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Feb 21, 2022
hello friends welcome back or welcome to my channel if you are new my name is cynthia and thank you for clicking this video as you can see i am so excited sorry as you can see i got the butterfly collection i stopped her at a store near my sister's house she's actually babysitting for a night like she was going and dropping them off and i said let me stop by the store it's in natomas california near truxel if you live close and they have these minis oh my gosh I was so excited because my store hasn't put them out yet so I went ahead and grabbed mine and let me tell you guys I love this one okay let me put some more in right now just because I really love I don't know the notes.
new bath body works haul
I don't know if the notes are out there somewhere but I'm going to tell you what I think I smell like and I'm going to post the savings fashionistas review below so you can check that out but let me wear something because I just want put something on and just real really love it so this right here what i smell is ok this is just what i smell because of it's definitely a berry a sweet berry i smell something sweet from this so i feel like you're someone who loves sweet scents in the Boardwalk taffy line this isn't like what I'm saying but in that line you'd like this and it has a floral I don't know what the flower or the floral note is but it's like something sweet wow it's mixing whatever It's blending in really well here and I definitely recommend everyone try it of course if you can go to the store and if not they obviously have a wonderful return policy but this is one I love oh I'm planning on using al minus these minis next month, really I really like this one so I'm really happy for this one and I know it's like coming I think in a full line I'm not too sure about that but anyway this is an offhand or first glance favorite really you love it ok lemme put it aside b But like i said i love that one so we got something else that's new at least in


care happy easter sweet tutti frutti so i got this other mini and yes I know I'm waiting for the mini sale, hopefully if they have it this week. or then I can price the chest but until then this is what I have and this as many have said is basically like a champagne toast.
new bath body works haul

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new bath body works haul...

I got it for the packaging. It's basically like a champagne toast. a sense to me a little sweeter like I don't know I just think it's a little sweeter but it's definitely close so if you're having a champagne toast and you know you don't want to spend more money don't buy it but if you're like me and you just want it for packaging and all, if you want to be part of the easter bliss then go ahead and have it but of course you know I still like it like that's not my favorite right? there this one right here is like a favorite and like i said i want to use th there are little minis this coming march definitely so let's move on let's see what else i got that's new i have several new products in the store i'm very happy to have stopped something.
new bath body works haul
I'm not thinking of going but look at this this is so cute now the noise this back pocket makes. yeah anyway i got that one and i got one more new thing i haven't seen in my store yet and we have the sweet pink bubble gum pocket back holder of life and this one i definitely mean if you smelled like that bubble gum sweet scent it definitely just smells like that so it's really good i like it so let me see how it looks here and here we go it looks cute and it even matches here with the flowers so again this will be one i would wear during easter time , so of course you know I love to pick up my pocket bags I have a few more in there that I'll show you but let's go ahead I'm moving I think I want to do my bag for free and again free just means free in Spanish it's free your work he gives it to us when some new lines come in, you know, they give us a couple of products that we can choose from like the Fresh um Getaway collection.
new bath body works haul
I mean we couldn't choose the


cream I want, but we can choose how I think it was. four different products like the shower gel the um body spray the lotion and then the body cream i chose the body cream because you know i love body cream i really like this scent i know i would say its not for everyone its definitely heavy the citrus i want to put this one on too oh my gosh i'm having trouble because i just put the other one on but i really like it so i plan on using it i hope to wear it to the end and i chose the body cream because i have the spray you guys know i have a mini spray so i told them let me buy the body cream because i use i can use this body cream with the mini spray i have that's why i bought this one it's just a fresh clean kind of vibe again i should have come out with the collection fresh and crisp i call it the fresh and clean collection but yeah in my opinion it should be there but it's really good so on to the next thing oh but before i forget this is a unisex scent its not that girly or anything i mean its just a beautiful citrus scent so i dont think its a sin its like a womens only scent i think its unisex thats what i think so that it's this one and we got to pick from this tropical collection you know and I mean I was like I know I use basically This was the thought I know I use my shower gels pretty quickly and easily so I decided to buy the shower gel fiji sunshine guava teeny.
It smells great to me and I love the scent which is why I decided to buy this one. beautiful bright color and definitely going to be i put this on in the shower real quick and then they put these stickers on there. I really like this scent. I don't have the scent notes in front of me. Sorry, I have last year's body spray and all. which has the scent notes maybe I'll put it here on the screen for you guys but I definitely really like this fragrance I really think it's a sweet almost candy like to me at least for me ok that's how I do it I describe then there is the did I show you?
Yeah I showed you the notes I think and then there's a sticker they put on the next one. I really love this one. this one has been selling. it's selling really well i love this scent it's definitely that good so i plan on getting the rest of the collection i don't know how soon i mean i won't put a timeline because i want to make sure i use some of my other creams but I'm sure in the minis you've seen the picture I posted on my stagram for this one it's so cute I love the minis in this one so again mini sale soon I'll have it in the minis and the body cream and then the little spray because it's so cute and i love this coming spring product we have four items this time i got the pink pineapple sunrise this is as good as i said it's so good and here we go it's such a sweet pineapple look how it says sweet pink pineapple palm sugar and nectar sun drenched all i know is i can smell the pineapple strongly and i can smell it being super like sweeter than palm sugar yeah that's so good and then extra sweetness in my opinion with that sun drenched nectar really I love it so it was my free these little four items right there.
I'm going to move this all to the side so we can get into what I got for the soap sale right there okay let's get into this bag we've got two sails we've got a salt water breeze and I'm so excited this is back . I am so happy i love this scent you know it takes you to the beach i dont plan on burning it out anytime soon. I'll wait a bit. I want to burn some other wicks, but definitely let me smell it now. I don't like how it looks on there, but I'm just so happy to have this in my possession.
I'm planning on putting it under the heater anyway, I don't plan on burning this one. I really want to get that scent and would go to my room when I feel like a beachy vibe definitely. I'm very happy. I like the packaging of this one. I'm not sure how they feel about it. I like colors. I really appreciate this packaging. for me though this pink pineapple sunrise i really love this scent as do many people who have been shopping in my store so i really love this scent and i will tell you who that is a bit later.
I'm going to put it more to the side ok I move things around I put it to the side but if you love pineapple scents and you love r sweet sweet pineapple scents definitely try it again I haven't burned it or anything I'm not sure what it burns you know if you light that wick but again with some of these i plan on putting it in the lamp warmer and that makes it a little stronger but again this isn't going to be for me but lets get into the soaps and we have mango papaya heaven. I love this scent.
I love my mango scent. papaya and warm tropical breeze i definitely get more mango i think basically everything blends together really well and i really love this scent so i'm happy i have this one then we have a bunny loves you and this is the donut sparkle this is i really love it the packaging and i have told you guys with the tutorials the packaging on the bunny necklace or the hand soaps from the easter collection so i really wanted to have one of each we have these scent notes our buttercream milk sweet vanilla definitely give a sweet b scent of cream and vanilla that's what i get the most i mean yeah those are the two scents that stand out in this one and i really like it so that's that one and i got another pink pineapple sunrise because this one doesn't it will be for me too we have sweet pink pineapple palm sugar and sun drenched nectar i dont know why i am reading i think i have already read it to you and its really very good and then the next one i bought e This the packaging isn't so much for the scent if you guys have been working with


and body the pink apple punch is nothing new but I love the packaging so I wanted it and I know we can use it to have crisp apples sun-kissed melon and sugar crystals, yes, that's another Easter.
I should get the Easter ones together somehow. I don't know. I will move it. We have happy Easter. one but in my opinion it has like a little bit of a Weeter s like they just did something where they added a little bit more sweet, maybe that jelly bean note and it's a little bit sweeter to me, just a little but again not much different mixed berries and sugared lemon my opinion of course you know humble opinion. around here those are the three beautiful easter ones i got the last one is this guava colada and i love the scent of guava it just reminds me of when i was younger i loved my nectar like guava drink i used to have all the time , so i really love it i like the scent so again it might not be for everyone it just reminds me of my childhood when i used to love i used to have it like every day because i didn't used to.
I actually liked to eat a lot when I was younger that has completely changed you see I have completely changed but yeah so I was very picky back then and used to only have certain things so my mom would definitely buy me as my guava drinks and nectar. I used to love love love love in one that was one of my favorites and that's why it reminds me of that and I love it so I would say I smell more of the notes you see here is the guava and a little bit of molasses, I don't think coconut it says coconut cream I don't really smell much coconut so yeah I like this scent so let's get into this bag now so there's only two items here we have this new bag I like the color and I love it all but it's not for me so it's 350 it's for gifts obviously like gift bags which I like to have and I'll show you what I'm going to put in there in a minute and make a little gift now also had to have this pocket in the back I want say i said pocket this had to have this bunny butt too it's too cute i love it it's 1650 it's not a light control or scent or anything but i think it's so cute so i had to I got it, I'm going to put it here now, get rid of the bag, let's go to our last bag, there's not much ho there's more cute pocket back holders 6.95 for this these are so cute like this one it's just the cutest chick i love it i really love this one so every time i see cute ones like that i really fall in love and the price isn't too bad gotta make it get more because i like to give away from my little collection and i bought another one i bought three total so yeah y'all see three beauties total here now another pocket back i got it it's simple i keep telling you no no I know, I'm only buying it one at a time because if I go to a store and just record and have to buy something because of the conversion that I like to do, I'll end up buying one of these and I'm going to use them for my kids gifts for his class.
I think there are 24 children. I think I should make sure I have a list. like this little holder with a pocket for the kids and you know the boys will like the green and the blue and maybe the black the girls will like the pink the sparkly ones there's a light white one and a turquoise one so I think i'll do that for the girls and then i'll put some candy in there and we'll do it look what else i'm going to put in there so that's that and then the last thing because i'm falling in love with all things pineapple is this pineapple candle holder yeah i really love it this, the price is not bad either 34.95 I mean it is retail if you have a 20 discount that would help with that and then you knowthat if you work there that's even better so we have that let me put a candle in there so you can see I've shown it in stores but I just want to put a candle give me a second and I decided to bring my friends from the tropical island colada, this is a pina colada type candle, love the scent, it's strong, it will fill if you have a house under 2,000 square feet, maybe not. it goes into rooms but it will fill your hallways it's strong and so will this one i love this one in Also from this collection the sweet red mango and this one right here my favorite so far I need to keep trying the pink pineapple sunrise.
I like it, but I only burned it once and no. I don't know it's still heated up so that's what we're going to say and right now I'm burning this one as I was burning my pineapple mango the pineapple mango sprayed on the single wick here so yeah I'm all tropical right now. that's all i got for you guys today i hope you guys oh wait i told you i was going to tell you the little present leave me so you guys if you look at me and check out my last video actually thank you all who left me comments to let me know about their experiences blacking out and blacking out because that happened to my son my 15 year old alex is now 15. how alex basically blacked out and passed out in class and many of you please let me know about your experiences and I want to thank you because I promise you it really helped me and let me know I guess it's not weird because I was really worried it might be something more serious you know so anyway that calmed my nerves.
Let me know in the comments that I've talked to a lot of you and I just want to thank you for all your feedback all your prayers and all your support and I want to show that I want to give something to the teacher because I'm pretty sure trust me I know I was nervous that day, that's why i bought two pink pineapple sunrises because one will be for me the one i picked from work for free and the other one will be for her so i'm going to put it here and i'm going to put it i'll do it with a one wick candle and then i'll give her a card Gift. y'all know i told you i like to throw away pocket purses i could throw away like i'm going to throw away one of these i don't know i feel like she won't like that there's one that's like that bright peach i think i'm going to throw that in here with some pocket bags here for her along with a starbucks gift card so i just want you to bring this to her and i told her i said i mean i told her when you go to class on tuesday because there's no school on monday i want her to be you give it to your teacher and tell her thank you for taking care of me when i passed out because she caught it i'm gonna put a card in there like a thank you card just appreciating her and yeah i mean i told her she was laughing but anyway , we can joke about it now but that was very concerning and um yeah anyway I don't want to talk about it anymore so yeah that will go to his wonderful teacher at school and this is definitely an offer here now and you told them that I plan to re galar these two that will be for me and that is all i have for you i love the butterfly scent i hope you guys can you tell me if you have been able to try it the way you like it but it should be available in your stores very very soon and until next time my friends I love you thank you so much for all your love and support and see you next time friends bye

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