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NBA Players on LeBron James (Kobe, Curry, Irving, Durant..)

May 29, 2021
Can LeBron ever say that I am the best basketball player? him and i walked up to her i told her i welcome her to LA and thats it youre part of the family now so if you ever need anything just know what finally man im here and its exciting for him, you know he is. a great player, you know, we understood from the beginning of the year that if we wanted to get out of these, we had to go through him, that's the reality, no matter how the regular season was going, what seed were all those things that we know that in a one time or another we needed it we were going to have to play him personally you've played against LeBron not only here in Atlanta you've played in 16 games against him I don't have to tell you that you know your record is 1 in 15 against him but you seemed very confident the things co This time it would be different, yeah, I mean, you know there's no shame and for me to look at that because LeBron is a great player, he's done great things and his track record and his teams are incredible.
nba players on lebron james kobe curry irving durant
If LeBron ever went to Houston, I would go. watching the NBA, it would be bronze season 15 and he's already hitting 30,000 and, you know, I mean he's showing no signs of slowing down, so I want to say, congratulations to him, but we won't say this again when he hits 40, just remember I said when he couldn't, yeah he'd get somewhere up there. I think he would be number one by the time it's all said and done. I think Bryan in the last four years became LeBron James and then it was nothing. doing with winning had nothing to do with him finding himself people didn't start to see him as they see him now until he became that force that man to say i'm here i feel like for years he walked away from saying i'm here and when he started saying like Joe Oh, that's what he became. he is and no one would say that until he did it himself with mike because mike was like uh mike with my hoop and a ring y'all im here and until he did that thats where he became the figurehead even if


doesnt want to another championship for me still Article II one of the best


to ever play this game and then somewhere you can make the argument that you are the best player to play this game so I won't say you are the best, but statistically you I can't argue that he's one of the best, well, you know, I definitely know he's playing at that MVP level and I mean, I've watched this guy play many years and you know he never ceases to amaze me, but sometimes Sometimes he knows and he's playing me phenomenally, so LeBron joins the Lakers when you saw that, what's the first thing that went through your mind? the power to go to the teams that they want to go to and then this falls right into that category.
nba players on lebron james kobe curry irving durant

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nba players on lebron james kobe curry irving durant...

It's that he's had an incredible career in Cleveland and he's brought a lot to that city, obviously winning the championship in 2016, so when he has a new opportunity with a new challenge and I can play four times during the regular season. It will be a different dynamic, maybe we mean the playoffs, maybe not, but just as an NBA fan looking at the league, it creates that suspense that I think we all appreciate. actually if I'm sure LeBron we have a vote I'm sure LeBron wouldn't accept I mean he's a winner you know I say so I don't think he's a winner I don't look at him as a guy who would agree Okay with that, do you realize how great my bra is?
nba players on lebron james kobe curry irving durant
James, oh my god Stephen, can't you understand? So you think LeBron should have gotten him MVP, I mean if we're talking strictly based on stats like him. controls every year, although in that sense, does anyone do more for a team than LeBron? but ok with giving it to him every season like i would say he's on his own he's in his own lane he can't compare the desire to protect him i'm a competitor you know he's the best player and you know i'm being to tell my kids this one day so personally i think out of coop personally i think i did a defensive job with


its not just me everyone played a role in outfield he is obviously the best player in the game and you need multiple gods and a new team to protect him throughout the game. he did a job defending LeBron Olympic and Rose and things like that, you know very few


nba players on lebron james kobe curry irving durant
I'm trying to think if there's anyone other than LeBron who has had that combination of speed, size, athleticism and strength. I think the best player to have to play in a calf they got the best player in the world and he's been playing like that so I'm really upset Toronto got swept yeah I thought he'd be better well I don't know the comparisons of him being Viewed in a similar way to how I and others made a sensor, I mean, you know, I think the goal is always to win championships no matter where you go, that's the goal and that's his goal, that's Rob's goal , that's Maja's goal, that's the genius's goal, Rondo all the time.
Kuzma guys lines or everyone wants to win championships man so that's what they're after so he needs to win a championship here and a lot of people why do people always say okay well you need it and then there's this is like a crowd of people who like well you don't need to win a championship well you're asking me we have to win a championship that's why we play that's why we're here is to win championships and if you want he came here if you didn't expect my championship you think he can become one of the greatest Lakers in franchise history wait a minute man I mean I don't know if I should even try to go for it I think you should know win a couple of rings here if you can and we're going to love it.
I would kill him if he does that but you know the greatest Laker of all time is Magic Johnson you know that without a doubt so you know it's just he won't be able to touch that I grew up you know watching LeBron you know Ashkan doesn't No follow me on twitter going to camps so just so you know my freshman year i will be able to compete against you you know a player like him and you know he will be shots away from you. You know to beat him and his team will lose the championship. it's something I'll always remember our goal is not to make everyone say hello lebron he's the best player ever most powerful tool go ahead and at the end of the day he's awesome sacked anyway the bond is a freedom, only him.
The best in the world to everyone else everyone looks great on you in a bra you guys seem to work well together I was almost excited to play Brian I tell people all the time I had the poster on the wall I shared my bedroom yelling at the TV when they got back Now I posted on Instagram now but you know I was screaming when they came back from the Lena 3-1 show and we played them in Cleveland and I told my coach I said look coach like I'm in a daze right now so I'm on the court you know what im playing too but and i ended up playing you know damn well but overall just playing them and then we played him a second time in that daze like he disappeared well now hes a human like he is human like you know he's a player like me who changed I think Brawn James well he has achieved the greatest I probably have a saint in sports I said it before for an 18 year old ingr He went to the NBA and he is the only one who has ever been really good at 18 like his best Kobe was he s fighting first through the years Kevin Garnett all those guys Kevin what has LeBron James done for being 18 years old getting into the nba live up to it never got in trouble true it's one of the best things i've ever seen life is phenomenal what cleveland and lebron


represented to this team definitely a hindrance especially in the last couple of years , reaching the Eastern Conference finals with six games, so last year they swept again.
I know and we had to rebuild it. I understand. We go back there. How do we get over it? It's definitely a hindrance, like I said. It's just the greatness of LeBron. Done and you know you can't get past nothing great this you know when you see it and at the level it goes that this is something we let depreciate it's going to be remembered for a long time there isn't going to be a player like this for a long time so that it's hard for me to say they know the Raptors can get over the hurdle.
Yes, they have more depth. Yes, they may be prepared for a long playoff run, but when greatness is on your way, he has a way of reaching another level and while I don't think LeBron has the help, he's good enough, it's like they have two stars, but everyone is afraid of LeBron, I think he aims much better, I think. his jumper is much better but other than that he's a burnout you know he's going to get to the basket he's going to finish he's going to dunk a lot of guys and it seemed like he instilled a lot of fear in the Raptors you know I The thought arose and Valanciunas was really going to dominate inside and outside, just an ape in the corner, the Toronto Raptors, LeBron James is their kryptonite, it affects them in a profoundly negative way, completely demoralizes them and takes their hearts out of it. chest every time he goes. against them in the postseason you're playing is a guy who's been seven fighters in a row now he's a guy who's going to be in the hall of fame of the top three NBA players of all time makes you want to figure out how to beat him because you want to being able to say look I knocked him off his throne and you don't knock him off his throne and say he's an ambassador but you can say look team Peter you know the same thing the same way I looked at Kobe and Tim Duncan those guys just who in that level of leadership he's experienced the most just try to learn from him just watch him from afar i think lebron has been a good role model when it comes to that but being able to play someone at the highest level highest level just brings out the best of both it just makes the game better LeBron to catch Jordan the numbers don't lie he's there he probably would never catch him in terms of MVP ok but stats wise LeBron is there and how much do. you look across the board, you don't just score, you check his assis Check his rebounds, he probably went to Jordan.
However, they can't tell me in a one-on-one game that LeBron James will dominate Mike Jenna 101 game LeBron James 6 9 260 pounds if the game was a seven I think LeBron will win seven to three you just said it into a microphone and LeBron James a B Michael Jordan in a one-on-one game moves like a guard defends like a bigger guard LeBron is more massive is stronger than Michael Jordan faster but Michael Jordan is the only player besides Hakeem Olajuwon I've been on a court it was like he was the best player on the offensive end and the best player on the defensive end just because you see LeBron James going between the leg and behind the back and throwing left-handed passes against Terry Rozier here saying don't think he'll do that vs michael job you're saying you don't think lebron is the best offensive player in the best people when he's not playing defense no no i think now in this era lebron doesn't want to get tired because it's been so long or on his Cleveland basketball team, it's a difference, Michael Jordan didn't really have a don't care mentality. if I get tired, I'll go and take this guy because I want to show him that I'm the best player in basketball, but I think LeBron doesn't have that mentality of wanting to do that every night because he knows he does so much on his team and he has to try so hard. which he doesn't but when you talk about just a basketball player an all round basketball player LeBron James is a much better basketball player than Michael Jordan now it's ten straight years of being able to see greatness and I'll be honest with you and I thought I felt this from both of us Mark and there was a point where Jeff said this guy was in awe and these shots that we've seen for 10 years straight and it's still nights like tonight w here I'm sitting there I'm having this gut reaction My arms are in the air I'm leaning back I'm shaking my head I'm broadcasting to my producer Tim Corrigan I'm like you kidding it's special I feel so lucky to be perfectly frank with you to see this man work.
I really do it going up a similar scale. whatever it was but now i think it was a personal thing i don't know on him but it was great you know i love getting in trouble against those guys y'all branch is one of the best players in the league one of The greatest player to ever play a game he's great going against him but you know if I don't think I don't think about it you know I'm just trying to do whatever it takes for my team Boston has a good solid team , but they don't put fear in your heart well now LeBron puts fear in your heart I'll say this this is a guy on our team you know when you play me as a man you get all the calls exactly you know he on your team you like Dan you don't really get that many calls so I think he's playing as well as he can't play yeah I think he's hit a triple-double almost every last 13 games and he's a virgin triple double right now averaging a triple damn good and you know what the team without Isiah you know that Tristan Thompson is out you know he's leading the charge like an MVP Woods to rack up crazy numbers best numbers from him in years and he's honest he's been the best player in basketball the last how long am I getting into mydivision, MVP covers, you know what I mean, very impressive, what he's doing right now, had a huge impact on me.
I mean grow to be able to. to see something that you know 15 15 what it gave back to the community continue D to the affected communities, it's amazing. I played for the King James LeBrons while he was growing up in 1617 and he did a lot of good things. He put me in a position to receive a scholarship. It's even based on playing for that kind of team. where are you on the international scene going to meet high level Nike events congratulations thirty thousand points I can't believe you're already there you came into the league at such a young age it feels like you've been here forever you're a fantastic player you're a fantastic person your ceiling is still extremely high which scares everyone else in the league but as i used to tell you always back in the day i want to personally thank you again for helping me my family helping me to be in the position i am in now because if it wasn't for you and you specifically you and your family probably wouldn't be sitting here today so my heartfelt congratulations go out to you the beautiful family and everyone around you on achieving 30,000 points because it's been a run fantastic that, in my opinion, she still has a long way to go, no matter what happens in her career from now on, no matter what happens, I mean, his legacy is pretty much established i don't want him to damage his legacy by drawing a ring keep his balance keep his balance that power struggle to keep happening so he decides he doesn't want to play anymore and walks away what LeBron has done for all 15 seasons now it's just remarkable because it's that kind of longevity and being able to stay awake for so long and being able to adapt as well because we all know as we get older we're not going to be as athletic as we used to be and so you have to do it in different ways Tiger back to LeBron and MJ a lot of discussion about who was the goat who's your opinion who you got good in the first place when i was a kid the goat was a bad thing that changed you know it's changed changed and they're both great in different ways you know that if you look at MJ, he was a prolific scorer and played defense like no other, it's always first team, you know all the defense, but LeBron is different, he's com or a hybrid of MJ and magic, which is very different because he's getting the ball up a lot.
MJ never did that, I mean he had pip as a forward and a lot of times and you'd think that's kind of like LeBron, but they're very different in the way they help both teams at the end of the day. they both win and they're both guys we look at and say they know it's amazing what they're doing and they're just changing the game and the way it's played, we didn't know you could play it like that. and they both have, not only is he a great player, pretty much the best in the world, one of the best, if not the best, but he's been a great mobile form and a great role model for gamers, young kids and everybody. it was around that time where he was having a problem he was talking about ng with politics i just told him and in the end david has done a great job but he just represents us and for basketball he has a basketball world country type.
I guess you want to call. You know I've liked them since he was. a boy so I can be there and talk to her and things like that about her, and I also stick candy on myself. I dreamed about this a long time ago, so for me, I have seen how he in D worked. they were always she was always working after the final bar or two weeks or a day later he is working on things like that he as a young guy wants to be the best with LeBron and how do you open it up like how do you start do you start?
Yeah, well, you know, of course, he greeted me at the door, we sit down, and I'll tell you something. Jimmy, this guy is so smart. What was he wearing? There are shorts. very relaxed and we just started talking about how we both grew up first and how I probably had the same expectations as you guys, people expected us to win and be good, and we're both Midwestern kids, him from Ohio, me from Michigan, so we started in that direction and then we went to the Lakers and he looked at the strengths of each player on our team. and weaknesses he already knew that you know the guys on our team and you were impressed by that.
I was very impressed with that and the fact that he knew he could fit into this young core that we had, so we started a dialogue and before we knew it, two hours had passed, but expectations were high for the Lakers and offensive defense. playing with rhythm and it will really take our players to this level for sure makes them much better his intelligence is one of the smartest players if not the smartest to ever play in the nba the way he understands the game he sees the game its all because of how SM art is i mean its kind of the definition of a basketball genius yeah its like i have run out of ways to explain his greatness you know and just amazing it makes us better than everyone, obviously, you weren't the same size. and strength like him, what did you try to emulate with him?
I think he did a lot of things the right way. he's got some major blemishes, you know they bring out the character of him and they do things the wrong way because LeBron's buckle was pretty crazy, huh? He definitely gave me some pub and social media glue. Don't say anything, I mean, he just said it's a good game, young man, and just say what you're doing, keep it up. sure there were things he wanted to say how close is lebron to claiming and y'all opinion too claiming to be the greatest ever now looking at that guy and saying this i don't know bullying thing well it's just a matter of what his teammates know he can pick that title he just can't have his ring because LeBron is in L.A. and L.A. is hungry for a show to come back to and that's a big reason why LeBron without the LeBron isn't just going to win , but it's going to hit.

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