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NCAA Tournament Elite 8: UConn Huskies vs. USC Trojans | Full Game Highlights

Apr 02, 2024
Huskies and Blue Trojans and Cardinal and Gold as the number one seed and that final ticket to the final four about to be hit 40 minutes of discipline and execution and you have to match that for 40 minutes the step to the left side of Davis and is stripped by ni mule, there's your starting five for SC, they're a little deeper, they're a little bigger against essentially a four guard lineup, Yukon, right at Yukon, because they primarily play five, it's going to be very important for USC to establish landmarks in the paint moves her post


inward and challenges Aaliyah Edwards Watkins, midrange rises off the mark, another offensive rebound and a second chance here for Southern Cow Debbie, much like our first


, both teams are at their best playing a fast pace, yes, and it's not just this vertical speed, it's the speed of the court, as well as five raised above the free throw line, Lane and Yukon are a Beckers


level cutting team with the assistance of Aaliyah Edwards, the Canadian Olympian trying to invest Juju.
ncaa tournament elite 8 uconn huskies vs usc trojans full game highlights
Watkins to the block and the more shots they can make, Mule, Yukon's all-time assists leader, then says something with all his big guards, Edward strong to the rim, they make you play from side to side, they accelerate, they make you jump to the ball and then they get it to Lei Edwards and she's able to finish inside on a one-on-one look. How open the pain is. Forbes calls the screen to stop in an instant and Edwards with the defensive rebound Arnold, there's that explosion. They are going to attack Padilla as much as they can tonight. Baylor used that with some success in their sweet 16 matchup.
ncaa tournament elite 8 uconn huskies vs usc trojans full game highlights

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ncaa tournament elite 8 uconn huskies vs usc trojans full game highlights...

Yukon is not a screen-heavy offense, it's more of a pass-and-cut. I would say it's like 80% pass and cut versus versus. a ball screen offends them Advance this is KK Arnold's foot speed right here he crosses Padilla in transition he does very well attacking the rim and then Juju Watkins coming off that screen reaches the elbow and has his own username on Twitter for Rossy bun maybe JuJu has one brewing on social media look here's a way out right here juju going well look at that body check count it and W is a way out four players on the weak side one on one with a mule bucket and Paige got the last possession that Let's isolate it in Elra.
ncaa tournament elite 8 uconn huskies vs usc trojans full game highlights
Here they are going to double That Elbow's entrance towards Beckers looking for three Off the Mark. The mule lunged and missed the Gimme Juju. Wat was guarding Paige Beckers in that matchup. She received help from Pia Forbes. USC window right here good crossover you have a smaller defender with you it's a good use of the window to hit her and handle contact Forbes calls for it she has really become her leader playing with a lot of confidence and Poise Paige Beckers will counterattack and she He will go directly to the pad and commit the foul. Hesitation.
ncaa tournament elite 8 uconn huskies vs usc trojans full game highlights
A little hit on Paige gets Juju on the pass. I mean, Juju doesn't need much space to go where he needs to go. He can make a play in a tight space. Beckers. of the cross on the plate as he leaves it for Edwards. It's a very well made play by Paige Beckers. Edwards gets underneath, turns the other way and scores, so now Yukon comes in with a ball screen on the bare side and X Out. the back end, meaning they switch on the back end on that screen, it's a good job by Yukon to execute it and then aiah Edwards right here uses his footwork under the basket, Forbes goes down and stops, it's a beautiful pull Instead, it's going to be Forbes, calling the screen at the top, getting the switch, driving the block for Beckers, everyone made it to the Sweet 16, all very athletic teams, NC State, South Carolina, USC will keep him here, see they have more players in street clothes than uniforms that can come into the game, it's been a crazy season in Yukon, what you want to do is try to run some things where Samuel switches to Juju Watkins as well as like that, Padilla, but then you have to recognize him and get him the basketball Nik mule running with Arnold the pull up and Nik mu has it Nik mu doesn't look to score very often, he's certainly capable, but especially in transition he has to be a threat, let's see if They look to give Juju a touch, it's about s minutes since his last shot attempt Marshall the turn I think it was a pass I think it was for Caitlyn Davis a lot of contact on that shot attempt here's Beckers coming off the line man they call it two but they will review it at the next stop Edwards able to tip Beckers Arnold good change of direction makes it float and on only 29% shots and only one of six this quarter Good help from bia on that drive Samuels' open look got the mule pass for the three-pointer into a wide open Samuels, the six-foot freshman hadn't played in the last two games and hits a three-pointer on this end of the court.
It's been 8 minutes since Ju Guu last shot during that 19-5 Yukon run at St, which ends more. that any of their Legends, a handful of whom are in the Hall of Fame Forbes got a piece of that in the trade that Watkins draws KK Arnold is out of the game with three fouls are down a starter Watkins is out of the line and hits on Beckers and this is exactly what we came here to see: we want to see that one-on-one matchup from time to time, two leading scorers demonstrate it with an average of more than 27 points per game in the postseason and Beckers with a dozen .
Check out this little rope of drugged action back and forth and then the stick from the top and then on the other side Paige Becker is getting hit a little bit to create some separation they're both so skilled here's Ice Brady now making an appearance on the game. for Connecticut Beckers, three hits deep, okay, there's been a lot of attention elsewhere in the women's game and rightly so, but Beckers is a three-time All-American and has taken the Huskies to the final four a couple of times already in her race and is trying to make a splash here at the end of the season with this great lineup.
Coach Orma likes speaker series. Brady is trying to find his way around her. Edwards has good defense and blocking for Marshall. The big favorites to win a third National Championship don't count out the wolf when they I've had an incredible career to get here and the left-handed ice Brady shoots the spike boy any bank scoring by the can is Marshall house money good find from Forbes from the rebound also worth mentioning here Debbie before Aaliyah Edwards she's playing without her mask For the first time since she broke her nose in the Big East


, they ran that double again.
However, Aiah Edwards can't be aggressive in that and Padia is one of their best three-point shooters when the ball goes over the top to the weak ones. side you gotta be ready to catch and shoot she's 0 for tonight mule on the other end it shouldn't be SC ball here look how the mule organizes it's a good push they don't get together to change the call so she stays with Yukon Edwards aggressive to the rim R Marshall has no fault, she has to be more aggressive on that play and not let Aaliyah Edwards bully her off the line from the block.
Forbes was able to knock down the three on just 29% shooting tonight for Southern Cal. Beckers 17 for Paige, look at this one going up Beth Juju Watkins is kind of like why aren't I getting some touches here? Forbes selflessly The open pass for three was 50% from three before the


Beckers with a turn of drive that we are below With 5 minutes left in this third quarter, the winner will face Iowa in the last four. The shadow is able to take him down and come in and then shadow with a triple his first point, well, he'll get the 3, he'll get the ball right here. to get out of the timeout oh jump pass Lane Paige Beckers picks it up and you can't for a dozen that's a scouting report defensive steel right there what a great job jumping that pass 70 career let me say this about Cheryl Miller scored over 3,000 points without three point line and she was my all time best, I got some new ones that came in here lately with a good steal, count it Carl Miller, they both have that slide ability, there's a steal right here from Juju, she crosses. and handles the contact look, she's pushing it into the screen behind her back and blocked out of bounds by Brady Edwards backing into contact with Watkins, but there's no whistle on the run, the three and the transition is Big Good B, a much better choice tonight from Big Hil. by 12 I mean look at the trust factor right here by Juju Watkins Big B in transition gets organized Beckers comes to do it big be a mule of honor playing with those four fouls finds Brady in the corner for three ice Brady for three she it's 23% from three - shooter her sixth of the season Padilla finds the handle and hits it to ring the bell nothing better than a buzzer to take us to the fourth quarter her first basket of the night practice Edwards reaches the baseline to score and won She goes through Davis' fatigue and to protect herself from foul trouble the lob to Watkins She gets behind the zone counts it parade of free throws for her this is just a good set Plays Good protection on the back of the zone right there USC looks like a shadow the fake ball juju goes to take it herself reaches the left side to put it in I mean it's a Glide and 81 running by Southern Cal Juju to the hoop Watkins off center Forbes to tie it and Forbes with a point up we are all tied up at 59.
Coach Orma has handled foul trouble very well in this game. Now they're going to go back to their mantle and that's a block on Juju 7 for 18 tonight from the floor. Beckers looks at Gino. He's going to shorten the time. game here this is where he orchestrates who he wants and where he wants with his offense up front this will really be something to see, we asked him yesterday how much film you watch to get your players in the right spot, it's a The winner of the lot takes Iowa among the final four. Nice fake window from Edwards.
All we have to play another day. Becker's in the starter. I can't tell you how many times Lindsy Gotley went over that same set, both Arnold and mule number two and number 10. The blues are playing with four fouls on the loose ball. Watkins advances and enters very well with control of his body. Four fouls on Beckers. in and out under four here in the fourth remember the other thing Coach Ori said we can't play from behind because of our depth, we don't have the ability to extend Rd but you can shorten the game here by running the clock Beckers by three. paig with contact, that's a big bucket right there and then triple contested back to back from the top of the court.
She, the mule and Edwards have played every second tonight, count it and the mule finds Edwards in the back. Davis slows Edwards with a bucket. last two minutes now you don't want to foul now you want to stay solid in your defense Becker out of bounds stops in the lane for two did a great job anticipating here is Beckers on a late clock through contact too talented you do it you have to stay aggressive here you have one to give Beckers inside drives blocked by Watkins Juju with the SWAT there is a block behind Juju Watkins and you see her take off her shoe on the miss here Forbes will go for three and hit it This is a good job by Forbes to reposition herself and use the rebound to separate herself from Paige Beckers McKenzie forb.
There is a switch. Watkins leaves it for Marshall. He missed the layup. Second chance up and here are the three for Watkins. They took her off the line. I'll take both to show that it's not how you start, it's how you finish and Yukon knocks off a number one seed to get back to the Final Four.

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