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My Brother Almost Died (18 Times...)

Apr 16, 2023
foreigner hey brenner if you jump off this cliff right now i'll give you a dime oh hi i'm bryson and i made a video a while ago about the





and the


i got really hurt but that got me . thinking about the other injuries in my family and a


came to mind one who would dodge the grip of death more times than I can count the


who had little to no regard for his own mortality and would regularly hurt himself like the wild child if you will be the little brother Brenner this is going to be a long video because Brenner gets injured a lot.
my brother almost died 18 times
I don't want to cut good stories or make a sequel, so let's sit back, relax, have some popcorn and laugh at my brother's pain. Now


all of Brenner's injuries were self-inflicted, however I think it's only right that we start the video with Brenner's first injury, the one he received from me. Brenner had just been born and my parents invited me into the room to say hello to my new baby brother. when I greeted him, he reached out and scratched my chest. Now obviously Brenner was just a baby, he had no control of his body and just moved, but my four year old brain couldn't let it go, how dare you? first you enter my house you take my place as the cute youngest child and you take all the attention of my parents and now I offered you my hand in friendship and you attacked me you must pay a reward for your actions hey no to just calm down don Don't do it, my parents tried to stop me, but it was too late.
my brother almost died 18 times

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my brother almost died 18 times...

I reached out and scratched his back. He started crying and my parents put me on time out. Brenner didn't know that his pain had just begun. Okay, in all seriousness. I felt very bad. for what i did even now i still regularly apologize to brenner about it but he can't even remember so he doesn't care bruner my conscience has really been getting to me lately and i'm so sorry about what i did dude that was 17 years ago years, can you move on? I forgive you, it's okay, thank you, I love you, Brenner. experience runs in the family Brody walked through a door as a young Brenner was sticking his fingers in the hinges and Brody slammed the door Brenner's fingers bent every which way if I had a nickel for every time I slammed the fingers of a brother at the door He would have two nickels, that's not much, but it's strange that it happened twice, luckily Brenner's fingers weren't broken and the doctors healed him.
my brother almost died 18 times
Feel better soon, friend, and stay out of trouble. One time Brennan and I were playing tag and instead of me tagging her, he jumped onto a busy street and a car barely missed him. I guess Brenner was more willing to die than lose her. you didn't listen to the other options. I don't really know why he is so accident prone, but the following story was not an accident. but you don't like them yeah when i was younger my mom sent me and brenner to play with the neighbor kids jake and steven the main reason i didn't like jake was because he said your sister is so good Britney was 18 years old.
my brother almost died 18 times
Jake and I were eight. Have you considered shutting up anyway? I spent the day putting up with Jake's antics, but in the end I hid from him on the front porch and watched Brenner and Steven play in the front yard. Come here, Brenner, I want to show you something that Brenner came up with. he Steven grabbed his hand reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of scissors and began to cut Brenner's fingers stop I ran to them to check on Brenner his fingers were bleeding and he was crying I took the scissors out of Steven's hand he I grabbed him by the arm and forced him to come in with his mom hey Steven just cut off Brenner's fingers with scissors hmm oh oh Steven what is that surprised me call my mom right now so she can pick us up we're leaving we're leaving and the fingers They healed very well but still the mother's reaction was not good luckily I never had to go to that family's house again reminds me again that Brody was very little and another child was hitting him my mother took the child to him to his mom and she said her son was hitting brody and all she did was say soft hands hunter i mean come on soft hands how about you punish your son for hitting a stranger you clearly don't know how to discipline kids here you i will show how much of brenner's injuries were caused by wanting to grow up fast and keep up with his big brothers eg my turn bryson doesn't need training wheels on his bike so i don't try that either but one time brenner tried set a trend that the other brothers would follow and the consequences were serious.
The following story is the real reason I made this video. Honestly, I'm still amazed that Brenner survived this. climb it up and jump off it onto our bean bag for fun, however this time it went horribly wrong. Brenner pushed the bean bag close to the machine, climbed up and jumped head first with the same respect for his life a Minecraft player has when seeing a block of water at the bottom of a cliff part of the bean bag was covering the exercise bench that stretched out hiding the large metal part underneath Brenner thought since there was part of the bean bag in there it would be smooth, but his head smacked the bean bag into the metal part and cracked his forehead wide open. couple mom and Brittany ran into Brunner crying with blood everywhere they got scared and took him out of the house to take him to the hospital I only saw him for a moment when they ran away but I realized it was bad Brittany and mom then told me that they could see Brenner's skull through the wound on his head.
My dad sent me to a friend's house so they could take care of me while my parents took care of Brenner. I remember sitting on his stairs. terrified that I would never see Brenner again God please hear my prayer if you get a tan or are you okay I promise I will never be mean to him in the hospital again as Brenner was so accident prone they kept pointing cuts at his head that were from previous shenanigans is this cut old or new? Is this cut old or new? I think they even had a plastic surgeon involved in fixing his head.
The next time I saw Brenner, he was standing with 25 points on his head, but he was fine. Oh, I thought you were going to die, Brenner. Ok thanks anyway he still has a huge scar on his forehead but thanks to the doctors he was fine Bronner can you calm down on the injuries? You're going to die if you're not careful. It is not difficult to die. I could do it like this. right now, but like number two, another time, a young Brenner was using the bathroom and found a bottle of painkillers on the counter, they were coated in a sugary glaze to make them easier to swallow, so Brenner took the pills one by one and sucked them until they ran out of sugar and then they spit them out she did this over and over and over and sucking on the pills made her sick and passed out i'm tired my mom discovered Brenner unconscious on the bathroom floor surrounded by pills and once again the doctors demonstrated why it's good to go to college, not for me, but as for you, good for you. blood that was contaminated with drugs he threw it away and then injected it with fresh blood I don't know again he swallowed a bunch of coins and again my parents rushed him to the hospital where they did an x-ray to show a bunch of coins in his stomach they they told my poor parents to dig through her um waistline until they got all the coins it was like a piggy bank but much more disgusting true it was like a piggy bank but much more disgusting honestly how often Brenner visited the hospital I am surprised that they didn't have a special section of the hospital just for him.
Surprisingly, the following story is the only time Brenner has ever broken a bone. he gets hurt, but no, he still has bones. My family has a small motorcycle we call the Big Bertha. It's fun to ride, but it doesn't have suspension. It has two wheels and an engine. Bertha had no suspension. She decided to get on a curb. The bike bounced. Brenner swerved and lost control and fell headfirst onto the handlebars. He landed on his arm and broke his wrist. A trip to the hospital later and Brenner was in a cast. to be unique so he asked me to paint it to look like Thanos's Gauntlet so I took out the paint and painted it the best I could to look like the Gauntlet it looked pretty cool in my opinion but then Brenner she itched her arm and the doctors told her that her arm would itch at first but if she ignored it the itching would go away; she was also specifically told to leave the cast alone and not to stick anything in the cast to try to scratch the itch, however the itch overcame.
So Brenner, without consulting anyone, grabbed Brody's glasses and began pushing the long end into his cast in an attempt to scratch the itch. He removed the glasses only to realize that the small rubber cover had slipped off and was now stuck in the determined cast. to scratch the itch and get the rubbery covering back, Brenner somehow removed all the soft wrappings under the cast, leaving only the hard outer layer. Brenner had scratched the itch and was satisfied. Then Mom came in and saw what Brenner had done. Bye they went back to the hospital and she explained the situation, can you imagine being a doctor and putting someone in a good cast to help them heal and the next thing you know they screwed up?
I feel like the maid I just cleaned this mask and we keep it clean for 10 minutes they had to cut his Thanos cast and make him another one. Brenner came home and asked me to paint his new cast. No, I spent a lot of time painting the last one and you ruined it. How do I know you won't? screw it up again, come on man, just paint it again, why should i get penalized for your carelessness? So Brenner was around wearing a lame blue cast instead of a cool Thanos cast a few months later the doctors took the cast off and realized Brenner's arm had healed crooked it was literally like a 15 degree angle my Mom pointed this out and the doctor said yes, well, it's within the range of twisting that we think is acceptable, so I'll just leave it at that.
You're not the one to have to live with a sprained arm, fix it and get it right this time, so the doctors explained that to fix it they would have to break Brenner's arm again, bend it properly and reshape it, do it, wait what. hold them down, wait no, so they did that and Brenner's arm eventually healed properly, but not without pain. Now you'd think after breaking his arm on Big Bertha, Brenner would never touch that thing again. Brenner and I got bored and decided to go for a ride him in Big Bertha and my go-kart and I chased each other around a parking lot but then I thought how can I make racing more interesting and my mind went to my favorite racing game.
Mario Kart, you know the game where you destroy your enemies by throwing objects at them, so I decided to walk past Brenner and throw my flip-flops at him. We went back and forth throwing flip flops at each other like green shells for some. At that point, I whizzed past and gave Brenner a good flip-flop and he wanted to retaliate with something stronger. He grabbed the branch of a large tree and drove toward me. He turned the branch and I strayed out of the way, but the branch was very heavy. that by swinging it, Brenner lost his balance, swerved, and flew over the handlebars once more, going berserk again.
Brenner was scraped and bruised but thankfully nothing broke and he finally learned his lesson and no longer handles big births but I do we are at the end of the video and yet those aren't even all of Brenner's injuries but if I'm still talking about them this video is going to be 30 minutes and in that time you'll probably get hurt again let's quickly run through some latest stories. aquarium that lets you sharks and a bamboo shark bit Brener's finger Brenner went to a trampoline park tried a stupid trick and landed on his head and had to wear a neck brace for a few weeks Brenner and Brody went kayaking Brody tried to splash a Brenner with the paddle but he slipped out of the water smashed into Brenner's face and knocked out his front teeth he was almost hit by a car as a kid but he hung on the bumper while being dragged and my sister stopped the car to save him his friend shot him accidentally hit his forehead with a BB gun and his forehead still has a dent in it in conclusion the hall guardian angel is built differently because he has saved brenner more times than i can count and as much as i make fun of him , I'm thankful for that as he's grown I think. he's become a little less accident prone, let's hope he continues in that direction because I'm pretty sure he's used up all of his Nine Lives.
God has sent his soul back to the living world so many times at this point that if Brenner shows up there again God might say oh forget him and keep him well hey it could be worse at least his soul will go to heaven yeah hey guys it's me you Bryson favorite thanks for watching it's been a while so let me make some announcements I'm a featured creator at VidCon this year and hope to see you thereI have a tick tock now go watch it we also started making YouTube shorts thank you very much for the positive comments on those the first short I posted is now the most viewed video on the channel thank you very much for that now we have two teams the goal is to be working in two videos at once the red team made this video and guess what two more videos are in the works right now i can't wait to show them to you they are some of the best videos we have we have done it we also have a channel in spanish as well look if you speak Spanish, we also reached 3 million subscribers. yahoo.
I'm working on two amazing top secret projects right now that I'm very excited to keep an eye on. He turned 22 a while ago, so that's great. I can't wait to see all the comments saying if her voice got deeper. Those are always fun. I can't wait for you to meet me in real life and realize that my voice speaks normally. It sounds like that, okay, I love you, and wear your seatbelt.

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