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Mounting the Wing! (and adding a bumper)

Feb 23, 2022
broken from the factory um again anytime so if it was like a notch here i think you can just put a little bit of that fiberglass p


it works fine but if it's like a triangle like it's not supported in two sides it will just break, so what I ended up doing is I drilled a hole in a metal rod and put it in with the fiberglass filler, both inside the hole and around the rod, so that it would give it enough support so that it won't splinter, so we'll let it cure and then go find it. with 150 grit I put a coat of white sandable primer on top it actually looks pretty good I think maybe there's a hole or two on the bottom man it was pretty bad so we'll have to do a lot on the bottom but we need to let it set and then we'll follow it up with some filler or putty and go one more time with the primer ok i have my light here this helps me find the holes and so that you can see there's a couple there and that's it for this side so on the other side there's quite a few so we just have a w a bunch of holes along that edge as well so basically I think this is where in The factory where they attached, um, this third tail light is an add-on option and I think they attached it with fiberglass and they've got a couple extra spots there anyway so we'll go ahead and fill them with sand and re-prime.
mounting the wing and adding a bumper
We've got all the holes plugged and sanded and ready to prime again so it's painted and now I've just attached it so again these are my big plates on the back um some bolts in there just holding the


together so now let's close it and take it out and see how it looks. I just hooked up the 3rd brake light. down there and I tell you with the wires clean this is like a lot of empty space it doesn't look too bad one day I'll put it up I'll call it a trunk I'll probably make something out of fiberglass that can maybe be a split trunk 'Cause there's room there and room there someday but not today I really thought I was done I just try to close the trunk it won't close these new plates so here just the outside of that hits here so what I'll do is I'll probably finish shaving this just a little this is my precise way of figuring out how much I need to trim I just put some clay in here I'll close it and just see where that line goes so I don't know if you can tell but essentially it goes right there, so it would have to cut a bit.
mounting the wing and adding a bumper

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mounting the wing and adding a bumper...

You might as well shave it off a bit. This side has even more overhang, so it's a little worse. I will decide what I want. to do so, I'm getting a little better. I decided to try to relieve the rain gutter a bit. I don't know if there's any reason for it to stick out so far. we can trim there I'm thinking I can get away with a little bit smaller so I think we'll start with it's closed it looks great and the lines the lines line up nicely again it's nice and flat even if It's already night but we'll take it out and see how it looks ok everyone who makes it for this week see you next time
mounting the wing and adding a bumper

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