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Jun 02, 2021
If you ride in the next five minutes you could save your life, you probably think that's a bold statement, we know you're probably thinking so too, but I'm already a good cyclist, let's be honest, that's what these people thought too, but with just a few extra. You can prevent your driving skills from becoming a statistic, but who are we to tell you why you should listen to us carefully? This is PC Andy Griffith and it's safe to say he knows a thing or two about driving and do you know what Andy really wants to help with? us with curves, yes, curves, that's because about 9% of all road deaths and serious injuries occur on them.
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Road deaths and serious injuries that could be easily avoided, so Andy will kindly help us improve our driving. For that we need to plan for what we can say we can't reasonably see or expect to happen, planning is the best way to stay safe and the best way to plan is with breakpoints, so what is a breakpoint? Here is the official definition, the limit point is the furthest point you can reach. Have an uninterrupted view of the road surface, what does this actually mean and how does it help? Let's break it down. Here is Andy driving into a curve and this is his current limit point.
motorcycling cornering lengthseconds 359 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com user rospat

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motorcycling cornering lengthseconds 359 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com user rospat...

Your uninterrupted view further down the road for you is the important part. This is because, as we all know, you don't put your bike where you haven't been with your eyes. This band is quite open, so at the moment the cut-off point is quite far away, which means that Andy can maintain a good safe speed as he has more space. To stop on narrower lanes, the limit point is closer, meaning you need to slow down from it as there is less room to stop. Let's break this down into three easy-to-remember steps. If the limit point is moving towards you, you must decelerate or brake otherwise. you are maintaining the same distance to your limit point, you are within the band and at the correct speed, continue like this if the limit point moves away from you, you can accelerate safely, however, you cannot rely solely on the limit points, the weather and the road conditions too. affects how you approach curves, so adjust your speed along with looking through or beyond curves for hazards and warning signs, ultimately it's about making sure you can stop on your own. side of the road within a distance that you consider clear and that you should be scanning constantly.
motorcycling cornering lengthseconds 359 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com user rospat
The road for information, but do you know that there is a difference between taking left and right bends in the UK? The left curves are the most dangerous, it's difficult to perceive the curve when you're driving, so Andy is going to prepare us. To be successful, let's start with the left turns. Positioning is key when approaching a band. Look where Andy is now positioning himself towards the edge of the road. Limit your view of him. Moving here toward the centerline is the optimal driving position, giving you an early view of the sideline. However, your limit point gets closer to the line and brings you closer to oncoming traffic, so you need to be alert, as we've seen that the distance to the limit point dictates your speed, so Andy selects the best gear for this band.
motorcycling cornering lengthseconds 359 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com user rospat
Driving centrally gives you the space. to maintain stability and grip by leaning into the curve as the camber increases the effectiveness of your steering as you pass the apex of the tread and the road opens up, your breaking point moves away and you can smoothly accelerate and prepare for your next danger . It conveniently turns out to be a right curve, so what's different about right curves? You still need to consider all the factors we just covered, but you need to adjust your position, since before Andy was in the wrong position here moving to the left of his space on the road increases his vantage point limit.
Driving on the edge of the road means you'll need to counteract camber, which reduces the effect of your steering while considering road conditions and oncoming traffic. What happens if there is more than one band? You can only classify bands as a series if you can see through them; otherwise, you can treat them as separate and the cyclists we just demonstrated. As you approach the series of risers, you should always ask yourself where I want to be as I approach the next turn. The key is to position yourself at the best exit point of the first lane and then enter the second lane taking into account any danger and then accelerate safely.
Remember to never sacrifice safety for positioning, so that's the basics of


and if you remember just one thing, it's that the more signs and paint you can see, the greater the danger will be if someone has gone to the trouble of placing a bunch of signs or paint, it's for a reason, keep in mind and well, you have great flexibility in placing your bike, remember that you should never sacrifice safety. To position yourself and never leave anything to chance. For more information on how to improve your riding, check out the tips and advice provided by Bike Safe.
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