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Mit wenig Geld prachtvoll wohnen | SWR Room Tour

Jul 01, 2022
(sound) Hello! I'm Ingrid Entrez. (Welcoming music) Yes, this is my little


to sleep, to live, to... make music, to read, yes. (upbeat piano music) This is one of the last Hammer grand pianos. Since 1876. he belonged to a piano teacher at Ems. I was once engaged to a pianist. He also learned from that, right? And when I moved to Winden, he came here. Then we had concerts, so ten people had to sit on the bed, because it's not as big as the Kursaal, mind you. (Joyful piano music) Yes, everything in the form of books... fragments and remains of amphoras...
mit wenig geld prachtvoll wohnen swr room tour
I once... dived into the sea. This is a grappling hook. Ships with hijackers, yes. (Soft piano music) The skull is a Roman legionnaire. It was found in Alsace when a church was being renovated and a Roman cemetery was found. And then there were several skulls in the bucket. So they gave me one as a gift. (Curious music) The paintings hanging here are by the Ems painter Rudolf Kaster. He would now be 108 years old. I worked with him, right? I have often been paid for my image work. This is me. White left, innocence, the child and the roses.
mit wenig geld prachtvoll wohnen swr room tour

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mit wenig geld prachtvoll wohnen swr room tour...

And on the right... the black and the mush


s, and that horrible guy. So two sides of the woman... meant. I was neither white nor black. (upbeat music) The house was built around 1936. They aimed at the rocks, it's crooked too. And nobody wanted that, and it was cheap. And I saw that the sun was always everywhere here. All day actually, right? And that in the middle of the town, right? (Upbeat music) My canteen, that's what my niece always says. Sometimes we sit around this table with ten... people. That's another beautiful Biedermeier table, so late, so... from 1840. That's a nurse's whistle.
mit wenig geld prachtvoll wohnen swr room tour
The nurse's children could whistle. It's also often...shown in...old Italian photographs, that sort of thing. Nobody cares either. (chuckles) (upbeat music) My parents used to have antlers hanging over the couch. And when I would come home from school, I would always throw my hats and stuff in there. My mother was terribly upset about it. And she said it was a dust collector. I gave this away and was very sad. And then my girlfriend gave me this twelve points for my 50th birthday. I was so happy about it. (upbeat music) Ebony fan. (clink) I used to use that one. (laughs) Who doesn't like mirrors? beautiful mirrors. (Laughs) (Upbeat music) This is where I always have breakfast and read the paper. (comfortable piano music) Well, the chair is from Villa Dreis on the villa promenade in Bad Ems.
mit wenig geld prachtvoll wohnen swr room tour
This used to be a fancy hotel. And there they were in the lobby. But they weren't renovated, so I bought them cheap... 50 years ago. (comfortable piano music) (wind noise) Beautiful wind. This is Saint Willibrord, this is the patron saint here of the winds. I think it's good that we have a saint on top of the house. Although I am not Catholic at all. (cozy music) Here we go up a staircase to the little blue room. (cozy music) The blue room. You can then go to the balcony. The balcony. I hung the flag for you, it's the house flag for Winden.
Blue like the sky, white like the snow and green like the forest. I sewed them myself. fantasy flag (Relaxing music) Yes, this is the kitchen. It is not an equipped kitchen. And then I tried a booth character. (upbeat music) Low ceilings. And everything is interchangeable. (Upbeat music) There is an old stroller, two children can fit in it. And the farmers took the children with them to the fields. And now... there are clothes to iron there. That, uh, is from a field, and it's 300 years old. So, about the horse, right? I have always liked looking for iron and fragments in the fields.
And then there was that at some point. This floor is from the Ebinger company. The ... company also worked for Hundertwasser. Everything is manual work. And I also like the different... colors of the brand, right? Well these polishes are very different greens. Yes, that was the most beautiful tiler in Rhineland-Palatinate. When she was laying the tiles here, she flirted with all the women who passed with a pram in front of the door. And then they would always ask me afterwards: "Who was that?" (upbeat music) This is our winery. A rock cellar. And it should have been the tithe cellar. (upbeat, rhythmic music) Well, here's this rock-cut basement.
And the constant... coolness, summer and winter, is very good for the preservation of wine. And that goes under the church wall, right? We made apple wine, then we brought... grape wine... from the Palatinate and made it here. My husband knew something about it. He made a good wine. Sometimes we also had champagne. (Upbeat music) The little house on top of the rock cellar, built around 1700. (Upbeat music) This is my workshop. Here I have framed pictures... and renovated... and all manual work. It's a back nude that a painter of mine once did. For an exhibition. It was a really big butt.
It was sold immediately. And a thinner one... half an hour later. The thinner butt, I was younger of course. And then... the fatter, the older. (upbeat music) Yeah, the chair took a lot of effort. To brush it like this. But it has such beautiful carved roses and the fabric is real cotton sateen so it's expensive isn't it? It doesn't suit me. I'm too big for this. (Laughter) There goes... a little girl there. She fits me This is a Thonet office chair. It belonged to the painter, but he didn't want it, he wanted a large leather executive chair. (Happy music) Yes, the curtain, I put it somewhere else.
I post it here sometimes. And then I can sunbathe here and no one can see me from the street. That is my garden, but also desert. This has always been an orchard. My husband used to have a beautiful garden there. And he really planted the trees. Always replanted. So that the garden is preserved. This big rock, we dug it out here in the field. It was still here. And according to my research, that must be a part of the tower, from the 11th century. The steps are still there, and you can see that it was a step.
I was weeding in the garden and I found the stone. It's a nice table. For breakfast. (Inviting music) Those are deckchairs, maybe you've had Switzerland, in sanatoriums, yes. So for lung patients. On the terraces. So, they are from that time, right? I found it at the flea market, real cheap, and then I fixed it up, yeah. Then I sand it down and then redo the fabric. So everyone is torn apart. Depending on the type of guests you have, we have ten sun loungers here. And then this looks like a lung sanatorium. (laughs) (upbeat music) I like living in the house, it's relatively comfortable for me.
And I have all my toys there. And then the memories, the many... people who have been here. The many festivals. It's nice for me to live here. (upbeat music) That was the "room


" of my house of found things. If you want to see more interesting houses, subscribe to the channel. Or look here. Bye! ROE 2022

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