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MY GIRLFRIEND PLAYS MINECRAFT! (PrestonPlayz Girlfriend Playthough)

Jun 06, 2021
it's blood. Nobody won, is that nice? What is? Attractive. It's making you like Oakley. Yes, it's lava, no. It is red stone. Yeah, it's yours for the taking, okay? New recipes but you have to collect them. I have to jump in the hole right now How do you get out of the hole? I have to extract it. You can, but there is also another way to place blocks. Now look down. Look now. Jump up and while in the air right click. Right click or See you drop. the blocks below you that's convenient yeah that's how you build and make things you can do again Then you can also place a block there for parish yeah now you can walk I learned something Is that you can get the red stuff.
my girlfriend plays minecraft prestonplayz girlfriend playthough
Yes, smart, smart. Yes, it looks like a strawberry. Yes, to get it, you have to break it to get closer again. It's like I need all the right, yeah I don't know, I feel like it's going to be company. It's pretty good. It is useful. And you also get experience from which I have to teach you about the experience later. Yes, if you want to see Brianna making another video, her experience is definitely a must. use it well? Okay, now what, remember that you were just trying to think straight, but then you got distracted because you were remembering.
my girlfriend plays minecraft prestonplayz girlfriend playthough

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my girlfriend plays minecraft prestonplayz girlfriend playthough...

It's okay, it happens. You are aligning a resource that I have except. There you have it. No, no, you didn't get a break above your memory. You just won in a maintenance photo accent. Oh come on there go on go on you gotta keep digging me There is a lot to dig. Let's find them a cave. Eventually, they have a lot of patience to dig for such a long time. Yeah it's a lot of digging It's a lot of digging Minecraft is a serious game babe This guy would be too tired if you were too tired to sweat so now she writes about it So we'll teach you I'm gonna teach you how to build a ladder doing so you put another piece of torch what?
my girlfriend plays minecraft prestonplayz girlfriend playthough
Okay, for a ladder to be mine, turn around so you can see what you've done. You've called. You've mine-pitted, so yeah, it's like a long. Lobby. Yeah, so if you turn around, you see your long distance. Uh huh, okay, now go around to the other side. I'm 180. It's okay. There you go, for you to see these blocks Like the time you look at this one. Yeah, alright, so look at that, okay? Okay I wanted to get it right I made you pick up I'm not and I'll hit that right now and I'll hit the line on you That one and that one and this one yeah and now jump over there.
my girlfriend plays minecraft prestonplayz girlfriend playthough
Oh, I do it again ha Yeah Okay, and it's one more, and then the one right above you and he jumps good Now he looks behind you and there you go. See. It's a ladder. I like it. So now you can go down for it and then now you can go back and jump over it Bullying bully and then with your crafting bench. We're not going to do that now, but you can do stair pieces. You don't have to jump. Just walk continuously up. Levites. There is a levitation potion in this game. You can pop it.
It takes a long time to get there. We will get there one day. One day. I hope to continue to maintain the stair frame. Okay, now you can mine, are you looking back now? Look at the ladder you made. Look how big it is. It's big, so you've gone up six blocks. but now keep mining bro. I'll do it now one of these days. Let's find a cave. You know what else you have diamonds in real life. Oh, this is called a vein. We have to see how big your vein is. my vein. I'm thinking as a nurse how?
How are my veins of revenge. Okay, how many of you have found it so far? One two Oh, okay, that's very good. That's fine. That's ah, it's good for the house. That's good. You have made diamonds in your first Minecraft videos as I pain. Yes, you should be proud. Let's be the best Minecraft couple. Legendary, you know what? No, now we are good. In fact, I was trying to kill you by making you dig. Look, I was just trying to kill you because it would be fun, well, what the viewers will have. Oh yeah, I would love for you to play for the first time and kill yourself.
You didn't know that It would have been a lot of fun, but you're too good at the game Well, I was hoping that when you dig down a lot of times you dig into lava And then you burn and die, so I was hoping She dug down and found diamonds, it happened. I found that the lucky guy has the lucky character oh She's so cute. Like a future husband. I am proud to be your future husband right now. I approve of Brianna kicking ass. Okay so guys if you want to see Brianna play more Minecraft what do you guys comment subscribe and like.
Guys, thanks so much for looking. Thank you, Brianna, for taking the time to play Minecraft. I love them. She's never really played


before I love you, too But she's never played like any real video game other than Nancy Drew oh that's real okay you know it's scary okay Look look if you wanna see Preston play Nancy Drew comment below. You'll see it on my little old laptop, we're done. Thanks for looking guys. I have to go accompany this lady to her house and see you next time. DynamiteMinecrafter made these subtitles :)

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