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NASCAR Cup Series: Daytona 500 2019 | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Motorsports on NBC

NASCAR Cup Series: Daytona 500 2019 | EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Motorsports on NBC
please welcome our grand marshal 3-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt drivers start your engines 1,600 feet to the start line as Dale Earnhardt jr. two-time winner the 500 is going to make that hard left turn and Mike when I look a hundred thousand people on their feet anticipating the start of this race green flags in the air book any book anybody let's go wait so that they don't know boys 46 to 48 laps this would this first stage is the exact
nascar cup series daytona 500 2019 extended highlights motorsports on nbc
same length as the duel race 60 laps so you pit now you can go to the end of stage number one I would not be a bit surprised over the next few laps to see some drivers hitting pit road here they come Larry a lot of those fast Fords come to pit road Regan well Kevin Harvick spots the 40th pit stop first stall in Rodney Childress says he likes that stall it's gonna be gas only for Kevin Harvick Ricky Stenhouse jr. hits his pit stop they wanted to pit a couple laps ago but he couldn't get
in at the bottom Matt Joey Logano eases into his box they're gonna just top him off at fuel the gas man chris conklin connected ty Gordon says you are gone Kyle Larson was one driver I saw that took tires but most were Gaston and he was the only Chevrolet that pitted with all those Fords I've got to say did you notice anything about the group that came in though Denny Hamlin loose off a turn for just saved it there I don't know if he was trying to come to pit road possibly here's
a shot oh I see Denny Hamlin's three wide in the middle oops just so close I think right here it's a Blaine he's got to worry about himself he'd like to help Keselowski but he just can't do it it might jeopardize him winning his stage so I think he's gonna hole what he's got William Byron's shot yours right there Blaney did a great job luck in the bottom lane on the top side Ryan Blaney brings them to the green and white checkered flag and wins stage two in his
Penske Ford Mike you help when you can't help your teammates but when it means it's gonna hurt you you got to just worry about yourself want to peel off early if you're coming and some of them are quite a bunch of them did but not our leo car goes around in the trials sliding out of control BJ McCloud brings out the caution Stenhouse has wrecked on pit road with Tyler Redick another car is sitting littered in the grass and we're under caution that is the 52 that's Cody Webb
big red it got the left rear tire of Jimmie Johnson then Jimmy could get in his pit stall I did that's one of the most difficult things in the world to do is run in 200 miles an hour and try to get on pit road under green conditions you can see Stenhouse too close to the pit wall I don't know they're gonna even be able to get the left side up on that car Tyler Redick out of the Xfinity


involved in that we're going to watch the red number 52 of Cody where and BJ McCloud in
nascar cup series daytona 500 2019 extended highlights motorsports on nbc
the 51 coming into frame here at the top and there's Tyler Redick all of them in there who's 500 start and comes on and I just wonder if the club was trying to get wound up and I think Cody where had no idea he was coming to pit road and you're right Jimmy Johnson did get collected in that three drivers


500 rookies get piled up here again Cody we're just right on the rear bumper of the 51 I'm about it and it just just got in the back um and turned them into that group
that took the whole left rear quarter panel off Jimmy Johnson's car and these are cars that are slowing down trying to get a pit road or d8 there at the bottom yeah here comes his higher ed it gets turned sideways his right rear quarter panel man what a incredible shot seen the debris you can see the rear bumper of the 48 is stuck in the deck lid of that redick's car came in to Johnson's like a cheese grater and just took the whole look what's Larry yeah I mean this is big
trouble because they're gonna have a hard time putting fuel in it they've got to make those repairs that's pretty heavy damage Shane McCloud picks up a bunch of turf and because of the position of the stopped cars pit road is going to remain closed here for business why did they choose 20 to go DW where will now do it yet we're setting up for the pin Wow join the counter now Kevin Harvick school of Agel is asking caution I can look a little safer tire maybe make contact got the
left rear tire knock down are you kidding me this is big Wow what just remind reminds me of the class same type of carnage that we saw where these cars were going everywhere a lot of damages they all got to turn three well that ruined everything I mean sometimes I sometimes I'm speechless I'm speechless you know there's just those feel-good stories that build in a race and boy Matt DiBenedetto was doing such an amazing job so let's go to the Goodyear blimp as drivers climb out or
try to make their way back to pit road and look at the outside lane DiBenedetto and Paul Menard yeah Paul Menard one giving a pretty nice push down the back straightaway to DiBenedetto gets to his right rear oh yeah that just starts to turn it a little bit got him in the right rear and then he collects Menard yeah Logano just misses it but the whole outside lane and half the inside pileup and this is exactly what we were just talking about at this stage in the race you can start to taste victory
nascar cup series daytona 500 2019 extended highlights motorsports on nbc
in the


500 you want to see that checkered flag and you'll do anything to get it and you know you've got to be more aggressive with those bump drafts it looks exactly like the clash I mean oh all those cars third turn all those cars wadded up sliding up the track with sparks flying and it's so much like The Clash that is the 17th of February looking way too much like the fourth of July a fireworks everywhere yeah and it really and truly it was a Paul Menard he gave to
Benedetto a little show but it was on the outside on the right side and that just turned the DiBenedetto into the in the outside wall and then it was on for a different situation than we saw in the class between Menard and with Jimmie Johnson but it was a similar thing when we heard the spotter on the 21 Menard say well he zigged and we zagged and in this case Menard told his team on the radio I just bumped him a little too much I mean what are you gonna do it's the end of the race
you're trying to help that guy you're trying to help DiBenedetto you're not trying to wreck him but just bad bad judgment look at that yeah Alma rollers number 10 get David Ragan Neath the ten of it Almirola David Ragan and see what Springs he's running look at that all the sparks lines oh he's gonna turn the flirting oh man he all must turn the 34 of it down great save by McDonagh are we go they wrecked again Larson instead house you won't believe how Ryan Preece shot
the gap and got through there I can't believe it well you know what I can't believe they recognized actually the this wreck ended up happening because the 17 upset douve to the middle it really wasn't much of a hole there Calexico Lexy Carson the for not a wall here comes the 13 gets into the two spins him around and Logano looks low blanket Ayano Kyle Busch in the top lane Logano on the bottom McDowell the second yellow car where will he go so interesting that McDowell decided to go
with Kyle Busch but here comes Eric Jones on the inside Denny Hamlin Hamlin upper 4 no side-by-side battles are finished this time Denny Hamlin wins his second


500 and wins it for Coach Gibbs in Toyota in the Atlanta a car wow what a day for JD give for Joe Gibbs for that whole team that storybook stuff right there that was meant to hang hey NASCAR fans thanks for checking out the NBC sports youtube channel make sure you hit subscribe below for the latest NASCAR news race


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