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Nazi-Kiez in Dortmund - wo sich "SS-Siggi" und der "Holland-Hitler" wohlfühlen | SPIEGEL TV

Apr 18, 2024
With Reich flags flying, meeting with leading neo-Nazis on Saturday, preparations for a demonstration The corner of Dortmund's Dorstfeld district has been famous for years for brown comrades. For example, this man in a black T-shirt Robin Schmiemann in 2007 Sentenced to eight years in prison for shooting a Tunisian man during a robbery. The number 18 on his chest represents Adolf Hitler. The gentleman on the far right is too. Alexander Deptalla is a co-organizer of the Battle of the Nibelungs, a martial arts event in which neo-Nazis compete against each other, get into the ring and recruit new talent, or Matthias Heyder, who lives here in one of the houses, is a part of it. the leading cadre and has the best contacts with the extreme right in Europe.
nazi kiez in dortmund   wo sich ss siggi und der holland hitler wohlf hlen spiegel tv
He once described Hitler as the greatest statesman in history. Time and again they transform the district into a staging area. This, of course, upsets some residents. What do you think of the town, Kurt? Pooth is the owner of both houses. Ten years ago the first neo-Nazi moved there. He rented an apartment for the next comrade. Thus a true Nazi neighborhood was born. I have been on budget for the last ten years, I have never been so good and again I am renting a different bike than before we were here, we played loud music every day, we played simulation games here every day. , he sat on the roof and so on and everything is over since then.
nazi kiez in dortmund   wo sich ss siggi und der holland hitler wohlf hlen spiegel tv

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nazi kiez in dortmund wo sich ss siggi und der holland hitler wohlf hlen spiegel tv...

Those who live here are here so that peace is paid for, I have with their marches and so on we have to do more, you know that even when I turn 50, anonymity but I'm just a cdu we don't have that yet why should you be 30 40 years old? We don't do that - an attitude that saw Dorstfeld Street gradually become a place of pilgrimage for the right-wing scene. The street now regularly claims itself as its own. Last year, neo-Nazis marched in Martin's district. A blogger filmed them. Prosecutors then filed incitement charges against eight suspects, also for these anti-Jewish slogans.
nazi kiez in dortmund   wo sich ss siggi und der holland hitler wohlf hlen spiegel tv
A few days ago the slogan of the demonstration appeared, this time 70 years of the Federal Republic of Germany, we do not celebrate neo-Nazis from other European countries, including Hungary, support has also come from the Netherlands, the man with the distinctive mustache stands Stefan calls, how did he do it? enters the scene Kerkrade's rather obvious Hitler nickname asks about the future leader why are you here today today you can't talk to the press why you have to do it now after the end journalist peter bandermann has been reporting on the local scene for years despite massive threats a special role because in their scene in East Germany, I learn something about finance, I know how to position myself and then I come back after six weeks of training after having received ideological training from the shared apartment So, whoever does something to national level or on your own stage, if you want to be there, you must have once been to Dortmund, not just with your foot, the Dortmund neo-Nazis are named after their party, even the right participated.
nazi kiez in dortmund   wo sich ss siggi und der holland hitler wohlf hlen spiegel tv
In the European elections only the first candidate could not participate. She is currently serving a prison sentence of several years. Ursula Haverbeck is 90 years old and has been imprisoned since May 2018. The reason for her imprisonment. The phrase is Haferbeck's scandalous handling of German history. The biggest and most enduring lie in history is the denial of the million-dollar murder of Jews by her comrades. In this way he has become an icon. Michael Brück is the general director of the right-wing party. He makes a living with a mail order business. There you can find everything a Nazi heart desires, from stickers to balaclavas and friendships with fascism in the Dorstfeld district.
Naturally, his territorial claims are supported by graffiti. Around 100 people with extreme right-wing opinions have gathered in the area. Michael Brück and Sascha Krolzik are both former law students and are considered prominent ideological figures in their environment. Germany's best-known wiki mile. The so-called Nazi backdrop is easy to recognize by the black, white and red markings and tiered cities. Here in front, criminal record two, this is a residential building in which, among other things, one person lives and on Hasnerstraße three, which is the right corner. Down the street is the federal office of the party that owns the rights to a publishing house that is now the headquarters of patriot propaganda.
It is and yes, there is a kind of technology park for neo-Nazis here. Graffiti is now a thorn in the side. On the part of the police, an eyesore that should be eliminated along with the city. It is completely incomprehensible to the local lords. Silly tourists have come from Bavaria and elsewhere to photograph shapes, so it's a big draw for the crowd and really should. Try to keep this image factor, at least put it under monument protection and also improve it a little and maybe advertise it. In fact, I wanted to be in all the Dortmund tourist guides.
I can see it if he says it's fun. Nazi, what does that mean? I find it funny. From an artistic point of view, I have nothing to say against that statement, so we can accept that Sascha Krolzik has already been convicted several times, including for incitement. to hatred and physical harm. Together with Comrade Brück he organizes an information stand on the market square. According to the latest report for the protection of the Constitution in North Rhine-Westphalia, the party plans to build a Fourth Reich. What we are talking about is that Germany must remain the country of the Germans and where we have already lost our country, to reconquer it, yes, look at Duisburg Marxloh, look at Berlin or Cologne, look here at the northern city of Dortmund, awo, some foreigners already.
We are the majority we want Germany to remain Germany, that is our ultimate goal and whether it will be called the German Empire or the German Republic or something like that is completely secondary, the nickname Siegfried Borchardt SSC is part of this great plan. Borchert was released from prison after six months in prison. He is a veteran of the right-wing movement. He has been at the forefront for years. He was an official member of several groups, all of which were banned. The rightist entered. Dortmund City Hall on election night. When he tried to storm the town hall, his troops beat other politicians.
A Spiegel TV accompanied his first steps as a representative of the people. A few months later, Borchert joined a comrade, supposedly for. for health reasons, on the streets of Dorstfeld, the right-wing pensioner but still present, an elderly neo-Nazi who wants to touch something, who knows where to find me, talks, he can't always help, only sometimes people are happy too I'm not so sure how long they want to continue. I have heard nothing but the power of the revolution. In the European election campaign, the party mainly focused on provocation. Counterprotesters were almost always present. By the way, its party program has 25 as many points as the NSDAP had then.
The pseudoscientific superstructure of his racism sounds as simple as that day. In Germany there are different races. In Saxony, certain behaviors, such as rape, have become popular and should be criticized, they are much more frequent than among Germans and then they are systematically returned to the place where they learned it or where they acquired it genetically. Also at Saturday's far-right demonstration in Dortmund. Hatred is directed at the Federal Republic and the European Union, after more than 70 years of peace, apparently no one can be happy here. What people think about Europe cannot. Kerkrade was again asked to try for a seat in the European Parliament.
It was not enough, but its headquarters in Dortmund-Dorstfeld should continue to grow.

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