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NB Miata Build Overview + BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Mar 08, 2024
Welcome back to Brad's Car Mods. It's Brad, time to do an


of my car


. Come on. I finally decided to move because it's a nice cool day this morning and I finish this video. I wanted to do this. for a while now and as you saw at the beginning, my son and I filmed this sick drone sequence to make an opening for the video that I'm going to keep because it was amazing, but we had all these other things planned for this. for this construction


video and I kept procrastinating because it was hot and I decided that I kept hearing in my head this motto of mine that my friend John and I talk about all the time, which is just don't think about it too much, so I decided you know what I'm going to do, Vlog style and I'm just going to come out and talk about the car because while it's modified, yeah, not much has been done to it and I just want to cover all the things that it has. what was done to the car when I bought it and the things I've done to it since then and so to speak I take a snapshot of the


because I have big things planned for this car and I want This is the way the car is now because things are going to change and I just want to go through the list and talk a little bit about the inspiration of why I own this car and etc. so let me turn the camera around. and let's do it right, so what you're looking at here is my 1999 Mazda Miata.
nb miata build overview big announcement
It looks slightly different than a normal 99 Miata for a couple of reasons: one, I've done a lot of things to it, so it obviously has a roll bar and some wheels and tires and it sits lower and has a lip in the rear and a lip in the front, but also people who know what they are looking for will notice that the front is different. Mazda split the second generation into two sub-generations 99 and 2000 is when they made this car from 2001 to 2005. It's called nb2, so it's kind of a facelifted version of the Miata. A couple of changes, although the engine is slightly different.
nb miata build overview big announcement

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nb miata build overview big announcement...

I'll cover that in a second and the The front end is different and this car has the front end from one of the newer versions so it has the nb2 front end and headlights and what happened was if you look at the Carfax of this car, this was a '99 and I think in 2000 or maybe 2001 um, it was hit in the front right here in the front and it was enough for the insurance company to total it and my theory is that this is a fender from the Aftermarket, it's not the same as the OEM fender, so someone replaced it and I fixed everything and I think I put the Next Generation front end on it.
nb miata build overview big announcement
I think that front end has been there since then and I haven't had any problems with the car so far, so it's a rebuilt title car which scares some people, but for me, this is my toy, and it actually does make it less scary to modify because it's not a regular titled car, in other words this car has been on the road for over 20 years and doesn't eat tires. it doesn't do anything crazy, it goes perfectly straight, there's nothing wrong with this car at this point except a couple of body panel alignment issues, but otherwise, you know, especially from a distance, it looks great , the painting is not perfect by any means.
nb miata build overview big announcement
I'll be here in front and you'll be able to see all the bumps and gouges and swirls and all that, but you know, like I said, it's a car that cruises the track, so I don't care at all and I made it polished. the other day by a friend of mine, Jerry, and it really shined really well, so I just want to review this car, uh, in three parts, one is the reason I have this car, the inspiration for the car, uh. why this particular model, etc., and then what was done to it when I bought it, what was already done to it, and then what have I done to it since.
Well, I was in the Air Force for a while and I spent some time overseas and when I was there I was stationed in Germany for a couple of years and a friend of mine this was in 2002 2003 a friend of mine Mike had an NA, a top of the line Miata. generation where he made a DIY turbo kit and one time I went for a ride with it and he let me drive it and that thing blew my mind. I don't know what the real power was. I know it was over 200. I don't think you've ever tinted it, but that's It's a very light car, even lighter than this car, uh, with turbo and the feeling of putting your butt in the seat of that car is not It was like nothing I had ever driven up to that point, it blew my mind and I fast forwarded a couple of years.
When I first got married, I ended up wanting to buy a fun car to get to and from work, so I ended up buying, I think it was a 2000 Miata and I never made any modifications to it. that or something like that, I had a shitty job at the time, couldn't afford anything and to me the NB, the 2nd gen Miatas, or wherever it is, and even with the ND coming out, they are good looking cars. but for me, the NB is still the one I personally must have. I like the body style. I like the look.
I think when you modify them like that, they really start to look good. And this to me reminds me of '90s JDM. although this is, well, it's '99, so technically it's the '90s, but that was the beginning of this second generation, so they went into the 2000s and, uh , but the body lines and body style just remind me of those JDM Cars from the 90's. right, the list of things that came with the car when I bought it or the guy you know had it installed before me He did a good job of sourcing components, so he reviewed many of them in the Flying Miata parts catalog. on the car, which is great because they're one of the leading parts sources on the market, uh, for performance parts, and what I had done to it was, you can see here, most of the work was wheels, brakes and suspension, so suspension. it's the Miata stage one flying suspension kit which included the yellow Coney sport shocks so it's not a race spec shock but a sportier shock than the OEM and then upgraded springs or upgraded springs so It lowers the ride height a bit and is also stiffer.
I think they are 325b springs so they aren't terrible, but they are definitely sportier than stock and also include a very beefy front, front sway bar, and rear sway bar. I have the front set to the highest setting, so it is the strongest setting. and I have the rear sway bar on some people don't use the rear sway bar. I prefer it. And I have it on the weakest setting, but I have it in the car. The brake setup is a flying Miata upgrade kit. they are the rotors with the slots and the pads and the steel brake lines and they are the rotors and the pads are renamed uh stop Tech so they are stop Tech brakes and rotors made specifically for flying Miata plus the brake lines from steel and since put uht four racing fluid or high temp fluid for track and autocross use of course and the brake setup on this one is one of the best pedal feel I have ever felt in any car, very stiff, very trust-building, which is what you want. with your brakes they are incredible.
I've done several track days, four or five track days now, uh, and a lot of autocross, I've never had any fades, uh, obviously, this is not a higher horsepower car and you know, the wheels and tires. The ones I'll talk about in a second aren't terribly wide relative to race-spec cars, so to speak, so I'm not pushing it as hard as some people are pushing it, so maybe that's why it doesn't. I'm experiencing the brake fade still, but for this setup the brakes are phenomenal, the other thing they put in was this Avanti Storm 2 wheel that I kept, it actually came with two sets of wheels, the storm ones and the storm ones, a lot of Meas run the storm, they are a very popular wheel, they are light, strong, cheap, uh, cool wheels, but to me the Storm 2 is a better looking wheel and they have also discontinued them so I don't want to say. they are rare but I don't see them very often in Miatas uh for the most part they are great this one on the passenger side has a little road rash uh that came with the one that came with It wasn't me but otherwise it's fine one these days, maybe I'll fix it and have them wrapped with a great Falcon uh RT 660s autocross tire, sure, all good, other things that were done to the car, the rolling.
What do you see, there is a hard roll bar for dogs. I put that. I didn't record it because it was a pain in the ass and I really wasn't very interested in recording at the time. But I digress. The rollar that came on it was something that was unbranded, I don't know what it was, it was much lower and much further back and it was ugly like Sin uh, so the interior was the typical black and tan style interior, but it was disgusting , but the roller itself had padding wrapped in tan leather and was gross looking, so I removed it and spray painted the bar black and it was fine for a while and then I finally sold it so I could upgrade it. to this bar, another thing I had done was the steering wheel configuration, so I put the steering wheel that is there now, but it had a smaller diameter, uh, Momo sports steering wheel and uh, it was nice, but it had a smaller diameter and I didn't like it that much and ended up changing it, but the point is that they had already gotten rid of the factory wheel airbag and converted it to uh with the wheel hub in there, so it was all done.
I, um, the only other thing, so I had an aftermarket exhaust that he had put in and, frankly, the exhaust was horrendous. I don't know what the point of the exhaust really was because it didn't have a muffler, it had a very terrible um. It had a resonator and the exhaust came out right next to the axle so you could smell the exhaust all the time while driving, it was horrible, it made a lot of noise. I ended up changing it to 1.4 um for an ISR sport racing exhaust. I do not do it. I don't know, I'm not sure what I'll put a link to there, but in the description, but it ended up, it was okay.
I used it for about a year, but it hummed pretty bad on the road. and I ended up going crazy so I ended up getting rid of it and changing it to what I have there now which is a flyer setup from the downspout type area all the way to the end so it's their mid pipe with their high flow MagnaFlow cat um and then your exhaust, your muffler, I mean, um, and it sounds great. I love the sound of this exhaust, especially compared to the header I have there, which I'll go over in a second when I get in. engine compartment, but this car sounds great, it doesn't make any hum, it sounds pretty quiet, but when you're at full speed you can hear the exhaust and you can hear the intake, so it's a complete oral experience.
Sounds good. I've had a lot of compliments on the car, inside and out, that sounds good, so I love the setup as it is now seating wise. I put these. I'll go over them in a second, but he. Also included for a pretty reasonable price are some sport bucket seats, they were nice, you can see them at the top of the YouTube channel, if you go to the top there's a picture of me up there in the car with some. red seats in the background that I'm sitting in, I should say, um, those were the ones that were there, but in the end I couldn't get them down enough to be safe in the car, especially on the track, so I end up selling those and I go and find these These are Sparco um rev 2 you can see they're grp light boss I guess that's what it says I don't know they're actually discontinued um they're a great seat. a little wider than what a lot of people use and that's because I wanted to have easy entry and ESS to get in and out of the car because I drove it daily for a while and I wanted sporty style racing seats but not super aggressive.
Super tall reinforced so tubular design of a brilliant Sprint, very high on the thighs, hard to get in, these are fiberglass so pretty easy, easier to get in and out of, you can see there's a little bit of uh. The fabric is loose here because I had to trim some of the seats here to fit the roll bar, so the padding is a little stuck in there, it's as solid as it can be, but it's not, it's not rubbing against the roll bar. here. and the same with here on the side, I had to trim a little here to fit around the door cards, you can see there, it fits nice and snug, so they're here for sure, but it's a tight fit. and I had to hammer the transmission tunnel a bit so most people do that with a Miata anyway because it's so small.
While we're here, I guess I'll check out the inside, like I said. It was a black car on top tan on the bottom the door cards were tan and black and tan um and the tan was disgusting I tried to clean it it was disgusting I ended up ripping it all off you can actually tell from the top Which was also tan, I ended up ripping all of that out including the dash and replaced it with an nb2 dash and a set of black mats and an mb2 center console. um it's a direct fit it's nice and has better cup holders than the mb1 style and themb2 style door.
The cards are a little nicer too, um and then like I said, I swapped out that steering wheel for a steering wheel with a larger diameter and I changed it because with the smaller Momo steering wheel I couldn't see the top of my gauges when I'm sitting in the car it's a flat bottom uh it's backwards because I turned the steering wheel but it really makes it easier to get in and out of the car and I think it looks fantastic and it feels great uh and of course on the interior You've probably seen the videos of my IRP shifter.
I love it. The shifter is the best upgrade I have done with this car without a doubt. Love it, love it, love it, go watch those videos if you want to see more about that Alpine aftermarket head unit. really nice and of course you can see there the quadlock style holder um not sponsored for my phone and I have the quadlock case. I love the quadlock system. I have one in my car, my truck on my mountain bike and I can, and do. I'm using it right now to record on my phone. I have a little quad lock set up here and it makes it very easy to twist and mount anywhere.
It's incredibly cool. I love it. Interior anti-roll bar. This is a hard dog roll bar um, I don't remember it being a hard M2 or anything like that. I don't know. I'll put a link in the description but I love the bar, it's tall enough to fit me with my helmet and still get through. The broomstick test and the top closes as well, it definitely, you know, encroaches on the seat just a little bit, but I love the look of it and the security of course is good and then speaking of security, you can see the video.
If you want, I mounted a fire extinguisher there because the local track regulations are going to change a little bit next year and require some type of fire extinguisher in the car and then some nice road floor mats. I think that's the interior, oh, it comes with another thing that comes with this car, it's these delin bushings with a little metal thing on the end here, that's a body stiffness thing, when you close the door, it holds all nice, stiff and rigid. I guess I've never had the car without it, so I don't know what it was like before and after, but everyone says that's like a game changer.
I guess that's okay as far as the list of things I've done to him. since I've done quite a bit to it, mainly in the engine bay, so we'll start with the exterior. I put the little duck spoiler on it, whatever you want to call it, ducktail spoiler that's part of the DNC performance. a fat free company I found on ety. I don't know, it looks fantastic. It's something I haven't seen in any other Miata. I also made an installation video. You can go see it, but I wanted something that was so-so. functional more than the factory spoiler that these have, but I also didn't want one of those giant wings that go up here, you know, that are actually functional, uh, because this isn't full race car spec like a lot of cars.
They are and I wanted something in between and I think it looks fantastic. Also, um, as far as the shaft goes, I put this front lip on, it's a GV style, uh, very garage, it's the Japanese company that someone took out. so this is like a $70 eBay, um, not cool, the paint didn't hold up, as you can see the paint is peeling off, uh, this, you know, like I said, this is a project car, This is not a show car, one of these days I want to tear it off and repair it because on one hand I want the paint to not be bad, but on the other hand I couldn't get the 3M tape to stick very well so it's like we'll call it semma construction, that's what we'll call it.
It looks good from a distance, but it kind of completes the look of the car I think, but I definitely need to adhere it much better. Okay, let's put the hood under. Hood stuff that's been done here, so first off, the radiator is aftermarket. I think it's actually a flying Miata kit with the dual electric fans, which are awesome. I've never had any cooling problems with this car, that's one. Of the upgrades that came on the car, the guy did good and I love that upgrade, like I said, I have never had temperature problems with this car, not that they normally overheat, but most people with this original radiator, um, it just gets awful over time, as most things do that are a little sticky.
Those of you who know what you're looking at, you'll see a giant, glaring hole here, normally the air box is located here and I removed it and I ended up using this type of shorty style po uh cone filter capsule filter style is just for sound I mean it sounds great when you give a little tap on the throttle uh or when you're just accelerating you can hear that intake growl it doesn't help it doesn't help the horsepower maybe it even hurts it a little bit I don't know but I like it for the sound, uh, like I said, so NB ons, which is what it is and this is a bp4w.
The exhaust manifold is a real cast iron manifold so it doesn't flow very well so what you're looking at is the MB header from a mb2 they went to a two buer style manifold uh much better flow and it's straight. I bolted it in and swapped it out for that and then from there down it's fine, the middle piece there's a factory piece, but then there's the Miata's flying exhaust setup, it's still a power steering rack, it had an impact. Tower support, um, but that's a strut. The tower mount is what it really is and this car is not a routine strut style car so they are a bit useless so I ended up removing them, it looked really cool but in the end it was. right along the way, every time I did something, I had to remove it first.
I redirected the bottle from the washing machine and did what is called redirecting the cappuccino. That bottle is out of a little Japanese car called a cappuccino and it's nice and small and fits. up here on the hood, so I rerouted it and made some brackets there to mount it nice and solid. Get it out of the engine bay one of these days. I'll put one of the cow covers there so you'll win. I don't even see it, um, hood struts, uh, those are the hood struts on the Miata. I have a different coolant reservoir to get rid of the sticky crap in there, um, I have a Moroso, uh, can these engines get a little blown?
Sometimes the intake manifold had some oil in it when I went to change it, so I went ahead and put the catch can in and swapped it out for this one. This is a JDM version intake manifold, so no. It doesn't have the butterfly valves that the US market has, it's the original block from a bp4, the original head, but I made a couple of changes so that for the life of the car it would have had it for the first two years . There was a very specific rattle at RPM so during 57 5800 RPM I could hear a rattle that I was never able to track down so some friends and I were changing the front main seal and while we were here we heard it and determined that we thought it was an engine issue. the cam on it wasn't spaced properly and was maybe shifting a little at a specific RPM so I went ahead and bought a new set of valve springs and seals and decided to break it up. on the engine a little bit and while I was there I was going to do an upgrade so in 2004 2005 they came out with the Mazda speed uh turbo version of the Miata and the cam the intake cam on those cars is more aggressive uh Cam and it also fits directly into these cars because that engine is based on the bp4w engine because these are good turbo engines and what I did was while I had it open I went ahead and put that cam in along with uh updated. valve springs and replaced the valve seals and while I was there I went ahead and tied the valves on all the hubs so this is a hub and shim style on top of the valves and there were several that were out of place, no doubt, so I got it all right, but that wasn't the rattle, the rattle was actually this seal back here, there's a cap back here that goes on the side of the exhaust on the side of the exhaust cam that was actually loose, so that's what it sounded like, so that's it.
It was fixed um and this thing runs so good for a virtually stock engine again, it's not boosted, it's not turbo, it's not supercharged, none of that, um, I have the dyno results to show that it makes 122 horsepower per steering wheel, that's all. engine bay or other things I've done, I guess it has a different clutch, it has an OEM exi style clutch, I had the upgraded clutch from blowing up, I think they call it like a Happy Meal clutch or something. which is purple, um, but the problem with it was that it has the light steering from that package, which is really nice, so it accelerates a little more freely, so to speak, than other Miatas, um, but that clutch, Uh, I guess the guy didn't do it. a really good job breaking it in so it had hot spots all over it was a terrible thing especially when the car got hot it would close up a lot when you tried to move it and um so I changed it and while I was there I did the seal rear main that was leaking a little so I replaced it and put it all back together and it held up great since this car has a factory Torson limited slip differential that has been great for tracking autocross days it's ok , I'm going to end here, uh, one of the things I love about this car, there's a couple of things when I was younger, 15 14, somewhere in there my dad had a '66 Thunderbird.
I helped him build that car. and I learned a lot about cars but of course I also spent a lot of good quality time with dad which was phenomenal and therefore was a motivation to buy this car and get my wife's approval to buy this car or a Car in general for my middle son. The same goes for cars, so I wanted to get a car that we could do things together and this has been amazing. Up there on the shelf are some helmets, one of those is his, so he goes with me to autocross days and stuff.
He's only 14, so he can't go out on the track yet, but one of these days he'll be there with me and we'll probably co-drive this car, which is super exciting and fun, he's learned a lot and understands. here with me and also turns the key and it's one of those fun things. The other thing I like about this car is that there are some advantages to modern cars and there are some disadvantages and a lot of those advantages are disabled. because they are disadvantages when you are going to do things on the track, for example, traction control, stability control, all those nannies that come into action and some cars that you can't turn off at all, this car doesn't have any of those, none of those. them, it doesn't have traction control, no, there isn't The ABS on this car is even like it's completely manual and it's a lot of fun to drive and that to me is a driver's car, the only thing it's missing even though it I've made some improvements, the only thing it's missing when you start pushing. these cars and I try to do track days with them and yada and yada the lack of horsepower becomes apparent some people are totally fine with that you know you call them boost cars because they are as fast as a lot of cars on track.
If you know how to drive them and use that momentum to your advantage, some tracks have longer straightaways and stuff and you get blown away by modern Camaros and Corvettes and stuff like my friend Tyler has three or four times the horsepower that this one has. car can keep up with it in the corners, that's fine, but as soon as we get something right away, it goes away, there are a couple of ways to fix it of course, one is Turbo, which is a very popular mod for these. Cars, especially this particular car with the BP4W engine, it is a very turbo compatible engine.
Personally, although I said at the beginning that my friend's turbo Miata was the one that got me into this, it's because of the power to R ratio, not necessarily. the turbo, I personally don't like the feel of the turbo, the turbo lag and then the turbo boost, it's cool and all but it's just not for me, another option would be supercharging which sort of eliminates that but it just there is not much. of supercharger kits for these cars for some reason, I actually don't know why there's some kind of intermediate that's a procharger that you could make, which is cool and combines the belt-driven functionality of a supercharger, so the linear power delivery, but it's also, um, it's a belt-driven turbo, so to speak, rather than an exhaust-driven turbo, um, and those are very good, um, I definitely considered that as an option, uh, in Ultimately, I want it to remain naturally aspirated and for this car. engine to squeeze more horsepower out of it, you would have to go with individual throttle bodies, the aftermarket ECU would probably spend thousands of dollars to get a few more horsepower, there just isn't much more horsepower that can be squeezed out of these engines, um, naturally aspirated.
The other route would be an engine change, there are a couple of options. The LS swap is very popular with these, actually, but for me I want very usable horsepower, so I don't want 500 horsepower or more in this car because it only goesto SP. spin the wheels um so what I did was I took this route and as you can see we've already started tearing this down and I'm not going to go into details but if you know what this is now would be the time to subscribe more to follow Go ahead, that's my car. I want to know what you think about the car and the build.
People have asked me to do this build overview in the past and I put it off, I put it off because I knew I wanted to do an engine swap at some point and now that I have the engine, I'm going to swap it out. I thought now would be a good time to say, "Here's the car as it is." At the time of this recording, it is October. The winter months are approaching, so this will be a winter project. The excitement on my son's face when the motor arrived and I started talking about this project and this process made it worth it to set everything up and you can see there are a ton of uh K power industries Kata parts and boxes and we couldn't be more excited that you were here with me.
You will see it in the videos in the future in this project and it will be exciting.subscribe see you in the comments section see you soon n

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