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Minecraft: EVIL CUTIE CHALLENGE GAMES - Lucky Block Mod - Modded Mini-Game

Jun 09, 2021
in three days of life, okay, did they catch another one? put together three lives then, where I have enough, well, wait, so that yours doesn't break, why aren't all mine falling apart? What's happening to me? Should I grab a pair of these? Okay, okay, you know what I'll grab infinite amounts, okay? I was in the middle of a sentence in the


, it just shut down I'd say these are never supposed to break they're supposed to live forever I don't know why they're falling apart on us, okay? so I'm going to have a chance to buy an apple because I'm afraid to do anything else five six of these, okay, there, then I think I should, why is it breaking?
minecraft evil cutie challenge games   lucky block mod   modded mini game
You know, I think all the ones we have from the trades are breaking for some reason, okay, so you know what I don't care, this one will never break, look at this puffer fish, take a good look at it, look into its eyes, it will live forever . I'm afraid. Okay, here we go, let's go to seven one. two three four five six seven look at his beautiful beautiful face can't we just be? friends seem to open their mouths oh man this is hard okay so you were actually suffering some damage where you live okay let me organize my inventory a little better and we're going to move on to eight of these, one, two, three, four, five. six seven eight okay, okay, here we go, okay, oh, no, oh, what are you doing, okay, golden opportunity, an apple, I even said the words in the wrong order, I said golden and sang hello, it's okay we did it I mean we just want let's be friends why are they attacking us we just want to love you one two three four five six seven eight nine please finish it still she turns into an apple oh man that was close oh you survived she's very close okay here we go we go in ten now okay that's too many no that's perfect I won't do it that would be just rude why are you approaching me? one, two, five, oh this is bad, oh my god, oh man, oh okay, die, yeah, they're all dead.
minecraft evil cutie challenge games   lucky block mod   modded mini game

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minecraft evil cutie challenge games lucky block mod modded mini game...

I'm going to change my armor. Okay, so I was only able to spawn in five of those. I've already lost two lives. Was your armor really broken? Oh, I was so broken. Okay, it's not that bad. Well, I would get an infinite amount of spawn eggs if they were ready. To buy these reals I tried ten one more time, well, say it one more time, it's over oh, I have to be very careful, okay, I'm going to try my


potion, here we go, let's do it one, two, three, four, oh my god, oh my god, no.
minecraft evil cutie challenge games   lucky block mod   modded mini game
I'm not still good enough six seven eight nine ten okay, I'm fine, okay, oh you know, generating them today is really bad because they're coming straight at me one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven here we go, really I really don't care regret it right now I can't get them to attack you, no matter what I did, okay yeah, how many chances to get golden apples, you laugh, I have four sung, there's no way I'm going to win this. I have three left I have to keep eating until well, well, here we go one, two, three, four, five, six, yeah, okay, it didn't count, yeah, okay, I'm changing my uber, maybe Jade will die, maybe maybe she is the diet I'm fine, but I don't have to use any opportunity like an apple.
minecraft evil cutie challenge games   lucky block mod   modded mini game
I see you, oh you did, so what are you three here, so you wasted my enchanted golden apple. I'm sorry, can I have another one? I'll give you 20 regulars, they don't do anything in this battle. I'm getting my one enchanted golden apple back, so I have three. Okay, but you can, you know, have all the gold. Thank you. They will never help you survive this battle. They won't, give me one, I'll gladly give you one, no, I already ran, he owns me, oh, it's okay, I already took it, that was nice of you, I'm just a little generous, it's okay, this is your name, Jen, the generous Righetti.
Come on, twelve of these are coming, wait, let me, okay, two, three, four, five, six, seven, I wish they would go where I wanted them to go, much more, okay, they're okay, here we go, yeah, oh, okay, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. eleven twelve thirteen I'm going to hold this up, oh wow, how's your army doing? My armor needs to be changed again. I have to constantly change it, breaking it, so I have that. I only have two enchanted golden apples left. You have the same. okay yeah I'm going to eat mine and we need about 15 of these do it please continue Jen is my only chance ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen here we go okay I'll knock it out real quick and then I'll start the next one round, right after Jen's face, as fast as I can, I go in to save the day.
I just want to love them, please love me, why do they look like lava? If they don't want to love me, no, oh no, I'm live, it's a little more, do you laugh? I'm a month old and you don't have any nuts. You know, the biggest problem here is that you need to die three times. Oh, no matter what, I can't win it all, but I'm doing my best. Come on murderer I'm trying too hard I'm sorry for the delay are you really there hurting me? I know I'm in this corner and I'm dead. I died three times and you have not died.
You know I was cheering you on. you from the beginning and you know it's all for fun so definitely since it was Jen's day, the word you guys knew with this heart, she would never have actually won a day she was supposed to long before this was the first time. Dude, it's really awesome, you should bow down to me right now, 'cause my dad likes it, but I'm so proud of you, so come on, let's make 100,000 mics of a guy so Jen can win at the Heart Mob with her special.


that was made for her this is the first time you win one it was me for you okay so you're still okay yeah okay here we go me so now it's all for you okay so there I should be no, this is really fun to see from the air, everyone is running into you, if they are crazy, okay, teleport back to me, you have two more lives, the route is still good, maybe I can kill them all.
You have this to kill very quickly, even if you want it, hey, you can do it well, oh, you have this friend left, I don't worry, you have one life left to finish this round, I could do this, here it goes, yeah. I think your armor must be completely destroyed oh it's over but Jed comes back let's take a look at this mop look at him you can tell by the eyebrows he's


look at this guy he has eyebrows oh yeah they really blend together. you didn't do it that's how you know it's bad look originally i was going to walk up to him give him a little kiss yeah it's okay he doesn't open his mouth he's short when he comes out you're walking from a distance it looks like his mouth is moving oh my god he's right down there , don't you see it's like whoa I think I need glasses but up guys I hope you enjoyed the video Sam you had so much fun with the big three for Jen she hasn't won in a long time so I'm very proud of her and you know what Jen next time you have fun in the mafia so I'm going to make sure it's a very deadly boss you know which ones are coming your way?
Yes, if you win in my battle, I will cry, but Friends, I hope you enjoyed the video, if you definitely smashed the subscribe button, please subscribe to our channel, leave a comment below, let me know you subscribe. I will tell many of the guys about him because we appreciate his incredible support and I hope everyone has. An epic day and see you next time guys.

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