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May 01, 2020
and we're back now as you know the trade deadline was yesterday and like 30 different guys are going to wear a new jersey for the rest of the season and probably the biggest name out of those 30 is Angelo's roster going from the Warriors to the Minnesota Timberwolves, so it's time for me to take my GM cap off and say I need to finish this for the Timberwolves. You help these two youngsters to end the championship. Say your name. It will be a one-year challenge for the rest of the roster. It's a bit doubtful. but im here to fix that and help them end up in the promised land be sure to leave a like on the video.
minnesota timberwolves rebuild with d angelo russell in nba 2k20
I need a big favor from all of you and the description is a link to the first episode of this show. Im hosting this year well i guess not just this year for the foreseeable future where im interviewing slash reacted to highlights with nba players now the first episode i went to indiana drove three hours and ended up interviewing mouse Turner. i'm going to give you like some of the other r 7 foot students in the league and you tell me shoot a contest is it miles or is it the other person ok then you have your USA teammate Brook Lopez miles ok , I released him without thanks from the photo shoot I'm bullet from Chicago Lori mercado I like Laura marques release there's a lot of range in this buyer buyer program I like the confidence I like the confidence then we have Joyland beat the 76ers it was my first interaction with an nba player like sit i think i did a pretty decent job it was fun it was fun and you know you learn a lot from it so hit the link in the description i saw a lot of love because the more love they show the more players i can interview and all those things that I already recorded another with another guy.
minnesota timberwolves rebuild with d angelo russell in nba 2k20

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minnesota timberwolves rebuild with d angelo russell in nba 2k20...

I still can't tell you who he is, but go just from the first episode. The link is in the description, but we're going to


, so you're going to leave a like there. helps us grow even more here's a list a lot of the players on this list are new players of course the angel Russell the new Jordan McLaughlin Lachlan Lachlan he's been there he's been a two way player for them Josh , the coach, has been there but we have Mele Beasley coming in town Allen Crabbe his new Abbas sake his new who else we have here this new Evan Turner her and Gomez wonderful all these guys are new to the list so please Of course this season is all about gelling it's that I'll learn from each other what they can and can't do because I mean we start from today and the trade deadline is over so technically I can't do anything anyway, so it's more about my guys learning from each other now that I'm not going to have every Turner start over with young Jarek because even though we did get a guy like D'Angelo Russell, this is still a season of growth and I'd rather my youngsters grow up than old Evan Turner, who was 31 at this time.
minnesota timberwolves rebuild with d angelo russell in nba 2k20
I'm going to go away for a minute I'm going to give Lee Beesley minutes because I think Milly Beasley can help us out in the near future and I think I'll just leave it at that ok starting lineup for the rest of the season D'Angelo Russell Josh to come it's weird to see them in their Jersey I have to say it's so weird to see them in their Jersey um D'Angelo Russell Josh a Kogi I always say Josh Koji people could tell me their ghee so I'm going to use ghee to the rest of this video Josh a Kogi Jarek on I guess we'll go to James Johnson for the punch you in the mouth look and then Carthon on Townsend off the bench we've got Amari Spellman Billy Beasley Evan Turner and Jake lamb and I guess we just go to simulate at the end of the season right now we have 15 wins let's look at the second half of the season how many wins can we get the season is ending here it looks like we will finish with 31 32 wins so the second half of the season was enough decent ante for us man we put it up and then lose four in a row probably better r for a pick you have to think of it that way these are all prizes of course you won't see anyone on our team card this housemate all -nba first team not making the playoffs ok drama done all-nba third team us You're part of the Cleveland Cavaliers and we have people on new teams when there's stuff they shouldn't have won but yeah this is the first time I've ever had a city ​​loaded with new Treys and stuff, so I wonder if Marcus Morris will help the Clippers.
minnesota timberwolves rebuild with d angelo russell in nba 2k20
Get over the hump or all the other things, but I had to see what Angelo's final roster numbers look like as part of his new team along with the rest of the new players on our roster properly times. I'm only 21 to 30 now well look how big this drop is after our top two guys 25 23 points per game don't we round up 10/10? Think about these guys who are super young like Joshua Cody 21 21 Jarek and they still get better and better each season so I don't know if their overall will look like you know once we hear the player progression for next season but I like them Because a lot of people want me to go into this video and try to lay up Devin Booker, I can try.
I can try to make a layup for Devin Booker but I'm telling you it's going to be tough but then again people thought this team couldn't trade for DeAngelo Russell so I'm going to do everything I can to bring in a Devin Booker to rally those three guys but you have to hope the sons aren't they don't have them so untouchable you have to hope they sell it or


it and you have to hope we still have the pictures because we do some pictures to get DeAngelo Russell you know i'm saying the lakers and 76ers are the two teams that meet in the championship 76ers come back but lakers close it out and lebron wins finals MVP getting ring number three number four had to do some math fast I know we have to wi The heat want the cavs they didn't want with the lakers ok the player retirements none of these are really relevant to us raymon felt like he didn't even know that I was still in 2k and we go straight to the draft lottery that I pulled. where, like the main meetings, because we're not changing any rules about the NBA right now, let's see, so we're projected, where we have the 10th pick, but everyone knows that we basically have a flat and that's because he's him, he picks and jump all the time.
Until the first big, I think the Pelicans were like the eighth projected to have the eighth and they ended up with Zion, so anything in the NBA happened, but we ended up with him with a 10th pick and we also have the 16th pick out of Brooklyn I. I don't know what trait was a part that was part of Robert Covington's fastball because okay I'm trying to mommy my wheels go to my brain I think this Brooklyn pick came from Atlanta went to Houston they used to sit. maybe the suns have the second overall pick they jumped up there was one of the teams to jump so hopefully they end up winning the sale.
The media know what we have for lottery draws here. I mean, I guess a lottery picks one for them right after the draw. my kids would trade him to me right here right now he's not untouchable we have to include one of the youngsters of course joshua kogi i can't trade him because he's a free agent he's a free agent i'd like to keep jarek if i can but we don't really have that much people on the rocks and we even throw like we have Nasri he's a two star value player let's see right now I doubt they're rebuilding oh they're rebuilding you guys are rebuilding "Everyone knows that once they have a team that's rebuilding, they're willing to trade their pieces for draft picks now at this point, I'm not saying I'm trying to put in a hyper-realistic rebuild because again, I don't." I think the sons would trade Devin Booker under any circumstances, but they have second-time rall pick and he's projected to be second to Co Anthony, they're not going to get Anthony Edwards.
I'm going to do my best to pray for Devin Booker now and if I feel like I can't get him now I probably will. I won't be able to get them in the future either, but I'm going to put all my eggs in this basket right now. I guess the best we can do is start with a tray finder for Devin Booker. We can't carve out any time you won't like the new cities car y'all so um that's not happening so we'd have to build our own which I was hoping in the first place but that just tells me you value it a lot that makes a lot of sense, so we have this choice, of course, we have this choice, obviously, that won't work. ride a bike if we do this deal we're wrapping 30 million 30 million basically in another 30 million which is 90 million dollars in these three players the rest of our roster would have to be super cheap and the super ocean views wouldn't be as good Let's get the teammates together, let me, let me pitch our 2024 pick and do I have anyone else who's on the books right now?
Jalen the readers of no alenas arenas have star value to them Jalen no way Liz we are on top of a Jake layman who has a star value of one and a half stars that is nothing to them Jalen no way also has a value of two stars so we'll keep NAS read with offer Jalen no beer and we got a deal Devin booker he's coming to


and the three homies ain't together they're together we did it now the rest of the lists go b be faith but we got the trio, the best three. friends all in one place Devin Booker gets his number one DeAngelo Russell goes to number zero of course just like he is in real life and of course 32 for Garth at his house in real life I promise I was going to be a lot harder to hit Devin Booker but we live in the 2k world and what they were rebuilding on so getting the player off a rebound a team that isn't like 21 is pretty easy when Give him over Duke was number one , so the sun ended up with Anthony Edwards anyway, who else did they cast?
I think we had the 10th overall pick for them. they also got a Vernon Carey out of Duke and then we also gave them this pick where they got Theo I mean it's a pretty decent raft for them so we got this power for second round pick Isaiah Mobley he's 73 overall and at this point we can't afford to let anybody that's decent not be on our team Omari Spellman averaged what was like eight points a game for us we'll take it because we need a power forward Oh James Johnson is a guy who is still on our list so we can trade him because he just took his extension and Anthony Davis rejects Drummond rejects Martha Rose in class.
I don't even know what I'm looking at that we don't have the money to sign anyone. I'm going to throw my qualifying offers at Malik Beasley so he doesn't look though because he wants four million dollars, he's 72 years old. I don't know how much he will improve, but I think my Lee Beesley can help us. Beasley wants ten million dollars a year, that's a little tough, we'll keep the qualifying offer available to him, I hope no one gives it to him, what do we mean? I think right now we need a power because I like Amari Spelman.
Yeah but we need some defense, maybe we just traded our best defense player and that was covert and with a team of kartha New Towns D'Angelo Russell and Devin Booker we definitely need defense. I'm going to try to see what James Johnson can bring us he's making 16 million dollars a year the guys dad gives us he's young but we're going to end al-farouq Aminu now in real life he didn't have a very good season I think it will end whatever tears see, something happened to him that's going to be nice A lot of people are going through the season to see his numbers here, they're not good at all, but we're saving some money going from a 16 million dollar contract to a nine million dollar contract. you're a second round pick for someone who's making a lot of money let him show up that's how we're done with al-farouq so we're saving a little bit of money small four position is very iffy right now I would love to have a we need someone who can defend we need someone who can defend it our smile for the best part of a defender available is table sefolosha someone is 36 his world overall 100% down we have stanley johnson where the hell is stanley johnson playing today? he's in Toronto but he's way behind, Petey because he looks at his numbers, honey, we can't sign him.
Torrey Craig bro yeah I'm always made fun of by signer Craig but he's like the perfect guy we also have Jay Crowder who I can. offer a contract because we don't have the money for sorry, Craig, you'll have to be our man. Sorry, I know he always ends up on our team, but he's just one of those guys who knows as a point guard, we just need someone to come along. back to give us backup minutes and actually the point guard market is tough because we didn't have the money to sign anybody that has a known good score in the league.
Hassan went to the Raptors, he's fine buteverything else is to prepare Garland. kids but they trade he ain't got a booker which is why they might sign Gallinari cause they opened up some money all about the knicks kids you gotta eat ok but everything else is to say that we need a point guard bro but we don't have no money to get a good backup for D'Angelo as our team is going to suffer because of the three headed monster we have we just have to hope our offense dominates everything else because even Jake Layman He's our starting forward at the moment and honestly that's not the move but we just need a backup point guard so we're going to sign somebody cheap because that's all we can do and he's going to have to be the best defending the nice car .
Let's bring in Keenan Allen one year contract two million dollar way of writing I offer him I think I offered him a double track I'm going to get him on the one year contract and I'm going to attack to play aggression I held the rating formerly Beasley , so it should show up saying it's here. He didn't show up. Is there someone else who hired you? Oh oh oh where is Millie Beasley? She's fine, she's still there. From Devin Booker, 23, to DeAngelo Russell, we've got a three-headed monster, but after that, we're again a bit iffy. I caught you, Kogi, you have something of value. a claimant is our best little because he ain't starting ain't t he moves so we'll probably end up doing and hoping his overall improves we'll go to training camp and I'll send someone to potential camp so the trade value is more tall.
Again, I like all three. monster with a head, it just sucks that all of them are in these big old contracts. I'm sending Josh a Kogi because that puts him in a -- potentially wise and then we'll throw this kind of second-round pick in there -- I don't know I'll potentially get something for one of them. I don't really know, but the last thing on the agenda before we get to the season, like I said, I'm going to make Kogi a small forward, the overall on him goes up, and then I'm going to do . a secondary position back to shooting guard so he can run both positions.
I know that he is relatively small. I'm going to have I'm going to have the Farouq for the defensive aspect of these two guys and then the card three times of course off the bench we have Malik bzees our six man which I don't hate on Jake Layman. I'll probably try to flip too fast if I throw Jake Layman and then he's a young rookie. 19 euros, an emolia and a second round. Choose from this Caesar, could what we met? We need like, I don't know, let's see what's out there, so let's go straight to Rodney Hood, of course, he's coming off that injury in a big way, but like his ridiculous shoe display last year. we have to get off our bench to be a scorer, look at his Adam's apple, you know how good a shooter can be, Rodney Hood, the defense isn't bad either, we also bring in Kim Burch because he won't have minutes for us. but that's the deal we're making on the trade exception and he's coming off our bench for Kogi because I said so again.
I'd rather have a Kogi defense and how to walk up there and yes, this is what our team is looking for. like right now is what it is this is a playoff team 100% a group i think it's a playoff team i'm gonna turn it into a nightmare rotation right now and change this back yeah 100% team playoffs and that's going to be giving Devin Booker his first minute of the playoffs so people can know what the hell is going on here. The balance of the system works, so we will keep the balance. Taylor Jenkins is now our trainer.
I don't know what the hell happened, so Ryan Sanders in the offseason because I didn't go with him. I didn't go to see things. Oh, I don't want to edit it. Is he still there? although no he wasn't so I guess Taylor's age will have to work and you know Technic is having a really good year for that Memphis Grizzlies team to be able to turn that young team into something and then turn our young team in something. because it's definitely going to be cities and Russell's been in the league for a minute they all came in as a super young player so they have some experience where they're still young you know what I'm saying so I'm going to simulate see? how things are going so we're on feb 1st we are 34 13 whose rank s us as the best team in the nba right behind us is the warriors though we have weeks um let's see what the weeks are doing so far this season , he is a native of August 17 in good divisions, look at the divisions, he is having a very good season 50% of the field 38% of three and 72% of free throws those are very good wigs thanks man last year finished with the season with 22 points a game but our rosters playing well together the man we started off a little hard like not a little hard we started off real hard but i decided to let it go without making any traits where is that club 50 40 97 no sorry 50 50 we don't round up that forum club 50 50 97 come on man stop playing by the book he's averaging 23 on that and d'



was having a really good year too the rest of our team joshua kogi still can't really get a three but it's better than last year pretty much any year of her career which is firing Amira Spellman eight points a game off our bench I guess I could take th on the hood of the right knee we traded it for yeah this is what we got her 40% out of three exactly we got 15 points a game we rounded for him from our bench he's good Willie Beasley eight points a game good splits al-farouq Aminu our starter Power forward isn't that far off offense yet but I don't know how good he is as a defender because that's not going to be changed for him, it wasn't for anything other than his defense really and it's there like crazy defensive numbers. that we can notice we can't really see we'll look around we look around me he lost the badges i've never seen them i swear to god when i traded for him he had clamps he lost the badges y'all that's a W for 2k honestly cause players get worse if did you ever trade them I thought I would sue him I have clamps you know I say so al-farouq thank you for your caesar half service. four if we can improve our power for business I still want a power forward that can cut down and defend frost I don't know oh my gosh they said Christian we have zero bad sisters that's kind of hard to believe it's not what terrible enough to have zero badges but i wonder how much it matters and 2k you know i'm saying like in real life you want to match karthi yo every routine is a defender baby he's a defender he has the bad just to prove it don't eat , why does Jeremy grant only one bet? best often offensive offensive player if you see he actually hits all three and defensively he's comparable you know I'm saying perimeter defense is above average post fence average a little low but powerful I didn't know he was lousy rebounder I never paid attention to him that in his career he goes for three rebounds a game, which is bad for a power because it will keep him going, but I wonder how much it matters for 2k to have the defense when it comes to building the team.
I'm looking at Aron Baynes because he does stretches. h the floor at least a little I'm so sorry we can move the jack technically to power position four Aron Baynes man I'm I'm keeping my eye open for you I'm keeping my eye open for you because you can come over here and help us rondae hollis-jefferson no he can stretch the court at all but defensively he's good I'm good at it even though he's having a good year as far as scoring the ball plus his three pointer I think the Aron Baynes when is the deal I'm making?
I'm trading the first round pick for Aron Baynes. I don't care, I don't care and then we'll do the hat four and you know his overall will go up because he can do everything on the offensive end of the ball and now you don't feel too bad because Aron Baynes will be our blocking center and technically Aaron Paige will be our third best player on our roster so we'll fix the row oh they traded him and they have Rodney Hood starting he would do it again he wanted a KO he started how many games does he actually have? ly has come off the bench so far oh no he actually started every game with a season so they just did that we'll change it and I'm ok with them moving to sin the number of minutes but I want it to start as I think that rate makes us better, man, I think that rate makes us better by a decent amount and everyone is on fire except for our two defensive guys, just like Spike is the defensive guys.
Aron Baynes doesn't need touches but can 50% on three is where he shoots at the moment err Baines just fixed our team even though nothing was really broken but we were a team that was buying his team that's actually selling because he could make more trades selling that's not to rebuild and we're looking to sell the heat is selling interesting if he would have anything I might want um we could try to get Kendrick none to be our backup PG the heat is selling jazz is selling but we don't have it they don't have anything we would want because of t The contract situation doesn't have anything we want so we would have to plug in the heat sale which is crazy for Kate again.
Kate never shows love for heat. The Thunder are selling but again in a similar situation they don't have anything we could want the reason I say related none is because he still has his rookie contract and he was under robbers an undrafted rookie so he's making like 1 million dollars a year and that's not oh Duncan Robinson like a guy we'll take our time, we'll take our time, we'll try to get Kendrick nothing here, he's worth two and a half stars, we'll give him our back or a guard which has the same value and then since they're selling soup second round picks three second round picks and that's our best known song for second round picks okay yeah we're training all of our draft capital but it's worth the Shame when you have a guy like the Kendrick nuns who are literally our six men now we only do two big trades in my eyes because we didn't need to l On top of the up, we needed the rest of our roster to pick up and we did, so we're off to the offseason.
This is a year where we can win a championship. I believe it. why did i say anthony day this is Yanis wins MVP Cohen then wins Rookie of the Year boogie six man Kawhi defensive most approved to Kaylee averaged 20 man shots marquel and in our boy Taylor Jenkins was coach of the year don't know why Memphis left him walk, but I'm happy that our NBA teams meet the Timberwolves, right? We disrespected the car three times? Okay, that makes sense. too, but I think the defensive team because that was in one place. I thought we were going to have problems for a week.
We could have. We discovered this. Do they have the same type of rust? same roster and we have to play them in the first round they just want a championship last season and we have to play them in the first round yeah oh that's unfortunate unfortunate but that's what we're going to try to go out here fight compete and win with a higher seed there's a reason HC we don't want to see keep that man we don't want C be here final stats if you care if our big our big three shot 50% from the field they all shot 40 % of three and Devin Booker went 50-40-90 Club and convincingly, which is ridiculous, he only lasted twenty-three minutes or thirty-three minutes a game.
We changed that for the playoffs. I need those guys to go. out there, so let me take a few minutes from I guess Beasley just falls out of the rotation right now because we have a Little Red Hood hookah manning a human guard. Kendra is hitting Russell shooting for us, so we'll give our guys forty minutes a game. like our big three we need them all so let's take it LeBron them especially it's young LeBron so first round Lakers please if we take care of business here with the Lakers I'm sure we can win a championship until Oh, three, oh, we swept the Lakers LeBron, who's little boy time? from here oh man now go against the clippers they are also a very good team as you know oh they are up to one and this is the time to make changes because we will merge to go down 3-1 to see what their team has right now for course they have their two best guys and the rest of the rocks are really good too, which one of them is there?
One of them in particular that is killing us right now? No, it's like a team effort. guys game number four because it's so important please just come here and get this dog just get him out please my heart thank you. down three one down three one okay let's shorten a rotation even more becausewe need these guys here we'll start with rodney hood i guess if that's what they think is best come on bro i've noticed the clippers and they the clippers but we need them to win best of all if we don't You win it all this year we still have our big three wrapped up for next season but there's a big win for us okay listen I've seen a lot happen in the NBA maybe coming back from a 3-1 is something we've seen a few times before we get cut and that's the season, that's the season, okay, we can't put up 18 points in the fourth and also give up 41, it's not our year, it's not a year. is this Wiggins here Wiggins is in the conference finals Las Vegas is in the conference finals and they oh my gosh the Bucks are like they want to walk away with it they swept so yeah just because he's the man of the championship, so we still have our big three.
It's not the end of the world. It's not the end of the world. I changed our entire draft capital. do we don't really try to make it work Houston didn't make the playoffs and not just because they didn't have their pick and they ended up going to Philly with the 3rd overall pick we don't have a preliminary picture, I'll go right through free agencies where things will work out for us just to see who we can and can't keep. I traded for aron baynes and I think he's a free agent so that's a bit difficult. I want all the 3ds guys to stay. so i'll throw in the rating for him and then the kids aren't no this is the rating sorry we're going to throw in kids even in a qualifying offer and hopefully he comes back hopefully nobody gives them a contract what which one i feel is going That it happens is just my luck but what is in our team we still have a quorum and we still have air Baines, I thought he had a one-year contract, he will stay here, he will be 35 years old, probably in general, he will probably fall, but we can flip it later, listen, our team is still here, even Little Red Riding Hood is still in the contract.
I feel safe, brother, I feel. I'm sure a plan for another year together will help a lot, so we basically keep everyone, which is great and here we are, we're playing for Gretchen. They are all getting better. Aron Baynes didn't get worse, which is a beautiful thing for us. He would. brought in John Henson just because he was a cheap senator bring him in and yeah I mean I'm not saying we're going to keep the exact same roster we can do a little trade here but I'm sure this could be our year because the team that he beat us he lost his best player oh yeah kawhi leonard didn't reside with the clips which makes me so happy he wouldn't have to go through them no more i have to go through them you know i think he went to the Jazz on every team that means to really go Barry hit the side somewhere because there's no way they're going to have money for all those guys so I'll send big defensive man Karl to the cities and hopefully that helps them out a bit he's okay here we are so next thing I do is I'm going to test the more I see what we need I have where we can just fill the roster on anyone because I think we have 12 players not 14 I'm the point guard position we're good because we don't we have kendri ck as he sucks, he would be a good backup, we're good with Malik Beasley as our small backup shooting guard for the position.
I'm fine with this as if he's legitimately happy with our little floor position. but look it's holding the gold at this point you know that's exactly what we need it's a powerful position you know you know the deal we've got the jack in the nest Center I guess that's the only point I don't We can improve but I don't. I really know how we'd like to be able to test Aron Baynes for the first time, but I don't. If there's a center out there that's significantly better than him, there will be in the commercial market right now because even if, look at all these trays, none of them have given us a center that we need Daniels did is I'd rather keep our veins because you can't shooting all three zoo BOTS doesn't help us much, so this could be a situation where we let them read one more season and see how it goes.
You could try doing something like this, just see what dr. cozy can bring out a Kogi he can bring us but I don't think he'll bring us anything better than him yeah now look at things and no rebuilding team has anything I want so it's another season with our guys I've been making a nightmare rotation so no one gets burned and just Sim Yanis continues to add to his collection of MVP Bob Pollin Rookie of the Year like 300 Play Usage for the brother Lakers hopefully we don't have to face them. Cohen 36 men in the air defense. played on Kauai, part of the Utah Jazz.
I told you kill your haze wins More Improved and then Taylor Jenkins we have more shapes this year than last year which is always a good thing Karthi all-nba talents first team second team nobody 13 Nobody not much talked about both of them. Hooper's cat Burano is our best player, but we still have these guys in the D book at 92 from let me see the stats on him, man, what kind of year is Devin Booker. his sophomore year in Minnesota that's another reason we lost the Freshman year I mean it was the first year playing together I guess so everyone shot over 50% again out of 40% and three again and Devin Booker gave him shot Maggie for 473 another 50 49 year for him it was a first year playing together man you're number two is even better you know we had a little bit better team right oh I don't think we made any changes we have the same team, we have the same team, but this is our year because the clippers won't get in our way you know i'm saying the clippers won't get in our way let's do it guys first round we're going against the memphis grizzlies taylor jenkins se come on from the team that fired tim we don't say they fired him even though there's no way to really know but we're going to get a job that's also an nba player jaren jackson dillon brooks all those guys s but they are no match for our team who said marcus morris will soon be a violent team instead they are my mates back me mike ollie was back yell that but they got asked first round sweeps never mind the second round, either I get Dallas or Rose ends up being Dallas.
Adam sweeps the first two rounds the lakers get knocked out by this guy he's the heartthrob of the denver team they swept the lakers which tells me they're really good man the lakers have goofy that automatically or at least they generally adore, either way we do something. changes, let's see what they are. I don't even want to get to the point where they are up as two one as I want to keep destroying teams they have boosah Fitch what the heck what the heck I mean the team is Great obviously they have a two headed monster in the Center, a dog like yokas get out of that Accola for another Nikola yikes ok they got a deep brother this is the shooter guard Reggie but he blocks no I'm not worried about that even start? enough it's starting off good um interesting stuff here interesting stuff here I'm not worried about their starting lineup at all like not even a bit I mean the top half of the top bird lineup so like they're starting with Reggie Bullock in the - Devin Booker should have a picnic should have a picnic d book come on Game one I bet it's D book two friends I bet it was D book was yeah this is a W they have no one to stop Devin Booker they have no a no one to stop Devin Booker bro they ain't got no one to stop Devin Booker stop playing the third man game they ain't got no one even though this is Angelo's night alright alright this is over , we sweep the Western Conference, baby, and we go against the Celtics. they have oh my god they have rally bill now they have bradley beal now and taco fall that this is our best team we play yet I was wondering when they got it they didn't scratch this season I'm just curious how the hell they ended up on a bradley beal like they went to Bradley, but who did that?
They already traded Gordon Hayward so they had to get more than that's Gordon Hayward in that trade, right? Wow, that's a man they pluck, okay, game one, they won, ah, no, no, no, and it was Jason Statham giving us a set of buckets: okay, we fight games of three, we, gay, Ford, them , bro this is a game of that I don't want I don't want to go against this team bro I might have like Bobby Porter coming off his bench so even his benches are at least decent that's a big win that's a big win and it was Devin Booker yes Devin Booker we don't find his MVP well actually Carly times 23 2013 8 that's not that's amazing - last one please just win the game no sevens there it is thank you thank you thank you Karthik tell us , then we found his MVP again he was putting up crazy rebounding numbers oh man if you enjoyed the video make sure you leave it like I did it took us three years but a championship is a championship and not to mention oh no the ologies guys still get two to th Three years left on their contracts os, so he said they could try to repeat and do it again three mobs.
I'm out, thank you very much, go watch the video, by the way, that's very important to me, important to me. They should be more. to your right peace

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