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Must See! Dennis Orcollo runs a 6-Pack! 9 Ball!

Feb 27, 2020
pov tonight we bring you the final game of the 17th annual Jay Swanson memorial our commentators tonight will be Jay Helford and the legendary Billie Ann Cardona I only left one shot but it's a very thin cut on all three has to spin the cue


loose what it looks like the cue


will go up and down the crockery if he can hit the three he'll have his chance on the four it doesn't look like it's going to go wrong here it looks like he's going to go towards that six or possibly the four so it looks like he's leaning on the angle to go between the four and nine hairs or possibly towards the four, narrowly missing, the four made a good shot and is rewarded.
must see dennis orcollo runs a 6 pack 9 ball
This is a shot he shouldn't have a problem with, he'll just draw to the side, make sure he has an angle on the six, he doesn't want to go straight to the six so he didn't want to go straight to the six, he didn't need to take it back like you did it hit it a little bit you didn't need to take it back like you did just to the side wheel and to the actual side you know maybe six or seven inches you've been talking about four inch pockets but they measured these two corner pockets near us, they're three and seven eighths these are on this table, they call them devil's pockets, this pocket and the other corner pocket.
must see dennis orcollo runs a 6 pack 9 ball

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must see dennis orcollo runs a 6 pack 9 ball...

I have seen many stray balls in these two pockets that are actually in control of the cue ball. You want to end up in the center of the table here. I mean, maybe even flipping the nine might be the best way to go ahead of the nine. I'll always have to stretch for this one, well yeah he's going to hit, wait, in the end, here, it didn't sound like him. he missed, yeah, yeah, a little, a little, he didn't make a good contact. It amazes me how, the more Dominance the Filipinos have, how well they can stretch his body and lengthen it to reach shots.
must see dennis orcollo runs a 6 pack 9 ball
They have no bones, everything is cartilage. what all the best players have in common if you watch them play is cue ball hitting accuracy if you notice when they hit the ball like their q-tip so get close to the cue ball and when they finally hit it and hit the final hit that's where the tip hits exactly where they're aiming when they're getting ready to fire the shot, they hit exactly where they're aiming right on the cue ball right on the - exactly it was so important to get a good hit on the cue ball to play poof top tier I don't know what you're working on, yeah you messed up a bit so you're mistreating your tip.
must see dennis orcollo runs a 6 pack 9 ball
It's a race to 11, you know what's interesting, he's breaking his game cube, well he didn't break our fluke of soft, never mind, look, it's like shooting the shot, it's not even a hard shot, they just have a lot of speed. at half time he's making the corner ball every rack when he breaks the bone it's been very interesting Billy because some games he's been breaking hard and others he's been breaking soft and it changes over the course of the game well the only reason why the one he would trade if he wasn't getting production off the break so far he's been very productive since the break he doesn't need to trade can he make this long shot on the only very difficult shot left on the table in a very small pocket well yeah it does it will form on the two well hit that cigar never touched a rail forever good trick big shot coming here Jake because of the position of the four having to end up on top of the three which will send them into the four Delfy finishes below that he will go to the nine possibly behind the back another filipino trait wants to turn around did it made the perfect position these guys at least have to shoot yeah a ahead let's take a look at 609 if possible as we try to get into the 9 here and move away from that six i If you have the angle to do that because now playing from the four that's fine not lengthening the four to the six it's not hard , but if the four was in a safe position or let's say the five was up here, it would have gone into the nine. played the four five and opened that pocket for the nine if I need him he's playing for a combination again no way he


like it there's no reason for him to play for the combination unless he likes it obviously he likes it a lot better now 5 2 2 5 2 2 Venice is folding, he's up by three games and it's not like Jason Shaw really did anything wrong, but he missed it, just so you know, I thought he was in control of the table, it looked like he was.
Going back to the game, it was 3-2 at the time, okay and it looks like the score is 3-5 or 2, now it's 5-0 on track: it would have been a normal shot on the four to the right and like I said. he didn't need the drop down table what he wanted to do most was go to the side round back and keep that good angle on the six and now he's getting punished yeah that's what happened and there's the corner kick once again, he's playing position for the one he pushed back too far this time he's playing position for the one in that pocket in the side pocket in the corner oh in the corner he shot the one in the corner ryan this is what he's doing but he pulled it back too far this time, well it's a similar shot to the one he had on the back row, now the other shot was a little easier. this shot plays a lot harder because this shot really has to hit the pure pocket because there it skims that spot on the way down he's going to miss it because he's going to have to hit this shot faster Joey I gotta do it I'll tell you what I've been watching playing this guy for two weeks, he's the favorite to do this show.
Kind of looking at a different breed of pool player here, he doesn't know it's a shot that's hard, just all he's thinking about is how do I have to hit this ball to get a position on it to do a good job understanding it? of the game he is much more advanced than most and understands exactly the speed he needs and exactly how he needs to hit the shot to get it right. many players tried to maintain that you lean against three. up if I go medium speed if I go to the other side of each right instead of trying to hold him because when you try to hold the ball you lose a bit of precision yeah he doesn't mind having a bit of distance on both balls of course he is having a little problem jumping here outside the band he will go to the wings towards the 3/4 center side ball note his concentration note this concentration again i have been watching him play a lot i don't see any player who has better focus and concentration that this guy right here now might have a problem here if he has an awkward angle if he follows that and goes into the 7 he doesn't want to do that so he may have to move away from the 7 and shoot short of the wing.
I may have to draw him over to the side rail and cross back ok I'm walking between 4 and 9 well he can shoot that shot he knows how to shoot that shot he knows how to shoot every shot did you know depending from what kind of angle it lies with will obviously determine what you need to do with the cue ball you may have to draw it to a side rail and back off between the 4 and 9 definitely stole the ball you called that look at this look at this look at the british on that ball we go straight in but yeah yeah yeah I don't think it's a problem you like the way you hit that one you know it's hard to argue with success well the way it hits any really it's 5 to 2 it's going to be 6 he's looking to extend it by 4 games to 6 to 2 he's really a master at the table he totally understands what he has to do and he certainly has Paul to pull out all the tools to do it mmm can I tell you one little story about trust?
This is what he tells me half an hour before this match when Jason is playing in the semifinals Jay says when the tournaments are over Jack likes it but he said when the tournaments are over he said we'll go to that 24 hour Western Union like he says because I'm going I have a lot of money I want to send money home I hadn't won this is before playing it's already counting like 3,000 he said I'm going to send all this money home I said okay Dennis okay let's say hello here to our main tournament sponsor Obi Q's Kamui tips go play pool dot-com mr ellis in ink in virtual pool so q2 you calm down and of course max never leaves pro pool academy and the producers of this event CSI that's Q sports international thank you all for your support this big event as i mentioned as i mentioned before that jay there is a player who has has all the tools but he is ready to play yeah so he wanted to make sure when he wins this money he is ready what he had to do with it dad was in a western union he said i want to send home he said no i dont want to have all that money so im going to reno and make more money.
I will tell you that he is a dedicated family man. Every time he makes money like Derby City he sends money home that he's not only a great snooker player he's a good man I really like this guy you know that's probably one of the reasons why he's so successful because he treats us you know he is a very responsible person and this is a business for him you know I mean absolutely to so absolutely so with that understanding this is his job this is exactly it is easy to understand how well he plays and why he plays well well one of the reasons why he plays well he did many reasons right? he likes billiards but you're absolutely right Billy hit the nail on the head he treats it like a job and works hard at his job he will say this is my profession.
I am a billiards player and what is so special and he was so beautiful in what he does is that he loves his work. if you couldn't do anything as well as he plays pool unless you love what you're doing you know I've seen him play games that are very hard games where he's given up a big spot and he looks at me and says I like it a hard game most people don't want a hard game he said i like hard games because it's a challenge for him he sees it as a challenge well he sees all the dedication and all the time you have put into something like it's worth it because when you have to act when you left when is it so urgent to respond to the challenge? he's there, he can do it, you know it, and that's confirmation from him that whatever he's doing right, yes, he's doing it, he's doing it right now, isn't he?
This is quite a virtuoso performance so far tonight, now this guy asked me to play pool. he


, I wouldn't even answer him, you know, understand, I wouldn't even answer him. look at jason jason shakes his head okay okay okay so the score is 72 you know people here in tough times and basically in the california area to come run this is a tournament in every other pool hall you see play at to this guy I really don't know for sure if they understand you know what's going on according to yes of them watching this guy playing you know how can you tell where we met where in the world water in mind oh yeah who am I watching play ?
Do you know what he reminds me of? 40 years ago I watched Mosconi play an exhibition at II he ran like 141 and came out right and never had a line never had a hard shot and after he was done some lady said he wasn't that good never had to shoot a tough shot yeah she wasn't aware how brilliant minded he was she played and like you said I mean check this out because this is the best opening shot of the game right here yeah the crowd is buzzing right now this is an informed crowd here Billy this is an informed crowd that have been seeing a great pool in this pool hall for the last 23 years yeah you know it's a good pool when they see it they really realize how special which is for them yeah to be in the area of ​​hard times to watch this regularly listen we've got a thousand people online who are excited right now with Daniel told me he said it's the biggest audience he's ever had right now and why not and why doesn't someone show up re approaching the ball you don't want to shoot it from a distance it has a slight angle just throwing that cue ball off the rail it plays the way we all would like to play it actually plays the way you envision it thanks and that it is very difficult to do because we have our own vision of what we would do. i like to do the only problem is we can t get it right once upon a time could i could but could you what Rack is this by the way i have lost count here well this is the 10th rack and it will be eight to two it will be 8 to 2 if this 9 ball goes down and it did, Jason is still open, isn't it 24 hours in 24 hours and he knows it too?
I tell you he asked me the one they were playing the semifinal game for, Jay said when this is over I want to go to Western Europe because he said I want to have all that money he said I'm going to send that home he said I don't even need this money i mentioned it i said


she still got another match to play ok i think she has a pretty good test here going from one to two this seems to be a bit of a problem here max spin on the cue ball sends them on a pretty good line for both. he certainly has all the shots going from 1 to 2 wasn't as easy as it seemed he made it look easy hitting for maximum spin at the exact speed he hit the ante to finish with the shot on the 2 he did well on this moment it seems that he is the only one who is playing.He's making that corner. ball every time on the fast break in your playing position for the 1 or 2 so in a sense it's a bit unfair no it really is yes here it is yes because the opener has a huge advantage in this table because the corner kick enters. if you know how to wrap if you know what you're doing and he obviously does it well he has broken the ball 7 or 8 times and missed he is not missing forward he has done to clean every time he got caught once on a ball that's all every other time he has had his chance and it's going to be 9 to 2 that's five racks kind of scary here let's take a look we're here on Stu 'cause he's playing his side too so he's gonna want to rap. - to where the two go back up the table back ball back ball look that's what he's doing okay because he's breaking the ball soft enough to make the eight in the corner the one will go to the side if the one fails to get in the side or half shot on the one if the one goes on the side you want to make sure you both bounce off that back cushion and up on the table for a shot see how the ball toss is when they're broken the other: the other narrowly misses the fat sigh, he's going to play fit on the 1 or the 2 see both of them in, yeah, he's got fit on both balls, oh, he's tormenting them, he's tearing up the pattern , okay, knowing where the balls are going, you're not just rewarded with the corner ball. either one or two he might not vacate the table he might sell out the whole set well he has vacated the table in the last 20 minutes you know if you haven't and in my opinion it's not really just wanted to remind everyone that Denis plays under the tiger banner Q which is a tiger he is using right there he has been winning tournaments with Ted q for the last year and is on his way to another win looks like he is going from 5 to the 6 and if you notice each rack the 9 is positioned where it is now and there's always a ball to the right if you remember it's malt he's made two combinations on that 9 in that pocket and he might get another one no I doubt this time go from 5 to 6, okay, this is like clockwork. watching Moscone Run 150 ball that reminds me of that gun some guy shot it seemed like he was shooting the same pattern the whole time and you wonder why no one wants to play huh but I'm not trying to take anything away from him. he plays, but you know, I mean he knows what he's doing, right?
He certainly has everything under control or it seems that he does, yes, he's going to have to take a little longer shot on the nine, but he wants to finish. with and this is not an easy shot do you think that's really a problem for him I don't quite get it the question now is will Jason Shaw be able to visit the table well we're not going to make it to the table I mean I mean I can see the writing on the wall, he's not going to make it to the table, he's taking that corner, he's playing fit for 1 or 2, he's going to be left with nothing. and come three four here comes the delivery because I mean it's his pattern right because there may be but you know Jason Shaw never complained the tournament director never said anything and the crowd loves it you know the crowd loves what they're seeing At this time, I have often argued with Billy, these people who want to play alternative break nine ball or alternative break level.
The crowd loves to watch people run racks. Well, I think they need to change the layout of the format a bit here. Well, that's why. they are playing ten bal Nowadays, in most major tournaments, it is a little more difficult. There is the one who is there until eight and then the side that only got a kiss on it to see that they added it so that they kissed it that time. Otherwise, the two of them would go to the corner. the score is 10 to 2 I think at this point the bottom line is pretty safe The question is what the bottom score will be and now you'll see how the genius of a dentist or Cola forgets before running all those racks he's gonna find a way to get out of this jam okay every time you can't see a ball after the balls break you are at a disadvantage or you are going to have to push and surrender give away an option anytime to give away an option you are at a disadvantage let's see how well it goes he managed to get out of this jam ok jason he can get back to the table he's nine feet away he wastes no time throwing back for


i don't even know what he has in mind here well he had some of my stuff cuz he came straight to the table i don't think well i don't see what you have in mind here this is very very confusing for me you gave up your chance on me

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