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My SURGERY Experience!! | Louie's Life

May 31, 2021
Hey, the stupidest thing is the day before my


. I can't believe I'm doing this like I always wanted to do it, but now that I'm doing it I'm really nervous and I feel like I've been super busy these days. last few days I really didn't like being nervous until now which is literally the night before so I really wanted to like the vlog and share my


with you and be super honest about what it's like so yeah I haven't yet obvious fact in the thumbnail nor do I like the title. I'm getting a bbl, a Brazilian butt lift, but the first thing is to get started so everyone understands where I'm coming from.
my surgery experience louie s life
Not being a sin, it can be bbl moto da lasothers. and the reason I say that is because I still want my body to look masculine in a certain way, it's very hard to explain this, I never go into details, I just know what I want and I like how I see myself and stuff. So it makes sense to me, but every time I try to explain it to people, it doesn't really make sense, but yeah, I just wanted to say that at the beginning so they know what kind of results to expect. I don't even know what kind of results to expect, but yeah, I can't believe it's literally the day before.
my surgery experience louie s life

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my surgery experience louie s life...

I'm super nervous. I'm afraid. I don't know how this will be. I'm not even nervous. the


itself I'm more nervous about the pain like I don't know what it's going to feel like like thinking I'm perfectly fine and then going to sleep because of the anesthesia or whatever it's called and then waking up and being like everyone's in pain pain is like a mess in my head and for all the stupid people who like to talk, you are not stupid, this is not me trying to influence people to take a bbl or saying you need or none of that because everyone is the way you look i just wanna be v that's not just a joke guys no but this is something i really wanted to do and to be completely honest guys i really didn't think i was going to get a bbl i went into my consultation I just ask for lipo and I know a lot of people tell me that oh my gosh it doesn't even happen to me like your hands but I'm just not happy and I feel like that's why I don't really understand why people get I'm so angry and I don't I like surgery like this.
my surgery experience louie s life
It's just one of those things that is for me. It's what makes me happy. It is what I want to do. So I don't understand those people who get so pressured or angry about it like I want to get surgery girl do it okay they'll always be talking no matter what it is and I'll show them some before and after pictures and what I looked like when I was in shape versus now, for example. this photo here this is a photo from November last year literally a year ago and this is me right now and I'm very, very unhappy with it and I've been trying to work out but honestly with the quarantine everything happens like in the gyms.
my surgery experience louie s life
They are closed and I know that is not an excuse and I am not trying to make excuses for myself. Long story short this is for me and people shouldn't get mad about it but yeah I originally just wanted liposuction but then they told me. that I could do a bbl obviously I'm not going to be that big and what's that because I don't have much fat but I still have some fat that we could use to do something with it, you know, so it was like, okay, why not , but this is me right now, obviously, with similar clothes, like I wear oversized clothes, a lot of my clothes, not even a lot, like 90 of my clothes don't fit anymore, like my pants or I don't wear cropped clothes.
I don't show my skin anymore because I feel very unhappy with it so from the front I feel like it doesn't look that bad but obviously I'm not as toned as before and obviously I like it on a rope you can hide things and I like it if I climb on it the pants don't seem to look that bad but I know I'm not happy with it and I know it's not what I want I think it's like my profile side which I don't really like I'll definitely add some pictures I've been taking because honestly I've been taking so many photos since I found out I could go out as a bona bb, I just started taking a lot of photos because I felt like I had a little more confidence knowing that everything would go away after the surgery, but if it wasn't for knowing that I was going to be operate, I wouldn't take those pictures because it just makes me feel uncomfortable.
I wanted to do this video because I want to be super open with you guys and be super transparent and share my


with anyone who wants to do something like a bbl or just lipo in general, but yeah, my surgery is going on. a few hours I have to leave my house at 5 00 30 in the morning be there at six in the morning I will have my boyfriend help me make vlogs and just get the experience so that you can see how not many people know that I'm having surgery like very few people know so I guess now we'll just wait and see what happens which makes it look stupid.
I'm so nervous you have no idea. I'm just babbling right now. Well guys, it is currently 5:45 in the morning. I don't know if you can see that. No, it's okay, we're on our way. I'm actually very, very, very nervous right now. I feel like I realized it so early this morning. When I woke up, I feel like last night I would have liked whatever it was, but right now I got really nervous because I don't know what it will be like when I wake up, but now there is no backup. Now or okay guys, I just got to the little surgery place.
I'm getting very nervous. I wish I could come in and they put me to sleep. Don't even talk to me. Just do it, but it's just when. People talk to me, try to explain things to me, it makes me very nervous and terrifies me, so right now I'm very scared, so we'll see how this goes. I think after this I will have my boyfriend and My mom took care of my camera so they can record and show you a little more because I don't know how I'm going to feel scared, just the facial and body surgery center, no, there they are everyone, they practically kicked us out.
I thought this was going to be there, it's like 17, they said it'll end, looks like one, okay everyone, so now it's me. We just left at 6:30 right now, so we'll probably be back, one and us said. We'll head here around 12:30. So we'll see them, then, okay, stupid, that was a warning right there. If they don't like seeing blood from surgery or something, their stomach will feel weird or unpleasant because, honestly, it jumps. to the part I said it right there in the timestamp, skip to that part if you don't want to see this because you'll be grossed out.
I show some clips, nothing crazy, but there are some spots where you can see blood and You know stuff like that, so skip it, I warned you to do it right, everyone, what time is it? It's 11:30. I just got a call from the doctor 20 minutes ago while I was getting stuff, so I had to stop all that now. We head to the doctor's office to pick them up, they're done and we're very nervous. You're here, we're not, it's all done, so we're here, we're just waiting for it, um, we're super nervous. Mom Laura is going out of her way to bring her truck so we can take him home.
I hope mom Laura can find us. This place is a little small. Hey baby, where is Laura? She comes to look for the shadow. The sun feels good. So when should we give Norco the right to it? away right away as soon as we get home yeah I told him as soon as you know he's getting something to eat okay he could start taking the medicine and that way he'll know you want something to eat so he doesn't get nauseous he's well, we have all. these little things here are looking for a little bit okay, you got it thank you very much it was a pleasure meeting you thank you hello guys it's been oh I thought it was later it's been four hours since I arrived I came out of surgery and I've been sleeping a lot but I'm on my feet, I feel good, I mean, it hurts, but it's not like I'm going to drop dead, so you can't really see anything because I have a lot of padding and baggy clothes, but I'm not going to take it off because you know, the YouTube message monetizes, but let me show you my current status, this is me now, so you won't be able to see much, here's my phone. uh I have the big garment and then I have this one that is another father that walks around and then I have padding here I have padding here and I have padding here and I think I have one on my back they said it so that the fat has It's not like rubbing against me skin and everything I'll show you without it, but the whole bottom of this is transparent, so it's my button day, so I can't show you that right now, but I feel good, honestly, I was.
Really scared, I even like to see my sister, but then I remember she was a chiona when she got her, she's like she's dying in the video of her. I feel good, I have some pain like in my abs. I have some pain here and I have a lot. of pain in my butt beast um when I woke up I was a little mad because I couldn't say it, I was so mad I couldn't really say it, like I had surgery, but I mean, I guess I'm going to do it. I have to wait until tomorrow when I take off the girdle and like the padding and would really like to look at my body, so I'll stick with you all day.
I feel like I'll be able to do vlogs and stuff. I thought I was going to be in pain and I might even pick up the camera but I feel good, see them in a moment oh my bed is there I do it I don't know why I sound sick. both of us recovering right now I feel like you're pretty well uh it's just that your cheeks hurt she's able to do everything on her own I'm stiff and but oh oh I woke up about five times last night I couldn't sleep I woke up around one then I woke up like at three or so then I woke up at four or so then I woke up at five and then the last time I woke up was at seven and then obviously now at about eleven I couldn't sleep because I was in a lot of pain I think it's because I stopped taking the medication, so it went away, so I had a lot of back pain, like my forehead, where I had lipo, like it hurts, but it's my bag, like I've always had a back. problem, it's like lying on my stomach and I don't know, I've always had back problems so I feel like it adds to that, but every time I take my pills, like now, I relax, I'm relaxed.
I'm lying like next to the bed puppy I feel like going to the doctor I'm tired two weeks ago and the doctor and so-and-so left ready to go take a bath yes your first shower no here let me help you eat on anyone in front or behind you yes , right here I would like to help you it's not that hard to get up well just my lower back hurts I'm really afraid to take a shower and take it off ha eh I have no idea I really want to take it off all the time so I'm ready but I'm afraid of two anymore, so we tried to take off my fa-ha for the first time to let the blood circulate a little and try to shower.
I literally turned so yellow. My lips were like white, white, I got so dizzy as if I had never been dizzy like that in my


. I felt like I was going to faint and I started to get a really bad headache, so as soon as we took it off, I had to offer like two five minutes and I said I didn't put it on, like I really felt like I was going to to pass out, that feels so bad and I'm still very dizzy, so forget about the shower, I'm not going to shower, you mean me.
I'm resting, how does it feel good? Trying to watch television. Yes, well, I'll be able to. My eyes won't reach. A pair of eyes Hopefully this feels better for a while. Well guys, this is the second try. Putting out my fire yesterday didn't go well at all, but now we're taking it really slow. So far, I'm very happy with what I'm seeing. Let me show you another mirror, so this is where we are. Looking at it so far, I'm obviously still very, very swollen, but I'm very happy with my waist like this little dent here. I know I started gaining weight when I started losing my small waist because I used to wear very high waists. pants and they just emphasized my waist, so I knew I started gaining weight when those pants didn't fit me anymore and when I couldn't do that anymore because my stomach looked like it wanted to explode out of the jeans.
So I already like knowing that I can see that again even when I lower my arms like there's a little dent right there, it makes me very happy if you're disgusted by the blood and stuff, then I don't like it, but that's what makes my body. It seems like right now everything is still very swollen, obviously my belly button is on its side, usually it's like going up, but because it's swollen it's just pushing out all that green, I don't think it's a bruise, I think It's like the bookmark and bookmarks I used to use. kind of show where I was in a lipo this however it's like a bruise right there right there there's like blood I can't wait to see what I'm going to look like when the swelling is over because I can definitely see a lot of swelling like I don't know if you guys can tell that this side is tighter than this side right now and then there's a lot of swelling in my back so I feel like it's not giving my bumps the time they deserve so let's see. how it starts to look when the swelling goes down, but I'm happy to have my lower waist back.
I think today is the third stupid day since my recovery, I was finally able to shower, take off the binder and not feel like this. I was going to pass out and fall, I'm sorry the shower felt so good. I was very afraid to take a shower because I thought I was going tohurt but right now if I touch my body it feels weird it's not painful but as soon as I touch it I get goosebumps and I was also afraid that the water would hit my incisions. I have my follow-up appointment on Monday today, Saturday, so about two more days, but I'm doing very well.
Now I can walk. Now I can. I don't run, but I can walk pretty fast without anyone helping me now, okay, I feel like a little robot, very stiff because of all the fahan stuff, but so far everything is going very well, hey, so today is the fifth day. post, I actually have my follow up appointment today with my doctor, he's going to check my weird phone, make sure everything looks good so far from what I'm seeing, I'm really happy with the results, my waist is really taken, but let's see. what he has to say about it, so we're about to leave right now and we're a little lame, okay, this is where I'm going to lie down, we'll see if I fit right, I managed to sit up. down close it close this wait baby I have to fix it hold it oh like this this is so uncomfortable this hurts so bad like I don't really like stretching or anything so it feels like my pants are stretching and it's because my drawer isn't flat, it's like that, so I'm not level, good for the butt, I have a cramp in my arm, oh, and I fixed it, oh, that hurts a lot, okay, I'm sleepy, so let's go, everything went well.
Well everything looks great so I'm really happy that the doctor gave us the all clear because there were a few little things that worried me a little bit but I have to say I'm fine. I told him I'm already very happy with my results, but he said, well, you're still very swollen, so it's still going to go down a lot, so I thought he was even happier because I loved how tight it was. The waist is like I love it and then he said it was still going to be even bigger because you're still pretty swollen so I was like period I'm so excited about everything like it's finally going to swell yeah I'm going back to my home.
Mariado, although like no, I don't feel like sitting in the back of the car again and then you drive like you're racing, I'm going to throw up, hey, the stupidest one, today is my sixth day off, almost a week ago. I had surgery and today was probably the worst day since I had surgery, I woke up in a lot of pain, I don't know if it's because I didn't take much medication yesterday, um, I was prescribed narco, narco, whatever. however you say it because of the pain and I really didn't take that much yesterday I think I only took like two because I was feeling a little better but like oh my god all night I swear I probably slept like 20 minutes and I eat now like I have a lot back pain and like my stomach hurts like my stomach doesn't hurt but it's like um like the pain like the pain and it just hurts so much like I don't know I just want to take off like my girdle and I like to stretch and I don't I know, I'll take a shower and lie on my back, but I think honestly the hardest part is staying in this fahn, like I can't even move freely and no. being able to sleep on my back like I've never slept facing forward like always, never ever, like I've never slept facing forward honestly, so it's caused me some back pain, but now this is really bad, but apart of that, I have my first lymphatic drainage lymphatic drainage I don't know my stomp massage I get my first massage that they really recommend to get rid of all these lumps and so on, I don't really know, I don't even know why I pretended I know, I don't know but supposedly it's really good for after surgery or like a bbl and yesterday I was really really excited like oh my gosh thank god I felt like this little massage was working. to make me feel much better, but now that I'm in so much pain I feel like I'm not really looking forward to it, almost everyone who has received one tells me that the first time you literally cry because I eat how much it hurts, so I'm really afraid to to do that.
I just took my narco pill. He said that's supposed to make your body a little numb before you get the massage, so it should help. I'm sober. I'm going to ask my boyfriend to film it so you guys can see how it goes. I'm so scared, I hope it's not painful at all, but I'm so excited to take off this stupid girdle like it's OMG. I'm so excited to take it off even if it means only an hour, I just need to take it off, pee, we're pushing it into your lymphatic spot which means you're going to pee a lot, oh okay, how does it feel? it feels good but it's going to feel really sore wow that's crazy oh close the camera so i just finished my massage and honestly it felt really really good on my back like she literally had it all like the liquid, well, not everything.
There's still something there but literally like there's a lot of fluid coming out of my back because before it looked like my back was connected to my butt and it looks so weird so I was like oh my god I'm ruined but after I touched myself. Like, oh no, it's liquid, so right now she was massaging like the liquid is coming out and I guess I'm going to have to go to the bathroom in a moment and pee all over it, but I literally saw so much definition on my back. the part that was quite painful was like my little tummy area like here and like my size anyway yeah on my waist it definitely hurt and like in the front, nothing where I was going to make it but it hurt more towards the end .
I stopped filming because I got so dizzy, I think it's because there was an area on my belly that hurts a lot from bruises and stuff and we kept going in there because there was a lot of liquid there and like, oh my God, I got so dizzy that I felt like I was going to faint again. I hate that feeling. It feels so weird like, “OMG,” like you feel like one. "I literally feel like I'm like and like falling, but they hit me like." time to breathe and everything and then I put my girdle back on and I feel perfectly fine now, but oh my goodness, thank you so much to beya body treatments, you guys got me, I still have, I think nine more sessions, they recommended 10, so obviously.
This was the first one and I can't wait to continue getting massages, like putting all that liquid on and sculpting myself even more and holding on even more and keeping the lumps from forming, but I'll keep letting you know. how am i doing but for now i'm going to go back to sleep because i'm not getting enough sleep tonight so today i announced my recap, my bbl on my instagram, i finally posted about it and you guys are showing me a lot of love. So much support, a lot of you didn't believe me until I started posting stuff on my store, you guys were like wait you're being serious like oh my god I thought you were lying like oh my god but I'm so happy for you .
It's just a lot of really good comments, so thanks guys, I know a lot of people, for some reason, who get super bitter when it comes to surgery or anything, they're like, "OMG, you're plastic, OMG, OMG." ". God, but for the most part I'm getting a lot of love and support for the new Perez, giving me that better energy to heal faster, but a lot of you, well, it's my fault. I made it look like I had surgery today because I posted. Today it's like a lot of people think I had surgery today so I'm posting on my story like Canada and everyone's like wait oh my gosh you look so good like you just came out of the surgery room how are you walking?
Like, oh my god, what the hell are you acting like nothing happened? A lot of you are super confused, but now that you're seeing it, use it, what was that? Now that you're watching my video, you know I literally posted it. One week after my surgery, so it's been a week, I'm obviously feeling great already because the first few days were a little rough, but I think I'm going to stop my vlog here for a while until I'm ready to give you all. a whole conversation about my bbl the results how everything really was the real cheese man for before and after photos and all that goodness because I feel like in the next few days nothing really exciting is happening I'm just getting better and I'm just waiting for it get the swelling down to really show you the results so I'll come back and continue the vlog once I'll show you what my body looks like once all the swelling is gone and I'm so excited I'll see you in a few days.

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