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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Naruto & Sasuke Vs Madara S-Rank (English) Story Part 19

May 31, 2021
is that Naruto, that man left, burned until he became Ash and disappeared. I saved the thickest forehead. Sensei saved him. What are you talking about? I don't even fully understand it. I feel like I can change everything. Now it seems like something happened to you. but in the end nothing will change you can't defeat me I have the power of six I'm not going to defeat you stupid we're going to defeat you mother SAS you too what's wrong with them how how can they go this far that's right Am I dead? Aren't you dead? Hey? This is the world of your mind.
naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 naruto sasuke vs madara s rank english story part 19
Just consider yourself in the space between reality and the afterlife. Who are you? Old. I am a monk who has come to observe and see how Ninshu ends up surpassing all the generations they pass through. this world only with chakra my name is Haceromo Atsuki the founder of ninshu also known as the sage of the Six Paths what is the guy who created Ninjutsu uh if you are the sage then I have many questions for you the questions can come later you should listen first what I have to say no, you should like The Reincarnation of Asura is also your duty eh assura what the hell are you talking about let me explain everything from the beginning about my children and my mother came my mother kaguya atsuki to your land from a very far away place she came to harvest the fruit of the Divine Tree in this war you also saw the Divine tree, right?
naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 naruto sasuke vs madara s rank english story part 19

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naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 naruto sasuke vs madara s rank english story part 19...

She harvested the fruit of her chakra, she ingested the fruit, acquired the power from it and then came to rule it. earth but a power that is too strong creates conflict in the end people worshiped her as the rabbit goddess and feared her as a demon so Kagaya gave birth to two sons one of them was me to atone for the sins that our mother left behind we fought with the stories contain the Incarnation of the Divine tree the Divine tree had gone crazy and was trying to recover the fruit that had been taken from it it was a violent battle we were both wounded but we persevered we achieved Victory and sealed the 10 stories Within me some time passed and I had two children.
naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 naruto sasuke vs madara s rank english story part 19
I called the eldest, Indra, the youngest, Asura and taught them about ninu. They were both my children, but there was a big difference between them. One possessed genes that had strongly inherited my chakra, while the others were quite weak. Indra was truly a genius, he could do anything on his own and took pride in being different from other people, in contrast, Asura never seemed to succeed at anything and was not able to achieve anything on his own, therefore. He always strived and depended on the help of the eyes of his allies, they also responded to Asura's calls for help, which created Harmony by observing how Asura lived.
naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 naruto sasuke vs madara s rank english story part 19
I glimpsed a new possibility, it was then that I decided to entrust ninshu to Aura, but Indra did not accept. and so began a long battle, the dispute did not end between Indra and Asura, even after their bodies died, their chakra never disappeared and over time they were reincarnated or again and again Naruto before I told you that you were the reincarnation of Asura. Now you understand and Indra's current reincarnation is SAS exactly Indra's chakra resides within Sasuke. My son's chakra moved from Hashirama and became angry at you two, even now, after decades and centuries, the brother's battle continues, so all this time, great-grandfather, you have been watching. your children fight each other, yeah, I guess you could say that, huh, through ninshu.
I tried to explain that chakra was here to connect individuals, but Kaguya used chakra just for herself and unified the world with her power, but unification through Power is nothing but a riot. Therefore, she became a being who fears. The same could be said for MAA now, if she continues to gain power, I eventually want you to stop MAA. The circumstances, your will. I feel something special about you compared to all the other vessels so far. That's why I would like to place a bet on your potential. I already made that bet. Kura, me too. Why are you inside me?
We removed the entire shukaku


of my chakra from Mona. He knew that there were some tailed beast powers. What were you missing? Did you forget that you've been receiving chakra from sources other than Shukaku and Kyuki for some time? Oh, you mean since then you're right, the other tailed beasts shared their chakra with me before, it took a while, but now all the tailed beasts are together, which means the promised time has come Naruto, it really seems like you have a certain charm that invites others to help you shukaku matatabi isabu soku Koko saen ch kuki kuruma Naruto what do you want to do?
I hope this battle ends. I'm an idiot, so I don't really understand the whole Acera reincarnate Nation thing, but I know what it means to have friends and I want to protect them. That's it, so that's your answer, yes, trust everything to Aura. what created this calap now I would like to trust you with my power as the Reincarnation of Indra no matter what happens Beyond this point Naruto Sasuke that depends on you Sasuke is not my real brother but I know we can reach an understanding after all we are very good friends now raise your dominant arm H I never thought you would be able to push me back listen to me weak who is afraid a voice take me inside you take it all take all the Divine tree inside you do that and infinite power will be yours I never thought that the Divine tree in yes it would grant me power Naruto Uzumaki SAS chiha I have now acquired perfect immortality for all eternity, no matter how strong you are, you will never be able to stop me, huh, we haven't even fought yet. and you're already jumping to conclusions, so be it, then this will be our final battle.
I knew it seems like there was another mother getting the Renegade. It really changed to think that you would see through me to someone who exists invisible. Go and focus on him. The attacks of the shadows, even you should be able to feel them harshly, but there is no time to complain, let me fight, believe how they acquired such power. That does matter, what happened, you just have to accept them in children, sagear. Shadow style. Thunder explosion. Naro, you know what to do. after it shows an opening, yeah, leave the roof trip to me. I follow the power of the beast on my side.
I borrow Shukaku's power. I should be able to mix the Ceiling Jutsu with our R. Yeah, he moved, he changed places with the shadow, this is bad, Kakashi. Sensei is finally there, are you sure about this? Yes, hurry up and take my left eye and I don't believe it, come on, Sakura, to Kakashi sensei. Sensei, left eye, where is Obito? I thought he was angry and jumped too, yes he did, but then Obito left me. escape Kakashi Sensei I can see that left eye for a minute huh, okay Kakashi Sensei, open your eyes no way, how did you do that?
Well it's a little hard to explain, that's how you saved the boy, yeah, enough talking, he'll be here soon. he must have both nigan eyes now he won't be like he was before get ready yes you haven't forgotten what I taught you during your first bell training of course you won't work as a team so dying together is also a special kind of work in equipment. work, isn't it Obito Obito is no longer here this body is mine now I collected the chakra of the tail beast and acquired the power of the Divine tree and now I have acquired both renegade eyes, you could even say that I have surpassed the siege of the Six Paths itself I have reached the realm of the Gods through the eyes of a God you seem like nothing more than a bunch of fragile little creatures planetary devastation Sasuke Naruto, did you figure it out?
Yes, he has four Shadows, now Planetary Devastation and the shadow suffered quite a bit. combo now R keeps dancing for me I never expected the shadow to be able to use his exp even with all the power you have. I imagine it must be difficult to face five of me at once, well, show me what kind of plan you've come up with. up with Sasuke SAS I will fight too just stay there I will find a way out of this for now just don't interfere I will give you credit although you possess extraordinary ability compared to the rest of your CH here is the first third Sasuke be careful I have a bad feeling I know you Sasuke I'm ready I won't waste my chance I'll end your pathetic lives here and now you're gone oh it really looks like your possesses something similar to what I do How dare you?
This is my M Power. I can't lose it. I can't contain myself anymore. Let's finish with the next move. Sasuke, yes, in front of us, Jahn and all the other Shinobi have been wishing him well. in front of our eyes you cannot fall until we knock you down the peace you speak is nothing more than a temporary and true peace only exists in dreams dreaming is the only way for us to achieve utopia enough about your dreams if you really want it Come in so much in a dream and then go alone, which I also do, how do you have so much power?
Your dream ends here, get out of my sight, I'm here, I'll do it. Escape, get me out, leave me. fight only the ones left all I have to do is eliminate you two and then take the planet, take the station, we're not done yet, it's time to take the new Siege of the Six Paths to the stage, oh how Could I YES fall before you worms? I can not believe it. You have taken me so far incredible, there is no other word to describe it, but I am the one who will see his true dream come true.
Sasuke. I've been waiting for this moment all the time and no one will stand in my way. way according to that stone monument when the one who possesses the power of renegon approaches the moon an ie will open on the moon to activate the infinite dream this is bad no Sasuke it seems like they realized it just at the last moment oh well it's already over shine on the infinite world suku yomi now become one what's happening it's over divine genesis world of trees and now all your friends are fast asleep it seems like it didn't work on


susano even though i should have waited so long but this battle has finished now, as the Messiah, I have severed the connection between cause and effect in this world with my own hands and all people have been freed from the futility of pain and distress, right now your friends are enjoying the happiness of the suku infinite as they drown in their sweet dreams this is the real dream I always wanted I changed hell into heaven you should understand wait now it's all over I'm not going to let things end here we're still here and as long as we are there's no way this will end with the worms black zetsu this is your last mission help me crush them yes Mr. wood is that what you thought I would say what black zetsu how dare you?
You are not the Messiah nor are you the end what are you talking about I am the one who created you you are my will and nothing more evil the will inside me does not belong to you my will is the will of kaguya kaguya and I have been waiting for this moment all the time the moment when you complete the infinite suomi and use all your power you are great what is happening Sasuke that guy yes he just said kaga kaga the sage of the sixth path mom don't tell me what this is it is chakra, but a power that is too strong creates conflict in the end people worshiped her as the rabbit goddess and feared her as a demon Sasuke yes, I'm sure of it now, this is who great-grandfather kuki was talking about

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