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New Amherst training facility complete

Aug 11, 2023
A new mural was revealed today in Western New York. The Amherst Police Training Facility unveiled the artwork along with Assemblywoman Karen McMahon. The state-of-the-art



houses not only Amherst Police but also serves many other departments. Across Western New York, Assemblyman McMahon was able to recognize facilities with this new mural through a recent community art project called Futures Amherst that celebrates the young people who are the future of our community, the public servants who make of our city as a safe and prosperous place and the growing diversity of the community that makes Amherst a special member of the assembly.
new amherst training facility complete
McMahon also presented Officer Ryan Blandowski with an Assembly Proclamation for his recent honoring of the Amherst Police Department's Medal of Valor.
new amherst training facility complete

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new amherst training facility complete...

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