll try something else , it's the whole thing about being a detailer it's like mixing all the time this is an extra cut disc what does that mean less foam when there is less foam it actually transfers more power from the machine to the paint which is a good thing in most cases but in this case it's a good thing but it's a bad thing because like I said we're flying blind so I don't know how much clear coat is on this car and it's kind of dangerous , Is a p oco it's a new car So this is you have to be very careful but it seems to be working so we're using slow speed 205s and extra cut discs you see how we started from very not very aggressive and got a little bit more a little more. a little more you have to take that time that slo w process if you get on the right you can make a mistake bang you are through the paint and your week your month your year is over because you have to repaint a new car that there is only like ten holes in the country or whatever so this is where we are now and it's working out pretty good so let's finish this up and now get the clear bra once done the paint looked so much better the goal was to re-fold the lines in the hood so that the natural honeycomb texture was consistent throughout the carbon fiber was perfect, no, but my gut experience told me that this is where i had to stop to avoid the dreaded detail dilemma.
Then, to give myself a bit of a mental break, I focused on


aring the car for holding one of my favorite functional aspects of the Giulia is the retractable front wing, despite not being able to manually lower it into the dash, it does fold out though. automatically at speed and retracts before parking, which can save you the headache. As we have all sadly experienced there are two 16mm bolts holding the spoiler in place and I remove them so we can get access to the inside of the lip while the clear fastener after my little break the B-pillars are buffed because they went totally swirls for this n2o5 in a three inch yellow whose best pad was used, then a white group had a n2o5 pizza blob; now we spend about six or seven hours polishing the paint as you can see. pretty ridiculous im excited now next step is going to be highlighting it and we're going to highlight the clear bra once we're done we have a couple hours left on that so let's deal with the paint before we do that we're going to talk a little bit about isopropyl alcohol and there's something that everyone is talking about on the forums so let me give you kind of a general guideline or baseline for you to work with this particular one is 91% isopropyl alcohol , you're g I'm going to mix that with water in your spray bottles now the ratio and again this is a little bit wider ratio it's going to be about 30% to 70 so 70/30; 60/40 water is fine now if you use 70% isopropyl alcohol.
Generally speaking, it's a 50 to 50 ratio. Now why do we do that? I've just finished buffing the paint, it's full of oils and you know I did it 15 minutes ago, so the idea is to spray this on and wipe it off with a barely light microfiber towel. nice and easy no scratching and that will remove any of the residual oils from the polish and it's not going to fight the reflection now is that I haven't polished the paint and I'm just applying reflection you don't necessarily need it but it's never a bad idea, so I want to preface that when we're done, we'll put the reflection there.
We should get it right when applying the reflection. circles as much as possible a minute or two after application, the paint will look similar to this as reflex cures, then simply use a microfiber towel to remove them, no heat lamps, gas masks or hazmat suits required . exhaust tips line the rims clean out the engine bay and so on before heading back to dc very nice we are done and the car looks absolutely crazy and i must say you know i read about this car i looked at them it's great as you read you know a times itYou read like oh okay maybe this car is crazy in person it sounds great feels great I don't know how to describe it but the doors closed great that's a big thing to me. feels solid yeah they're actually kind of light it's kind of mind blowing and you know google or wikipedia or whatever nurburgring and see where this comes out in terms of times i'm nervous it's destroying withing zigs but i want say that's pretty crazy not necessarily destroying them but if you're beating a koenigsegg that's cool anyway the point of the video you get a new car either this or any in between in theory you shouldn't I have to polish the paint, that's in theory, so I don't want anyone thinking: hey, you get a new car and you have to polish it. it was a long time before you knew the owner took it and maybe it was on the showroom floor I mean this is a special car so people touch it and rub it so we needed to polish it but you shouldn't have to do it all the time that's why you tell the dealer don't touch my car take the plastic don't look at it don't breathe it don't think about it they won't do anything to it just give it to me and then you can wash it good and start the grind or the right regime anyway that's my little safe talk once you're done you can put on highlights I put mud on the tires cleaned the engine vacuumed everything car looks perfect now it's ready to go and, of course you have a bra and a view of the roads for the rest of your life anyway if you have any questions email me Larry at mo NYC comm or visit my website mo NYC comm for more how to videos take care of the car, as always Thanks for looking and see you next time.

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