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Nachgefragt: Artillerie im Ukraine-Krieg, Ausbildung und Taktik mit schweren Geschützen | Bundesweh

Jul 09, 2022
unexpected. I will give an example: when a fire order is finished, then the gun asks the gunner. Execute fire order? and then the answer has to be yes or no. And the Ukrainian comrades are used to Cyrillic, but not to the Latin alphabet. 00:15:23:21 - 00:15:51:23 Unknown And that was the challenge at the beginning. We tried to quickly overcome that by translating the training aids into Cyrillic, for example by pasting the names of self-propelled howitzers. Cyrillic. But at the end of the day we had to memorize it. But that was the biggest weapon, the barrier of writing and switching to another language.
nachgefragt artillerie im ukraine krieg ausbildung und taktik mit schweren gesch tzen bundesweh
In the military they say that simple things lead to success. 00:15:52:03 - 00:16:13:06 Unknown And we also try to reduce the complexity to that. In Ukraine, the Ukrainians now have to work with a huge number of weapons systems from different countries. We had already discussed this when we asked. And from a gunner's point of view, it's certainly similar to that being a problem, isn't it? Well, I watched the show with General Freuding and I can only underline what he says. 00:16:13:06 - 00:16:39:21 Unknown This variety of types is a nightmare for logisticians, because you have to ensure battalion-related repairs, supply of spare parts and even ammunition.
nachgefragt artillerie im ukraine krieg ausbildung und taktik mit schweren gesch tzen bundesweh

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nachgefragt artillerie im ukraine krieg ausbildung und taktik mit schweren gesch tzen bundesweh...

And that's not the only challenge. The training is related to the respective type, to the respective weapon, be it Cesar or self-propelled howitzers. This means that a soldier who has been trained on the Cedar may not necessarily be immediately put to use on the self-propelled howitzer. 00:16:40:09 - 00:17:13:02 Unknown And there's also the fact that this variety of types, individual weapon systems also have different tactical requirements. I'll give you an example Panzerhaubitze 2000 is well protected in the terrain, very mobile, but it weighs 60 tons. This means that brigade personnel must plan for the placement of suitable bridges with adequate load capacity and terrain.
nachgefragt artillerie im ukraine krieg ausbildung und taktik mit schweren gesch tzen bundesweh
On the other hand, we have the M777, for example, it's light, it's very agile, it can move fast because it's a wheeled vehicle, but it doesn't offer any protection. 00:17:13:19 - 00:17:45:07 Unknown And with artillery return fire, it takes much longer to get out of position, that is, to change position. And all this has to be taken into account by the staff in the planning work and it makes the planning work error prone and more complex, especially when it comes to the supply aspect, some of our viewers are skeptical. I'd like to quote a question from a viewer on the subject of caliber: The various artillery systems shouldn't be a big problem, 00:17:45:07 - 00:18:20:00 Unknown because they're all 150mm shells.
nachgefragt artillerie im ukraine krieg ausbildung und taktik mit schweren gesch tzen bundesweh
Panzerhaubitz 2000, 777 or Cesar. At first glance this seems obvious, but the lowest common denominator for different types of ammunition for different weapon systems is actually caliber. But that is not enough. Individual ammunition have different ballistic data, that is, trajectory data that must be taken into account. There are different ammunition stores. Already with us in artillery high-explosive shells, smoke flare shells, smart shells. 00:18:20:04 - 00:18:51:01 Unknown And another factor is the charge, that is, the propellant that accelerates the projectile and brings it to the target. And you have to take all this into account and summarize the ballistic data in such a way that at the end of the day you hit the target.In principle, all these types of ammunition can be implemented in weapons, that is, stored in the computer. in the database.
In principle, this is possible as long as the weapon has the technical requirements, that is, depending on the length of the barrel and the pressure that a charge develops. 00:18:51:01 - 00:19:14:17 Unknown That is possible and that is why our goal from the beginning was for us to use the types of ammunition available in the Ukraine from the US, France, Norway, from the Netherlands, but also ours, all implemented in the projectile database of the Panzerhaubi


2000, that is, integrated, so that the Panzerhaubi


can deal with them. When the ammo and can also shoot. 00:19:14:21 - 00:19:42:24 Unknown We have already delivered the Panzerhaubitzen 2000 to Ukraine.
Ukraine now has another system, the Mars rocket launcher. see you here Can you perhaps explain to our viewers what is to come and, when asked more often, what are the differences in the use of these systems? So the Mars rocket launcher is basically easier to use because it doesn't have the complexity of the tanks so far. 00:19:43:08 - 00:20:12:01 Unknown And you basically can't work with the ammo. You can not do anything. It's coming, you can see it quite clearly, the so-called Rocket Pod, they're delivering it, including the ammunition. Here we see the rockets in the tube, which is loaded into the Mars rocket launcher, which is plugged in, so the electronic connection is made for the connection and that was it with the ammunition in general, much easier to operate. 00:20:12:15 - 00:20:45:21 Unknown What does the rocket launcher offer?
We are delivering three Mars rocket launchers to Ukraine, including associated ammunition. And here, in the ammunition approach, I have already briefly described it before, ammunition loaded in a GPS range, 80 kilometers of high precision, a sharp weapon in the hands of a good crew, Germany not only supplies weapon systems in the narrower sense, but also artillery accessories like the Cobra artillery tracking system. 00:20:46:03 - 00:21:19:16 Unknown Can you explain the relevance of this system? Goal funds are an essential part of the system. Artillery without target recognition without target location is also not fire. Combat is possible and especially Cobra is now used against enemy artillery forces with his abilities.
The Cobra drives through a trajectory measurement, ie a projectile is registered and the Cobra calculates the trajectory from where it came, ie towards the chimney. 00:21:20:01 - 00:21:48:00 Unknown But it can also calculate forward, where the bullet hits. So, we can fire at any time of the day or night in almost any weather, the artillery systems fire the rocket systems and that's for reconnaissance and then at the end of the day to be combated with sufficient precision. So an essential system. Its artillery school has already made a valuable contribution in training Ukrainian soldiers. 00:21:48:07 - 00:22:16:15 Unknown Can you also explain if you were also able to learn lessons for artillery in Germany from the Ukrainian war?
First I look at the training. Basically, we train the right thing in our weapons, in our weapon systems, but also in the objectives of the classification systems from knowledge, that is, from the state of research to craft, that is, in operation. But we also have to do the right thing overall in terms of tactical deployment principles. 00:22:18:05 - 00:22:42:05 Unknown I think we're in a good position there and we implemented this in training and practice as well. And we understand it very well. Of course we have to take a look at them, at the wars of the last few years.
What threatens us and Ukraine? The Russian war is a good example. What are we up against? What do we have to prepare for? 00:22:42:05 - 00:23:09:18 Unknown And at the end of the day also training? When I say, here is just one example, the use of smartphones, it turned out that smartphones can be touched very well, but they can also be located. And if we read or find out from the media that another command post has been attacked and high-ranking officers and staff officers even generals have been killed, then this can often be attributed to communication with smartphones. 00:23:09:19 - 00:23:32:04 Unknown Of course that means for us, for the conclusion, for the training.
We have to think about handing in our smartphones after training and leaving them in the locker. I know what I'm saying here is going to cause outrage because we face it on a daily basis. But it is a consequence of this knowledge that one lives dangerously with a smartphone on the battlefield. 00:23:32:20 - 00:23:43:22 Unknown Thank you, Colonel, you have some very interesting ideas. Thank you and you for watching and if you have any questions or comments please let us know until next time.

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