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Apr 18, 2024
forget the introduction forget all that this here is not a not a drill this is not a joke this is serious right now I'm not going to lie this is crazy my own mother my own mother how did I get out I you know the poom poom I got out of her poom poom brother my blood she brought me into this world and now she's straightening up to call the police if you guys are probably confused like Kevin why is she trying to call the police if you all saw? the last video my mom found my gun I was in Texas having a good time oh oh yeah I came home first My mom was spamming me, she was calling me, calling me, I ask her why she calls me, she texts me.
my mom called the cops on me
I wonder why she texts me. I look at my safe, bro, and I realize my key's not there, bro, that's where I keep my key, my key's not there. I'm confused, well, I'm not confused. Like oh yeah, I know what happened, she found it. I know I have a lot of air guns, but she didn't find the air guns. She found that she found those nine. She found that. But as if I didn't understand, although it is to protect the house it is to protect the family as if someone entered this house what are you going to do mom what are you going to do ah start screaming running away no mom you don't even know as soon as they come in your son go down, hit that cut and start f fck f f f f f f fck for you make sure everyone in this house is safe now you want to take my gun when I'm not here throw it away.
my mom called the cops on me

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my mom called the cops on me...

I'm pretty sure she threw it away because where is she? It can't be found anywhere. I'm pretty sure she threw it away, but yeah, I was thinking everything was fine because I thought she threw it away because look, I came downstairs after everything happened, she tells me to help your sister with her homework, you know, she just talks to me regularly but I'm like damn she's not pulling the gun so I already knew what she did she threw it and she just doesn't want to talk about it so I'm fine but now the next day , are you angry.
my mom called the cops on me
You thought I forgot about boom boom boom popping up on me for no reason and I know it's just her ego she's having a bad day I noticed I came downstairs this morning she looked mad you're having a bad day so now you want to take it take me out I thought you were over that talk about something oh you have to go I don't want bullies in my house I'm a bully mom me trying to make sure the family is safe I'm a bully No I don't even leave my room mom I'm not out in the Streets, you feel me.
my mom called the cops on me
I don't even leave my room so I'm confused where that bully is coming from bro when I'm just trying to protect the family but it's cool bro she said she didn't want bullies in her house she said I gotta go or he'll call the police, so I guess if he dropped the gun, if he


the police, he can't really say anything because the gun is gone. Here, unless she probably put it in her closet or something, she could do that. I say I'm about to go look at her room while she sleeps, but she wakes up and sees me in her room.
Oh my God, I'm going to jail today, so I can't do that, but I don't know, but I'll try to get out of here. I'm going to call some of my what I'm going to call them, you know. I don't have that many friends so I don't know why my mom thinks I'm a bully. I'm out with gangbangers like I don't have friends like I'm alone, you feel me, but I'm going to call my boy. a son, I am, I call my sister, call my cousin, see if any of them will let me stay with them for a few days, you know, I figure out what I'm going to do because you know, I just need a few days to find out if I can get me, you know, a different apartment or something, you know, you just have to figure it out, so I'll call some people and see how this goes, man, okay?
I'm about to call my boy right now, see what's up, let's see if he lets me stay with him because this is crazy, bro, bro, what are you doing? My mom found my B brother and now you said what brother, how did you do it? He found it, bro, when he was in Texas, she went through the safe, bro, but um, yeah, now it seems like she's threatening to call the


on me and stuff, bro, so I think I gotta get out of here because that's crazy. my own mother, but yeah, the police, that's crazy, right, yeah, what the hell, so I was wondering if I could stay with you for a while, not long, probably a few days or something, until I get my bearings. brother brother, why are you still quiet brother, like what, brother, it's like you know I have like seven people, I, brother, I'll stay with you, brother, I'll be in your room alone for a while, brother, a few days? brother, that's it, you don't want to see me go to jail, brother, brother, that's a family business.
I won't try to go out, but I'll be with you just a few days, brother, we're just going, brother, so I can't. come and stay with you, how is it like this, so I can't come stay with you, brother, it's like putting up with what comes to a hotel, brother, a hotel, do that, if you want me to stay with you, I will stay with you so I can do it. I'm not coming for a few days bro okay right now I'm about to try and call my sister because if you know where she used to live like my apartment she used to have with me and my sister I moved out and my other one.
My sister moved into the room I used to stay in so I'm about to see if she'll let me go back to that house because I'm low key I regret moving out of that house. I'm not going to lie, I miss it. but you know I can't just go back because my sister's not going to have a place to live, she's not going to want to go back to my mom's house, so it's like, damn, so I'm going to see if she'll let me. back I feel like she would probably say yes because you know that was my house first so it's like I let you come move here and when I move in you feel me so I hope she, you know, understands and lets me move to At least for a little while too like not forever but let's see I'm about to call right now what's up shie what are you doing you said wash your face oh brush your teeth yeah sir , he's awake, oh well, mother is tripping for no reason, you know how he's getting bro and like he's talking about something, he didn't call the police on me because he found out you know the gun and the gun, yeah, shy, Like it's not like that, it's not like that, although it's to protect the family, brother, but anyway, yeah, now.
She's talking about something, she's going to call the police and stuff on me, so I was wondering if you would let me go, you know, stay with you for a while, where I can sleep on the couch, uh, on the couch, uh , brother, please, brother. I can go to jail, okay, I had some Brea, you know, I'm trying to relax right now, but it's crazy, Brother Hanan. I knew him for years, bro, over 10 years, bro, we were kids. Bad, we were stealing snacks together, bro, remember when we were hungry, bro, and we used to ask people, bro, can I get a dollar?
Can I get 50 cents? We used to hang around together, bro, trying to make it together, bro, youngans, bro, went through that. We fought together bro and I'm actually staying with you for a few days because my mom is threatening to call the police on me and you say no, well you didn't even say no, you said I could really get a hotel, bro, you know I can. go to jail right and you say I can get a hotel and now let's not talk about my sister shie I can't say how many years I knew you I knew you all my life that's crazy almost two decades I knew you my own blood blood My sister, I will do anything thing for you if you ever


me and said my boyfriend just put his hands on me, you don't know, I'll be there in a second with my share and you know what I would do. for you your my sister it's crazy to ask you to stay a few days you in my old room my old house actually staying a few days it could have been one day two days she doesn't even know how many days I just said a couple of days and your answer is hell no hell no okay and then I might even go talk to my cousin because I was trying to call my cousin he wasn't answering I texted him on his phone.
I told him, brother, it's an emergency, brother, it's an emergency. He spams them and they don't respond. I'm going to assume he's sleeping and leave it at that, but this is crazy, bro, now that I'm at my lowest rate, it's like I have no one, bro, no one, so no. I don't know, y'all know I was staying in Texas with guat for a while, you know, I think I might call him and see if he'll let me, you know, stay there for a while or should I just retire. Up, no, I won't take no for an answer, brother, he'll be like you're already here.
Cal, you know, I need a little break. I don't know, so I think he might go there. Don't know. I don't know what to do bro, I could do that bro, don't look at me, be annoying, bro, why are you my house, bro? Well, he's probably not going to say that, but he's probably thinking that. bro, so i might as well go do all that bro, i don't really have anyone, bro, i think i'm going to get my own. Look, I can't even get a place like that, as you know. No, I do not have. I don't have credit, you know, I used to use my mom, you know, to help me, you know, because she has good credit, over 800, so you know if I need an apartment or a house the same way I got the other two.
I use my mom, but obviously I can't use my mom right now because we're going through this, so it's like I don't really have anyone, bro, that's crazy. I see the reality when I move away and no one can contact me, brother. I hope you remember this bro, but I don't know, bro, it's crazy.

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