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Minecraft BUT the Void Rises Every 10s! - Challenge

Apr 09, 2020
fast no no no no no oh my god don't you dare kill this villager. it's at half durability which isn't a great sign no no no no no don't stop chasing a bored villager skeleton no yes ok another skeleton is dead i think we'll be fine i think i say this and all my goodness you monsters stop killing my villagers i think i have actually cleansed all the sins gle way fifth and final wave ladies and gentlemen one more one more where the Scout no no no no no no can't save that bow save that bowl look at them aiming at the villager you are crazy oh my sword is about to explode stay away from villager stay away zombies ok i think that's it i think we killed all the monsters wait i hear a zombie there is a zombie inside this house what is this zombie doing oh that's lava ok wait lava lava lava that was rude what do you want Sambi?
minecraft but the void rises every 10s   challenge
What are you doing here? Yeah, okay, we've completed the


. Oh my gosh, there was gear inside the chest the whole time. I feel like a complete commoner right now. I should have checked the villagers. I didn't think about it until the end here goes nothing one more time ladies and gentlemen look at 50:50 bounty and what will it be will it be yes I knew it I knew it a mishap I hope they a


the damage no no no no something is going to happen to 100 of my heart 'something is going to happen to my heart' nothing happened to my heart it's ok now i'm scared dude i don't like that oh i'm holding tight wait a second we're going to need some of this flint i know there's always a portal at the end of these videos and we always end up needing flint and steel.
minecraft but the void rises every 10s   challenge

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minecraft but the void rises every 10s challenge...

Do we have enough materials to build on the island? That is a very far island. Guys. I'm going to have to grab some extra sandstone. Wait once below us. What is this? get all this wool I don't know if we have enough blocks but this is as good as it's going to be okay here we go guys adventure to the last and last island apparently


time we take damage the


is going to rise by five blocks so we can't taking no damage that was the punishment Reeve took I love how I saved all these villagers I literally get punishment feels good man a hoe dude this island looks so cool what's in the chest is ok we can't touch any of this damage Challenge five your final task you will need Use this flint and steel to lighten the obsidian portal.
minecraft but the void rises every 10s   challenge
Good luck. This is a literal minefield. If I touch any of these magma blocks, they will damage me and the void will increase by five blocks, not one, but five. to make obsidian we are definitely going to need a workbench. The work tables have to lower meat sticks. I have to do a 100 percent diamond pickaxe and I think we have to do the portal and the instructions weren't clear. I don't know. i know the only way to make obsidian out of this ice is if it hits the lava now i know what we have to do we have to break this ice watch this ice break it turns into water now we have to bring it here to the lava how i don't know i'm going to realize that come on water yeah come on water come on it's your birthday yeah no it stopped water is so close come on water no it's literally so close to lava even though this it is the smallest lava pit.
minecraft but the void rises every 10s   challenge
I need this water to go to the big wells it won't reach let's water r walk here I went through all that work only to realize I had three irons left in my inventory if I could make a bucket you know and you know just go ahead pour it over the lava which will probably save me a lot of time wait what are you waiting wait ok i might place water only in some areas this is weird water come on yeah oh my god we can reach come on come on come on yeah this is perfect ok this should be enough obsidian let's go let's go let's go let's go let's literally now it's a race against time to see if we can mine enough obsidian to make a portal.
I think you need ten obsidian brothers playing with me, obsidian. lava oh my god five blocks away the void is five blocks come on come on why don't we have an efficiency on opportunity three the void is three blocks away three blocks I repeat come on come on well this is the last piece of obsidian we need the last piece ladies and gentlemen wow wow wow yeah okay we t here we're going to get out of here we need to build if we can build high enough oh look at the void that covers this whole island we need to build a platform - I know it's - obsidian minimum at the bottom of each side like this two three one two three oh my gosh imagine ruining right here my life would literally end okay and then we'll use furnaces and wait, what am I doing?
Right here put steel and oh my gosh ladies a gentleman we did it that might have been the most intense


video I've ever filmed in my entire life but see we managed to escape don't forget to comment. the first 60 minutes of a new video being uploaded i present here so thanks for watching and see you next time

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