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NECA Toys Product Walkthrough at New York Toy Fair 2019

Feb 23, 2022
hi guys this is pixel dan coming from nyc toy



and i'm here at the NECA


booth with my good friend randy faulk how are you doing to kick off Toy Fair with the dane and Randy show the best way to do it there's a lot of pressure I stay up at night wondering what we're going to get through yeah we built such a following I know that well I mean where does this have to Being what the ninth season of this show is at this point we're still going strong so the ratings are high that's good yeah we've done all the tricks we adopted that kid a Canadian kid and we sent him to China because, frankly, he tasted better than us, he was more charismatic and more personable.
neca toys product walkthrough at new york toy fair 2019
I got a spinoff show yeah yeah it's more successful than us now but that's the way it is but then there was that whole thing where you had this Funko pop addiction so we had to have an intervention oh no a two part special episode it was like you know w knowing is half the battle and then i had that drinking problem i had a drink every time char thomas was too hard on the toy and then i got hit all the time like this that we really paid our dues in eight or nine seasons and now i only have four men to keep the beard dark you put me to the test i have a little bit we still love doing it and that's the important thing we come back at least twice a year we are here so you guys there's some pretty amazing stuff going on here and i thought we'd do what we do and talk about everything let's get it right where do you want to start we'll start with the kind of classic pop culture stuff that doesn't fit into science fiction horror like the Golden Girls we talked about in San Diego so they're almost going to ship now so we've got them on display we've got a fun new addition Bob Ross who's really cool. he comes with the ladder easel and a whole selection of brushes and it's a really fun and cool thing to do like who does it.
neca toys product walkthrough at new york toy fair 2019

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neca toys product walkthrough at new york toy fair 2019...

Not like Bob. I love Bob Ross. I mean, well, I'll tell you how Bob Ross became, like this regular TV show that was at our house all the time after we had our son because that's how we got him to calm down. down at night you ready for bed you put on bob ross and he was mesmerized by him it was amazing yes he is relaxing thats how i calm down especially you know when we negotiate our new deals and you dont pay me my royalties that i am in debt I have to watch Bob Ross just to relax, yeah Bob is amazing.
neca toys product walkthrough at new york toy fair 2019
You always know that after school, when I was in high school, I would come home and see Bob Ross and have my little snack every day, so it's fun. do that and we got Goonies so there's a Chunkin sloth two pack which is really cool Karate Kid which we showed in San Diego we got the first five figures here yeah so there's a tournament to pack with Daniel and Johnny and then we have Miyagi as casual Daniel and skeleton Johnny individually we have a Santoro w which is hitting stores from time to time on the Rock and Roll on the heavy metal front we have the Scott Ian figure which is exclusive to Scott and his website and we've got Megadeth like we've done with Iron Maiden we're doing the Megadeth Vic mascot and the ones that are coming this spring and summer are amazing, they all look great – the Karate Kid stuff looks fantastic.
neca toys product walkthrough at new york toy fair 2019
I love Johnny's skeleton. back we took a nod from the old Remco line so the packaging is purple with the little illustration of daniel hitting all those nostalgia dots you know it's a lot of fun to do they're really cool I love it when you guys do the retro packaging, it's like I don't know, it's a big part of the nostalgia for all this stuff, so it's great to see them do that, it's absolutely great when the licensers let us do it. fans that have been around and collected or had the


originally like instant recognition you know and it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling so it's cool it's fun to make it really cool so where do we go now oh there's a lot of stuff great around here - writer yes our bread and butter - longer lines alien and predator and they're still going strong so we have the emissary predators which are those camouflaged military with the machine guns they're actually like deleted scene footage from the 2018 movie you can see some glimpses of on the blu-ray and what's really cool design so it's fun to take them out the fans know them and have loved them so it's really cool to make it happen we've got a new version of the fugitive who was the main predator in the movie is somewhat stripped of his armor so he's either shirtless or topless you know what a trick we tried i think around season six, where I didn't wear a shirt the whole season, so people complained about me wearing the clothes. back but yeah it's cool another thing that's really cool with him is one of his heads the helmet lights up so we haven't done it at that scale yet we've done it quarter scale but there's LED lights in the eyes which is really cool so it's kind of funny and then we have the big killer predator who is the big villain he's so amazing yeah he's very tall and he was like the big villain in the 2018 movie like this that's great.
It's the first time we're introducing our 100th special figure and that's the one without the top with the really funky beetle bug inspired armor and more primitive we call it the alpha predator we wanted to do something that's kind of original design and we all brainstormed what this would look like in the studio and a lot of influence came from what the original predator would look like from the first movie where he was more like a bug when Van Damme was playing and his mask like when fans see the mask which is currently our twitter profile picture so shameless but yeah it's cool the sculpting and most of the design work ended up being handled by Dave Silva but kind of the genesis of what it was going to be and how we were going to celebrate that a hundred different predator figures came from, like all of us, emailing back and forth and arguing about what we were going to do or how to s and I was going to drive and it's really cool.
We have been waiting for the show for a long time. time we wanted to go through all the stuff from the 2018 movie that takes precedence and then have a chance to highlight ours first really a totally original creation that we're doing it's really cool and it looks amazing I mean the details in the the sculptor it's fantastic and just a really cool creative looking predator it's amazing it's coming out later this year probably in the third quarter. There's going to be an origin story that we're working on, there's going to be some original artwork for the packaging and a lot of cool stuff to celebrate that figure and then we've got a sneak peek for the alien 40th anniversary collection so alien Ridley Scott's original movie turns 40 this summer and later this year we'll come back and revisit that and we'll have some new figures we've never done before one of them is on display here which is Parker Yaphet Kotto which is amazing never done in before we'll do more you'll see more and nothing else in San Diego and then other than that before we get to 40 we have resurrection series 14 which we've been showing our series 13 which is Kenner inspired those hit we have our stuff from arcade AVP and then we have something really out of place that's great on that top shelf and that's the Berserker predator and the Neo morph alien done in the classic line style. a Kenner from the mid 90's so it's like that line continues ued we're taking all the things that came after but doing it in that format more like five points of articulation about five and a half six inches in size and a price around 13 to 15 bucks on those it's so cool I know that caught my eye when I was looking at the shelf and I thought it's like a Kenner like a real Kenner style predator figure and sure enough it's awesome yeah it's funny that we did to start with one. alien one predator and i think they'll do well we've been so successful in doing the modern updates to the counter stuff that's ok let's do it backwards and continue and do the things that they didn't we have a full list i hope we get to everyone's a lot of fun stuff in there and it's kind of fun to look at we've got the numbers old kenner figure all over the office kind of fun to look at i'm going to go back and sort of simplify what we do and find out how well they would have done it this way and how we'll shorten this and like the action features like rockets shooting missiles and stuff yeah absolutely so the Berserker shoots the cannon blast and then the Neo transforms into one of the thorns on his back when you move him . the mouth goes in and out so the defined action features are totally like it could have been in 93 or 94 the packaging will be similar to the old stab salute we're trying to track down some of the original artists that did those things so if you know any If any of them or any of them are looking please reach out otherwise we'll imitate your style but if we could just be completely authentic and get one of those guys to do the art that would be awesome that's exciting that's so much fun.
We see that you know that nostalgic is always good and that is our realistic figures are amazing and going on, but now we're at a point where the price points hit $25 to $30 which is great because they're amazing and going on. still a value but we want something that's more affordable and more accessible to kids for an impulse buy and then put out something that might be like, say, twelve or thirteen dollars each, it's obvious and then it's like half the price of the collector stuff and on a similar front it's a nice transition to what we're doing with horror so before we get into all the new super detailed stuff we have a new line of horror figures called Tunney terrors that we started to provoke. last night they are similarly styled and stand between five and six inches tall five points of articulation tuned up with an animated look and we have Jason Freddy and then classic Pennywise in the modern Penny Wise price below blister card series from $13 one is here or currently sculpting series two and we think this line will be a nice extension of everything else we have. horror characters that's what they look like they look like so much fun yeah they're really cool it's fun to do we've had the idea for a while one of our painters Jeffrey Trapp drew the control art for them for our sculptors to work with since when we were looking at everything that old cartoons hanna-barbera and you know all that kind of stuff just the stuff we grew up with saturday morning stuff groovie goolies all you know and it's fun for you to know how to do something different you know not we do it stylized so often so that was great on top of that we have the realistic stuff everyone knows and expects on the show we are announcing a huge expansion into the sleight of hand universe so we showed the nun a ago a couple of months and we're doing a bunch more, the response to that was huge, so you can expect to see The Crooked Man, which is on here, Annabelle and a bunch more, and those they are really amazing some of them will be a mix. we fully sculpted artu The latest ultimate style figures some will be clothed figures so we're playing a lot in that universe which is fun we have more of him which has been tremendous so we have a quarter scale Pennywise we've got some ultimate new Pennywise both.
From the 90s movie and the 2017 movie, we have a prop set featuring the sword diorama. We've got our first action figure dressed as Penny Wise, so there's a lot that's amazing about the extremely successful line of gremlins. So far the re-release of the classic we've got the stingray and the classic gremlin now if the player gremlin hidden game was to stop in a couple of months we've got a really cool cinematic diorama on display here with something amazing it's cool yeah there's about 20 gremlins in there spilling popcorn all over the place and it shows you how you need to put those things together they look amazing together and with all the accessories you get I mean they're awesome yeah I mean I used to have a thing for stormtroopers like me.
He couldn't leave any stormtrooper if he was in a shop. I would take it home. It is bad. There are some people like that with gremlins, which is awesome and we're doing more. so there will be more in san diego showing for the holidays and in 2020 so it's an ongoing collection which is a lot of fun is there any chance of getting some of those other gremlins in the past they saw we never got out ? I know Greta gets asked every time I think there's a goodpossibility, especially because the more successful they are, the more we can branch out and do more and do more tools at the moment we're doing a lot since 84 because it's one, it's an anniversary year until we want to focus on what we had planned and we have different themes so the first ones are like the cinema and dory's tavern mixed together and then the next one the stripe is specifically stripe and then we have the gamer one we have a few other themed versions in the works so once we get past those very tall Greta in the list i think redo or rework the brain that's more like what we're doing now in terms of articulation and accessories we have the melt down which is cool we have the tattoo we have a lot of things that have been developed and have I've been waiting for the moment, so I think once we get to five or six releases of 84, I think it's time to get some of the stuff back out of the fresh batch. so yeah it will go ahead so we also have a big hit with halloween this year the 2018 movie was a big hit we have a quarter scale michael myers here we have laurie strode jamie lee curtis the first time it's amazing to debut in the show we have halloween - michael myers the dick warlock version there are three different masks pumpkin which opens to reveal the skull i inside a bunch of implements of murder and mayhem a scalpel a syringe a knife of course we have the trick or treat halloween, the third season of the witch.
We have a live 2 pack that is brand new. -Trying back on our list which is really cool we have Nightbreed which is a debut here at the show so there's a lot of new stuff on the stand it's full of exciting announcements and reveals and we're holding back because San Diego isn't that far away so even more in San Diego yes there are more things planned for Christmas etc so we continue our Guillermo del Toro collection which is doing really well now we have the pale man and Santi from Devil's Backbone. Next up is Athelia and the faun from Pan's Labyrinth, they came very soon and then we have the shape of water when we get to summer which is amazing, it's not often that we do figures from an Oscar winning movie and it's a beautiful design, a beautiful creation so that's a lot of fun we have Zilla h The movie Spring King of Monsters is coming out in May.


will be out in April. The first two figures, we have Godzilla and Mothra, and then we have the second wave with Rodin and a second version of Godzilla, on display here for the first time. time yeah it's fun we've had them hidden for a while it's nice to finally show them off we also have the classic Godzilla follow up to our 56 movie poster version we have our version of our 62 Godzilla so we're constantly developing more now. sculpting more classical in the studio at the moment. I know we saved this for just about the last of your favorite Ninja Turtles.
I can't wait to talk about this. I had a feeling so we've got the quarter scale crusher and the foot soldier in there and those are straight from the factory which means the foot soldiers are actually shipping now and the crusher two months from now will be shipping , so the quarter scale lineup people are waiting for those villains for a couple of years it's happening it's been bombarded with the questions because I've been bombarded with the questions plans to reduce them to seven inches at some point you're saying i'm predictable so there's a good chance that will happen you know like everything else it's just a matter of time we've been trying to do those fourth skills for a long time.
I'll be honest, the shredder layer took almost as long as the figure itself. the back has this weird tiger stripe print that's on it he finds the right material and that was just here then he took it to China and did it like it was mass produced but yeah I think we have some fun surprises, there will be another very special and cool set this summer, there's something completely new about it that hasn't been scaled down or seen before, so they'll just have to speculate and wait until there's something new that reaches that scale that we haven't seen yet in the quarter scale as movies movie wise or just movie wise, yeah, I'm going to start throwing in splinters of Casey Jones, April.
I wish I had a good poker face. real are the late may turtle ones we always do yes i'll probably show you because i trust you and we're negotiating our contract for season 10 so i'll show you a few things yeah there's an amazing set again and there's something no one has ever seen on that set before so yeah just a tease like i've been known to do it's prom night again so how about we watch any of the other turtle movies as if Was there ever a chance to get a secret? of the helpful stuff because I've seen a lot of people asking for toca and Roz are super shredders some of the coolest characters that look like monsters would look really cool in that style yeah sure I mean the originals where it is certainly by now I love monsters and the ones you mentioned certai Solo will be the next logical place to go, there are a few things we're working out in terms of likeness rights to actual actors they have as far as facials like April Casey etc.
Other than that, we want to finish our 90th movie collection before we jump into one of the other movies, so by the end of May and certainly in San Diego, you'll see why and what's going on there, but it's within the realm of possibility. , it's just a matter of time. we want the collection to be more or less cohesive and follow our vision of 490 and then we'll get into other things so the GameStop launch is on fire and it's out now for all the fans who got lost in San Diego or people who want extras or the people who didn't want to open that cool VHS box, you know, so they're gone and then we announced yesterday that it's all blurry.
I haven't slept in a long time. two weeks quick uh yeah the last week of February they will start to hit some stores the first week of March they'll be like wide so we're somewhere around 16 1700 Target stores so for the first March week they will be everywhere, it's two packs of cartoons, there are four of them. awesome they'll be in the next section go buy them because there's so much more behind or in front of them i guess in the fall and rocksteady and bebop are on display here for the first time they're a 2 pack cartoon that could potentially be a highlight in series 2 there will be a series 2 assortment that you know planned for a fourth quarter and holidays and they're certainly a part of it along with some other new turtles new turtle figures not turtles themselves but characters there are some that we've shown before some that we have in you know there are certain things that we've shown as video game style or video game treatment that maybe now would be a Fred Wolf cartoon treatment so you can speculate and try to guess what you could make it up but we know you tuff we've shown like granite or leatherhead slash you know we've been working on this for years now that things are opening up and at least we have like the gamestop destination for movie turtles the target destination for some turtles cartoons and the two packs gives us the opportunity to do more because it's not that we haven't wanted to but we've basically stuck to conventions which is like a actual release per year.
This changes the playing field quite a bit. if the fans get behind it if they buy it and i know they will then there will be more amazing news so there you go guys the turtles figures are coming to stores which is what everyone has been asking and there is more very exciting stuff on the way yeah it's in your hands so buy it make it successful you know what we've done for cons has been amazing but we realized it only became a finite number of hands because It is the convention and we have done what we could put. online and doing pre-sales for those who don't show up and all that kind of stuff but there were a lot of limitations on what we could do before there are still limitations and in the case of two packs priced at $50 or it's a Gamestop only where I say the other turtle lines don't have a presence that makes sense so yeah it has to be a certain price point like at Target. with toys I'm good at it so licensing is weird it's a little dance we have to do but get things out there it's a lot of work to negotiate think outside the box but I think that's something that we have always excelled and done better than most and it makes things pop so it's good if you're a fan of turtles you're going to have an amazing year whether it's in cartoons or movies or both very, very exciting stuff.
I'm ant bebop and rocksteady. oh my gosh it's finally ok finally th are great we've been working on this stuff for so long it's just as exciting for us to show it to them and let them know it's not that we don't want to do it like we want to do it all so if we can just turn off the video games of the Turtles for the Crash Bandicoot collection to go well we've got a bunch of those on display and for the first time we've got neocortex and cocoa those are here Spyro the Dragon is here hitting just in a couple of weeks he had a war that was still going great we have the Kratos 2 pack with Kratos in Kings we have a new video game license that I'm not ready to announce yet but I have to see what I say because I've gotten in trouble before in some of these interviews you plan cause trouble and you always give me some booze beforehand and loose lips sink boats and then i spill so i just say i got a few more things i can.
We're not talking about that yet, but some video games we haven't done before, some that haven't had a fictional figure at all before, so yeah, so there's a lot of good stuff. I feel like our booth is so packed I've been talking for an hour and like we haven't even scratched the surface. You have so many things. here this year and that but that's exciting that's great absolutely absolutely it's going to be a good year a lot more and we'll meet again come july five months we'll do this again it'll be here before you know it but yeah a lot more, much more amazing cool so some amazing stuff on display here on the toy neck but with a lot of exciting stuff coming out this year Randy as always thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. always a pleasure and of course you can follow them on twitter which is all Randy they are on twitter for better or worse.
I get all the hate for hairpins yeah but the Twitter is me and then we have a social team doing Instagram and the Facebook I can't do it all go see what's coming out of the NECA toys that were on display at the New York Toy Fair York


. Stay up to date with Pixel Dan at Toy Fair 2019. stuff toys pixel dan see you again

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