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MLS All-Stars 0-5 Arsenal | Ben White Should Be Worried! (Julian)

Jul 20, 2023
Hello, welcome to aftb. I have to tune in. We just made Ms All-Stars five million here at Audi Field, Julian, what's it like seeing the guys and the new signings? Five without victory against Ms All-Stars in the first game. I really enjoyed the pre-season tour of the United States, it was a great show and, in fact, for this match it was very, very difficult to get a ticket because I have tried absolutely everything, it is different, you have never been able to get a ticket, obviously, in the end. I got a ticket, but it was difficult when I tried everything.
mls all stars 0 5 arsenal ben white should be worried julian
You know they were going for a lot of money, which shows the level Arsenal are at. You know, the demand to see this team was absolutely immense. I mean, in the end, obviously, I got it. a ticket for nothing that was great for nothing, yeah, for nothing, um, and I have to thank DJ EU for that, so thank you very much, DJ EU, thank you. I came a long way and it was worth it, it was worth it, it was worth it. This is a junior, we've seen new signings, it was a pleasure to see them take their first steps in an Arsenal shirt here in the MLS, uh, game, yeah, I mean, look, it's great to see the new signings to start with, come see the games.
mls all stars 0 5 arsenal ben white should be worried julian

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mls all stars 0 5 arsenal ben white should be worried julian...

America is an event, it's totally different to watching football in the UK. Better or worse, it's different and I know I'm on the fence here, but the way they see football is different, it's an event they come here to with their families. It's not as intense, it's not as intense, but from the fans of the players, not from the fast, the atmosphere is not as intense, but it's much more welcoming and the other thing, I don't know if you saw the beginning of the game. They had the fireworks, they had the national anthem, everyone stands up, everyone supports it and then they have an amazing flyover like the Red Arrows, no it was absolutely amazing, I loved it, I loved it, well I kind of remember the last one once in the


mls all stars 0 5 arsenal ben white should be worried julian
We were here in 2016, they played in the same competition and the big signing that summer and the big debut that day was two million pounds spent on a certain centre-back, Rob, who stayed correct and that shows the difference between where Arsenal are in 2023 and where. This was 2016. Absolutely huge £2m and I'm not saying Rob Holden is a bad player actually for £2m. Rob Holding was a bargain, but when you look now at the players we've gotten to see. today Declan rice 105 million and I can't, you know, hopefully we'll be worth every penny, the other prices of places where you have June Timber too, is it worth seeing if it has a price and Hobbits, yeah, look, Timber is coming?
mls all stars 0 5 arsenal ben white should be worried julian
Initially he looks classy, ​​you think he will come, he will come here as a team player, you see the performance in just half an hour, that guy didn't come here just to fit into the team to play League Cup matches, Cup matches FA and come here to cover. That guy is coming to secure a spot on this team, so the other Ben White players have to be


. You know, if I had this guy behind me, he's young, he's a young guy, but he seems to have Absolute Glass habits. I'm still not sure about him. No, I'm not going to look just because he scored a great goal today he was great, he was calm, he's calm, he took off his uh Defender, yeah, I wouldn't, the defender didn't really cover himself with too much.
Glory, but he did it, you know, he controlled the ball in one movement, hit the goal, quality goal, but actually, seeing the way he moves around the field, I'm not too sure about the intensity, okay, interesting , I'm not sure. about him so far I'm not going to say that he's the best of all time and I'm not going to say that he's going to be poor or that he's worth looking at in a different degree, like what you said about him, he plays differently , obviously it's him coming and they're talking about him being a shacker replacement, he's not a shacker replacement at all and that's one of our Tetter's abilities.
Our Tetra is constantly reinventing football and reinventing the way we play and it's the same with Ferguson that I've talked about. They before Ferguson used to do exactly the same thing every two seasons he had almost separated the team and reinvented it. What he is doing is not separating him but he is making more than subtle differences and it seems like he is working. Thank you so much. Julian

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