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Jun 11, 2021
What's up, guys? I got lost, take it I received a packet from the redemption identifier. I've actually had this package for over a month and I keep forgetting to set it up, so I'm going to open this up and unpack it, that's what the kids call it nowadays. and for the last eight years we're going to let's see what's inside and then I'm going to configure what's in the box. I just drop oh there are peanuts, why are they called peanuts? Have you eaten the food? the old ones are made of cornstarch and don't really taste like anything, first of all we have my new word Pro Renew Minion.
my new pro handboard
I like it, it's a wolf because I'm a pack of wolves. This thing is sweet. I like it. That's what you see. I like, by the way, all the things you can get in Redemption. F. Calm down, in my opinion these are the best hand boards in the world. In fact, I just received one recently. Do you like it? I love it. Yeah. Look, that damn celebrity endorsement. We have foam grip tape. I usually switch between foam and regular grip tape, but I think I'll use foam this time. It's harder to set up but easier on the fingers and feels good.
my new pro handboard

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my new pro handboard...

I don't know anything about wheels and


parts. so that's where we have come on wheels I know they're like urethane wheels they're high quality you know real skateboard wheels except the miniaturized ones you know you know honey I shrunk the kids oh honey I shrunk the skateboard, friend. I like this. lots of white axles, everything on rails and then you know, screws and creating more screws, grips and bushings, you actually assemble the axles yourself so this will be like a DIY project, it's almost like a perfect miniature replica of a skateboard, yes, I already said it.
my new pro handboard
That way, since the Kaitlin grip tape, it is much easier to peel off than the normal grip tape that was this big. I usually screw it up, but this time you didn't give yourself a good placement for the sticker, yeah, not my name. I'm going to cover my name on the bottom above so the last time I taped it everyone in the comments got mad at me saying you needed to file the foam grip, maybe I'm doing it wrong but this isn't No works at all, then maybe we're an idiot. I'm an idiot? No, okay, great.
my new pro handboard
I'm going to go straight to the razor blade and it's going to look jagged and then the more ice skating the better. I'm going to start looking, that's my experience, it just hurts. I feel like the YouTube comments section is about to get really mad at me because they say you're doing it wrong. What are you doing? Ryan just gave me a new razor blade and it's significantly better than that side, so now I'm upset but I'm cutting. I'm half happy. I feel like I did a pretty good job. It's a little difficult but I like it.
Who cares? You know, I don't trust myself. Don't believe me now we have to put together the hikes which I'll probably do off camera because it takes forever on its very small part on its small tracks so we cut to complete the tracks 20 to 30 minutes later we put the trucks on harder road. set up a ham board because of how microscopic everything is and your fingers are giant, yeah I think he's just saying baby, set up my hand board, we'll put wheels on it and then we'll skate, we'll do it hand and hand, come on I'm going to hand it to you, hand it to each other, okay, the board is ready and look how pretty it looks even brighter now that it's set up, so I'm going to warm up.
I'm going to do ten tricks on flat ground. the way this whole video you're picking everything I do okay cuz ten out of ten next do what's that front foot impossible crazy my favorite trick nollie back heel okay laser flip , laser, anyway, same clip right here, disgusting 360 degree push. a flip what, oh my god, oh my god, tre flip pretzel nollie, double flip oh, okay, now I have double heels, oh, okay, I save you a cat fur, no, yeah, some kind of outfit, flip, what's the same, but with a 180, yes, the last one for the 10 do a nollie trick okay, that's too simple simple simple simple simple now let's go through the warehouse you're going to tell me more things to do but in real obstacles okay, a little mini ramp will be great okay, let's go on the mini ramp, what am I doing?
Tre flip blunt tre flip okay, I did it again Bob Saget, that was good, I liked it, it was like oh, I still didn't like it, but I mean we're going to do a lot. of tricks so let's keep it up alright fakie flip there's no stall switch back flip so I need to go Oleg turn this up to that today omg yeah done. Oh, powerslide, that's good, we switched to fisheye, now I look like a fish, what? tre flip from the bench to the quarter pipe Oh, like a big layup, yeah, that was oh, let's see how you do the neck, the neck on what the big hubba or the Saifullah, right, Treville, the thief, okay, on reality changed my thinking, you change, okay, tre flip nose grind nollie flip oh my god, there you go I don't think I didn't do it oh, I missed it I still miss that was exercise I'm hot I'm bothered by the next squat trick right above from this well hand up this up a nose flip manual but then let's switch back to manual and then we flip the front side out front side switch we flip the front okay okay so forward this and we do a kickflip like the front divided like a big one, a big one, a big front, like catching it that far away, that was really catchy. here that was good sliding the heart thanks to the ledge kickflip front crook 180 out 180 the easy way or 180 the hard way anyway okay you decide you get your ice cream flavor that's cool I have to do it that way, although it looks cool, that was like hey Brian kickflip noseslide nollie heel I don't think I can do a ghostly kickflip you got it Oh bench strength well used to wear down do it it's like this squat you have to do squats for an hour Yo, Brian, you get the guest trick, what should you do oh man nollie double heel wall ride this gap?
Wow, okay, we got it so unreal, oh yeah, you made it look as cool as it could have been good. I'm glad you made the nollie heel late lunch maybe I'll try it I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to see the redemption for yourselves they have a multitude of hand boards for you just go to Redemption FB calm down and have boards for fingers, didn't you have a professional finger? board I saw it I don't actually point out the guy but it's cool and I agree, you know their names on it, my name is on make sure to subscribe to Ryan by clicking the link in the description, there's Ryan's face, that's our mustache.
He has a band-aid he has a band-aid that's all look at this

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