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My Dad Watched Me On Camera.. Animated "True" Story (Share My Story)

May 31, 2021
confidence to pick up your things after we all move out. I walked into my aunt's apartment and thought we could finally be a happy family, but my mom still looked miserable. Yes, I told him to come back. She returns. No. No. She doesn't come back to teach dancing. She goes back to him because that's always been the case. It has been her favorite activity, but she said that everything she wanted to do, they got to see my dad again. She was devastated, but it got worse a few hours later, she said: Hi darling, I'll always love you, you know that, but I'm moving out.
my dad watched me on camera animated true story share my story
I'm with dad again and I want you to stay here with your aunt, okay? So if she's no longer taking the brainwashing pills, how come she's still been brainwashed? These guys had to have ten minutes for me to know that the mom was going back to the dad, but how were they going to justify this? She couldn't believe it. My mom wanted to leave me for my evil dad. Did she love Him that much? None of that made any sense, no she doesn't. This time I knew I couldn't do anything she just left and we didn't talk to her for months even though I missed her a lot my emotions I went to my parents' house my dad opened the door with a strange suit he said good day how can I help you wait who opens the door wearing a wig Oh weird outfit yes good day how can I help you maybe he's calmed down since then maybe now he's wearing ugly outfits and he's calmed down and luckily he let me in Once it was easy, there were strange symbols on all the walls when I saw my mom, she was also wearing a strange outfit, okay, so let me guess they joined the Illuminati, it's like the Illuminati symbol, but instead of an eye it's a nose.
my dad watched me on camera animated true story share my story

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my dad watched me on camera animated true story share my story...

I didn't hold back and said with tears in my eyes I have missed you so much mom but she just replied Okay, how can I help you? How did they brainwash her again? Why do you talk so strange? What's up with your outfit? What's going on? Then my dad said that for many years we have lived as sinners but now we have found our Creator. Then he gave me a book with one of those symbols. I took it home and read it the same day from start to finish. Well, that's when I knew my parents had joined a cult haha.
my dad watched me on camera animated true story share my story
A little more research on the internet and I discovered that the cult was a huge scam. They basically tricked their followers into giving 30 to 50 percent of their salary to the cult and a guy for redemption, but they don't have any. They have some salary left They don't have a job My partner invited me to return to his house I gladly accepted his invitation Also why don't you say what a cult is like If you say Share my


this would be a really great like opportunity to raise awareness about said cult . I clicked on a video called.
my dad watched me on camera animated true story share my story
My dad looked at me with his


and asked me: where did the brainwashing pills go and what cult is it? Again there was a man with them and my parents told me. I what is their leader is this an episode of Riverdale he asked me if I had read the book that my dad gave me why is Squidward there is this a picture of their leader oh man they joined the cult of Squidward everyone knows what he is a scam Now that you know the truth, you are in great danger. Satan hates it when people know the truth.
He will send his demons to look for you. Your only way to be safe is to go through the reincarnation process. What are they going to kill her? I immediately realized that. he was trying to scare me into joining his stupid cult, the only problem was he knew demons didn't exist, oh, that's why I ran to my mom and said, please mom, don't tell me you believe in this stupid sect, she obviously. Do you know that demons do not exist? Come on, let's get out of here, but my mom kept her fake smile. Join Squidward's cult.
Someday you will understand the truth. Then my dad told me. You're not ready yet. Please get him out of our house. All that happened two years ago and I haven't seen my parents since all I know is that they sold their house and moved somewhere else but they never wanted to visit me or call me, it's sad, I still miss my mom so much, she was so kind. beautiful person, but I also knew I had to move on and that's what I did, thanks for listening to me, no problem, that was really something, it was really a blast from the past, it was the most sensational crazy, it just melted your brain and all that. thumbnails eventually abandoned because I'm too pretty oh who wants that next one? ha ha abandoned pregnant at 14 I left my stepmother pregnant there is a little boy in the miniature and he is pointing at this belly and the belly is gigantic I wouldn't do it I would have known if I hadn't lost control, you know what it is, it is It's crazy, it's very extravagant, as if it moved you, the pack deserved many years in prison. 8.2k yeah we all


this video and like they wrote dad as the most hated person possible, he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever so mom had to have been brainwashed to follow him.
It's just that yeah, I mean, yeah, it makes me angry how many people got angry after watching this video. I got angry. I got really angry, I guess that's what it is, man, that's what it was designed to do, just get you really angry. Great now that we're all mad, I don't know man, I feel like shit after seeing it and buying it. Obviously, when you see something like this you want to believe it because why wouldn't you for lack of cynicism? It's a very easy way to be manipulated to use it and that's how it works now.
I just thought it was really interesting. so I wanted to watch one of these with you, let me know what you think, let me know if you think I mean, this is like a cool art form, if you think it's


, if you think it was more than just emotional appeal. I really would have liked her to say the brand of medication the mom took, the name of the cults she joined, you know, things that can help you keep an eye on the future, even the injury the dad had, it would really be interesting to know. to help people in the future, but, yeah, my brain is so rotten right now that I don't even know what to say.
I hope you enjoyed this video, let me know what you think about it in the comments if you would like. I'd like to see me talk about things and play games and make sure you hit the push notifications and I'll see you next time, bye.

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