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Nächster Haaland-Doppelpack bei City-Sieg: Man City - Kopenhagen 5:0 | UEFA Champions League | DAZN

Oct 06, 2022
Rarely has the favorite role in a Champions League game been so clearly divided as between Manchester City and FC Copenhagen, but the big question, of course, will Erling Holland continue his run with 14 top-flight goals and 8 goals in total in the Dutch Champions League with an incredible 26 goals in 21 games Gazelle here goes at the beginning on the right side that is different expect the man to be a phenomenon 22 is the goal of the Champions League 27 hits and still It is young blood, it has a rate of more than 1 in the king, competition, sincerely, the Netherlands, good in Greek and post, Bernardo Silva, two goal opportunities and one of aluminum, technically also great from Alvares, who does not do that. more difficult and Holland the flag of Holland is and the D2 is already there decapitated and he takes it very well it is not offside it is not necessary to discuss everything clean holland tip and hit t and hit here and yes own goal this time its an own goal not Holland the second the subject and again what Sergio Gomez deflected once and then there is no chance here for the unfortunate Georgian David Kosova to take his leg so the own goal koschulaba 3 to 0 supermarket super done and the toyota is good cable grabber oh yes now for the first time ederson has the ball in his hands for two and now he has a penalty on the yellow card against marco stamini the 35er if he worked something camel will record like this on 40 and for the second time aluminum next to the four The left post hits twice this time Julián Proteína hits him so now he has a chance it is very well done the first real chance is every Sunday against and Maris played wonderfully for Argentine cinema forever and now he has his Champions League twice already in the Premier League hit this season who knows where the box is Maris again with the corner Wär me again very young Gomez that from 16 you can already start two goals not he had a lot of stoppage time Holland again with a brace at the start he did 1:020 at 45 minutes he ran out
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