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Minecraft, But We Can't Stop Flying...

May 30, 2021
I found a room I found it right? yes oh it's here come into this oh cute I found you oh dream the water the water now the water with the water the water kills the begetter I can't oh I can How am I okay? I know how to make it break it wait no I won't break it I don't know how to break it I'm trying I'm trying dream no I was so close dream I got it I got it it's nice oh no oh I'm so low I'm going to get rid of this lava yeah I have some blocks but I'm dead you just block all the lava okay I blocked it wait there's still one here oh no where's the water? i took it okay, okay let's go search the chests because we can get more ender paws for free oh there's a gesture i'm stuck i can't get over this stupid one oh i'm done there's a nice pearl i got it hey , there is an iron pickaxe. you want it too I do want it oh there's light here oh this is where we come in okay yeah this is where we come in okay let's systematically destroy this uh this place oh I heard an enemy was this way it's right up here Where is it above me or below?
minecraft but we can t stop flying
I think he might be up there. Do you hear her there? Yes, I hear it, I hear it, he's right above me. Where is this enderman? This is really annoying. They are killing me. I do not have food. I need your help I only have carrots I found the animal I found it how did you get up there oh my god yes they dropped one yes I'm so low okay we need three six seven eight we need eight and I have one and you have two okay so we have to complete two more, this is the hardest math I have ever done in my life, I can't, I don't like to see correctly three there, three there, one there, we need seven and you have two right, we need five more, what what about this?
minecraft but we can t stop flying

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minecraft but we can t stop flying...

We go to the surface and get food and get enderman. okay, I can't actually get up, don't help me, I'm trying to get out, it's very difficult. I'm out there, wait, you're putting a paver with a supplement on top of me, that's not helping, I'm out there, go, I'm going to go all the way across to this savanna land on that island and push that, so I did it, yeah , oh there are pigs, there are so many, yeah, take those pigs, we should spread out and look at random and you go to the desert, although, oh cinnamon, I found one, it's in a cave, okay, it's not even like a cave like now , it's on the surface, but it dropped one four more, it was like sitting there, there's like an open edge cave on the side of a mountain, it was like sitting in the cave and then it came out.
minecraft but we can t stop flying
I found another enderman. They're actually pretty easy to kill when you're


if you actually have armor and stuff oh I killed him he dropped one too good oh my god three more of us can fly we can cover so much ground and get so many enemies so fast literally , like you said, oh, I found one, is it this one? The same one you saw, I don't know, I'm killing him now, oh no, I'm killing him, so it's different, okay, oh no, I fell in the hole, oh, I'm dead, where's my shield? How can I save you?
minecraft but we can t stop flying
Just block it. I'm so dead that I can save you well, can you? I do not know where I am. I have another pearl. Where are you? I'm at minus 800 1200. Here I'm pouring water. I spilled water. Well, I did it. It doesn't show how it was oh he did it, it's here oh yeah I'm climbing oh there are so many mobs I'm dying, I'm dying is that, like a spider spawning, I fell oh oh my God, they just threw the creeper at me I went out and made me fly like he threw me in the air and I started


, I'm catching it, I'm catching the enemies, my mouse just fell off the table, did I get a nice one, yeah, oh is it there? we just need one more just one more like I push myself that way I could fly oh there's another one I found one oh I just walked into one too oh no, one didn't fall I'm killing one in neither of the two more I just found it I found it where uh what do you mean?
I'm in the desert right here I go I'm destroying it I don't see where you are I thought I saw you in a minute yeah wait. I have one before I have one how many do you have I have one I have four okay, come on, come on, that was epic, it's so easy because we just fly, yeah, we fly and we're dead, okay, we have to fly back to this island, let's go. yes, I can do it, yes, I can do it, oh, the perfect takedown, I did it, I totally did it, I have a lot of leeway, I think I'll make it, I think I'll make it, I think I'll make it. this way I can land here look boom oh it's here it's right here I'm going down your hole I'm going down yours okay, make sure okay, let's set up before we put the batteries in because we might accidentally walk through, okay? two bows you have more flint no, okay, I have 25 hours, okay, okay, can I eat some?
Can I eat something? Yes, what do you want, what kind of food I don't care, I have chicken fillet, what's on the menu? lamb just give me lamb he's getting my water just give me all the lamb all my lamb is fine whatever is fine I know you're holding it it's most of my food although to be fair you're here to give me everything buttons The main one you have is fine, anyway, if you need some, I have extra, okay, come on, no, okay, I'm coming, I'm coming, oh God, wait, are you falling? I fell, but I'm going, okay, oh, perfect, everything. right just gain some momentum try not to look at the enderman it doesn't really matter that you didn't fall off the edge if you fall off the edge you're dead oh this is cool this is going to be a lot of fun okay once i'm up here here we go , I'm gaining momentum, y'all, yes, I am.
I'll buy you two things in the air instead of yeah, yeah, I'm doing it, you guys are doing it, let's look at me, I'm awake. Here, George, look at me, wait, how did that lady do it? I destroyed one of them. I have one upstairs, oh yeah, oh, there's the caged one, but then there's the other one. I thought you were referring to someone other than the one in the cage. I have it. We have to go up there. okay, I know how to do it, I know how to do it oh, I'm up, wait, oh, I'm going up on the cage because I can shoot from here, I got it, oh, here I go, oh, it's coming down, oh, wait.
I'm so high what is this? I'm getting it oh, it made me boop I'm so high too I'm so high I'm going to fight the dragon okay, I buy it, I buy it oh, he flew by I missed it, how did I screw that up? Oh wait, I can make the beds. Should I make the beds? It's going to be hot? um no, we can probably do it. I have two beds. I'm trying to get in. Oh, I'm doing it. I can't even kill it, I'm going down, I'm going down, oh I'm so high, wait, it doesn't even matter, wait, stay up high and then you can kill the dragon.
I'm trying. I'm trying. ah, come on, throw me out, dragon, I kind of want him to fuck me, wait, where am I going, hurry up, kill him, I'm trying, oh, I have beds, I did it, I did it, shit, oh, he's down, look, look, ready, pick it up. he gets it use the other bed oh good so much damage oh god do it right yeah wait did he even do that much damage? Damage, understand it, understand it, should I install another bed or is it just stupid, we only have I Haven't I done it? I'm going to prepare another bed.
Okay, I put a bed there. It is very difficult to place it. Oh, I'll try to get the cinnamon here. I placed it. I put another bed there. Oh, show me. Is it okay, please? let the beds line up let the beds line up just one, oh god, oh, they threw me, I'm low, oh, I think the bed lined up, yeah, okay, like nothing, didn't it do something? here we go, we go I'm going after the dragon we go here we go it's like avoiding me oh she's going down she's going down good line here I go I'm going to hit a what oh oh the bed is not so aligned but just use it wait ah oh so dead oh here I go Here, I come, come on, George, come on, are you kidding me?
Okay, okay, we did it, come on, I went for it, give me that XP, yeah.

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