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NBA Players on MJ (Kobe, LeBron, Durant..)

Feb 27, 2020
his ability to take over games his ability to want that last shot to demoralize yeah it's just that competitive fire and i think he every night i stepped on it 40 would put cape michael drawn to me it was like it seemed like he was like geez , the black Jesus, walking tours, yeah, so when he walked in it was like I didn't know what to say, it was overwhelming for me, you know, finally meeting the God that I've looked up to my whole life, getting the joy, yeah, Mike, no. You don't know me, but he knew he was dead, that's why he got so high.
nba players on mj kobe lebron durant
He knew he was there because he does a couple of games. You know we played against them and I was blocking his shot. for him anytime hey michael jordan is the best play ever


bryant was the best eg your last first year you played was michael in league year first year was going was not going back to widgets i worked with him actually you had to have a lot of stories that I worked with him for two years on his return, yes, when he returned to the Wizards he worked out every day Charles Barkley is a great great player, but Michael Jordan is in a class by himself clearly superior to anyone else in the league, have another drink Bob, he would never be Lee, another player. better than me ever and I am not going to say that I am better than him but I would never say that he is better than me because I can play basketball with any basketball player in this world but I would never say that another player is better than me because he would have an advantage over me going into the game, it made me want to be an NBA basketball player and you know, just to say you know, thank you for everything you brought to the game and opened the door for the rest of the game. vision, I promise you there wouldn't be a Hall of Famer Allen Iverson standing on this podium if it wasn't for this guy who gave me vision man and, um, you know you want to be fast like I was there and you want to shoot like a bird, you know how to bounce like bar kley it has magic to be dominant like shaq but man i wanted to be like mike you know we have the chance to play the world champions today will come what i stopped on the court in my eyes the best basketball player that was stepping on the basketball court and it was this exciting moment for me and it was something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.
nba players on mj kobe lebron durant

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nba players on mj kobe lebron durant...

Do you feel that Michael is the best of all? I think he's not only the best basketball player, but probably the best athlete they've ever played in any sport. You know I'm growing and I'm seeing it. You know this guy, Michael Jordan. I think you all know about me. him, so I think it was my junior year in high school. I'm going to Chicago and I'm going to a gym called hoops where he plays basketball in the summer and I didn't know he was going to be there but I've seen him walk up to me and it was kind of like he was walking on air I was like I had to pinch myself to myself than michael and it was like he was like black jesus to me like he knew you well yeah i think so he you know he called me young dude of course you know and basically told me to go ahead working on it and that one day I can make it to the NBA.
nba players on mj kobe lebron durant
He was in high school, so, you know, I guess he said something to me at this point. He was in high school and used to train with the 76ers. He used to ask him like the guard Mike, you know Mike, I mean black Jesus, black myself, but we call him black Jesus or you can call him black cat. I'm going to call him Mike, yes his name, so the level of fear that he inspired in others was insane and I would tell him I said when I confronted him, let's do it. This is weird, you don't want to do that. like what man you don't know me man I'm never gonna have Jordan I've never seen him I thought Michael Jordan was Jesus Christ like playing Michael t The first time I played against him and I went out on the court and looked at him and for the first time in my life a human being didn't seem real to me and I'm sitting there and I'm like a man, that's Mike and I'm looking at him, I can't stop looking at him like I'm looking at his shoes and I'm like a man, he got the Jordans, I mean, it was, it was Mike, it was my idol, it was my hero.
nba players on mj kobe lebron durant
I used to look at him and sit on my mom's dresser and she used to tell me boy if you don't come back from that tv before you go blind I better want to be this close to him just looking at him. I'm in his basement and he has all the old footage on VHS. I'm watching the match. It's like 3:00 in the morning. basketball that year was averaging almost 30, you also said you want to play michael jordan before he retires, he probably only has three or four more years left so no, he's an old god. or not, I'll be something I love to do because, uh, you know, watch them grow.
I love the work. He has Magic Johnson, but now he's retired. Patel on my ten children by nine different women with Michael Jordan or were you ever close to Michael George Oh Michael Jordan and I are friends and I call him all the time because I like his brand name Jordan shoes and his free Stockton's clothes inside a car but are they folding the backseat away from George Scott as a favorite? I don't remember seeing many favorite things in person. I don't have a favorite Jordan moment, but I do have a joint moment where I am very, very tired of people coming. for me and it gave me a hard time before the game i was terrified but to take the pressure off that i don't have to go well my work the second day i said i can't let it kill me that's not going to happen so it was a play when reaches the baseline.
I had to touch it up too. I'm not. Don't get wet because I'll never live through that from family members and homeboy barbershops that will be a billboard forever because Mike was the man at the time, but he could also teach me something very valuable so when I go help him. he said never help anyone create a big archive don't do that one job but i'll be back don't worry the first time in italy that was my favorite moment just the shock don't go just go i enjoy the garden Mike because he was, you know, what The only thing I deal with Mike is that I never made him mad I try to kill him with kindness yeah don't try to talk trash to him to get them to get off the bus we are done with shooting and we leave and MJ says let it be Scott whats going on?
What's happening? I told Anthony people listen to MJ he'll probably go for like 50 tonight with you so don't bother him you know? It must be great he ended up with 54 so the man could basically do whatever you want to do on that basketball Cuddy quickly tells you this story because you would really enjoy this so we're in the diner and Larry and I are sitting there talking Michael Jordan walks in and he sits down and Larry and I are telling each other stories again and we're having fun, so Michael says, "I just want to tell you guys, really in college, you were the two guys I looked up to." over and over again and even in the nba you guys have been dominating but he said i'm just here to tell you both there's a new sheriff in town and he asked both of you we both looked at each other and said you know what it is your turn so go ahead young man go ahead this day is still super surreal i mean every time i see it like wow and i've been writing about it for eight years. he for and every time it's just i can't even believe you like he's there and he so so so acts like he talks so much i talk so much second a nun second to none man but he's the best he's the best he loves to be around us he love to help us give each other advice not just meet everyone so its this kind of show in charlotte no just to be myself no i have needed it a few times over the course of my career so yeah especially early in my career, you know, when I first walked in, not trying not to know how to step on anybody's toes and break through and stuff like that, it pushed me to the side, it's like what I'd rather do for a reason, not just, oh , they'll come in and be just yourself and that's how I try to be my rookie year uh-huh we were playing the Chicago Bulls and this is Michael Jordan's third or fourth year and he's okay and we were playing the next exhibition game somewhere dark and most of Veterans don't like to play in exhibition games, they want to get to the real thing.
I am an energetic newbie and we are playing. this exhibition game and michael is going through the motion and chuck person who is on my team who is also a trash talker is like can you believe michael jordan the guy everyone is talking about who is supposed to be able to walk on water ? You're here killing them ranches in the first half you should be talking to them like you know you're right Michael who do you think you are the great Michael Jordan? half I have 10 and he has four points correct I'm doing all this talking he's fine at the end of the game in the second half he finished with 44 and I finished with 12 and while he's leaving he's like safe and be careful you never talked to Black Jesus like i played in college so sometimes i would like before the game before the night before you know go eat or go to his hotel room and eat and i was really mad at reggie theus because when they changed him when when reggie g ot traded michael was the draft pick going in and reggie said there ain't a guy that can replace me he's a rookie so he says just tell reggie im going to get 45 tonight so i went to the locker room and he was done at 43 and then he walks into the locker room and said i didn't get 45 but you have to come to chicago like now that's what freaked out that supreme car cause he didn't get 45 seeing a lot of members on michael jordan uh not good for anymore I really didn't want to believe that a man could fly.
It gave everyone the belief that for a moment maybe they could do it. I know if he was going to make it into the league, he was on a non-guaranteed contract and I'll never forget one of my first exhibition games, we played the Bulls and he was trying to make the roster and Michael Jordan gets the ball right in front of him. our bench and already I'm scared to death like god I hope I don't mess with this game I'm not ready for these things he's holding everything he's holding the ball he looks right at me and I'm on the bench like I have the ball and he looks at this and turns right around from Dan Majerle BAM dunks, he looks back at our bench and starts laughing and I look like there's no way in hell I can do it now, not really, I mean Michael Jordan, he was a killer, it didn't matter. he wanted to come in and kill you you know when i first remember my first game playing him on the spectrum and philadelphia went down forty eight and three quarters and didn't sit back and watch on rest day he's playing the new york knicks in the playoffs and I think he must have pushed to the baseline he faked a way against Charles Oakley and went back on the jolt to the lane and went up to dunk and went over Patrick Ewing and stared I think that it was one of my most memorable michael jordan moments jordan tries to shake off starts for the first time in the united center i got thrown into the fire pretty baby baby.
I knew it would come, it was so strong that it was time. I tried to use the body and waffles. He squashed me like a fly. how technically sound Michael was this is one thing. I'm watching them play and there's nothing playing against them. This technique was flawless. I wanted to make sure my technique was as close as possible. I think all of you should be like you're alive to see yours. the guy plays like some kids now they're buying his shoes they've never seen michael jordan play in person ok they've seen some clips and stuff but he wasn't faulty at all you couldn't tell you can dribble or you can't shoot , even he didn't have great reach, he wasn't a three ball shooter, but that goes back to he didn't have to be, yeah, you know, his midrange was so amazing going to the rim he could finish with either hand . he was so flashy but he was also so fundamentally solid and you know, he had it all covered.
Was he mean to you? No, he wasn't. He actually he slowly killed me and yeah I would comment to the coach he's actually doing a great job here and meanwhile he was born at 45. Wait he's talking to your coaches. Yeah, I remember, uh, Chris Ford, he yelled at me. Chris Ford is yelling the whole time like a rookie, get in front of him and I'm in front of him in the post and MJ just slowly slides across the ground and he. takes the ball and shakes it and scores and I did everything the game plan said and then there's breaking action we're sitting there and you know Chris Ford is down there just hitting me and MJ like he's 45 on the books I mean listen I know your basketball is a team game, right?
And you've already made Michael number one, but if you had to, we'll do it against Michael, my prom in his prime, how much money would it cost, are you willing to bet? Do you think you could have been Michael in his prime? He would take you outside. He shoots from 3-point arc and then you try to come. get me He tries to bargain. Try to run. two upright bench press almost six on your lbs michael would probably wait a minute 600 lbs 600 lbs i thought since you're crazy we'd all like to judge me a little on this case i'm gonna go the other way garden this boy i think it did me a better playerdefensive, all guys think they know how to play defendable, but when you're up against a guy like that who can chew you up at any point in the game, you don't want to play defense, it's offensive skills. we're amazing you find yourself looking at them instead of the outfield many times i'm in that building when they walked in there and the first shot took like 15-4 i think i shot like eight feet i wanted to be like him i wore the same numbers as him.
I wonder where I like my uniform and we t Hank Michael Jordan is just a competitive fire. He works too hard. I get that Mike was a great basketball player, but he wasn't raised for a baseline. Isn't this the first time I faced Alvin Ellis? I'd seen that spinning move so many times and then I knew I was going to do it but the timing on TV and then in person are two completely different things so I just spun right before I thought it was going to spin and I thought that he was very good when i got into the league imagine against them what i found as i found out he was extremely open to being in a relationship and had intentions of being in a relationship and he gave me a ton of advice and an unbelievable amount of strategy details, training regimens and things like that so seriously I want to say I don't think people really understand how much of an impact it has had on me as a player and as a leader number 23 is a Michael Jordan I chose number 23 one of the reasons it was because of michael he was the blueprint on how to make a lot of money as a personality and as a personal brand the other day we were going on a tour and there were 15 guys in the room and 13 or 15 guys had jordan and n the first place you know I wear the number because of Mike I think I fell in love with the game because Mike just saw what he could do that's my inspiration in basketball you know seeing what he did on the court and seeing what he he did off the pitch, you know.
I didn't think it was any other number to wear, but I felt like Mike was, so you know when you're growing up and you see Michael Jordan, he's almost like a God, so I never thought it could be Mike. so I started focusing my cell phone on other


and other people in my neighborhood because I never thought you could get to a point where Mike was, so I think that helped shape my game. a big fan of michael jordan so like some and what a great warning but summer like crazy The best thing is that you grow up and you have this idea of ​​yes, one day, who you want to become and your dream of who you want to become, but not really you know if you can reach it you know until you make it but like growing up in chicago and washington michael jordan and you know trying to emulate everything he did and then we have a point we have a relationship with him with all of you texting you know talking and as you know saying as you all saw so it's like This is an out of body experience this is weird this is crazy so you know what I mean obviously you and I have had some of those experiences so you know we're people real, which means we look like him. he was living in his own world and you know he wasn't even being pushy offensively like the Michael I've known or come to know, but throughout that game you could see he started to feel it a little bit and like always once he started to feel like we got inundated with basketball but you know he was he was very quiet he didn't say much when he went to the bench he was just telling his own world and for the guys who have never played with michael i've played with him so i've seen these moments in which he avoided everyone. and that was one of those times where he was just trying to recover and just stay in the game, we thought at any moment he could go to the locker room or throw up on the floor if you were poking around and you're the coach or you're playing and you need the running mate and you could have


or michael whoever you choose i never did anything with


so i wouldn't run to the movies for six days you rest on sunday you didn't know michael jordan played once and it's not even talk once we played against the Bulls and we got off and we're in the playoffs and we in Washington got off the bus before the game and Juwan and Jordan, great Juwan, Jordan parks inside his Ferrari, we get off the bus, he was smoking. smoking a cigar before the game before the game he says who's gonna control me we all and let him down we all aim for the caliber you know all the guys who win don't win this game and he was telling me keep it up out loud he doesn't want to play tonight he was tough on all of us and here on us and raised the level of intensity and competitiveness of practice every day she was such a fierce competitor that she would pick on her teammates in practice once she might I hit Steve Curren and laugh about it now but you have to realize at the moment that's not something you know you take lightly that particular day we got a little ugly there's a lot of gossip and I remember feeling disrespected and I replied that it was all over pretty quickly, but it wasn't important because his theory was that if you couldn't handle the pressure he could put on you in practice, there was no way you would handle the stress of finals big time.
I shot the guy who he fell. I would be able to get to him. You don't seem like a guy who talks trash, no and I never talk trash, but once in my life with Jordan with Jordan, oh, okay, the first time. always talking trash so we're cool dream team and for three days in a row we had tied because Coach Daly split the team East vs. West so Berkeley Jordan Larry Bird Pippen and Patrick Ewing all played East Los Angels and then we had the guys from the West, David Robinson Malone Mullin Drexler and John Stockton, so we played every day, so this is the fourth day and we went out with them around 12:00 to 2:00 and I he said i'm going to rattle his chain for real so i went over there tapped him on the shoulder say hey man if you don't become air jordan we're going to blow you up today jimmy his eyes went wide usually that the term comes here now it's three and he's looking at me so he went down again he hit another three so the big st shot now i've been involved in all three of them first dr.
Jay went airborne out of bounds oh yeah layup under a fellow right hand Michael Jordan in 1991 fell on us right hand tongue out switched airborne left against glass now this is the best shot I see that came from the right side took off David Robinson took off and said ok I'm going to sit here because I know David Robson is going to fall so Robson dropped to the ground moved his tongue 360 ​​degrees and dug it into a break in a practice. game and i was like oh my god and i was just awesome all of us were high two seams hanging in the air for so long and 360 michael jordan is so amazing there will never be a moralist you shouldn't trash talk michael cheer thank you e360 you i mean like if it was full like this all the time.
I think Jordan is the greatest of all time in my book. What makes him better as a basketball player, not the Rings argument. Which makes him better as a basketball player. As Scottie just described what he does. better for you because of me i think just taking control of the games completely you know when when it really counts not deferring to anyone at any given time there are times where he went to be a john paxson or you know a steve Kerr, yeah, but when it's time to get a bucket, I mean MJ was the guy who took over our game averaging 40 in the finals one year winning that championship.
I mean defending the best


. I do not can. He is simply the best for me. What are your memories of that day? What is it like to play? in a game seven it's unbelievable that's the final stage literally especially when you go against michael jordan scottie pippen dennis rodman toni kukoc the bulls want six championships they never went to game seven except against us and what i remember most beyond the intensity because He was also playing with some tremendous veterans, our Mark Jackson Reggie Miller, one of the greatest key players in NBA history, Chris Mullin, one of the greatest hitters in NBA history against that team. just remember we went up 18 points in the first half feeling like we could actually beat the Bulls and all of a sudden it was like a video game we couldn't get the ball past half court I'm serious it was like a university. scene playing against a team of freshmen we couldn't get the ball back michael jordan scottie role two of the greatest defensemen ever looked like they stole the ball from us and ron harper from us literally every time we lost they got the lead back rodman had more 20 rebound cuccos I was hitting 3-pointers off the bench there the Chicago Bulls won a championship I was 40 I was coming back with the Wizards it was early in the morning and I got a call from Tim Grover saying MJ so you can meet him so I'm going there I get around 7:00 7:00 in the morning she's already been there for an hour she was 40 like she's been working out for an hour so she's working out at 6:00 in the morning she's approaching 40 So I think just his work ethic is no secret or surprise that he was obviously great, but his talent level was so driven that it was too competitive to see him lose the game. ego in the summer session that he would sit alone in the corner like he was just Chris Mullin, incredibly competitive, tells a great story about the dream team.
Everyone gets out of the way that you and Michael do. In fact, he is very loud through curses. Put us there. Magic. I always challenge Michael every day and at some point I will win and most of the time. he'll win you know we'd play a lot of shooting games a lot of free throw games a lot of three point shooting contests I mean we were just too competitive people and I wanted to push him and he wanted to push me come on man. You still don't have me, don't even try, do you want him ready for the cost?
You have to, poor boy, will your cost have to cook? one three but only the boys said no they never know you never put you in the spotlight no they don't say i'd love my poster but there's nothing happy michael shakes his finger but they finally left it on muffet oh i knew the boys The announcers knew that everyone in the building knew that the team the Bulls played on knew that at that moment Michael was going to receive the ball and guess what Michael received the ball could set the bar at seven and a half feet tell them no one had jumped that before and they say i can do it every night he stepped on a 40 put kate he can save anyone from anything.
Michael is competitive in all things that don't make sense. i've written books about you and i like grade school like i know you started golfing when you were in carolina that means if i'm doing the math you've been playing golf for like a hundred years i haven't held a golf club ever the last what you gonna do is walk on a golf course and annihilate me i won't do it you know i love michael jordan the way he approached the game the way he led his troops when he took the course and his never give up attitude . it was, uh, some weren't always admired by the top three players of all time, yeah Michael Jordan Wow Michael Jordan Wow this is tough Michael Jordan came to Cameron Indoor Stadium to play Duke during the game Michael hit his head on the board I had to stop the game and when we broke the group we looked at each other we have to go back out that guy hit his head on the board he took it easy he did it he only had 36 points and they won for 6 in overtime but you didn't take it easy remember what you did I found out 25 1511 and 6 steals none of those steals were against when I was marking it they must we must be playing in a lower basket but it's for me to score so many points that I was remembering because I went to dinner last night with Michael and I was just hoping when I left dinner that I didn't bother him, I think he picked up the check, which might be annoying just because I was a newbie, but it was just a game. against him the best you know and I was lucky if those were my stats but we lost so you know it's about winning and that's what Michael Jordan does best for me he was always the person who inspired me the most and you know how he feels behaved how he handled things and how he led the athlete the black athlete not only in the united states of america blue became a global phenomenon and saying a black athlete can reach the masses and inspire the masses on a global scale my clip favorite basketball in world final games sitting on the bench tigers bugs look at you curses they dealt with me all the time i'll keep tea and guess what japonica throw now jump shots look it's one gonna win five world championships a and you had players on your team that you don't have I have a friend I have a friend always a friend of mine with whom I talk once a week you know what he says about michaels for championships uh-huh he doesn't say anything about it because because he's eleven and you're not.
I'm not saying he's the best because he's eleven. Jeff Jeff Casey Jones has ten. I don't think you know that you canpreach how good a guy really is or because he has championships, a lot of guys, almost JumpShip teams that haven't done anything of mine. It just so happens that if you want to see Michael agree that he deserves all the praise you really want. I think the man has done more for basketball than anyone, an individual, even any individual, and I'm saying it's true for those as well. the players nowadays that maybe don't respect Michael like they should almost all of them should get ten percent of Michael's salary because they don't know that's when he oh he's going to stand ten more feet in a could this for 16 from the field, he's having a really tough night, so Derek decides because there's about 10 minutes left in the game and we're winning, he decides to tell Michael Jordan he was having a bad night. could really 24 points in the last ten minutes this last jump shot is impossible to catch the ball off the post does that typical Jordan fade is fading towards our bench knocks down the shot goes up for six turns to the bench and says shut up you little , she scores well.
Turns out I'm the only high school player there. I'm the, you don't know, the strong bond here, so I kind of made it work and obviously it's every baseball player's dream to play Mike and I couldn't tell you how many times he's done it. moving after the finals the next day and the rec center and stuff so I got some buckets on it and I think the campers knew I was just a high school kid and they got a little rowdy and we got a little bit of John and so, you know, we played two games. i think we split 101 it was a team game and then uh he said ok now let me handle my business and he looked me in the face and said they dont like what you mean so he said i need all the cameras so everyone go away it was clear to jim i said man you know so we continued to play and you know mike was mike you know he would come a little closer and really get on me defensively and you know he's holding me back you know he said better yelling by Mama you know it's Mama Mama you know hit hit the famous fadeaway on me and then you know I said okay okay you did it and then you say hey let me tell you something he said you know you can being the best high school player in the world you know but I'm the best ever and I never disrespected you you know ow the great like Jason at the end of the day to have my name come up in a discussion with the best high school player in all time basketball like i was like wow like i said i will i did I did almost everything that MJ did when he was a kid.
I shot fadeaways before I had the leg sleeve on my leg and folded it over so you could see the red part. I wore black and red shoes with white socks. I wore shorts 'cause you could see my boxers underneath I didn't go bald like Mike but I'm coming but I'm coming

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