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Muere Christian Bach. Abrazamos a su familia en este difícil momento | Venga la Alegría

Feb 27, 2020
Well, that's the family of joy come, a very good day and well, and as my colleague Duck said at the beginning of this program, we woke up with unfortunate news because this day is that Christian Bach, a strong, brave, beautiful and very talented woman, passed away a long time ago. two days and the early morning of this day his family through a statement I will know them if we put it on the screen to read it is not a very heartfelt statement colleagues where the family makes it clear that this was Cristian's will to find out a long time later By this means we want to share with you a very great sorrow for this family.
muere christian bach abrazamos a su familia en este dif cil momento venga la alegr a
Christian Bach died on February 26 of this year due to respiratory arrest. It was always his will to keep personal and family affairs in absolute privacy in order to lead a normal parallel life. to our profession and to the media exposure derived from our work, it is this public part of our life that today forces us to share with all of you. In spite of this great loss for the family, we beg you to receive this news with respect and affection so that we can be faithful to her wishes and her behavior, always respectful and full of affection for those who supported her so much throughout her Christian career with a great exemplary actress. a great mother and a wife who filled the life of her family with love, courage, courage and great desire to live fully in a way consistent with her ideas and her desires, today we say see you soon with great pain in our hearts, today we have to follow her steps and move forward without her without her physical presence convinced that at no time in our lives we will stop loving her and have her in our minds that this statement serves to honor and say goodbye to a great woman a woman dedicated to her children to her family to her public I love and respect her so much in the same way that we know that Cristian's admirers loved and respected her for being the woman she was and always will be in each of her hearts with love zurita family back we appreciate the respect for the moment we are going through and we are sure that you will understand this process for us this will be our only communication to our a heartfelt statement we knew that cristian was sick we did not know how serious he was we knew that he had resigned to television and we knew with certainty what the condition was that a performance that we continue to ignore I cannot say how passionate about television tremendously professional that both she and her husband had their own production company she was not one of these cheerleaders than for being pretty or for being Famous came to the recording set at 54 32 no no no she proposed her family proposed they wrote they produced they gave work to a lot of people me before the profile and before talking about the actress quickly I want to tell you an anecdote before I worked on this Many years ago when I was 12 years old I arrived with my best friend at an entertainment center where they were Some laser mazes and this one was expensive.
muere christian bach abrazamos a su familia en este dif cil momento venga la alegr a

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muere christian bach abrazamos a su familia en este dif cil momento venga la alegr a...

My best friend and I went to the box to play with my savings. They gave us the boys. It's not enough for them. Cristian was there with his children and a group of friends. I was 12 years old, of course, I didn't medicate, I'm much less and Cristian said no, no, guys, I invite you to come to Cristian, whoever studies is a woman, so she's affectionate, convinced, with a clear heart, I'm very aware The day they were welcomed by Azteca Novelas as the great couple of the show, producers who were always as producers to manage all the three novels, I was lucky that they gave me a job in the novel, the candidate with Lorena Rojas de Humberto, I was very close to him.
muere christian bach abrazamos a su familia en este dif cil momento venga la alegr a
An elegant woman from birth did not have to make the effort to radiate that spectacular beauty, new talents everywhere always wanted to give her work and opportunity. They had the theater packed with the most successful soap opera and they did not lose that simplicity she always had the joke in her mouth telling the truth to make you laugh my heart hurts a lot to all the people to all her audience to all her fans it is hurting us all I see all of us that she is a woman who did not know the seriousness of her illness, she did it like the lady she always was, she withdrew or stepped aside, she did not want anyone to know what was happening until very recently, they wrote on their social networks that they would return the soap operas, her children said that she was perfectly fine, what a great pain to have lost her, but also what an impressive legacy she leaves to children who have grown up in a way and with an exemplary education, they know that it is also important to highlight a prepared woman who was not only an actress, she was a lawyer and If you did not know who Christian Bach was, here is a portrait of the actress.
muere christian bach abrazamos a su familia en este dif cil momento venga la alegr a
At the age of 59, the actress Christian Bach died as a result of u n respiratory arrest, born in Argentina in the month of May, achieved fame thanks to her foray into Mexican soap operas and working with well-known melodrama producers such as Ernesto Alonso, Mr. Monte was his brother-in-law that he was going to answer for the debt, my God, really, and the worst thing is that he went to Almonte's house to demand that the bass think of us, but what an outrage if your father finds out, imagine he's a cynic, he has no shame. a cheeky face with which we are going to receive the mountain this afternoon when you come what are we going to tell him how are we going to justify ourselves after a long time behind the reflectors the endearing actress had been in poor health for some years although it was never clarified The illness suffered by these images were the last published on the account of her son Emiliano, whom she accompanied with some flowers in a game where she was proudly honored d uring a sports match considered one of the most beautiful faces on the screen, the also wife of actor Humberto Zurita seems to have been excited about a possible return to soap operas, as she revealed on her official account at the end of last year where she answered questions from the fans about her state of health, always strong with a strong and imposing character, creative and seductive, Bach had two children with the actor Humberto Zurita, who at all times and during the four years of his retirement denied any type of illness and protected her, spoke of loved and surrounded by affection who was living in the usa worked with figures such as verónica castro rogelio guerra enrique álvarez félix and many more her husband produced telenovelas being tvazteca who gave me the opportunity to take his creativity further with the project la chacala or for example with the unforgettable story of azul tequila starring barbara mori and mauricio ochman for the am or they are going to overturn 44 minutes are not many very elegant cutter with an exceptional look a talent that crossed the screen and her natural beauty made her one of the favorite actresses of the Mexican show rest in peace Mrs.



I would like to send you a very hug great to humberto and the children emiliano and sebastián i know what they are going through because i know the relationship they had more than the tremendous actress she was a great woman and my mother sebastián without being my friend had a gesture with me that i will never forget and that That gesture spoke precisely of the human quality that he had and of the education he received from his mother.
I am very sorry for this terrible loss that they are suffering and I also know that they now want to grieve in peace and among all of us we will do everything possible so that this is the case. Whether it is to respect the terrible pain they are suffering, I do not feel bad, the truth is, this image that we are going to see below was the last one that Humberto Zurita Two days ago he uploaded to his social networks where he hinted that something was happening something not something strong in this image in the one titled like this and a love is moving forward this is one of my favorite photos of cristian he tells me so many things and this was paid for precisely and we concluded from the date on which it was uploaded by the investor suite account to the day of her death I had the opportunity to meet her, she does not speak very well, I and the family are great friends of Sebastián from the Zurita family back I can tell you that it was apart from what they already said, an extraordinary woman, a great generous partner, an extraordinary human being, a great mother, I was always fortunate that she directed me indirectly because we were doing a project, Sebastián and 22, an incredible woman, incredible and As I wrote a while ago, Sebastian is and will always be a queen and well, if you are watching us, you don't know that the family is very sorry because we love you very much and we are here for you.
You know that it is unfortunate news but I also consider that it is time to dignify the Zurita family, they have asked us to respect ourselves, we are going to do it that way, but I really think it is worth highlighting the quality of the work of this lady, a woman who today from early on My colleagues told me to arrive on Aztec television, look, we are seeing this photo, it was the last truth, and if this was it, he bet precisely from the official account of Christian Bach, it is not a family function, we are seeing it, it was the last photo, the last photograph that exists.
In her brother, her children, in her timeline, we tell them that way, it is necessary to emphasize that she is one of the only women in the middle of the show who has respected her profession because I respect it precisely in the private part of the public and you will not leave me. lying but it was a woman who arrived early for the calls now the makeup and hairstyle colleagues told me that I was a perfectionist that she reviewed each of her s scenes that she saw this I don't like this I do like it but above all the glamor of a great star she had it as a woman we are always vain but she was beautiful she did not let anyone see her without makeup disheveled giving an interview like a great lady Look, a few days ago I was talking I completed a reporter report for this program and we talked about how Christian Bach's health will be, we set about the task of looking for his son Emiliano and a few days ago we were asking him about how he was and this was the answer from Emiliano, faced with questions about what was happening with the actress and master's degree, I see her very, very comfortable in Los Angeles.
She's with my uncle. I think she's over there, but what I'm saying is ridiculous because my parents just moved to Los Angeles because we're there and We got so much work here that it was easy, well, anyway, my dad and my brother and I live in Mexico right now but we never see each other because my dad is in a p the movie my brother in a series I was also in a movie but my mistress is very happy we always talk to her we tell her how our whole family is doing we have always been separated for work and the best thing is to be able to enjoy the moments we have together and the ones we don't we are together to be able to talk to each other and tell each other things like that and that makes us very happy to have each one of us to tell them things health is fine too you marchesi is totally fine I think that more than relaxed because of the angels that is what I am Carlos was referring to take care of you, as a journalist I already had the nose to know today and we don't know anything about the lady, we didn't know what illness she suffered from but just look at the response of a family of actors who know how to respect their private and public lives, they never told us my mother is sick, he is feeling bad with a smile, my mother is fine, our times have separated us because we both work, but I really know, applaud this family because my respects for this teacher ion that is very complicated and thanks to the actors to face a subject of their personal life and more of this size and also respect it because people with that education and that class and that Christian demeanor that we will always remember like that when they tell you that You have little time left to live, which is what you want to be with your children, with your people and not worry your public, who loved you and supported you all your life today, although we are shocked, what a beautiful way to leave and what respect and even elegance to leave this world but look goodbye morbo we will always remember her beautiful and elegant there is no photo of the lady and even in a messy life she is always beautiful elegant timely with her statements treating her staff well both at home and in life real lady always a lady and designed with the intention of continuing to work because good and if we see it on the screen her last response through this social network is where you can answer questions from the public directly, she was asked, are you going to be a novel soon, do you have other plans and she already said, they might see me on television, it's from 2019, it might happen, she already had more life plans, the last one, the last project, she did it against the world in the US Four years ago she already had to retire to live in Los Angeles, as her son already said, but hey, that meant that she continued clinging to life despite digital, she already knew it was the condition that obviously haunted her, that is to say, she quickly participated in novels like the The rich also cry historical hate weddings historical the historical chacala super novel has changed from televisa television azteca historical moment he creates his historical production house that is, as a professional he also has a very important place in the olympus a great star of this country

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