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Minecraft Manhunt, But You Can Craft Mobs...

May 28, 2024
happy to see how happy they are now. I will be so happy. Yellow. I just realized why. Are you naked on me? Hey? Why are you naked? Because I like to feel your body. I don't know what I like the feeling of grass between my toes. I'm taking a risk. I'm taking a risk. It probably will. be at the end before he sees us like this anyway yellow ah you yes yes yes yes follow him follow him follow him follow him follow him he's happy we found him we'll hear him before yes but don't worry let's go well he tagged us and said exactly, it's Mine


, you can create structures, who tagged us, who is fur, oh, oh, oh, okay, it sucks, says, come on right now, you know what screw, I'm going to write the script, yeah, loser, what do we have, what is this. the furthest an island has been from the main island uses a pearl you idiot what the fuck no it was so far away I couldn't even use it right away yeah okay sure look wait what is this? the bedrock in the middle is covered what yes it is covered with final stone it's like on a hill yes it's okay I have to concentrate concentrate be careful when you stay down no I'll see you come on come on it's okay, be careful, uh okay, okay, come on, okay, I'm going in, I can't wait, no, I don't care what the hell this is, yeah, it's crazy, actually, okay, that's very Unfortunate, right?
minecraft manhunt but you can craft mobs
What do you see? Where do you see that thing? in the middle, oh my god, what the hell, yeah, that's okay, the strangest one on the whole planet, the dragon is underneath, what I know, I know, it doesn't make any sense, oh, this is just a big moose Here, hey, buddy, I'll see you up there. There I look at you as if it were my armor, where is he? That they both have a full diamond? Be yellow. I don't have Phil Diamond. I know you have yellow. What do you mean? I was naked. Hello, put on the armor before you.
minecraft manhunt but you can craft mobs

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minecraft manhunt but you can craft mobs...

What happened? Oh my gosh, you guys are actually stacked, um, yeah, and that's not really a good position for me, amazing, I'm really happy, are you guys really happy? I'm very happy, there is a new tactic to find diamonds, right? weapons right away I'm going to take out the weapons right away because this is just not good oh damn oh no let's go oh yellow I don't have any more blocks you know I know actually I do yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow yellow I don't I'll try it buddy, I'll try to come back here, developer, there's a good wait.
minecraft manhunt but you can craft mobs
Yellow, the dragon just knocked me down. I almost fell into the void. I can get some of my stuff there. I can get something. Yeah, yeah, wait, how did you fall? you have attractions, yeah, oh, and everyone stays here, oh, this is perfect, oh, okay, okay, that's yellow, we wasted all that time, I stopped oh p, I had like 20 devastating, oh no, the pickles turned into zombie piglets, we lost the yellow, I think the yellow. We gotta get your stuff quick, yellow stuff if I know where my stuff is, okay, okay, it's annoying because I thought, "See, the thing is, the only reason I died is because I couldn't decide whether to do the reverse." or the bucket of water." I could have done the flashback, but I thought I was going to land in a vacuum, so I didn't take out my bucket of water.
minecraft manhunt but you can craft mobs
That's the thing that points to that damn thing. No, it's not the rabbit. I start with the devastating one, distract him and keep him away. keep it away don't keep it away dev I'm going to die even though I can't get to my things I'm with you things here oh come on oh spaghetti take a few blocks from there no, I'm going to take one I just take one, I only need one, yeah, at least the hope of let me drown this out somehow and die like fall damage or something, if I die it will be from the stupid bedrock thing, let's hope, let's hope we stop the dragon and I can't even get in, oh I just thought about stripping, go away , I can't even get in, I can't even get in and it's already gone flying, yellow, force your stuff to yellow, no, just stay away from me. dev stay away, okay, okay, I'll keep him away because I put him on the edge of the block, so I think I only survived like two or three in the morning, if anything, oh no, or these ravagers will really have I have to tip this thing to death.
I'm really going to run out of two stacks of arrows because of this dumb dragon oh wait, does this work? oh wait or I need everything I'm trying I'm coming back developer just come get it just come you can make an iron act right I didn't make one no but you can fix an accent shield that's all what you need, that's all you need because that's all I have, I took everything right, the yellow is this kind of closure, this is the worst dragon. of existence like me, why was dev here building with ovens and don't ask me if it was you or him, that was him?
I have some of that, where are you? uh, I'm where I was before in the back I see you, he's going to shoot me, his dragon is coming down, he just needs to shoot, oh, he's almost dead, he's almost done, come on Dave, I've got you, okay, will you? Say you've got me, I've got you, buddy, wait can you roll up a ball? No, although I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm fine, yeah, I'll be fine, just focus on killing him, don't let him stay with the dragon that just hatched and your son is out of arrows, oh my god, yeah, I'm out of arrows, yeah, yeah, yeah . we have this yellow one we have that one sorry dave hurry up if he kills me cause he's getting my stuff he'll get my stuff he's going to get away he's about to kill you just jump don't let me do the things I know but there's A better chance, just don't let him stop and jump if he's about to kill you.
Oh my god, you're so close to me, buddy, he's okay, he'll just jump right? Wow, really, I'll break a shield we have. this dad we got this we don't need to fill diamonds are you serious this is really how it's going to be now yeah yeah this is the weirdest ending ever yeah literally because of the drag and the dragons coming down , I should have. he made more spawn I'm eating a gathering just so I don't die okay, I'm fine now I'm fine I really want to take him down, I really want to take him down here or the dragon can just do it for real this is how the video is going to end this is how the video is going to end because of this stupid dragon you're serious this is how it's going to end you're serious I'm not going to stop recording I'm going to complain for a second, I'm going to complain, come on, I'm just going to complain.
Are they finished? Did you see that ending? Yeah, it's not the dumbest thing in the world. Yes, they were so unlucky. I'm so salty about that, oh my god, he would have won.

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