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NECROZMA ENCOUNTER!! | Pokemon Sword EXTREME Randomizer (Episode 18)

May 31, 2021
but I'll do you the favor of one last training montage while you do something extra here. I mean, I should do short


s. These aren't supposed to be that long. The hour-long was supposed to be a special. I'm sitting here freeing our lungs every day. Let's do this. I will give it to you. guys your training montage 64 Kingdom 64 King wants to learn or he thought okay Woodrow Peck King I thought he was excited thinking what Horton Joe was saying I want revenge for what Marni did oh my god they're okay we can't teach pranks but even if it's in a very good mood our move set is probably one of the best that can be 36 woo zero wants to learn metal claw okay, he has his first steel he will forget to teach this Garrett will be in prison this is a good move, I don't care, this is a good steel move.
necrozma encounter pokemon sword extreme randomizer episode 18
Speedwagon wants to learn strange steam. This is perfect for the dragon Jim comes next. Alright. I'm going to have to get a max flare because it's a scam they tricked me with. I'm going to be like Ursula really has crazy defenses. 6464 Oh, greed, once to learn how to move our ship's rampage, this is not bad, it has a liquid voice, so it becomes a damaged 90 water movement, but I think our movements at this time are good , No. I think it would be good for me to move around too much. Yeah, my goal is to get speed.
necrozma encounter pokemon sword extreme randomizer episode 18

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necrozma encounter pokemon sword extreme randomizer episode 18...

We're graduating, uh, you see, okay, Speedwagon has been killing it in this training, they're graduating at exactly the same time. Oh, Jonah didn't even notice that Speedwagon has hit 50, oh my god, the networks don't want anything. to learn transform this is not to say always in ICAST it triggers with all this training you know I have transformed into mental curls mah GERD of him will be the boss purpose of a perfect occlusion Oh brother, like a transformation into Rylan's Pokémon and then I go at their level, oh come on, that's a fantastic team, a Leafeon hasn't seen a Leafeon in the entire game.
necrozma encounter pokemon sword extreme randomizer episode 18
Ghost girl. Ghost girl. Please tell me you're still here. Oh my god, she's gone. I thought we talked. Oh, I never did. This last time I was just pushing I thought you had spoken one more time Actually, I've never done this before What is this? You found something lying on the ground, wow wow, what does that mean? Aha, dressing up and being a cloth imbued with horribly Strong's. birth thank you for delivering the letter oh my god my heart my heart sank what does that mean guys she died is the Reaper mess what she was wearing or did she become a ghost death Reaper come get her free yourself if you're saying it For me , the winning theory is that she was sick, why would she tell him this?
necrozma encounter pokemon sword extreme randomizer episode 18
That she was sick. She accidentally got stuck, she time traveled six levels into the future just to deliver a message and die like an hour later. She gave the baby a somber whoa, what does that do? means three per club hey, this is the final gym, it's the final gym, guys, I want to know, I just want to know what's the story of what just happened there, the ball master, Rohan, it's just sternly, Anyone who gets a chance, master bug, yeah, give it a try. me your ball Oh this serial killer shares his ball with me thank you for cheering me up ma'am you had a great time guys I'm going to leave it here stem what a button like 10k like you'll wake up to the


again tomorrow that's right In time I have some things to do, but I'll be sure to post this today.
You are seeing it. I will see him for his kindness when I was trapped.

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