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Minecraft, With Custom Infinity Items...

Aug 10, 2023
In today's video there are infinite hearts that give you


abilities on all new infinite


, three, two, one, my friends and I have 25 minutes to get the best possible


before a final battle. In the end, okay, quick, let's go. come around the corner here as you can see looking at my heart well, I mean, there's no no hearts, there's a heart, but now I think it's okay, I think I've lost them a little bit, let me take this book because this explains everything. Well, the first heart that we can create is the mental heart.
minecraft with custom infinity items
Look up at the fly and hover in the air to pluck. Well, that sounds pretty crazy, so we can create it pretty quickly. We need four land and seeds that we can get right now. let's go one two three four and yeah okay now we have seeds if I go one two three four and the seeds we get the mind heart and if I click on that look okay it's just been added to the heart look up the fly and stand in the air. to increase wait, do I do it now? Wait, I need, I need to get a little further away before I do it, I can't risk them seeing, okay, it looks like we're a little further away now and wait, wait a minute, oh wait, did we just float?
minecraft with custom infinity items

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minecraft with custom infinity items...

I think we just float, but I'm also a fan of the site. Okay, I'm not sure what that is. Maybe the book explains it, but quickly, yeah, okay, we're floating, so if I look up, where am I? Oh my God. I'm flying fine and then if I look up once and then I float down once yeah oh oh my god this is so glitchy so if I look up I start flying and then I hold oh my god I can actually fly okay That's pretty crazy , but that will actually be very useful in the end, fight, okay, anyway, what's next if I go through the next heat, since the heart of power gives you strength and speed to take damage, that Will it really be good to run away? the end is fine too, so to start we're going to have to get some basic tools quickly, okay, throw that down with the sticks and the pickaxe and we'll grab some weight, shall we grab a cobblestone?
minecraft with custom infinity items
Yeah, let's grab the cobblestone now, so we have. to find some sugar cane and break the next heart, okay, there should be enough cobblestones, let's wait, oh yeah, we can fly, didn't we forget about that? That's really cool, okay, let's grab more sticks, let's go with the pickaxe. ax and then, oh yeah, now we need to find sugar cane. Where will sugar cane be good? Maybe if no one sees me, I could try to fly and find something quickly. Ah, there it is, boom, come on and the sugar cane, boom, boom, how do I turn? in sugar, is it the straight line or just oh, is it literally like that, okay, so, sugar cobble, cobble, cobble, cobble and now we have the power of the heart, taking damage gives strength and speed, I can't take full damage, how do I do it, how do I do it? damage oh let me choke let me see if that works well and damage your speed two in a row what's crazy and now I'll read I guess I'll regenerate really fast I have speed let's just wait oh can I use it quickly? come on uh let's take advantage of it oh it's over well anyway okay what can we do next?
minecraft with custom infinity items
So we have our mind, heart, which allows us to fly, the power of the heart, which drives us crazy, reality hearts summon random elements when taking them. damage okay I need four irons and some carbon for that um oh I see Cole here I mean we might as well take that right now and oh wait wait a minute we got five fans on the side after I import this call. I'm going to take a look at the book and try to figure out what the heck that really is. Okay, we're okay, let's get out of here.
Okay, now we're out of here. We have that fan on the side and I want to see. I mean, do I like it? Can I create with it? um wait, what Thanos helmet wait, can I do? That means I can make all those Thanos boots, that's my boot, wait what do they do, I don't have any armor right now? I'm thinking, if I keep getting something every time I craft it, okay, let's go for the helmet once in a while, see what else we can do next, so, if I put that protection, armor 5200, brother, okay, that It's crazy, okay?
Let's try to create the next heart and then hopefully we can get more. Oh, I see we've been down here. Oh, I forgot. I can fly. Well, we are in the ravine and there is some iron. I need to get some food soon. although since I'm noticing my hunger is decreasing, we have enough iron, let's try to fly out of this ravine, oh this is very useful man, we have our furnace, let's melt the iron and then we take our other furnace and place the logs around it , we get our smoker and then we can make our food cooking boom okay, perfect, okay and now this is almost expected, what is that?
Just one button. I wonder what will happen if well I guess you better listen and subscribe anyway I think so, the iron is ready, the food is ready, let's heal quickly and now how do we do this? It's the iron and oh, I just used up all my coal, no, we have one left, okay, a few. so if we take our coal, iron, iron, iron, iron, we get reality, heart, random items, they drop when taking damage, okay wait, where was that enderman? Come on, do something, uh, do something, oh no, skeleton, here we go, do your worst friend, what do I get? get an item, I need to take some damage, dude, okay, you know, I'm just going to kill him, go on, oh wait, he just, oh wait, now I'm turned into apples, okay, I guess he hit me articles, but also soul.
I've been given a soul, that has something to do with the heart of the soul, wait, oh yeah, so everyone's dropping souls, let's take the book now, so what's next? The soul heart hits the mobs to get a special self so we need one more and then I have to get a glass bottle so we need sand ok sand down here okay we have to quick click now just There's ten minutes left on the clock, okay, boom, we got them quick, don't drown, boom, let's get out of here we'll just fly here quickly, lovely stuff, hey, climbing spider, oh my god, that was so close, I don't have a shield, okay, this is very bad, let's get him, let's climb the tree, wait, oh, and we have. diamond chest right now okay, wait, let's use some of these golden apples as we have them.
I might as well eat one of them. How much salt do we have? We only have three souls. Okay, we have to go down and search. one more soul oh no, there's literally one there, boom, so now okay, take our furnace and melt the sand. I always use wood for this and three, we're done, let's go to our craft table, there we go. Three, oh, three glass bottles, I forgot. that and now if we do that and take the soul everywhere we get the soul heart hitting the mobs it will give potion effect okay let's jump down where are some mobs?
There's a spider over here. Saturation three is that good. I think it's good. Let's hope. I need to find another mob to test this, well I think I have infinite saturation now which is pretty useful. Furthermore, your strength five is broken. I'm going to be able to hit people with a single punch and how much I have the fourth. The debuff is pretty useful now anyway, so what's next? Well, the next step is the space heart. Right click to teleport. No, and there's also an Enderman before. Okay, wait, so we need to get some gold and we'll need to find an Enderman.
Okay, quick, let's grab our parts and get out of here, out of the ravines, here, uh, honestly, I'm just going to dig, let's hope for the best, oh, okay, this cave might be promising, uh, lapis lazuli, I don't We do, oh God, it's okay. I finally have some gold, now let's take all the gold, precious things, okay, let's get the gold going, so what was the ship? Now we just need one final pole, okay, I think we'll probably go back to the surface, take all this with us and try. and find an enderman up there and just once we're here also what's the last heart in case we need to go mining again so let's get the space last time heart oh well I checked it buddy because it's redstone okay as we go we'll try to find some redstone look oh and literally redstone here I passed it so we need five redstone oh so one more gold and five redstone okay oh okay , we have 22, that's more.
That's enough, we just need to find one more piece of gold. um okay I'm a little lost oh wait more gold okay perfect this is good this is good dude we're running out of time there's literally five minutes left okay just me. I'm just digging up, we're just digging up, okay, we're okay, we're finally out, let's teleport out quickly and that's okay, so what do we need now? Furnace, throw that away, let's get the rest of the gold smelting boom, shall we? So what? Oh, we need a clearance, we need an envelope, we just need to find an enderman, come on, wait, hello, my God, okay, no, he's not gone, he's not coming back, buddy, okay? where was?
No, there is no way you can literally find an item and lose it. So, come on brother, where are you? Oh, he's back here, he's back here, come on, put the block down, you're mine, bro, come on, wait, I'm just going to hit him because then he'll hit me and I'll get power five. No, he didn't, wait, no, no way, what are the chances, mate, he didn't drop one, but there's another one, come on, please, I can't, I can't be that unlucky, I'm not going to go to the I don't want to trade, come on, hit me, come on, yeah, okay, perfect, we have to go back to our oven now, come on, come on, okay, boom, here we are, we have the gold, okay, so first one, two, three, four, ender, pearl boom, we get. space heart sneak right click to teleport in any direction so if I go like this I just teleported inside a tree this is pretty cool honestly this is way better than flying okay wait so what was the other one?
Now it is the last heart. heart time and that's fine, so we have to get our watch for that, how do we do it? I think it's one, two, three, four, redstone and then we take the clock, one, two, three, four, boom, time, heart, right click, I was looking at a crowd to send. him to the dark dimension an infinite bow given wait so call infinite power and charm and level 20 wait wait so what does that mean? What does that mean? In the chat, right click on looking up at them to send them to the dark dimension.
What is it? the dark dimension oh god it's getting dark we literally have two more minutes to wait okay there's a pig around here and a sheep is gone oh wait I won't teleport leave me alone I can kill mobs wait can I kill my friends , Oh my God? okay, one minute left, I think this is it, so, right, these are all the hearts, wait, battle view, sword, you will get phallocytes when creating hearts, I could have made a sword all this time, oh my god, wait , so if I explode and do like this. phallocyte sword oh my god this gives me speed okay there must be a lot of damage oh my god I can't wait to try this wait so if I have everything right I have six great ones left let's make some phallocyte boots .
I guess we can, uh, we can put them on, oh man, I look so good right now. There are about 30 seconds left. I'll call the others in a second and we'll see you at the end. Okay, guys. at the end you're you're ready you're looking I'm ready ready I don't even have leggings but I mean uh fuck it run I'm wrong oh man I'm so fast oh my god the infinite sword what? They shot me in the street. I love shopping on the street. Come on, do you have a bow? I don't have it. I hit it.
Oh, actually, you just hit me. This is not correct. I'm drinking. so much damage you're horrible you're horrible oh friend, who moves like that? He's got a stinky leg oh this goes five miles to here oh yeah, I'll stay here oh oh no oh God, I didn't mean to do that Okay, okay, put it on the wall. I placed everything now. I'm taking out the fruit. Go watch one of these videos.

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