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My Boyfriend Cooks My Favorite Meal

Jun 01, 2021
doing I'm Li puckering can't you see what I'm wearing this is called the leisure suit can't you see the leisure ring? I can see it hey, what's up guys? Yeah, so Julian just got back from his trip. We haven't seen each other in a couple of days, we're both a little exhausted. This was actually all inspired by the fact that I bought this casual suit, it's literally called a casual suit, so that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to Lygia. that and that means everyone around me has to do it for me, those who wear a casual suit, yes that's right, I'm there where you can reach them.
my boyfriend cooks my favorite meal
I'm wearing a casual suit and that's how casual suit works anyway. All we can manage now is just feed ourselves, but I thought it would be a really fun video for me because so many of you asked me to do cooking videos on Julian's vlog channel. In fact, we have something called JJ's kitchen where we just cook. food instead of just forcing my


to cook for me, which would be nice and fun, and I mean, I'm wearing my t-shirt. I decided I think it would be cool if we did it. My





food because I would say. that my


food is kind of interesting, especially if you have a favorite food that's not like a cheeseburger, it's very specific so that while they're cooking it for you you can wear your casual suit and tell them everything they're doing wrong. and then it doesn't work out and keep trying, you know, wait, that's what we're doing, yeah, you're going to cook me my favorite food and I'm going to eat you all the time.
my boyfriend cooks my favorite meal

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my boyfriend cooks my favorite meal...

It's my leisure suit. My favorite food happens to be a A delicacy from upstate New York is called garbage plate. Well, for those of you who don't know, traditionally it's half macaroni salad, half macaroni salad, half french fries or french fries and burgers with cheese on top and then it's topped with like a meat sauce, ketchup and mustard. hot sauce the whole nine is delicious I haven't had one in years because I don't eat meat anymore. I see these on Beatrice and I say like potato chips to them and I say, first of all, you have my dad.
my boyfriend cooks my favorite meal
They're using brown mustard in there like it's a mess, the internet needs to clean them up because apparently no one knows how to make real vegan crap Lee, so Julian's going to try. I'm Bill Alicia and the critic. Can I have some? them and for those of you from other countries wondering why Americans got so fat it's because we invented things like garbage we already went to whale feed and got a lot of stuff more or less it's kind of like that they're not full cheeseburgers That's what people don't understand about a garbage job is that they're like smashed hamburgers, they're very thin hamburgers and they go on top and you can get them with all kinds of different things, like hot dogs.
my boyfriend cooks my favorite meal
Larry likes hamburgers. and hot dogs, it's just terrible for you, we're going to do a traditional cheeseburger place, by the way, I've never seen a video nor has anyone tried a proper vegan garbage place, so our sites are probably doing searches, no There is no one from Rochester who is vegan except For me, I'm kidding, it's probably fun, first let's make macaroni salad and then we go to the meat sauce, yeah, then we cook the potatoes and then the burgers, yeah, the burgers are lies, Would you like some chapstick? No, it shows you the ones that a little bit of chapstick, yeah. loss so like my dad babish always says you have to have a small tray of kosher salt a small tray a freshly ground pepper it seems so unnecessary to turn it into garbage please why are you here fancy so we're cooking some tap water?
Anali Jitsu, so start chopping, by far my least favorite thing in the kitchen. Boy, you cut vegetables like you're relaxing, you dusty narcotic mess. You're just going to leave that Virgo, please clean it up. Do you know how much of this you are cooking your clothes? Yes, they are two ribs of celery, that's why I cut them all from the head, there is a fourth onion, but I'm already done with half, it's okay, it's not your food, it's my deal and unlike the rest of the sheep in the north of the New York State. I don't think Nick Tahoes has the best trash bowl.
I don't really support it. I really fight. They may have invented garbage late, but it's not the best. No, we can not. It was Julian who didn't make the sauce. goes with the macaroni salad, yeah, one thing I do know is that you're going to make it taste sour somehow like Julian makes, it's very sour and he's like, should we add more lemon? I'm like there's no cup of mayonnaise. using only male dill pickles and a little pickle juice you need two teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, as far as I'm concerned this is the only Dijon mustard in existence, it's all sugar, it goes away , it's my favorite food.
Doing it for you on this part because I'll leave it here until next week if I don't, it's probably a much finer chocolate, take a piece, I've chosen chops, you know, what you choose is the camera lens on the inside. the ball, can you? You seem very sweet. Are you on facebook. I don't like a bite, I just want to try it, oh, don't put it up, hey, Joseph, that's right, okay, don't put it up. don't touch it don't put that baby in it don't say if it needs a little lemon don't do it better as help that's perfect it needs lemon mix it very well nice and good nice and very good I'm actually like I'm very surprised that it tastes like my part favorite of this is the backhanded compliment.
I think when you put it in the refrigerator I don't like it. I can also suggest that there was plenty of water and that the proportion is perfect. I am not going to do it. mess it up a little bit, I mean, it's mayonnaise now, Johanna, you're wrong, you can't touch the tools I'm cooking, so we can work on the hot sauce, will you?, because a lot of people think that. the hot sauce that goes on top of a garbage plate is a slightly spicy sauce, but it's not, it's more like a chili, it's almost like a meat sauce, it's not particularly a super place, that's what makes everything What you're doing be an extra crust, are you crying baby?
Emotional people somehow you can't just fool create this emotion don't you even believe? No, no lemon, no lime, no citrus of any kind, yes, I feel quite relaxed, except for the fact that everything you are doing now is stressful. I took out this garlic about four, that's four cloves of garlic. I cooked your favorite foods. My reflex is to say sushi, but vegan sushi doesn't exist yet, so probably pad thai, are you kidding me? Watch your mouth when you talk about my son pad thai listen to this my idea if we have a child I want to name him after friends so Lomita come on, what's in his name in Fran is a very good name no no, yes, how about Okay, June, get a bunch of this Jerry?
Seinfeld, so lamia, then we could totally commercialize our videos if every one of them, Jerry Seinfeld, just said fry, it doesn't say Centro and when I see fry, I just see hello, here we are delivering fried onion and garlic, hello. good way to remember and while I'm cooking let's go down with this bar you'll have some utensils in play no, it's not your recipe it'll give me look at me aren't you going to choose such a simple one? recipe the simple recipe that I have ever cooked when you criticize me at the end, can you remember that I have never made this?
They use the same terms sophistication, like me, this is where I come from, we need fire. fire extinguishers and every corner of the kitchen, everyone does proper fire service, especially you boy, you added some water for Julian because he doesn't know the consistency and I do, we check on the back so it definitely looks like Vegan Mayo, looks good, what are you doing? now you're going to put these boards in this fried blood pressure in everyone else, keep the electronics on this side, plug in the air fryer, so we're going to throw them in a crispy pan, cook them and then season a little pepper and have them ready to go. be on the plate, do you think all of those are going to fit? because there was an episode of James' Kitchen where we made fried pickles and there was too much stuff in there.
I lowered the amount of oil since that harbors that scenario in the way I wash the dishes or wash them, they're okay, you can eat them, okay, imagine this, my idea is that you helped me get to where I need to go now. I want to put together the last few steps so you can be a little surprised by the progress. Oh yeah. It will be great, can I make a request? Yeah, don't let the ketchup and mustard be important, of course not, let's go and do it, so you and I have a good talk, you and I are going to figure this out.
Oh, she seems to be very depressed about this. plan well, so let's go, you can sit there, you can smell all the goodness, but I don't know, get lost, what we're doing here is we're going to heat up this frying pan set somewhere, get it, really, really. hot for these burgers what we're looking at now I think this looks pretty good you have a season um right after they come out of the fryer these are the potatoes back to Burger town USA Babylon scratch with something heavy just a little bit a little salt, pepper, okay, so they will melt very quickly, we will return to our final station where we will assemble everything, you will not see my beautiful face, I will just show you this, yeah, wait. on and leisure, I'm very excited right now.
I haven't had a garbage plate in a long time. Julian has never had a garbage plate, that's how it's done, just put it everywhere and then you need yellow mustard, nothing like that. diddly and you have mustard it all looks like garbage but then there are crazy people who like you probably know the Chipotle bowl like one small bite at a time no you need to cut them all up and make them homogeneous you know anything garbage game. I feel like someone's favorite noodle says a lot about that, no, my mind says so, but me and the trash, look, oh my god, are you excited?
Oh Julia, this really looks so good, I would love for everyone to see this right now. I thought like I was never going to go. Upstate New York, that place looks disgusting and you're right, he says, I want to see your reaction to trying it because you've heard me talk about it since we met, look at it, this is perfect trash, look late, that's what what is it. It's supposed to look like okay, I'm going to cry, it tastes like garbage, I love you, obviously the burger is different, but the way you crisp it makes it taste like garbage, but I'm like me.
I'm going to cry real tears, so just a lot of ketchup and then imagine my friend, yeah, that sound is a flavor I've never tried before, right, it's wild, it's not good, it's really good, I finally can't put it together with a hamburger and I can. I don't quite group it with barbecue food, it's like somewhere, this is something about having a macaroni salad with a burger, now imagine it's really and it's for men and you're lost right now, tell me that's not what best you've ever done. Have I ever eaten it, yeah holy it's really good, you made me my favorite food, it's so good, I feel like you treated me like the princess, but I'm NOT that open minded.
Hasek The onion without pickles, can you give it a score of 10? This is 10 maximum. out of 10 no, I didn't think a vegan would also be gluten free. I didn't think you could make it taste like crap Lee, but he really does taste the same. He was a little skeptical about the meat beyond the meat sauce as well. it was going to have the wrong texture but it doesn't matter oh oh man this was really cute so I'm glad you like it good job making it it was so much fun I'm excited that I like making this more that's how I am recipe that requires a lot of handiwork play I'm sorry I did that to the family Bob, look at this woman at some point I'll have to make you your favorite


, although we modified some of the recipes.
I'm going to put the recipes we used. the description, so in case you ever want to try this load of crap, you can. Yes it's correct. I always make a good video. We spent some time together. I could yell at you that I'm a tornado in the kitchen. Make sure to subscribe to my channel. and wear your piece every Wednesday, bar, there it is and you know I will do it. I'm just going to beat your ass out with my favorite, but not this Bluebird, thank you, oh man, the wine really bounces, you know we should.
Do it next time garbage plate camera put a GoPro in the middle of the garbage plate and just watch this from inside. Damn, what's wrong with you? God, you're so unrefined, so I'll fax or email you the list. I feel like it's a really nice thing to do, although your partner likes to have you cook your favorite


if they've never made it, especially if they've never made it, so you can micromanage them the whole time until they literally tell you to. give up and the children are the Vian Julia Carson said hello you did the impossible you made me a glass plate boy this is my heart on a plate you should eat the chest of your heart and don't forget that one day we will have a son and his name will be San Francisco , so San Francisco sold me that if you watch this video, we'll see you next week, bye.

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