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MIRANDA LAMBERT Fans SLAMMING Singer for Stopping Her Set to BULLY HER FANS !!

Jul 18, 2023
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, Miranda Lambert is now making headlines for recently


her show in the middle of a concert to yell at and allegedly intimidate some


in the front row for taking selfies, just wait a minute, I have the video. I'm going to stop here for a second, Danny, I'm a little sorry, we're here, should we start again? Let's apply that again for those who were like, wow, do what! Now I'm going to stop here for a second, Danny. I feel a little strange, didn't you tell someone to sit down here? We'll take a small snippet of what I'm talking about and slow it down so we can better assess the situation.
miranda lambert fans slamming singer for stopping her set to bully her fans
Oh, definitely tell someone. to sit I don't know if you've ever been to a Miranda Lambert concert, but I've been to quite a few Miranda Lambert concerts and my day is fine, waiting for the sunset yesterday, it's not over yet, a lot of them are watching. burn, teach them what they need to learn, ha, forget your high society. I'm soaked in kerosene oh yeah but in your comments fans have also been soaked in kerosene because let me tell you something this one lost a fan after seeing what you called. take those girls out for taking selfies at a concert phones are always out of concerts for souvenirs, don't forget you have a career thanks to your fans who pay to see you perform, humble yourself, someone else imagines you are so entitled that you stop a show to embarrass a group of women by taking a group photo I just got a refund for my tickets I won't see you after embarrassing those girls for no reason they paid for those tickets I think you forget about the girls you embarrassed at your show you paid to come and see you and we're innocently taking a photo at your concert.
miranda lambert fans slamming singer for stopping her set to bully her fans

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miranda lambert fans slamming singer for stopping her set to bully her fans...

I used to be a big fan until I saw that. Now I want to point out that the heck, if they took the photo, that means they were going to post it and I. I'm sure there's a tiger there, so that would have made even more people watch her and follow her listening to her music, so I'm here like someone could come take a selfie with me. Come on, everyone is welcome, everyone is welcome. but anyway this person says please tell me why you are publicly shaming the girls who skipped work and school spent a lot of money to see you.
miranda lambert fans slamming singer for stopping her set to bully her fans
You gave them a bad memory of your classic country concert. A real artist appreciates a respectful crowd and is bothered by phones? taking photos, what year are we in the year when celebrities have too many rights? Those fans you called out are the only reason you have these typical celebrity rights, like I said, it happens more and more these days if you pay attention to your once favorite celebrities. and reality TV stars will always reveal their true colors, pay attention, other rats, imagine embarrassing your fans who were just excited to be there watching them, you have the ugliest energy, you have the ugliest energy, another right, I would have Very excited to see my favorite artist. and taking some photos is absolutely no way to treat the people who made you who you are, they paid them to see you and if their version of making it memorable is taking some selfies who cares but it's so sad you had to


to a group. "I was really a big fan of yours, not so much after this, uh, and that seems to be the census of Miranda Lambert's comments in her comments section after this weekend, because apparently that happened over the weekend." of the week and people are angry, angry, I mean, look, me.
miranda lambert fans slamming singer for stopping her set to bully her fans
I'll say this: I like her music, she's good, she's a very, very talented artist. She has now taken a backseat to her music career to focus on her songwriting, so I will say that she may be a little salty with all these other artists who have been gaining fame and notoriety thanks to the music she has written for them, but that was her own decision to put herself in the position of composer. Understand what I say. I'm just saying it could be, I could see it's something getting underneath. It gets on her skin and it irritates her because now she's back out with her concerts and after knowing she's M.I.A for a while, she lays low for a while and focuses on writing songs for other people, now she's back and she's angry, OK? she's angry, I don't know, that's just what I hear, what I see and what I feel, that's the energy and vibe I'm getting from Miranda now.
I also want to point out that she and the women in her family. I recently published a cookbook. I haven't bought it because, girl, I can't even buy my own bills right now. Okay, but if I had extra funds, I would do it just because I'm talking about another Southern woman with a Southern cookbook. I'm here to look at a Southern cookbook, okay, but look, I can't stop doing all this because everyone knows she has a lot of fans and everyone heard the screaming and yelling, there were some waiting and yelling and encouraging her to To do it. be like stop taking selfies they're pissing me off sit down there were people applauding that okay so no matter how you look at it you can't deny that she is influencing other people to act the same shitty way she acted over the weekend and me.
Sorry, that was a shitty thing to do, don't do that, don't do that at all. Those girls were probably bullied at the concert and when they left, people probably laughed at the drunks, laughed at them like that. It's sad, I would love to hear it. of the girls, if you were the girls who were shamed by Miranda Lambert, I invite you to my channel, email me Barbie Biz I'd love to know how that made you feel come on girls like and share this video if you're new here I hope you subscribe you better subscribe because if the girls writing Miranda's concert contact me you know that I'll have them here, go ahead and subscribe, click that bell, plus subscribe to everything that way, you'll get a notification.
Every time YouTube sends notifications. I love you for watching. I'll see you all in my next video.

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