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Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series - Full Race - Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500

Feb 18, 2020
At this time, we ask that you please stand up and remove your cap as Riverside Military Academy presents our nation's colors. Please remain standing as United States Air Force Chaplain General Lt. Antonio Ortiz offers today's invocation. let us pray Loving heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us life and freedom. I know that freedom is not free, so I pray for the men and women who protect, fight, and pay the ultimate price to protect our freedom, not only for us today, but also for our children and grandchildren. We also pray for the safety of our drivers and a wonderful day to enjoy with our families.
monster energy nascar cup series   full race   folds of honor quiktrip 500
Deliver your wisdom to our leaders and unite our communities with justice and peace. God bless America. After bursting onto the music scene at the age of 12 with his award-winning, double-platinum hit "One Voice," he returned to the national stage and is a fan favorite. Here today, to


America, please welcome Billy Gillman joined by Sign One Jeffrey Woodall, Newscaster for Sign One as they perform our national anthem. Oh tell me, can you see in the early light of dawn what we so proudly hail in the last glow of twilight? whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight on the walls we saw flowed so gallantly? and the red glow of the rockets, the bombs exploding in the air, gave proof during the night that our flag was still there.
monster energy nascar cup series   full race   folds of honor quiktrip 500

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monster energy nascar cup series full race folds of honor quiktrip 500...

Oh tell me, does that star-strewn flag still fly over the land of the free and the home of the brave? Front Right or Front Rear I drive from the front right, just like him. I know he is a right forward. Safe right front. I am right forward. Front right front tire. Nine times out of ten the right rear, which means you drive the car more loose than tight. Right rear, that's my dirt bottom that comes into play. The looser the car, the better things will drive me. The one you respect the most is the right rear.
monster energy nascar cup series   full race   folds of honor quiktrip 500
That one loses grip, so do you. You know, I never really agreed with people who said that some drive on the right front and some drive on the right rear. All that separates that, maybe I'm just the weirdo that's somewhere in the middle. Yes, I drive with both tires on the right side and I also like to include the left ones because when you have four tires it's better than one, two or three. What did you come out of? I was always a right forward, I didn't want that thing to blow up. Right front. I wanted both to work.
monster energy nascar cup series   full race   folds of honor quiktrip 500
That's good. One thing I have noticed today is that the temperature and weather is very different than what we have had all weekend, around sixty six degrees and there are gusts of wind to 19 miles per hour. That's going to play out in this


today. So the most important thing in Atlanta is that it rained last night. This track, when green, has the most grip. So the first lap is going to have the most grip. Every lap after that is going to have less. It's going to get fancier and fancier and the sun is out today, so it's going to be quite a challenge for these guys.
The wind and everything we're talking about is going to throw these guys down a curveball they weren't expecting when they went to bed last night. It's been cloudy all weekend, the sun was out as you mentioned. It's going to be a lot of fun for us to watch. Elbows will be up in these


cars. These guys will work hard today. First mile and a half of the season and of course that sets us up for the rest of the year because we have a lot of them on the calendar. All the drivers will say that this track has a lot of character.
There's plenty of character in the cabin, too: Mike Joy, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon, they take it. Shannon just called us characters. It's a beautiful day for a car race here in Atlanta. The sun is shining, a totally different sixty degrees than anything we've seen this weekend, but we're ready for a great sunny Sunday in Atlanta. We are joined today by a very special group of Americans of whom we are very proud. For today's command, please pay attention to the video screens. I'm Brigadier General Dale Alford, an Atlanta native and Commanding General of Task Force Southwest. And these are some of the Marines who served or are currently serving alongside me here in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
We come to you from the other side of the world to tell drivers to start their engines. Today's Questions: Denny Hamlin, can you back up his Daytona 500 victory? Aric Almirola rides from pole Clint Bowyer has won everything but the pole this week. Chase Elliott is the local favorite and Kevin Harvick. Nobody knows Atlanta like Kevin. Hello everyone, welcome back to Darrell Waltrip and Jeff Gordon, this is Mike Joy. Can Harvick hook the bottom up and dominate all day here? The last five years he's led the most laps, he's got one win to prove it. Yeah, most of these guys will try to go to Harvicking today if they can.
I mean, in my opinion, Jeff and I have talked about this, I think the end result with that left wheel down on that yellow line hooking that corner, I think that's going to be the way to go. Let's see if it works or not. One of the big questions with this new aeropackage is tire drop. We watch Harvick's laps in practice. Now the lead car there will be his last practice lap and green lap one and yellow lap ten and not so much Jeff. Well, not as much as we have seen in the past. This track tends to eat up the tires.
I think today, with the sun out, we could see more than a glance at the difference between the new tyres. That's the lead car and much faster than the last car and I also noticed Kevin Harvick disciplined to the bottom of the race track when the tire starts to degrade. The drivers have twelve sets of tires to use during the 500 miles, putting much of this race in the hands of the chief crew member. A very different story from Daytona a week ago. It's race number two of 2019 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Fox. Finally, we're ready to race with this somewhat green flag in the air.
But any, let's compete with the bill. The action will be intense. It's amazing how fast you can move around this race track. I understand this track is unique, very abrasive, tired, it's really going to go down here quickly. Kevin Harvick puts on. Fox welcomes you to the Folds of Honor. Quick Trip Five Hundred from Hampton, Georgia, south to Atlanta at Atlanta Motor Speedway. What a beautiful day when they come off Pit Road on the left side of your screen and the company is your starting lineup. Let's go right to the main street. Yes, yes, let's do it.
Hi Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. This is the Fox Sports Swag Made Me Pretty Before Green. Fifty. Yes. Oh, Ricky, I know how much you love this race track. You call five in advance so many times. You did it again this weekend. But, man, so many unknowns today, just let us know. I mean, what are your expectations with this race? Once we get the green flag, one expectation is that the top of this first starting start will, uh, be a turkey spinning its tires. So wait, get over that, you know, we'll get to turn one and we'll be just like everyone else.
Lucky for us, we got a front row spot in our little hope for Bill's board. So, we'll keep this thing up front, we'll keep our position on the track, and everyone else will figure out what's not traveling. Well, thanks for letting us in on that. Look, the race has a good one. Thank you. I appreciate it. Ford front row with Al Barolo and Stenhouse. Let's get late Pit Road stories starting with Jamie Little. Well, Mike, there's a lot of talk about Clint Boyer this weekend. He was fastest in both practice sessions and in two of the three rounds and qualifying.
Why talk to the crew about him? Boss? I could fuck devastated sitting here. He told me that the speed of a single car will not win this race. He had to go to work in that car overnight. He made a lot of changes because it's all about handling, he said. If we can have a little better handling and speed. Look out for all fourteen to go to Victory Lane today. Matt Jamie Kyle Busch will relinquish the starting third-row spot and fall behind after the crash in practice Saturday. Zero span in this race car. He's going to use a combo out of the way.
I was falling on the car when your heart crashes. What his teammates broadcast as of today, then also taking into account much warmer weather. He has won twice in the past by falling backwards, but never in the back of a car. Maybe today will be the first Vince. Well, normally, the conversation is about both ends of the track. But for Brad Keselowski, both innings took on new meaning this weekend as Brad was hit with the flu virus. He didn't practice the whole session yesterday. He took a second this morning, and before he got into the race car, he told me that he had lost about six pounds.
He is not one hundred percent. But he said both he and the car are good enough. TTO wins today. Now let's go to Larry McReynolds in his command center. vinci No, last week at Daytona as crew chief, you almost felt helpless in the closing stages of the race. You were at the mercy of the moves your driver is making on that track this week. Totally different scenario. The driver and the crew and the team leader. They are all in control. What is going to happen here today? You're going to be making adjustments to that race car every time you come over, wrote Pit and the Pit Crew nineteen, maybe as many as eleven pit stops.
So you have to be bug free. We see it every week. Mistakes on pit road can make the difference between winning or losing the race. Today, three hundred twenty-five laps will complete the five hundred miles. Stages one and two, eighty-five laps each. A little more than half the distance. The final stage. One hundred and fifty five laps. We'll need fuel every fifty-four, fifty-eight laps, but you'll need tires twenty laps early, and you've got twelve cents of competition. Caution on lap thirty-five due to overnight rain. William, Byron and the team talk about a very strong wind. A whole story with the back directly that you identified as your Truck.
Not down there. Entering into it You'll probably be after a nice Wei person to show up, but I'm back. We are going to get a big boost. What does that mean? That means you have to be very careful with the speed you have going into turn three because then you are going to hit. That cross fell between mills three and four. Kyle Busch spun back. Number two said that he was just trying to hook the bottom and lost it in practice. Damage to the right rear of his main car. Put him in this backup car at the back of the field.
When asked about the backup team, boss Adam Steven said: Here he is shining. Simla, Clint Boyer, Radio Team. Let me know you're watching all day too. But what we are fighting for what other people are fighting for. I have a lot to learn here with this package. Do for everyone. We need to do a better job on the engine is your bond. Only in NASCAR. Can you talk and listen to the players when they are on the field waiting for the first serve? It looks pretty good, Mike. I even thought of that wind. It's huge to go at the front and we'll have a good tailwind at the back.
But right now he is counting on the wheel, anticipating the start of this race. flags here. But Alma Roller stepped on the brake. Here comes Stenhouse to the outside to lead lap number one. I don't even think Ricky Stenhouse Jr expected us to hear him talk about how easy it is to wear out tires on that outside group. So great job to him leading that first lap town debate about what we want to run, he's going to run high. That will be determined as we get into this race right now, ten cars at the bottom looks pretty good.
Know who's going to run high, and he's already there. Kyle Larson against the fence for one of the two made some points until the end. Top even down from this on the race track. Three four. I think that's the deal. Harvick locates that bottom and we're going to watch him hook it around the bottom. Ben Larson lights up that top, so we're going to get a good idea here pretty soon. What is the best way to go? Denny Hamlin leading Daytona winner Boyer Boyer was fastest in practice, fastest qualifying rounds, one of two, and fastest in final practice.
But I think he said best player player like they had a little pool there in the rankings, remember? And now Dylan Booth pulling off the road, really hurt. Suarez Larson side by side. It seems that Clint Boyer fell right at the forefront of power. Larson got some air from his car. He had a great career coming up. Watch the replay of Denny Hamlin's eleven right in front of Boyars. Fourteen. He's going to fall right in front of Clint. Lawyer. That takes a bit of the air out of Clint Boyer's. He is approaching eleven now. Great race.
Coming for forty-two. Block the forty-two. And this is what we are going to see here with this package. During all theyear the quantity has a momentum that stopped the moment of forty-two and opened the door for forty-one smoothly. It has all the appropriate answer marked. It only has five hundred and fifty horsepower. So when you take out the model or miss a lot of speed-mark tricks on the nineteen shots, the gap closes before I could get there on the eighty-eight shots. Okay, Byron, four passes. That whole group, so a broad term for that, is that we haven't seen Atlanta in a while.
Did you know? I didn't realize there is another group that thought they had run as high as they could go. But, man, were they pushing forward. Coming out of turn four. Good Guy. Third place Larson vs. Hamlin. Look, it's Mike two, three, four. Whatever is needed. When Austin Dillon is one of those who got caught in the middle of the turn before losing momentum, he's still trying to get a single file. And here comes Kozlowski and two two i v. Fluid-filled bags yesterday from gastroenteritis he and his wife got. He did some final practice yesterday, he said he's good to go today, but Austin Cindric, who also practiced that car, will standby and relieve. alaska lost.
There is no time. It's packed pretty well right now. His car is hooking up the bottom very well, already only six seven, the bottom left is waiting right now. I mean, you guys were making pretty consistent passes or deep court. There was some discussion there about not having the power to run the fund. Mike bogged you down too much. He might want to be a little freer at the top, but the bottom is the shortest way. And again. We have seen Kevin Harvick fail. Bottom lane. He is on the move. He is eight years old after starting at eighteen.
Interesting Kurt Busch. In addition to running down the center of the track, Kevin Harvard will take advantage of it. The ten cars have already passed in ate lamb. Let's just say he's moving pretty well. This is going to give us a good indication of these two lanes here, Harv accused the net throttle. Look, that's a little different than what we've seen in the past. I don't know. Maybe Harvey missed a little bit of Pit. Usually, that would have been Kevin Harvick making a pass. Now Harvey is going outside because nineteen of the Trucks get a big lead from the top crew.
He sees Jeff out of turn. We're seeing races developed here like we did last week but my only fear is trying to run that bottom like Kevin Harvard so well if you have to hit the gas you just don't have the recovery with this horsepower to be able to get that back moment, um, what is your loss. And that's what we saw. That Mark Truck junior took advantage of Kyle Busch in that untested backup car that started in the back. He is up to twenty-third crew. Former past Kurt Busch. True Ex moves up seven positions Polesitter Eric Al Merola has led nine of the ten laps in Atlanta.
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QuikTrip five hundred, sponsored by Coca Cola. Zero Sugar, Great Taste, Zero Sugar and by the Ford Hall of Fans. Are you the biggest NASCAR fan? Goto four dot com slash


Coming to the


fifteen laps, Eric Al Merola is your leader here on the performance track Max counting Al Barolo Sport has won four of the last seven Atlanta poles, but the last track to win from the pole down favorite Phil Elliott back in 1987. Ricky Stenhouse left the first lap in the role of Alma who has been the leader ever since, and they had a great race and qualifying on Friday and prepared for it.
Eric spent a lot of time in the simulator, the Ford simulator working on a qualifying lap. And that's exactly what it was worth giving him pole position right now, the car gets a little too tight, getting tighter, so they're going to do the air pressure adjustment on their first Mike. I know we talk about our camera all the time, but the way he finished last year 2018 he ended up fifth overall at the end of the first year race. I think this has really gained a lot of confidence in the last year, and it's spilling over to nineteen.
Stewart Haas running first, fifth, sixth and eighth. Right now, the only car I've noticed, is able to fix it, drives by and moves on. Who saw that junior smart truck in the nineteen car a little before winter break. He seems to be a better tow hook than anyone, even a little better than Harvick right now. Harvard started doing some improvements and you could see it right there. That's how finicky it is to get to that last lane you saw where the trucks pulled into the corner. You have to bring these left sides to the yellow line.
Failure. He also cost her some free time. Do you remember Jeff? Kevin Harvick had a lot of problems in practice with his bootleg address. They worked on it. They sure have it fixed. The car looks pretty good, but what about the four card game? It ended up being a faulty pump, not once, but twice, and they fixed everything. But I've left it behind. You have the problem all day Friday. So on Saturday, they had a practice session of the final stuff. Rodney Childress isCrew. He told me that they were really trying to focus in the background.
What you guys have been talking about booking it and that you were going to lose so overnight it can change. Get in the car, Kevin Harvick says tight on both ends and something you can talk about a little more about these cars that don't have adjustable cars on the inside anymore. So the peace cars have problems. Drivers have to be patient. Wait until you come to the pits for those adjustments, so hard trying to prepare for a race when you know it's going to be sunny and slippery compared to yesterday when it was cloudy. Great, good battle here for second place Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
Forty-two. Larson. Those two got together in Daytona. I don't know if they caught all the wrongs in that, but these two are usually good friends racing cars together. Seventeen drops this scythe. Forty-two Kyle Larson. Seems like the only time he got down from bottom to bottom and turned one of two was in the hot laps he was running there, but up here top is his near-perfect money corner card where he fights a condition tight, he's down center three. For Texas Coming, he is fifth by seconds off the lead. Mike I've seen here in the past for the tall group will be the way to go for a while.
But once he recovers, it kind of seems like migrating back to the bottom is the way to go. So a lot of good cars at the top early, I think we'll see the bottom prevail at the end. Second may be about to change hands here. Here goes Larson, all the way down, he listened to Eric Helmer's roller team, a dog in the field, just trash. All. I've never seen times this close across the field. Here to Atlanta. We usually see where the tires go off, and there's one car, a handful of cars that seemed to have a lot more speed than the rest of the competition.
And right now, when I look through it, the air is very tight, so track position will definitely be important. That was a message that I do not want to return to the field. So Larson tried it. He couldn't convince Stenhouse. Eric L. Merola leads. Always room. Don't just look at it. Like ice on the road. Kane in the middle, Your steak and your love story. She's in command betting love back, but popular demand starts a 1599 island. Hurry in half that is at stake in love. He's only here for a limited time that he wouldn't trust a two-star sushi restaurant.
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turns. The role of Alma continues to be fronted by Ricky Stenhouse, Kyle Larson, the first Chevy, and the third Denny Hamlin.
First Toyota in fourth, twenty-seven complete. Now, in eight laps, NASCAR will throw out the competition caution due to overnight rain and start with green race track teams and be able to review things. So, Larry Mac what we expect. Well, Mike, two things are happening right now. That hasn't happened all weekend. We never saw any driver go this long. It's approaching twenty-eight laps at one point. We're seeing the sun for the first time since these cars dumped Crew cheese. At this time, easy precaution strategies come to the fore. There are four new tires. What the crew chief has to get from that driver at this time.
How was the car? A. The start of the race with new tires and what is it like now? And they have to make adjustments that do not harm in the short term, but do not harm. The long term is like your laboratory there. You must be in crew chief Evan, with all the monitors on, man. That? How did you know all that? I wouldn't be from NASA earlier this week, and I didn't see this kind of thing. But I don't mean right now. I'm a working man. Larry cruiser Steven Shaw in his pit box in the studio about eight feet off the ground and ready to roll.
Pretty, pretty, pretty amazing stuff. Alright about that about that all the shots and Cameron Wallace leading our camp Fox Visor. Ryan priests who gave the Cam visor a great ride. If they tone a top ten, finish it. It wasn't just the first Daytona 500 for him. It was the first time he had been in the Daytona Five Hundred. He did a great job. Michael knows that attack by picking up a lot of rpm. Done that back with that tail it gains more than eight thousand rpm. I bet if we were to see him fall in front of him, he wouldn't bounce back like this, this battle continues here.
Kyle Larson, Ricky Stenhouse and the third quarter are closing in on this battle. Well, that's something NASCAR expected from that tall, eight-inch-tall. Here is forever to make a bigger hole in the wind so the cars can get closer to the group in front of them. And again, Martin Truex Jr seems to be the guy who figured out he was hooking that butt better than anyone. It's about the only car scene we saw where Larsen was having trouble getting past Stenhouse. But what's in nineteen? He does a great job here, hooking that ass up. We have seen Harvick, Eunice so well so many times.
Now that will give him a position when they enter turn three and knock Denny Hamlin out of position. That Highline four to go before the competition. Caution. Stenhouse hasn't given Larsen a look in the top slot, and Forty-Two hasn't been able to make that pass in the bottom. That is theft. Even Stennis, they both like to run high near the wall. So this has to be pretty frustrating for Larson because he's in the group that he really wants. You could see him try to get a little lower to get some clean air into his nose, but it's not enough to get him up next to the seventeen.
Meanwhile, Jimmy Johnson beganeleventh, but has dropped to twenty-four forty-eight. He has already lost twelve places. He talks to the crew about him. She mentors Kevin. Remember, he is a rookie Crew. She then he is trying to figure out exactly what his new driver wants and needs to practice. They ran around other cars that were too tight at the south ends. Well, they missed the start of this race. Jimmy is extremely tight. He keeps telling her there, we'll fix you at this stop. They can't wait for this competition. Caution. I wonder if that will help Kyle Busch, who is currently 14 years old, too.
They drive him around the field after getting a start in this backup car. You better grab what I got. Waiting times when dry. Pretty ironic, based on what happened yesterday in practice because he forced them to go to a backup car. In fact, he got really loose going into turn one. And that's when that car plowed through the track and hit the wall. But Kaga has such a great feedback for the crew chief that he really helps the crew chief make a decision about what I need to do with my car to make it better for my driver.
Thirty-five spins will go up on the board. This time he wants to go through NASCAR he will put them under caution. That's something they usually do when it rains the night before. Carson has given up on this yet. I think Kyle Larson was just watching what the team was doing. I think that the forty-two mind of billiards, the one of seventeen there, could have been little ahead of him. Right before that warning came out, I actually took place there. Well look, that's the voice of Tim Berman, one of two new race directors in the NASCAR Cup Series, replacing David, who retired after the Daytona 5500.
We are now under caution in Atlanta. A quick job from the trusted brand Marissa Thiss. First warning Flag Day. Matt Tift will get a free pass. He started in the back. Miguel. One thing that never changes. Turn it off. Do you think I've heard it all my life? Just Siegel my job. Well, everyone is about to. That's everyone gets it, okay guys, time to step up on Pit Road. A big part of this race today is what? These images, how they react, how they could make the adjustments that this car, the cars like and still get their driver out of the pit road and hurry up.
We've seen some good cards come from the back of the pack and beyond, but really, we haven't seen really good runs up front until there. Just for that precaution, get out there and watch for some play at the far end of Pit Road because I'd rather go out in an odd numbered position to start in the inside lane. I've got more traction than Lane's outside hate. Alright, here they come. Jamie and a seventeen Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Doing a good job. But he only said that it gets stricter as the race goes on. He is making them pick up and off the throttle too much.
And that loses Romana. Too tight is the word we'll free him only Hey Larson the senator screen just hit the box on him. He said the car was heavy on the splitter when it was driven away. The high line down became three. It needs to be a lot freer. This race, Vince. As for the nineteen Martin Truex Jr. Just kind of stuck in the middle, and then he tends to loosen up a little bit on the start. Four tires, air pressure adjustment for the Crew X and then for the leader, Erica Merola, cinching up that right front is maddening.
She watches the exit from the box to the Pit. Fox is concrete, then immediately goes to asphalt. They're a little worried about spinning the tires there. merola. It has been a struggle. Larsen goes out first. It's going to be a long stop for Daniel Henrik, who spun going into his pit. There's the off-road race. Larson to the carved Merola, then Hamlet It's crisp. Apple was smoked bacon. And the best thing that ever happened to the Big Mac or what? No, the Big Mac is clearly the best thing that has ever happened to Bacon. Yeah, well, Bacon has done well without Big Max without Big Mac.
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There's the Daniel Hemorrhage twist Entering. They didn't fix it right there. I had to move it in the box. We'll spin for Eric Al Merola to come out and get beat up. And here is the pit comparison. Kyle Larson and Eric Alma. Roll Larson. Faster on Pit Road by four shops and the Crew a tenth faster leads to our pass to the spit stop, sponsored by Expended E Kyle Busch, Brian Blaney, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Newman and Chase Elliott for the last five. Own eighteen bucks at each stop and we're ready for the restart. Larsen inside and out and look at the difference.
The outside crew just won't go. Everyone is trying to excel in probably only the best I saw at the beginning of this career, but most of the time you really suffer for it. Outside, Bush meant a nice, smooth mid lane. They're passing through Stenhouse Lane and stuck in the middle. This is something he expected. He hoped that in the first few laps these drivers would be able to open wide, there are a lot of tires. a bit. However, it doesn't take long. I think his work, Kevin Harvick, he decides, is my line. Is my butt a bottom Peter?
Is that the way to go today? Because he is up there with the leaders. He now he sees them well. They look good. He gets it, so they get a good look. Do you see what he does he? Lots of threes and even fours wide Coming off that restart Kozlowski side by side with Kyle Busch. That's for seventh at the Micha Green track in the rain last night and continuing to take rubber during that pit stop. Kyle Larson's tires came off. The team searched for the right price anywhere on the inside shoulder. They told him it was a little more than they thought it would be.
But this track will take rubber as we go. So it should be a concern. His laps have gone well. One of the things on a green track is the first to reach the top. Usually he wears down his tires a bit. Lord way. No, we saw it from the beginning. Collar was first to the top of the race track, and we had heard that the left-side tires were actually wearing a bit more than the right-side tires. This is a slightly different build on the left side tire. But the way these cars were planted with all the downforce seems to be using the left side a bit more than the right.
I didn't see Larson in the background, but it was. Let's go back to the reset and we'll show you the acceleration speeds from the front row which is Larsen inside Alma Rolla as they get up to speed. Carson gets a hundred miles an hour. The paper is not about ninety-six or seven, just that it was the expense of the tires. Almost everyone wears out the tires when they take off on that exterior. One of the reasons I think I don't is that the interior has a lot more grip than the exterior. It's just that you're trying to anticipate.
He went to speed up. How strong was the use? And when that inside of Lane jumps on you, you try to push a little harder. That's what creates true softness in the exterior of the Martin Truex Crew. Truex really fast in that first second until the caution. One thing I notice about the nineteen Carmike is that he got better as the race went on. Everyone slow down a bit. It didn't slow down that much. I think that's why we saw him do some of those good moves around other cars. Kyle Busch in the eighteen faced from the fourteenth position, now up to the twelve.
Unfortunately, on that restart, he was out of the lane, he fell back, so the places lost will have to be made up. I just think it will become something. We're going to keep it when they come out of the pits counting cars. To make sure Mike's inside line was Kyle Busch's first race, even though he made a lot of gains, the car was on the tight side. They did a chassis tune-up during those stops, and he says now he's just plowed. He's killing that front right and losing points. I spoke to Adam Stevens this morning, he said of all the days that he didn't have the track bar.
Just be exactly. We really could have used you today, just for the whole race. That's one thing drivers won't have all season: an adjustable bar at the rear. Accomplish came out of the pits, so he has dropped to twelve seven places since the restart. And I think trackbar jesters may be a much bigger problem even this year. But this track, especially, changes a lot throughout a race, the fuel starts to burn and the tire starts to wear out. But also, we are talking about traffic. There's a bigger hole being drilled by that big spolar, the car in front of you, so when you're behind them, you'll want that clue.
Our position. As soon as you go outside get clean air, you want it in a completely opposite direction. You're going to want a lot of things to happen. That setting is one of them. Remember that? Achieve has no span on this car. Crashed in final practice. They removed the backrest and it took its first lap. That's when we lowered the green flag. Today, Logan is one of those. That's, um, the problems on Pit Road locked him up behind Alex Bowman's eighty-eight. So he also has to make up some points here. Fifty-six point six back just ahead.
Priest of Orion. Here come the priests. The rookie inside now. Daniel Suárez raced to the front in the first segment of this race. Now, Vince, he reset twelve. He is eighteen years old. Yeah, and he's really fallen for it from the start. Hey, I started fifth. So you know the address. Certainly. Going back, plowing hard. Who was the call when he got to Pit Road for that stop? Air pressure wedge. Four tires Hoping to improve If you might be able to start to move up position when the car is plowing, it means you have a lot of wheels in your front yard or no grip, by which we mean it's plowing.
But here's the other thing about the Daniels Wars and the forty-one car. This is the new crew of the team. Chie and I heard him say an interview. They are beginning to understand my language. That guy is starting. Communicate, communicate better. And that can be a miscommunication. Only in this first round, right here, no good things softened a bit, which is to say, the day goes on. You know guys, the conventional wisdom from all the years we've all brought up is that when the sun came out of the car, it would be loose by the time summer rolled in and the kind of car would be cloudy.
We've been seeing this over the last few years that almost works the opposite way, and I think it's sidekicks, Crew, cheese and these drivers a big curveball with the sun on this track today and where we've been cloudy the whole time we've been here . Look over there. That's something Jeff and I talked about on a pre-race show. Do you want the car to turn off in the front right or do you want it to turn off in the rear right? And I think the general thinking is that we want to swerve right here when the track is slippery, it doesn't turn.
So you end up with a push because it doesn't turn OR a plow if you want. Fifty-two full turns. Kyle Larson in front. Wait for something another time. This is the new Chevy Silverado. He is handsome, stocky and mean looking. It's the strongest, most advanced Silverado ever. The cab is bigger than the first last pickupgeneration I've seen done, but that's not all. Silverado has more cargo volume than any competitor. Very impressive. Now, during Chevy's President's Day sales event, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on this all-new Silverado, Dr. Yours away. This President's Day. Black absorbed the lights.
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Don't tell me he started his career. Eighteen. They did a good adjustment on that last stop, great trackbar and shim adjustment and air pressure. And they pulled off one of the fastest pit stops of the day so far, and that gave him some track position. But also when his Crew's tires went flat, he brought kids. The children said: Hey, man, your tires look good, very good. In fact, it's better than we expected, since this is Atlanta in the first race. I watch this heat enough to be a classic battle between Harvick in the bottom group of one and two.
Kyle Larson above. Well, it's going to wear out two things. You're going to wear down the competition and you're going to wear down the upside of that thing. Put it on the front of these below that yellow line all the time as this just tells me they needed to do a pretty big adjustment on that for a car to get. Let him lead that lower group. Now, his teammate actually moved in there in front of that is probably going to hurt a little bit, but you see how Larsen up there, really gaining momentum, um, from the corner of that top team?
So two of Stewart Haas's cars are near the front. Here's Clint Boyer in ninth place. He hits the brake pedal just like we do. We always step on the brake pedal and kill the moment for it. They are just backing up around the corner or driving for reserve status. We use a lot more rest a lot of these guys in their early twenties. I say that because it's not much, but it's like the difference between not when we talk about Momentum, how important it is. So you don't want to slow down that moment too much. It seems that they are having a debate about how to get the car.
See, boy, you've got Louis, you get in that young line. But one of the ways these teams know who is using more or less brakes is the brake dust that collects on these wheels. About. That is never a good time for you. But Jeff, at the same time, when you have teammates, you can talk to each other about how much brake you're using and whether that helps or hurts. So he gets a good response from his teammates. Well, let's ride with Kevin Harvick in third. You see down at the bottom left, that little yellow arrow that is his position on the wheel.
But Mike, it's only seventy-nine hundred up front. Stay there. If we look at the attack, what is his tackle from behind with a tailwind? But you just saw that brake that will turn bright red if he brakes too hard. With a lot of pressure, he just hit the brake pedal right there. He barely touches it to turn the car, keep it on the yellow line, almost three hundred rpm difference. Front back with that tail when he really gives it a good push Chase Elliott, now 11, then under fire from Kyle Busch. The boy has been fighting ever since.
He made up the places lost in the restart chase, Ellen was able to get ahead of these gas wells. McConnell approaches. Here, about nine laps after the initial report that Kyle Busch was burning the right front car has died down. In fact, he has improved a lot, he says. From center to exit he has taken off the hook, and that is why he is beginning to be seen as a corner. I think, Jeff, I think most drivers, some of them anyway, are experienced and oh my gosh on the bottom and I'm good on the top. You know what works with time to do it.
Denny Hamlin's eleven, a bit frustrated, said he is worried about the right forward take. He just feels like he's too tight in this particular race. But crew chief Chris Gay, in part told him, said: Your tires look great. You should be fine building trust. I have to play psychologist a bit from above Pit Bucks. I think this is going to be a mind game here today. It's physical too, but mentally. Talk about these cars running out of power. They had a dragon sale where they slow down. But they're not going slower in the middle of the corner or faster, so it's going to put more strain on the right front tire.
So mentally that's going out of your mind as a driver. How much diffuse is it putting on that tire. Martin Rex, you're good in fifth, and they've been having fun today. Colburn told me before the race. They felt today that they were as good as anyone and that they would compete for victory today, he said. It is a long race, so there will be arrivals and assistants at all times. You have to be better in the long run. But right now, Martin said, he just can't do anything when he's airborne behind another car. And that's going to be one of the challenges these guys face today.
Vince, I think Big Eight is stuffed in the back of these cars, flipping the car behind him. Even though he may shut down, he's still obsessed. The air around the car unit, brushed on the mat of eighth, restarted thirteen. Miguel. That's exactly what Ryan Blaney's team learned and practiced: positioning around other cars and the tremendous effect it has on their own. And right now he's talking about how the balance has really shifted at different ends of trying to get to the top. But the car started to tighten up like you did in the first race, his last question to his spotter, Josh Williams.
Where do the four run? Josh said: Right in the paint booth. Kurt Busch in seventh, about nine point four back. It is the second Chevrolet on the track. Skylar, of course, is the race leader like Kevin Harvick, now up to second. You know guys, when I was there on Friday for that half hour practice session, just wandering around the garage area, the teams were able to look at the Electron IC control unit to plug it in and see the throttle position from the start, a race on fresh tyres, which showed where the driver was never one hundred percent off the throttle.
He was rolling around fifty percent for only two or three seconds. Go back to a year ago, early in the race without the throttle, one hundred percent completely out in six to seven seconds. Jeff and your point. There's the center of speed, Larry. We can show that with our Fox Ghost car there with the red track. Yesterday's practice looking towards the corner. The way the car now picks up and into mid-corner is up to fourteen miles per hour faster than it was in mid-corner last year. Compensation. Fifteen laps to go in the first stage. Kyle Larson, Chevy Kevin Harvick, Sport, we'll take them side by side.
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of honor.
Fast trip. Five hundred dollars. Kyle Larson leading Kevin Harvick by four and a half seconds. Pole sitter Eric Al Merola, Kurt Busch and Martin Truex, the last five. Some of these drivers are expecting big changes at the end of the United States one and the driver, nineteen years old, is one of them that came out like that cold snap back there, you know, and told him we'll get this. Don't worry, you only work your hands and not your mouth. We will be fine. Well I think these guys have a great relationship, obviously moving from the Mr Over Here part of the team keeps this team together to move there, and so they get each other.
But listen, there's a lot of drama that happens within the car heat of the moment. You are going to get excited. I think the reason some of these guys are a little worried about the right front, I think is the left side tires, mindful, making you feel like you're putting more pressure on the right front tire. Larry King. Road courses aside, can you recall a race where we changed more left-side tires than you write? Well, we've been seeing this a lot in recent years where the left-side tire is definitely getting a lot of attention, and I think that's one of the reasons Goodyear, in line with a lot of changes last year, dropped the satire. .
It's more of a build change. It's not the grip of the tire. It's just construction. The good news is that they will only have to run about ten to the left of the father in this race than before. The competition says thirty-five to go, and that's going to be an all-day tire race. But it goes extra. Ten laps will seem like a turn and it will hit some of these cars that you are not driving. It will be safe. Twenty-eight cars on the lead lap. The first car, one lap less, is tied. Dylan. He was the first Chevy to finish that total of five hundred in sixth place.
Last week. We spoke to Ricky Stenhouse earlier. Now Joey Logano working at Stenhouse on the inside. This will be for eighth place. Aroused a lot, I thought his car looked good in long races. Way didn't do many of the ones we did around twenty-two. Really good. So that little bug got loose. His first outing. They all meet on Friday, and that cost them a lot of places, now they have to recover, they have a car that can do it. Eric Jones made a great pass, a frog jump with four cars in a corner. But ever since, Jamie, he's been stuck there.
Car seventeen. He definitely doesn't drive like he wants to recover yesterday and Saturday's final practice, it turned out that he had a problem with the power steering. A seal in the power steering box was not installed correctly. They got it, but today they are a little behind. He said he was going to start. They made an adjustment on that one stop we've seen today and right away, he said. Guys I'm already tighter so you need Thio. Definitely take a big hit for this. Next stop, Mike. I think we've heard some people complain about steering issues this weekend.
And Jeff, you may or may not agree, but all the downforce these cards have right now is putting extra pressure on the steering system itself. Could be. While we're looking at some of the problems, dad. Very good, we are four laps from the end of the first stage. Mike had a conversation with Danny Stockman this weekend about the Austin Dillon three, he said. What he knows about this package is that there is a fine line in the balance between being loose and being tight. Every laugh we do is a learning process, but they've been on the free side, much of this is based on their driver's frustration.
Much harder, man, you're the best we're doing here. Well, you know, that's interesting because we've heard some rumors about some teams possibly bringing more of a body or speedway-type packages because they're going to be wide open. But two to Dylan's point, you may have earned that qualifier. You definitely don't want that race here that's popping up right now. Side by side, working past the landing castles, the annual oath of lapped cars is there. And here comes Logano. This is on Denny Hamlin for seventh if Joey keeps making it to the final lead lap of the first stage. larson couldget out of there on that reboot because it started at the front.
But I'm here to see what happens after this next set of pit stops. Because Kevin Harvick has slowly but surely been cutting into that lead by almost every lap. Kevin Harvick has been a little faster. From time to time they would change a little faster. Alright. A tie-break point for the winner of the first stage. And that will be Kyle Larson, his sixth stage win on a mile-and-a-half track. Harvick. Second Alma role of third. Kurt Busch, Martin Truex. The first five points. Also toe. Blaney, Logano, Hamlin, Stenhouse, and Boyer. Kyle Larson. Mr. High Side passed well on stage one.
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A stage in the books. Kyle Larson was first to the white and green checkered flag, Chevy over Ford, Ford, Chevy and true Toyota excess, the holes will be open this time for the head lamp cars. Twenty six of them. Here's Jamie Kevin Harvick in the four comes in second. He has moved up 16 places since the start of the race, he said. Definitely better than running. He wants more of it. He didn't throw another wedge setting, as well as an air pressure in the right front and right rear. Impressive run by Kyle Larson During a bad stint he said the car felt good on the bottom of one of the two, but like a hair quickly up, that's why you saw it move.
The balance was unusual during the middle, a little tight at the end. There are no changes in the forty-two events. Eric. I'm going on a hitting streak from third after leading thirty-six laps from the pole. Too tight in the center and loose needs more on the side. We're going to take the pressure off the right rear. Get out there too, and I'm a Pit Lane Hard roll. For the second time, Logano is blocked by Alex Bowman's car. Now, both were legally stopped in their box, but there just wasn't room for Lo Gatto. Extract. Second time it happens.
This left on Friday when you don't qualify. Well, I could go back. Teo. Hot. You've finished the whole race, Eric. Alma rolled our pole sitter too fast. Entering pit lane will be the penalty. Let's talk to our state. He left saying that Kyle Larson looked like everyone. You got me? Yes. Make the regulation in that scenario. Win the car. It looks awesome. Is something wrong out there? Does that worry you? Um no, my McDonald Chevy feels great so far. Uh, a little balance change won't like the traffic, that's all. Do you know how air works? It felt good, but I think with these big spoilers, do you sit down and do the dirty air a little bit earlier?
So get tight when you have traffic, but it might still be okay. I thought you would move and I wanted to get to the bottom and have comfortable lap times. So all four of us down there, so I was happy about that, I just had a nice clean break for that. Ten four, man, you look good. Keep up the great work and we'll talk to you later, Marcy. Fifty laps, the most so far, Joey Logano is trying to get out of the pit box. I can't turn around. Have you heard the legend that only Clanton fought Bulls Bank?
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Her eyes looked here gazes faster than Claritin and last six times longer than Benadryl. So for the ultimate in powerful relief, that's just cash our twenty for that one. Be wise. Everyone takes their eyes off the pain. He wants to stop you. Block you as if that were going to happen. I see her. I watch the Dole to relax. Get up from the pain. I see fans of all ages having fun at the races. Fast travel Folds of Honor. Five hundred from Atlanta Motor Speedway. Ninety-one full turns, two thirty-four to go. Stage two. Time for our big McDonald's sponsored debate.
Which of these drivers will break their long winless streak first? Well, right now, this is a little easier to answer than it was last week, but I have to go to Kyle Larson. He looks very strong. According to Karl Larson. Larson had six second-place finishes in twenty eighteen without a win. Folks, that wasn't much of a debate. Johnson has struggled a bit today so far, but that's not to say he won't have a chance here at the end. But right now, the city's steal odds on favorite Joey Logano's Almost Nobody's Business went from ten to twenty seconds on the first, let's drop seven to nineteen.
At the next stop, he had to move around a car to get into his booth, and then Alex Bowman got into his booth after Logano. So the rear of both cars was hanging. Makes for a tough start on the back. That's where they'll reset, it's back there. Here they come to the Geico reset zone for the stage, to keep ours out of Lane. Let's see how Larson fares compared to the last two restarts. Good job there. Very nice. Almost too good. He almost beats Kevin, everyone is looking for Kurt Busch. Squeeze the middle. Everyone squeezing the middle.
Wait. Say that here in Atlanta in this reboot. Say it fast. Now, what Kurt Busch does on the outside of Kevin Harvick here can be used outside of Lane, even pushing him, you know, he loosens up going into turn three pigtail gain big push on high speed three, a little loose. Jaime Carr. Bush at the one. He has been very happy with our little pit special, sprint speed. So we all got air pressure adjustment all day. No chassis tuning has the herds that come from a nineteen, but the car overall is good, but you see, it's definitely lost.
Man. He got a great run going into turn two and recruited behind Mark Church. Junior. I thought he was going to come in, but Mark Truck Junior blocked him. Here comes Play me right behind him three wide in the middle, Eric Jones all the way blaming loose Wiggles. I can't zoom in and you're gone, Sandy, eleven. They almost hit him. Twelve right there. They barely cleared each other. How about Curt? More from his 650th race coming up today. He believes that most anyone in this field, like and also believed that he would win from the back, was getting him into trouble in three.
Really driving into the heart of it. The car loses a lot of weight. Kevin Harvick has led twice today, going as far as leading the seventh lap from him. Kyle Larson's let the most 50 A nice sunny Sunday afternoon driving to Atlanta Motor Speedway. You're right. There. Don't be there. There there. Crew. Kyle Larson. While Martin Truex waddles. Larson jumps inside. Or you could just see the nineteen of our church. Junior got a bit off the yellow line. He opened the door. four Larsons to make that pass. So Kyle Larson moved up to second. Let's go to his Pit and man Mike, you have to be impressed with the composure of the front shifter for Larson.
Steve Price. After he hit the first lug on that right front, a malfunction in the impact switch made it reverse. They wasted time. He was able to complete the save. But those precious seconds are what cost Larsen inside Lane. He has gone to a backup weapon. Thanks man. Larsen, one point three behind Kevin Harvick, Mikey and Kevin Harvick for equaling two sixteen. He just ran a thirty-two eleven. Kevin Harvick has left twelve laps so far. But look at the last five years in Atlanta and Harvick's record for leading laps. However, only one of those races ended in victory last year and that last time.
Bye bye. Second place. You are under power. Larson actually tries to try faster than Pit Captain Harvey. I took a little time on that. Coach Jeff Read from thirty to ten to twenty five. Larsson's car is really good right now. Max Win here last year started a three race street going to Victory Lane. One of the things I've seen right now is the top four Harvick, Larson, trucks and planes. Those are the four best cars on the track. It happens more this day. He gets Blaney a lot of credit for getting as high as fourth in the Truck.
It seems to be very good in the long run. It's going to work out a bit in the short term. I'm just a little worried about Trish complaining about her front tires, Cole said. We will make a change. I'm not sure they helped that car. It looks like he's not as good in this streak as he was with player Ryan Blaney occupying his average position in his Atlanta history. Seventeen. There's someone punching above his weight today. Kevin Harvick leads by eight tenths of a second. Let's run. I thought you would never ask. Wow. Alright. He is corny.
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QuikTrip 500 is sponsored by McDonald's Classics, now with Bacon for a limited time only, and Credit one bank, the official credit card of NASCAR, perfect for racing fans. Twenty-four of eighty-five laps completed the stage to Atlanta. Kevin Harvik. Kyle Larson holds the position about six-tenths of a second back. Let's go back and look at the top ten of the Daytona 500 from last week, from one to 10 in the left column and where they are now. Kyle Larson, the only top ten currently in our top five.

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