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Making HOLLOW KNIGHT As Cursed As Possible!

Jan 02, 2022
oh baby it's me everyone welcome back hope you're having a good day it's been a minute or two but we're back and I'm ready to suffer baby we here with randomizer everything is random think of something , It is random. hornet no one knows we have random enemies we have random rooms we have random items we have a clear payout whatever that means let's play baby oh i missed this i missed this game so before we start i'll have to thank irelia who uh you sent me the mod band you sent me the link to the holonet discord help me get the mods up and running again so uh big shout out to irelia and then also thanks to irelia grumpy farborn uh rusty and taco tv for


me want to play holiday again too yeah i sound bad i'm sick again for the 10th time this month i'm so sick of being sick it's ridiculous oh god he's juicy see look everything is random their relationship soars your life is wrong what do we have baby we have oh okay i'll accept it's a good start if we can get a little man going up dude it hit me like hell


vest heart opens up for you keep celebrating thats a good thing that was inspiring why are you to him here so I'm going to set a goal for this race because we're not going to beat him in the normal way there's no chance I'm a man I have no idea what I'm doing I'm kind of dumb so our new goal will be completely rng based we're gonna find uh find 25 grubs and by the time we find 25 grubs that's the end of the race baby what's hanging dive you know what to press honestly I'm not gonna lie to you I don't have idea, ok and start. the room randomizer has started he's a little man and he's kind of cute wait I don't think he's got the room randomizer on correctly every room has been like part of what oh hello hello okay, We came back, I rebooted because I am an idiot.
making hollow knight as cursed as possible
We're not going to talk about that. That's not important. immediately you know what to press preschool they wear a quick mask on the ground or in the air it's up to them honestly i'm here it's fine it's fine it doesn't matter i'm leaving i'm leaving that's none of my business we gotta grab a good one of 25 a great start what is that you can stop that is so strong so we have a lot look how sad that looks we have a lot of places to go from the start and last time everyone was just like quinn you shouldn't use the random enemy because You're not going to win the game, but that's not our goal this time, honey, I'm only here for the green boys.
making hollow knight as cursed as possible

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making hollow knight as cursed as possible...

What a sad existence that guy lives in. don't don't don't don't don't get out of here I'm going to grab that if you don't oh my god stop stop disrespectful man stay away from me we're good this is good miss me with it come on now even stale come on baby you can move oh old bar that's not important look at this look what i found oh i know he wants to murder but that's okay i love him the spirit gives you good food ok we got a map baby oh broody four years you you choose, what does that mean?
making hollow knight as cursed as possible
It is a threat that was terrifying. I didn't think the translation mode would be as good as that. it's so good to get the mothwin cape as our first item is actually a fight oh god oh wait i can't blue like it's acid what i can't swim why did i jump twice as i thought it would be different oh crystal spike that's good, there's like a million passes this is it's you it's you you're not the big one right you're just a little guy oh we can fight we can scrap come on baby glass edge what a cool name on reality though, oh my gosh, it is. strange i haven't played this game that long fighting with the crystal guardian.
making hollow knight as cursed as possible
I hate myself. slapped slapped c'mon anyways i'd say it's awesome i managed to lose to t your man here we go he's yelling so much for someone who isn't mad what did you give me just geo ok we stole his wallet relationship, wish, give me my item, give me my item, what is it? on the wall feel free walls against the wall i mean when you say it like that it's hard not to know ok this is already off to a fantastic start i don't know if it's easier to get these things or what but OMG! god items everywhere nail master ok i mean i won't disagree with you but i'm a bit confused why is the traitor lord here? i thought i was lying you thought i was lying get outta here little man just an angry kid come on ok we are killing him now oh okay okay okay none of that is none of my business okay we need to move on to the dealer actually that could be more easy than i thought oh my god he is so scary his presence is just intimidating too two g rubs baby let's get gablanc ok that's spanish i can't i can't read i'm going to die i'm going to die i'm very oh god mio I'm in danger me yeah that's that's uh that's all me oh the glow is here that's cool yeah that's what I was that's what I was hoping she would show up okay not that It's what I expected, can you chill with the attitude? the name stays the same what's that all about so far we've found literally nothing good the worst what's up baby ok that's uh three now great doing so well only 22 more to go i want to be so sick of larvae at the end of this game oh ah actually oh my god we found another bank that's fantastic here I hate it I'm leaving oh fungus with that what they have damn why are you everywhere I'm going leave me alone I love the city of tears that's a message to all the people who watch my videos in class oh i hear a boy i see a man i will murder for you buddy i'm gonna get you out of there i'm gonna get you out of there big man here we go four very good each door it's closed no elevator let's go oh let's go to the town of elderberg and discover the city that's what i wanted that's what i expected i can't dream oh friend elderbug it better be in silk song i know it won't be but it better be what is that are gone?
Are you kidding? Oh there's an article this there's an article this way I think and up so we've got a good area yo I lied this area sucks I can't stand this area here we go if this is a rancid egg test evidence of what i hate here sure i'll agree with that mashar ok not bad now we're going this way and hopefully it doesn't stink oh it stinks oh with elephant feet they're here and they're mad to help youngsters in their holes but have whole body scared i hate it i can't beat it if that's what i f i can't swim i can yes i still can't swim ok it's hard don't judge me i have to get to the wall oh man that's such a big jump i can't even i'm stuck here oh my god did you see it oh thank christ i'm crazy look at that baby it's the pale stalker it's going to be down here it's a little weird is his name how did i remember this is going to be the record oh i'm going to die this is the hardest boss in the game is yes that's not going to happen this is a bachelor party why i thought it was going to be a bachelor party oh oh this is really good sleep before we're in a graveyard that's horrible wait that's so bad ooh complete oh larvae come on he and finally relationship yes please oh he looked at me he agrees the story goes with my partner that's me he's talking about me it's a dangerous place to hide and hide i'm here i know i don't expect a sign or anything else i think we should kiss finally the game understands exactly what i want whoa whoa whoa that's scary there's a guy i swear to god he hea rd a grub here right there right there i got it i got it i'm going i'm going dude we're fine he's free is fine grub acquired no where does it come from why is there boss music i could have sworn there was an element somewhere oh up here beyond this man right here yeah lori we found him he was laying on the floor poor boy listen to that beat though thats really so good what is that the two combined that's good are you kidding the sleep modes are encrypted on the map what's that what did he just say to me hello where am i going oh what's up baby i'm not going to lie to you i would um me in amoraria from the glow all of this too she is uh very convincing she has a very convincing argument and it's the thigh gap i'll admit it oh i'm going to grab this what is it help me oh oh huge 15 geo no thanks lore tablet uh-uh show me the food I know it's here come on don't do me like that come on we ain't got enough we're too far away that's a lot of essence length of cheese what, what, what is this, what am I looking at here, okay, I've completely blocked because, okay, relax with that, okay, we can, we can warp somewhere else, get stuck in Hollow Knight Randomizer, wait, wait, come on go come and go whenever you want if you kin i mean im gonna cry poor limbs going through it man he deserves so much better where is this okay break the floor hello where am i now whoa boulder can you move please oh we have the what really any way we got this we can get a true ending if we want and i don't nail the master is hot include input i don't think i can do this because i don't have double yes that's not happening no don't do it come on not cool man ah, marcos, what's up, honey, we can fight him, he might blurt out something.
I think there is more than one because those come fast. okay im going to go actually this hurts this hurts i fought for um a right good for this guy yeah dude im back at war i love him yell at bug man hes actually doing the lord's job, oh no, oh no, who did I piss off? There is so much noise. have i ever been buddy stop mark hop it ain't cool it's not cool it's not cool too bad too bad I'm going to die I'm dead me get out of here come here get inside me we're leaving oh little collector you're so cute but i gotta go baby i still really like these guys their design is so good they dont do anything either the sanest guys in the game nice little arc of motion acne shadow thats an arcane acne its not as cool as the dark arts slap him on the toes of feet slap him old toes grab his toes and smack 'em there's water in there i thought he'd gone dumb no mollo oh bad wise it's that b-boy i recognize that theme what's that come on buddy come on you and me baby you mean baby nope o h get busted idiot c'mon come on the perfect man doesn't exist obviously you've never seen him get knocked down idiot get knocked down oh nice punch nice punch i love that he's just in town hanging out he finally got away from the hive living his best life hydrated focused doing his best no it wouldn't be a battle of


s i can't do it see you on the other side bro hey my boy i love you don't touch me bloated nowhere is safe not from the water tiny night run all is lost we need to retire where it is i dont need to find it breathing item excellent these words are just for you clean this clean build resistance is a lie let's go back where what did i just find ok we can get we can buy a geo what is this so useless great job oh thank you so much i needed i actually needed that thank you im doing the best i can ok its hard here whats all this lemme out lemme help me oh my gosh no dude what are you doing What's wrong with it? ow, with words, this is, this has to be a simple key, right, a simple set of keyboards, it must be back here, stone animal with us, that's not a door, can't I open it because it's not called a single key? i think this is a good place to end it one more time give me the tips babe i'm ready why can't i open that door that's all i need to know that's all just tell me i'm confused thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed i'll see you next time in the next video good trip and stay safe have a nice day

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