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Moving In | Setting up My New Filming Room

Jun 01, 2021
Hello, it's me, so I'm in an empty


with a big box, it's also very dirty. If you watch my video last week, you'll know that I move well. I moved. it's a wall it's actually wonderful i can be as loud as i want because no one lives on the top floor besides us but you know it's cool since we rented a basement before um you know i always had to worry about disturbing the people above it was still quite noisy, but in the back of my mind i always wonder if they would like to come and kill me, so yeah, it's really nice to feel free and relaxed.
moving in setting up my new filming room
I've been screaming since I got here. I'll have to adjust the sound in this video, won't I? We've done a lot as far as


in, but there's still a lot to do. Be patient with me. Be patient. Be loving. I'm just going to set this space up here in a little space that I can film in and just sit back and you know, relax whatever this big beast is actually supposed to be a little sofa a big beast of a little sofa I bought this on Amazon and reviews were mixed. I sure do like them, they are so satiny I feel like I'm wearing dress pants and no, I'm not sure if I like them, but also the pockets make it look classy, ​​it's time. to open this box scissors yeah let me not put that in my eye it's a nice sofa it's comfortable ok who chose this tacky blue for a sofa it's so immature leave me alone ok it's definitely blue , I saw it in some people's review. he said it was like sitting on a rock pretty soft rock cushion number one question number two this is the daddy yes he is a this is a piece of furniture right here oh okay let me I'm sweating don't fall oh my gosh let's move a little everybody outside out of the way how much assembly will this require because that's not really my thing oh i have a house oh gosh there's quite a bit of hardware oh they gave us a little snack let's figure out how to put this together wow why don't they use words?
moving in setting up my new filming room

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moving in setting up my new filming room...

I think we have to turn this around. Where is the backup? I'm worried this might be like a kid's couch because it's incredibly small, so we have our little bag of goodies. I feel like with assembly instructions like this they just assume you know what all these things are and what they are for. which is fine, unless you don't know what this is all about and then you're, uh, you know, screwed, is this a screw anyway? They're just uh, very vague looking diagrams. I don't know what any of this means. I can not sit down. straight into this frame i would say it's reasonable to assume this is so yeah yeah i think you're meant to be this i've been working on the rail just a little shaky i think you have to secure it at the bottom because a as of now you know oh my gosh you like my pants what's going on here so now we have these things I'm pretty sure you just used to secure the little screws in there so oh you I need a wrench that it's sad I wonder how long it would take the average person to make a wrench I got it it's gorgeous I don't think that's really what's supposed to be going on here lemme take a look under the hood um yeah I think something's wrong , okay, for some reason the ones in the middle are fine, but the ones on the ends don't adjust no matter what you do, that's actually much more stable than it was.
moving in setting up my new filming room
I'm going. with that what's next these are the arms the arms are the same kind of thing yeah i'm so excited i seem to feel like the arms are actually more important to have them there safely than the back because the back it's going to be like against the wall anyway so if it falls but this is going to be like if this falls I'm dead I probably feel like that's a little better right can you see what's going on now? I wouldn't want you can miss this this is quality entertainment right here that's my favorite part okay so last step is feet feet here are feet size six looks good how's it going everything is going well it's perfect I'm a very person able and you're not frustrated and the fact that you're assuming I need your help is downright offensive I was struggling but actually it's ok now I did it thank you thank you like that color yeah nice pants shut up what the hell oh okay I mean it's very structured I'll say that I like it oh look they gave you a free blanket you're sleeping that was nice of you I also have a small side table and a small ottoman let's get to those now come here you like the couch you like the couch oh okay here's the table hahahahahaha and this is a little ottoman wow it's like bigger than the sofa whoa this inside drawer part was supposed to be like a tan so they were supposed to match each other but as you can see they don't match at all but okay, I guess it doesn't really matter, but you know, so I'm going to dig around and find some things that we can use to liven up this area a little bit. because this is not enough for me i found this is a beautiful little jar i got from a thrift store years ago this might work i found this pillow we have blue we have any color it is actually its a pillowcase i custom that works uh huh , look at that and putting this in it would look good down there if I know myself I'll just continue to add excessive amounts of stuff in this little space that will come later but there's one more thing.
moving in setting up my new filming room
I wanted to do since I had everything on my desk before I put the art they sent me on the wall. I printed some digital art that was emailed to me so I have no idea where my actual metal is. the rule is it hasn't been unboxed yet i literally decorated this in first grade and i have this artwork you guys sent me so let me go through and pick some non-playing favorites but you know i tried to pick things i like already you know my channel vibe has things like channel references, video references or specific things that have to do with my channel so let's start decorating wow actually I fit a ton of art in here I didn't even have one fraction of this on display before so glad we had a lot more um real estate for our work here so that's good this makes me feel a little narcissistic because there are like others my face my face is everywhere and my name is everywhere but that's just those are the things people send me so that's great I love it you guys do some really nice artwork so thanks for that I'm officially compromised, you can't leave me at this point because then what am I going to do with this, what am I going to do with this?
If they let me, please don't let me, but anyway, if you want to send me some artwork to put on my new wall, then you can, uh, there's an email address in the description dedicated to the artwork. So if you want to submit it, submit it there, I usually use it to create the entries for this book, but if you want to submit just random art, you can't submit random art as I'm probably not going to put up a random drawing of a toad. on the wall you know if it's related to my channel it's night it's night next week things will be back to normal and I'll do one of my normal series hopefully unless something happens see you next Friday bye

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