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Mis Albóndigas de ternera a la cerveza

Apr 30, 2023
very good family remember that in this video now when we finish we are going to do the raffle for 12,000 15,000 in truth we are 16 thousand 200 but that is a good sign we are doing something well and he asked for it at least it seems if you like it although some days some things inches out there but the vast majority accept and dislike so that's why I'm going to reward today and with two machines for your kitchen we're going to make a couple the other day according to their contact with me through facebook of the page of the kitchen in thesis If we came here to the Murcia area and something followed me to your house one day that I remember best, it can be worn, we have indicated that you want to make a beach area the next water's edge for her a baggy one as I said when to dress for them and inner bone advises I say he wants some carter and happy preserve of a cauldron is a torah say necessary extra show went very well he estimated a photo there delighted to meet her the truth that very very very well national is called the big and nobody told me says I have a problem when I make meatballs my boss says that they come out willis what would you do you maneuver the ethics 50 we are going to make a recipe where I am going to make mix meatballs do not look for them on youtube do not look for him to cause him anything meatballs look what moved me what is important for the meatballs this must be a good meat and I hate turned the miseries picked up a piece of needle will defend that it had a little green fat leaking if we have a very clean outside we have to add some fat fat a piece of pork head way if you like it or something like that is in your case is that in the fat it has good tendons it is not good meat here I have half a kilo of meat worth two eggs 100 grams of bread which is drained the wet milk of nobles in pomp mode that it is drained, removes the rind and then we will add it for a little existence a little bit of breadcrumbs for very little and we are going to do it of course, the beer has to be beer yes or yes we are going to mix the meats first we are going to put the half a kilo of meat that I have if there were really about 550 out there in the color that these have only to have guarantees but because it was a very good telera it was veal needle and it had all its graphics very good now here or garlic and parsley or onions I I always like beef onion I have a grated onion here we are going to add it well grated and the community and we are going to put 2 eggs 1 and another over here we have the bread 100 grams the bread weighed before dipping we can see that they are fine The wet ones are hidden, the ones to be dunked in water if we like the times what you want and it takes away two fixed sub-cuts, take this amount of pepper well, don't spare pepper to the shopkeeper and the knee cannot be missing, it's fine, it's fine, perfect and now here We are going to add it but very little, be it very little in half a tactic of beer peroni de dorna and a finger, nothing and we are going to move them, we all leave ourselves well moved, we continue so integrated, the onion is very integrated, all smoked paprika from the vera is worth a teaspoon of coffee 1 and 1/2 the best product that shrinks please always the best you have we are going to move it we are going to pass it first a little like the very light texture so it lacks a little consistency if we did it only with breadcrumbs it would remain in test of ping pong so the consistency is very soft that we are going to add a couple of teaspoons of bread today at 93 o perez but do not go too far because if not then it could be very hard which is what I do not want a fluffy ball if you pass you can add a little more beer but it is totally perfect when you finish moving the cold glasses refrigerate for a couple of hours and now we return with the beautiful ones made to start things together we are going to start frying them we have two options ok I'm going to start with the oil the bottom should always be warm one more of the ars that is to look at how they are they have the stores they tend to see how people are normally alive the flour to fry them what is the problem because if you don't have much control over the fire that flour burns and then the sauce does not have then after the sauce before the reform they were too much the antilles of other readings as they are so soft but they do not dissolve 66 as prime to the oil in these rooms with many same if we want a good condition some and not a ball, either on the floor, this in the solution is worth it, we are going to ask it, so not, as everyone does in phases for flour, I assure you that they are not good, but the audio problems that the flour sensor remains in the background make it to change the oil the fear of the meatball is different we are going to see all the take out and now continue now we have super reviews juicy inside fluffy look what is fixed they are buried with great care and with much our same day of olive oil residue what it has is the taste pure and hard taste of meat in reality almost all the skin or beige we are below that is the taste of beef we would have used flour all this would already be food these flavors of meat flavor you can see it and even where you don't very strong fire is medium heat now here onion the generous dose of bay leaf a short carrot of the same type and two cloves water spikes for all this we are going to be here calmly the game of fascism is taking off below that important flavor long say let's put a little salt on it and we are going to cover it so that it can catch on we are going half way off we remove the handle ok and we leave it like this the means is something a little steamy and from time to time we give it an effective turn until that car I have left a meatballs almost almost finished because almost almost finished money with you like this is spectacular meat which is what I want to do please it is hard to avoid in minutes there is because right now when we put bars the blocking of certificates tastes very like beef all onion we are at doors or appointments so that is why now we put it in your salt we are going to finish prostrating these little jewels you want to continue I am almost bocha I say it hurts and it feeds look I am preparing to snack to accompany these meatballs what a delicious thing today we are going to have dinner of category and wolves that smell you like long days don't buy bulky meatballs it will be with me for the spaghetti inside and it's here it wiggles to the lakes good morning elegant little dot we have it it's almost soon I'm going to reinforce and there it is as a medium there are not a few that The time has come to start giving it a little taste, what are we going to do very little, very little, so open it up, give it another 10 minutes and in ten minutes the carrots will have been cooked, the beer will have cooked, the oil will have risen up and We will add a little bit of flour at this point to express the sauce, introduce our voices, let's take a few minutes to make a version like this, which looks more powerful and sucks the practice and is festive, the oil is on top, that is the moment to incorporate the flour, fry the chips In other words, we have a special set right now, just a teaspoon is worth tureens of flour oil sorry pim pim pim pim if the flour if we managed to fry with it it would already be practically burn from a greeting shine and grace colors of color think perfect if you don't want for him There's nothing wrong with the flour or it would come out a little lighter and without problems we'll give it a couple of minutes to fry and take out the potatoes and now we continue look how it's in the technique it's fried it smells like Laura and garlic very well it's enough for it that we are going to make two basic beer, one is worth here, it is not worth it to me that it does not start fire and lack of pasta in madrid the basics for more now this point is reached, we move well, it is worth so that the flour binds with the beer, lumps will not go out because flour and simple oil is perfection and now it reaches this point that we do we put our pretty ones in very carefully because the stores are having time oh look what a good thing a little more salt pepper and we are going to and we are going to move it a little So that everything is linked, there are the friendly things that are going to see if they don't take measures than more beautiful things and now when we get to this point I'm going to cover it when I start to break the bid I'm not going to go down to the minimum and I'm going to uncover and so on for 10-15 minutes until we see that the so chaste say why it is something indicates it is veal and needs a little bit of noise and meanwhile let's look at our taste buds to see what will end up to give them so crunchy crunchy to then prepare alan carr bin we go down fire today it has measured it was 15 thousand 520 until we see carefully that our feet 16x and we return to it is as if you look at digital carbon it has left the world the sauce was spectacular when the word leaves automatic after 20 minutes look what a rich thing has some like water perfect ace points you like a touch of grass before turning it off a little cumin has been your domain what you like to cover and then be approved let's go to the raffle I'm running out of time ok here we have youtube 2 564 comments from the recipe from the other day to risk below we are not going to stop this look spectacular that salmorejo and the liter of beer that we lack maximiliano tornero for you one of the mixers the facebook page hehe we talked around and give me your address maximiliano tornero sánchez and now let's go to another let's go up and down pim pam pum this same little package I paid two days ago I met you good afternoon fourth sixth salmorejo I started to prepare it I liked it a lot Little ducks I pay second blender for you it's okay Facebook page the kitchen hehe puts you in contact me and we'll send it to you there and we're going to do a tutorial surely tomorrow or the day after because there are a lot of comments, questions there are a lot of things to answer to all of you and in this tutorial I'm going to give you another little bag worth for one of the good comments that today family see you share the very important recipe from above you liked it or below if you didn't like cooking angel g 16 thousand families tutorial on a very good day
mis alb ndigas de ternera a la cerveza

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