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Napoli vs AC Milan (1-1) | I Rossoneri reach final four! | Champions League Highlights

Apr 19, 2023
foreigner good night everyone a volatile atmosphere and a night that could be pretty wild here these players heading out into a stadium that is a sea of ​​blue and white just like the squares in this town not far away we take a little detour on the road and cutting inside politaro again on that left foot lorenzo can't take it off politano again it's a breakthrough coming not yet for


they are trying every trick they know for the challenge oh my god one dumb punch and the world cup the


referee Marcinia points to the spot The crowd goes completely crazy Giroud hasn't taken a chance and Alex Narrett is the hero of Napoli Oh Mr.
napoli vs ac milan 1 1 i rossoneri reach final four champions league highlights
Georgie went too far straight into the chases They can't afford to make mistakes Giroud has a chance again Brilliant step again from Barrett to deny it but in all this despite all this Milan defending what they had to do tonight they had the two best chances but you have to be good because this AC Milan really compact teams cielinsky Lozano falls Napoli come on look to the referee, he is not interested, well, I think it is L who recovers the ball race and it fell directly to Raphael, what a ram, this also happens and Shiro takes it, but that was all the work of Raphael Leal a wonderful wonderful just run a touch for Giroud and a nan two up in the tie Oliveira with the cross knocks him down in charge is that down and finishes off for the referee says there was a hand involved that will not count and Napoli's frustration grows and Nevada Scalia against Calabria grows once again this time he becomes passive and deflects his shot but does not go in again Scalia has passed him here and then he shoots in another opportunity that is a par that he has had here comes the cross and well Oliveira is he had advanced from the left-back position and should have done better with the header.
napoli vs ac milan 1 1 i rossoneri reach final four champions league highlights

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napoli vs ac milan 1 1 i rossoneri reach final four champions league highlights...

Really more than 200 appearances for Milan and this is one of the best. Will see men with strong Lozano claiming a handball which is a penalty for Napoli this is not over yet except for Salah in the past too and he says it's a fantastic goalkeeping performance from the man they call Magic Mike Mike Manion at the time off Cabana Scalia again and Respidori somehow stayed out to balance it Russ Midori is careful to take it off and this time he scored, he was the one who scored late, maybe too late, surely too late. time since 2007. It was a brilliant defensive display with some ingenious counter-attack from Stefano Pioli's side and a magnificent Caballero supported by Manuel's sensational goal that saved Cabela Scalia's penalty and a key point in the game and that this run was also from the Giro, but Olivier Giroud's strike established a two-goal lead and although the Ottoman pulled one back to level it on the evening, it's Milad who goes through 2-1
napoli vs ac milan 1 1 i rossoneri reach final four champions league highlights

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