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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast - June 3rd, 2021

Jun 07, 2021
Hi everyone, it's Alison Morris watching NBC


, here's what's happening. Republican Congressman Matt Gates under fire again. Federal prosecutors are investigating whether the Florida lawmaker obstructed justice during a phone call with a witness in a possible sex crimes investigation. Businesses beware of the White House telling the private sector it's time to increase protections against cyber attacks business leaders have a responsibility to strengthen their cyber defenses to protect the American public and our economy are over 50 years old and the fabulous Forbes publishes its first list of 50 over 50 in collaboration with msnbc presenter mika brzezinski initiative know your value whatever it is know your why know what you know about it so that people ask your opinion and respect your judgment because you know it well, let's get into the investigation into congressman matt gates nbc


justice correspondent pete williams is in washington dc pete, what can you tell us about this phone call that the feds are investigating?
nbc news now full broadcast   june 3rd 2021
Well, they're looking at whether this could amount to obstruction of justice. Now we only know the basics about this, frankly, Alice and We know that, according to a law enforcement official familiar with the case, an ex-girlfriend of Gates was talking to a young woman and at some point during the call she chatted with Gates , that's nothing special, except if you consider that this young woman who was part of it. The caller is a potential witness in the Gates investigation and the question is: do you know if that conversation amounts to obstruction of justice? Now, to answer that question, you need to know two things: what they talked about and when the call took place. because it may make a difference whether Gates knew there was an investigation or whether you knew this young woman was a witness or not, but that's what gives rise to this possible question about whether there was obstruction of justice, Pete, what does Rev Gates say about this obstruction investigation?
nbc news now full broadcast   june 3rd 2021

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nbc news now full broadcast june 3rd 2021...

Any comments from him or his spokesperson are not his, but his spokesperson said Congressman Gates seeks justice and does not obstruct it. The anonymous accusations have so far consisted of lies wrapped in leaks based on an extortion plot by a former Justice Department official after two months there is still not a single recorded accusation of misconduct and now the story is changing again, so that's the statement from the congressman's office bringing us up to speed on what else our viewers should know about this ongoing federal investigation into potential sex crimes doors. Well, you know, it's been going on for months and the indications I have is that it will continue for months more.
nbc news now full broadcast   june 3rd 2021
We just received Joel Greenberg's guilty plea last month. He is the friend of Gates who admitted that he trafficked young women. Obviously, the government had an idea of ​​what Greenberg was going to say because they wouldn't have reached a plea deal without him, but now they're in the process of seeing if they can corroborate all the things he did. Let's just say that's going to take some time, and secondly, when you proceed against a member of Congress and an elected official, things tend to go a little slower anyway, so the indications I have are that this case It is not heading towards a resolution one way or the other. another one for a while longer, okay pete, thank you very much for the update.
nbc news now full broadcast   june 3rd 2021
The White House better come out with new guidance for businesses that tells them it's time to beef up their ransomware protections. A memo obtained by NBC News warning about the number and signs of ransomware incidents. have increased significantly and strengthening our nation's resilience in the face of cyberattacks in both the private and public sectors is a top priority for presidents, let's turn to NBC News White House Correspondent Monica Alba and to NBC News Correspondent Ken Delanian Monica, what else did that memo say and what specifically is it? The White House is asking companies to do this is asking Allison to really look at what they currently have in terms of protections for these types of cyber intrusions and, in essence, reinforce, double, triple those efforts and make sure that they are in a good position because they could very well find themselves in a situation similar to what we have seen in recent weeks, not only the colonial pipeline but of course companies like Microsoft and others and of course the latest JBS attack on that meat processor. is the clearest indication that no industry is really off limits here, which is why the White House specifically in this memo is asking companies to implement more security controls and also follow what the president laid out in an executive order for federal agencies who say they must apply. those same kinds of things for private companies, so create backups, keep them offline, update systems, make sure the security team's work is pretty much intact, separate networks, all these things, really and obviously, not click on any links that appear to be malicious or something like we're all trying to do in our lives, but it's also notable that Allison there's something that wasn't in this memo, which is that the white house still doesn't directly give or attribute who is behind many of these attacks on russian groups, even though we know that's what the companies themselves have said, even though we know that this will be one of the main topics of discussion between president biden and russian president vladimir putin when they meet in gin within approximately a week and a half.
The White House memo comes on the heels of that ransomware attack on the JBS meat plant. What have you learned about that attack and who is behind it? Allison the FBI has attributed that attack to a Russian criminal group called Revel. Now there is nothing unusual about most ransomware arriving. From groups inside Russia, what's been unusual is the Biden administration's aggressive response to this, they called out Russia almost immediately, something I've never seen before, and they're really dealing with this ransomware. Used to be treated as some sort of criminal nuisance that needed to be investigated by the FBI, the Biden administration is treating it as a national security issue.
You have this memo from Ann Neuberger that says two things. She tells companies they need to clean up their acts and shore up their defenses, but she also says we, the government, are trying. This is a problem we have to address on a geopolitical level because as long as these ransomware criminals are given safe haven in Russia, no amount of cyber defenses will stop them from getting in because good hackers with the time and money can do it. through almost any defense, so Biden is now contemplating using national security tools to stop what is essentially a criminal plot, but one that is aided and abetted by the Russian government.
Allison So Monica, what does the White House say about paying ransoms? What else is there? We heard from them on that topic. Their position for a long time was that the federal government does not believe that companies should pay ransoms because then it incentivizes these bad actors to continue attacking and demanding these payments, but there was no discussion on this particular issue. Anything in this memo today about a change in policy or what companies should do, obviously we've seen that some are now considering and have paid up as we saw with the colonial pipeline, so this is something that we've pressed the House White to say.
There has been some change? And again they would reiterate that, at least from the perspective of the Biden administration, they do not believe that these bailouts should be paid, but that of course, ultimately, it is up to all private companies to make those decisions and, as we have seen that each time more people are facing that same process about whether they should go down that path, but again the federal government says it's up to them to decide even though the longstanding policy had been to not succumb to these requests, Allison, so let's understand. Talk more about the moment here.
What is it about this time? Why are we seeing so many more cyberattacks right now? Well, we should distinguish between these ransomware attacks, which are criminal schemes, and things like the solar winds, which were an espionage attack, but what about ransomware. I hear two schools of thought on this from my national security sources: one is that we are seeing more of this because it would pay off very well if the colonial pipeline actually paid a 4.5 million ransom which will only empower and enable the gangs. of ransomware go away. after the next big target and discovered that when they can squeeze American consumers they can be sure that companies will pay, but people also tell me that they believe this is part of a Russian gray war strategy to harass and cause chaos within the United States.
States that do things that are on the verge of war, so they may not merit a military response, but they can cause a lot of harm to the American people and the American consumer, that is certainly a factor and that is something that the Biden administration is going to have. to deal with the future allison, okay monica and ken, it's great to have you both with us, thank you, you better talk about energy and infrastructure in west virginia today, senator joe manchin and energy secretary jennifer granholm, They're hosting an event there tonight, NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Garrett.
Hake is in Morgantown Garrett, the secretary and senator, hosting a series of energy-focused events over the next few days, but we know West Virginia is really making headlines for the role the senators' mansion and capital are playing in infrastructure talks in Washington, so let's get started. with this energy event that is the backdrop to a lot of issues and we'll go from there, yeah, so this is senator manchin in his role as chairman of the committee that deals with energy issues and organizes a series of events mainly in morgantown, where I am currently home from West Virginia University.
He's meeting with the Secretary of Energy and they're talking about things like how steel made in West Virginia can be used in projects that focus more on green energy, like building windmills on the East Coast, so the tie. -here it's clear, but actually this is also a little bit about joe manchin as the pivotal senator in the 50 vote democrat coalition uh right now he's giving a little weight, we know he's been a strong voice about what he wants see. on the infrastructure package, he is a lone voice among democrats who oppose the voting rights bill that democrats are working on, he is the main player in all of this, that's what brought me to morgantown , uh, to talk to him tonight, Senator Garrett Capital briefed the other Republican. senate negotiators about his meeting with president biden on infrastructure yesterday what did he tell the men?
Are we hearing new offers from both sides today? What he told them was that the White House presented a menu of options according to my sources about how an infrastructure package of up to a trillion dollars, larger than what Republicans have wanted so far, could be paid for, and all the options for The White House include different ways to enforce tax laws more aggressively or raise taxes at the margins, whether by creating a minimum tax rate for corporations. or changing things like a step-up basis, this is how inherited property or inherited assets are taxed, ways of raising money through things that are technically tax increases, generally, for wealthy people, but without touching the tax law of 2017 that is so beloved by Republican legislators for whom it was their greatest achievement during the Trump presidency.
Now I can tell you that Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, is already pouring some cold water on this. Anything that raises taxes won't attract much Republican support, but Capito and his colleagues are expected to do so. come back and respond more formally to the White House offer, perhaps with another of their own as soon as tomorrow, so the march continues here for a possible bipartisan infrastructure deal, but this question of how to pay for it remains the big issue. problem, yes, and negotiations continue, Garrett, how was the mansion? I mean, let's talk about how it can hurt and help the Democrats' agenda and not just infrastructure.
We're also talking about voting rights, the filibuster, he's at the heart of a lot of really important things. The problems right now, yes, I mean the way I see the infrastructure in particular, is that the president will ultimately need one of the two senators from West Virginia, but he doesn't necessarily need both if the president is able to reach an agreement with capital and achieve supportrepublican. Joe Manchin is just one more vote, but if he doesn't, Joe Manchin is suddenly the 50th vote, the person Democrats would need to reach a deal on this or any of those other priorities, and he really is the most conservative in most topics.
Democrat, I mean, we describe him as a moderate, but he's the most conservative of the Democratic senators in office right now and he's someone who has shown a willingness to exert his influence a little bit in a way that maybe some of these other senators either . of who could become No. 50 on any of these issues that Manchester has been willing to make, who wants changes to the voting rights bill that Democrats believe is absolutely critical to fending off what's happening in states he opposes raising the corporate tax rate is as high as the one the president had wanted to raise to pay for infrastructure, whatever.
The mansion isn't ashamed to go to any lengths to get what he wants, and so I think that continues to make him a pivotal player. why we've seen the White House primarily court him and why we've seen Democrats avoid pushing him too hard in public, they don't want to alienate him, they don't want to alienate him, although that could change. As we head into the summer of the fall, it's really the last window to make deals before the calendar changes and suddenly everyone's talking about getting re-elected instead of what they might pass in a divided Senate oh, that calendar page is going to turn quickly garrett hake in morgantown, home of the mountaineers, it's a pleasure to see you there, thanks to a rare look inside the immigration crisis at the border nbc news correspondent julia ainsley travels with patrol agents to along the southern texas border the biden administration says it's closed except for unaccompanied children that's not the reality for agents on the ground take a look it's nighttime in the rio grande valley these are some of the record numbers of migrants at the border Patrol officers encounter families brought by smugglers every day who turn themselves in because many told us they believe they will be officially allowed to stay.
The Biden administration says the border is closed due to the pandemic. Only unaccompanied children can enter the United States. The border is closed. But that is not the reality here on the ground, some of those who have crossed have been allowed to stay, creating confusion among would-be migrants who wonder if it is worth risking their lives on the dangerous journey north. We met Anna and her seven-year-old son Walter, who said they tried to enter the United States last month but were expelled to Mexico and kidnapped now he's trying again I don't want to go back I'm very scared but in a nearby migrant shelter we found at least 20 adult men Who are allowed by authorities to remain in the US pending asylum hearings?
Do you know why you have been allowed to stay in the United States? I really do not know. We asked the head of the border patrol here. The stated policy that we heard in Washington is that right now only unaccompanied children are allowed entry but what we saw firsthand in this sector is that even single adult males are being released we often have to depend on what the ability or capacity is. of Mexico to receive those families says if Mexico will not accept them back. They will be released here. Does that make things difficult here for your men and women who are trying to send a message that the border is closed?
Do we need a system that is able to provide that humanitarian aid and at the same time be able to provide national security border security that we are struggling with because of the high numbers that we are seeing, Chief Hastings told us so far this year that 17 of all families and single adults detained by its agents have been released in the US, motivating migrants. to keep coming, did anyone tell you that you can stay? I heard people say they were giving permission even if for most their american dream may not be as close as they hoped and julia ainsley joins me live now so julia what?
Are White House officials saying about this confusion over who is allowed to enter the United States? It seems that we are not very clear about what exactly is happening. You get a story from officials and then you show us the reality of what's happening. happening on the ground, yes, I mean what we have seen from the White House, we have seen it from the press secretary, we have seen it from the president himself and from the DHS secretary saying that the border is closed and saying that do not come. Only unaccompanied children are allowed in here at the moment, but we actually saw proper families, some families, some not, some single adults, some not, and the difference now with what would have happened before the pandemic is that sometimes all immigrants would have been allowed to come in and make their asylum claims at least to the agencies or eventually to a judge if that first assessment was conclusive that they had a claim now instead of being qualified on the merits of their claim, they just have to to do with the moment in which they did it or not.
We are entering a day where Mexico cannot take them back and DHS did not disagree with us on that point. We reached out for comment and they said yes. It all comes down to whether or not Mexico has the capacity to receive these migrants back. Julia informs throughout the entire process. It's been just incredible, particularly seeing you there at the border, thank you so much for sharing it with us, thank you, let's go now to NBC News correspondent Simone Boyce, she has the latest headlines from Hello, Simone, Hello, Allison. Some good economic news today the company is hiring 970,000 workers in may according to payroll processing company adp.
Now this is a big jump from April's 654,000 and is the biggest gain since June 2020. The adp figures showing the leisure and hospitality sectors are where that added the most jobs, well, soldiers Americans mistakenly broke into a factory manufacturing vegetable oil equipment in bulgaria. Officials said troops cleared the building last month and what they thought was part of a NATO training exercise. The incident generated criticism from the president of Bulgaria and a lawsuit. from the factory owner who said the experience was offensive and humiliating. US officials say they are investigating why this error occurred, and Amazon's home security company sounds announcing that police departments will have to start publicly requesting videos from users.
Now this is a big change from when agencies could private message people to obtain images for their investigations. The move comes as the ring faces concerns about privacy and racial discrimination due to its growing associations with law enforcement. The company says this new feature should make police requests more transparent and Sri Lanka is preparing for an oil spill. After a cargo ship carrying at least 25 tons of chemicals sank after it sank off its western coast, the ship's operators said there were no signs of a fuel leak and its toxic cargo had been mostly incinerated in the fire;
However, images show the waters around the vessel apparently contaminated and billions of plastic pellets have been found in the surrounding areas. One expert called this disaster the worst man-made disaster in Sri Lanka and I can't believe I have to say this, but it's still important not to eat cicadas if you have a shellfish allergy, the FDA issued that warning today via Twitter, the creatures share a familial relationship with shrimp and lobsters, if you didn't know, this comes when cicada recipes appear online describing the insect as a rare gourmet treat and suddenly I'm not hungry anymore Allison, I'll tell you I will return Simone, I don't have a shellfish allergy, but I'm not going there, sorry, gourmet cicada, it doesn't work for me no, no, no, come on. to convey that, how does 300 sound?
The hospitality industry in Florida hopes incentives like that will get people back to work. The influential Hard Rock hotel and casino in Hollywood, Florida, is offering cash bonuses at a job fair this week. They are trying to fill 500 positions. News correspondent Shaq Brewster, is he there? Shaq, they are offering jobs on the spot, cash bonuses if people keep those jobs for 90 days. How's it going? My goodness, you really keep the big tasks running exactly as they should and I'll tell you about it. There are many jobs available today. You mentioned 80 that they are trying to cover today.
Those are more hospitality-focused jobs. They were also having a job fair focused on security-related jobs here and you'll hear about that later. This month they are trying to hire about 500 people and see them growing very quickly. This is a hotel and casino that saw a massive expansion right before the pandemic in 2019 and then months later everything closed so demand disappeared. Well, now there are people coming back, there are people coming back to Florida wanting to go on vacation again, so demand is increasing, so they are also trying to increase staff and some of those incentives, you listed a couple of them, the sign-up bonus of 300. also free meals for any employer they receive during their shift.
He also sees flexibility highlighting flexibility in scheduling. I want you to listen to my conversation with one of the applicants who came here this morning and said that he worked in the cruise industry. He worked at a port that was where he was reporting from yesterday and lost his job due to the pandemic. He spent a year in Colombia with his family and now he feels comfortable enough to go back to work because of the vaccines. Listen to a little of our conversation. He was in the cruise line Royal Caribbean Cruise I was working at the port, the terminal at Port Everglades, yeah, that's where I was last, that's one of my last jobs, so before the pandemic, you were working at a cruise port .
Yeah, you lost that job because of the pandemic, right? and now you're changing hospitality, right, you're ready to work, get to work, yeah, so we saw people come in today, they came in asking for work or looking for work. and I came out with that job and man you're hearing a lot of companies do this I'll tell you Allison that last week in Tampa uh the same facility uh or the same company had a job fair and there they were raffling off Ford Mustangs for there are a lot of people, some big ones. incentives for those who want the jobs, yeah you're making them try to get as many people as possible, yeah not bad shaq listen we're hearing the same story even though it's not just in florida right?
We are hearing it in the hotel industry throughout the country there are jobs but there are no ones who will accept them why is it so difficult to get people to work again in restaurants in the entertainment industry why is it so difficult to get them back yes, you know it is a nuanced answer, there are many factors at play in this contraction you are seeing in the labor market. You have, for example, the conversation I had with Gustavo, he said he didn't feel comfortable until he received the vaccine, so once the vaccine arrived, he said he received it about a month ago, which made him feel more comfortable. when accepting a job like this.
There are also people who blame the federal unemployment insurance benefit for the 300 here in the state of Florida that will disappear at the end of the month, but there is also some separate data saying that there is a change in the way employees view work according to that year of the pandemic. Look at the statistics here over the last year. 66 unemployed people have seriously considered changing their occupation or field of work. Another study we saw said 72 percent are reconsidering their skill set. These are among unemployed Americans, so there is the idea that there is a shift among the workforce.
People who maybe were in hospitality before have taken on new skills or taken on new interests and are looking. for something different now there are a lot of factors at play and that's why you're having this labor shortage and that's why you're seeing these great incentives for potential applicants. Jack, I think we need to set up a gaming shack in the beach shack at the casino. shack on cruise lines this is becoming kind of a meme, kind of where's waldo? I'm very interested to see where you appear next, but you're living your best journalistic life and we're here to check it out, thanks Brewster. thank you allison an assisted living facility in new jersey making covett vaccines a condition of employment the death tolllong-term care facilities in that state among the nation's top New Jersey officials concerned that not enough employees are getting the vaccine msnbc host yasmine vasugin is at Juniper Village in Chatham Township, New Jersey, to show us what is happening.
Yes, Allison nursing facilities, assisted care facilities, are truly ground zero of this pandemic. Let me give you some numbers, some scope here. More than 130,000 residents died of hidden causes during the last year 1900. staff members, all from nursing facilities in this state alone, in the state of New Jersey, which is where I am, a third of the deaths that were coveted were They attributed it to nursing facilities and then there was a huge disparity between people getting vaccinated at these facilities. So far, eighty percent of residents are vaccinated in nursing and assisted care facilities, only 60 of staff members are vaccinated.
The governor really wants to close that gap to get more people, more staff members educated, more vaccinated, but that really falls on the shoulders of the owners of these facilities, these are private facilities for the most part. I spoke with the CEO of Juniper Communities, which is one of the communities behind me, and she talked about the efforts that are being made to vaccinate more people and this decision they made to keep their residents safe. We also spoke with a nursing facility advocate who had a slightly different opinion on what needs to be done moving forward.
Let's listen to them. Everyone wanted this to end. We needed to see. We hope there's light at the end of the tunnel and so the vaccination for our entire team was we believed there was light at the end of the tunnel so we made that decision collectively and have you lost any employees because we've lost a little bit more than one percent of our staff? our employees are 30 people from 25 communities, so one in a few in most of our communities, so it's been very, very few, some other ideas to encourage employees to get vaccinated. One would be discontinued education about the positive effects of being vaccinated. the positive results for those who have been vaccinated and just sharing that information with the staff encouraging them, if you are going to come to work and they are not going to vaccinate you, I think you know, take a test waiting a few minutes to make sure that you are negative , before going to work, I think it could be helpful in mitigating any potential spread without forced vaccinations, so, Allison, you see it's really an uphill battle here, because you have Lynn saying.
Listen, we're going to vaccinate everyone except those medical exemptions, and then there's Brian, who basically says this is a slippery slope and therefore feels like they need to further educate a lot of these staff members to get vaccinated, but at least at the end of the day you have all these new variants and when you have a staff member or it's not a vaccine and they test positive for greed and you take it to a facility like the one behind me, it leaves these immunocompromised people vulnerable even if They are vaccinated and they have that outbreak of infection, so it seems like right now we're still seeing hundreds of deaths across the country in these nursing facilities.
Allison meets with them where they are CDC Director Rachelle Wolinski, counting today show co-host savannah guthrie on the administration's all-out effort to vaccinate more Americans here's part of their conversation, we love to see that cases and hospitalizations are also declining and deaths, but the vaccination rate has slowed significantly since its peak, we are at around 500,000 injections per day at the current rate. Would we reach the president's goal of 70 with all adults? with at least one shot before the 4th of July, you know, we've had days, in the last month, you know, where we've had over 4 million shots a day, now we're at 500,000 after a long weekend holiday week where people may not have been focused on getting the vaccine and that's really what's driving the momentum for June and is understanding all the reasons why people may not have rolled up their sleeves yet and gotten Meet them where they are, whether they have access like you. noticed or if they need more information, more understanding, if they want to get it at work or they haven't had time off, they haven't had transportation, so we're doing everything we can to not only increase those numbers but to reach this goal, so what?
How can you convince vaccine skeptics or those who may just wait at Sears? You know, I think that really speaks to the diversity of efforts in the next month and part of that is if I needed transportation, so we have help from Uber and Lyft. Was it that you didn't have access during your two shifts a day at work? We have places where people meet you at four in the morning at your shift change to get vaccinated. Did you want to talk about it with your friends at the barbershop? We are doing it in barbershops. Do you know what would lead you to get vaccinated?
And then actually the other question is if it's not about access, if it's about it's not about community, then is it about you really want to understand science better? you really want to understand more about how we got so many three safe and effective vaccines so quickly and we're also there to help you so you know where people are. You have individual questions, individual problems, and we're really going to spend the month of June addressing everyone from all walks of life, from celebrities to athletes to businesses. What is the importance, doctor, of the 70 percent vaccine, one, one, one, in each adult? 70 by July 4 is a purely political deadline or is there a public health threshold that you're trying to hit, whether you call it impaired immunity or not, we know that the more people that get one vaccine and then two get


y vaccinated, the more protected we are as a nation, we all know that the vaccine not only protects individuals, it protects communities, it protects their families, so the more people get vaccinated, as we have all talked about, there is no magic goal for herd immunity, but I think getting to 70 percent would be an extraordinarily long road to ensuring that we have community protection.
The other thing to keep in mind is something that you raised from the beginning and that is that we are not uniformly at 70 percent, we have areas of this country that have lower vaccination rates. I am concerned that this virus is opportunistic and that where we have low vaccination rates is where we may see it again, so really the problem now is making sure that we reach those communities as well, it is time to In summary, our daily look at what It's happening in the business world and beyond. It's Thursday, which means weekly jobless claims have ended and are below 400,000 for the first time since the start of the pandemic. 385,000 Americans filed for unemployment for the first time. benefits last week, so yes, a lot of people are still out of work, but those numbers have been steadily declining for over a month.
Tomorrow we will receive the May employment report. We expect to see more than 670,000 new jobs for the month if we get more. That is a great sign for our economy and for the labor market. Less means that this recovery may not be moving as quickly as we would like. First the game stopped, now amc is the new meme. The movie theater chain's stock is up more than 3,000 this year, so what's behind this trading frenzy? Let's bring on CNBC senior media and entertainment correspondent Julia Borsten. Julia, this stock's chart literally looked like a roller coaster today. What's happening with AMC?
I mean, the numbers are just mind-blowing. Not things you normally see in the stock market, the stock lost about 18 today, that's after it went up 95, if you look at the year to date, since the beginning of the year the stock is up 2 32 , it's really crazy and unusual for the stock market what's happening here is that this is becoming one of those meme stocks, a stock like gamestop, as you mentioned, where retail investors are having conversations about it on platforms like reddit and their Wall Street beds, uh, chat room and they go from there and then. They often operate on platforms, um like Robin Hood, there are a lot of retail investors, so what's been really interesting about this Allison is that AMC CEO Adam Aaron is really playing with this and saying that they want to talk directly to their Investors want to give them free popcorn and they want to make sure they stay longer than this moment of excitement meme meme I mean Julia it's fascinating to see well because we know amc has had a tough year with all the movie theaters closed, I mean, could these, you know, meme stock investors, could these retail investors on reddit, uh, save a struggling movie theater chain?
I mean, it's so fascinating to think that they could be giving you the influx of capital that you just weren't getting all of it. Well, the fascinating thing about what's happening right now is that you see the company really tried to take advantage of this opportunity, the stock has gone up a lot, so you know what the company is doing, they are selling some of those shares and saying that We are going to use some of the proceeds from share sales of these stocks and put them toward purchasing our debt, which improves the health of the company.
They could also use it for acquisitions. They will also use it to upgrade theaters we had the CEO of imax on cnbc today and he was saying that they expect amc to upgrade more of their theaters to imax so what's really notable about this is that traders are buying the stock not based on fundamentals not based on the fundamental value of what's happening in the company right now, but in fact that is, in a way, changing the company and allowing the CEO to make the company more valuable with investments based on the stock price, so it's kind of self-fulfilling. prophecy in a strange way yes, it's strange, it's interesting, it's amazing, Julia, thanks for coming to explain, the crazy frenzy on AMC, we really appreciate it, it's a pleasure, it's not just in your head, some of your favorite articles They are getting smaller. but price tags aren't NBC News' investigation and consumer correspondent Vicki Nguyen explains the decline in inflation, from ice cream to cookies to paper towels to detergent.
You can find it in stores around the world. Some of the more trusted brands give you less, and often for the same price. It's a sneaky way to raise prices for buyers Consumer advocate Edgar Deworsky shows examples on his crowdsourcing website Says most people don't read the fine print Why companies are downsizing has to do with The pandemic well has to do with the pandemic only to the extent that they are experiencing their own price increases. Companies we spoke to have been reducing their products and say it's to offset higher costs without raising prices. They know that most buyers won't notice because buyers are price sensitive. aware but not aware of net weight experts say these small cuts can save companies millions or more it's not always about downsizing sometimes companies increase the size of their products look at these english muffins used to weigh only 12 ounces They now weigh 13 ounces the company says customers complained they were too small and what about cranberry juice?
It was 60 ounces, now it's back to 64. Consider buying different brands, the store brand can sometimes offer more value and are usually the last to size down. Women over 50 are having a moment. proving that success has no age limit, Forbes magazine publishes its first list of 50 over 50 in collaboration with the know your value initiative of msnbc host mika brzezinski, highlights 50 incredible women over 50 who are breaking the norms of age and gender Senior Vice President Kamala Harris Mika spoke today with host Savannah Guthrie and Hodokarbi about the inspiring women on this inaugural list. You know what I loved about this when I saw it.
I thought, "You know, it's always those 30 under 30, 40 under 40 lists. Sometimes it's actually women of a certain age who have trouble getting noticed have trouble getting back into the workforce who need to know their value phrase no, this actually this was inspired by my book Comeback Careers, where I focused on women over 50 to give them advice on how to relaunch their lives their careers, I mean, this is your story, this is my story. and I realized that I was tapping into the experience of a lot of women right now, yeah,that they are achieving their greatest success in their 60s and 70s and have no plans to stop what they were The criteria was that women achieved their greatest success after the age of 50 or much later and they were paying for it, so if you are really important and you're not on this list, you probably achieved your greatest success before age 50. but we have women on this list in their 70s who are spreading democracy, we have women on this list who are saving lives by packing suitcases that they send to everyone to help deliver babies and of course a woman who helped create the covid patent. vaccine, you know, you just have Roz Brewer there, uh, I had a chance to interview you and you have Kim Aang, who is the new general manager of the Marlins, and I was thinking that a lot of women, when you get to a certain age, you feel invisible. feeling like people who don't notice you don't hear you was there as a common thread that you heard from these women that their voices could be this is what is so inspiring to younger women these women in the first place I don't know what it was like for all of you, but I never imagined that my career after 50 was something I didn't plan.
I imagined and dreamed of 20 30 40. None of these women when I interviewed them imagined their careers after 50. so, for the younger women, start planning, start pacing yourself, stretch it out, have fun, freeze your eggs, do it. Whatever you need to do to enjoy it for a long time, you don't have to cram it all into two decades, don't rush it, the other common theme was a real presence, a real confidence. they didn't feel discarded, they were totally there and, frankly, you got the feeling from talking to these women that if you got in their way they would run you over, oh, there was a real confidence, like a sense of well, it was really presence.
Well, Kovid really affected the female workforce, as we know, in any age group, but you spoke to Kamala Harris, who is your cover model here and certainly exemplifies what you're talking about, what did she have to say? Well, them working on a lot of different initiatives, I mean, we're all still trying to understand how exactly to help women come back, but the key is childcare, yeah, I mean, a lot of these women were just turned away afterward. of everything they have fought for and that is why I love the concept of giving back because we are going to need to lift up a lot of women who have been literally thrown out of the economy or away from their dreams, but also the wonderful inspiration The message of this list is that you have a much longer runway than you ever imagined, cemented by these beautiful women.
The NFL says it is stopping racial profiling in its multibillion-dollar concussion settlement. The players had lower cognitive function, making it harder for them to qualify for brain injury compensation in that deal. Ken Belson is here with me now he covers the NFL for the New York Times. Controversial Ken is an understatement, I mean this is absolutely scandalous to me. How long has the NFL been using racial norms and who started questioning them and bringing this to public attention? So it started at least in 2017. This agreement went into effect in 2015 and after that period, the league and the players' lawyers.
A kind of medical manual was agreed upon for the doctors who were available to evaluate these players for dementia and other problems, and it was in those details, after the agreement began, that these benchmarks of racial norms and in 27 for 2017 2018 as cases. They were denied while the players' cases were being dismissed, their own lawyers were asking how that happened and then they found out that the NFL was pressuring doctors to use these benchmarks, oh my goodness, the NFL said in a statement that the Replacement rules will be applied prospectively and retrospectively for those players who would otherwise have qualified for an award, but for the application of race-based rules, plain English canon, what does that mean?
Do we really know what these new rules will be and how they will appear? to find out who gets what, sure in two parties there were thousands of players who got free cognitive tests as part of the deal and manyMany of them have no idea what the results were and if they were rejected due to racial norms, so potentially they can go back and regrade their tests, so it could be thousands of players who could end up with a positive result, or should I say a diagnosis. that could net them some money, what kind of payouts could we start to see here?
I mean, I know we're talking about different levels of disqualification and it's hard to even know who was disqualified, why and what happened, we just don't have a lot of details about who got paid, what their race was, how the decisions were made, I guess There are still a lot of questions, but do we have an idea of ​​what information the NFL is going to release and how many new payments we are going to receive? In fact, you can see well that lawyers for several players who sued the NFL over this issue believe that white players were paid, received payments for dementia claims at a rate two to three times higher than black players, that is his claim based on his own anecdotal evidence.
However, the league and program administrators have not released the actual data to deny or prove it and the suspicion among those lawyers is that if they had refuted it, they would have released the data and therefore will hide it until they fix Stand Up and create another system, I mean listen, we have an official statement from the NFL here that says they're going to do things differently, but I know this can't, it just raises so many questions about what's going on here, are you trying ? your players are right, I mean this seems, I don't know any other way to describe it except it seems so damn racist.
What's the talk in the sports world about what's happening here and how behaviors are changing? So to treat your players well, you have several problems, one of which is the players and their families who have been waiting or struggling with all these cognitive and neurological problems and waiting according to the letter of agreement for some relief. or payment um the second is a broader point about the nfl that has tried to uh in the wake of the colin kaepernick controversy and um the protester and the national anthem has tried to present itself as more in tune with social justice initiatives and, However, when it comes to the issue of retired players, there are accusations of overt and somewhat insidious discrimination in the way it is carried out.
Those are the accusations that so many people are pointing out about the public image they want to portray and the way these players retired. They say they have been treated. It's such an important story. Frankly, I can't believe this was happening. Thank you very much for coming to talk to us about this. Hope


y maybe some players who deserve to pay but they did. I won't get it, I'll see that money now. Thank you so much. Sure thanks. A flight from New York to London in just three and a half hours. From San Francisco to Tokyo in just six.
It could be possible by the end of the decade thanks to United. The airlines' big bet on supersonic planes here's NBC news correspondent Tom Costello Hi Allison Good morning Yes, United Airlines just made a very big purchase. You know, he usually flies a plane like this to go international. A 787, for example, from New York or Washington to London, San Francisco to Tokyo is now betting that a new Denver aviation company will go supersonic, take you to go supersonic, and it could happen within a few years. It was in 2003 when the Concord last carried passengers over the Atlantic at twice the speed of sound from New York to London in three hours.
But the Concord was too loud and too expensive; a fatal accident in 2000 helped end the program. Now, almost 18 years later, the next generation of Supersonics is almost here. Denver-based Boom is now ground-testing a small prototype, the so if I'm a United passenger, I may be flying their supersonic plane by the end of the decade. by the end of the decade we want to make supersonic as fast as possible we think the world needs this 150 start the flare former fighter pilot bill shoemaker is boom's chief test pilot preparing for first flight late this year or early next next when you fly supersonic fighters when you go from flying subsonic to supersonic you often don't even realize you've made that transition if you're in the passenger seat you feel the boom you don't feel it that's something that's a little surprising is that you don't really you feel nothing when accelerating from subsonic to supersonic the new plane should be able to carry up to 88 passengers flying at 60,000 feet from new york to london in three and a half hours from san francisco to tokyo and six from los angeles to sydney in eight and a half United believes that's just what customers want, the cabin experience will be a first-class experience and, you know, at 60,000 feet with big windows, it's going to be an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience, you'll see the curvature of the ground, but even more exciting to me is that if we take off in London just after sunset, you will be able to see the sunrise in the west when you return to New York City, eventually flights across the US could be supersonic trips . times in half we know that it is the product of tons of simulation blake shull started the boom in his basement seven years ago when they had not yet flown a plane, but today his company is compared to spacex and tesla for its engineering prowess scholl says that its passenger boom plane called Overture will be carbon neutral using new sustainable aviation fuel, so carbon is taken out of the air, burned in the plane and put back where it was found so everything is carbon neutral according to the life cycle and until now.
Quieter than Concord was when it was developed 50 years later, we finally have the technology to perform supersonic flight in an affordable and truly conventional way that will change the way tens of millions of people can move around the planet this morning. United Airlines has joined the bet. The world thinks it's ready for supersonic, so how much will all this cost? Well, in Concord in 2003, a ticket could cost 12,000. Now they're talking about the ticket for this particular plane maybe half that at five to seven thousand. dollar range, but this is still years away, between eight and nine years, they have not yet set the price of these tickets, the bottom line is that they believe that as more and more supersonic aircraft come into circulation and become more widely used, the price will go down.
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