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Minecraft but I'm a GIANT!

Jun 06, 2021
I've created a masterpiece, uh, gold, are we going to talk about these cakes or what?, uh, it's probably just a phase, hey, one step away from dessert, ooh, what's that in your hand? This is the best cake on the entire Minecraft server. It took me all these cakes try to make this beautiful cake subscribe if you want a piece of this cake hey luna and I get a super spicy taco golden tacos thank you yes please hey can you hear us with Luna coming? I don't know, welcome to the taco. Yes how can I help you?
minecraft but i m a giant
Yeah, we just want our golden tacos, come on Luna, give me my taco, walking over to the window, why does it sound like she's crazy today? I don't know, come on, let's move on, oh. gold hello rabble says what you just did she's going to kill you don't tell rainbow she was cooking some tacos here just take it and leave it taco hey what are you doing? But we're just getting tacos from Gold Rainbow who's doing something. crazy, come on, rainbow, go to jail, come on, everyone's doing something, come crazy, rainbow, uh, what are you, what are you doing up there, rainbow, why is there something, do you smell, do you smell this, no, all This goodness, yes, yes, like I said?
minecraft but i m a giant

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minecraft but i m a giant...

In a phase where you're just crazy about baking so I'll never abandon you, oh yeah, so it's a dessert, no, no, how could you rainbow? Why are you making such a crazy baking mess? um, I don't know, it was something like that. I got bored on the server and then I wanted to make, as you know, a really delicious cake, and besides, cake puns make me smile. Did he just say bake me? Smile. I don't know, I think he lost his mind. Do you see something different in him? little cupcake that I have in my hand no, uh, no, it is very small, it is made with the best ingredients and baked at the optimal temperature.
minecraft but i m a giant
I want to eat it, it's not necessary, no, it's just for my eyes, I can't get them off of me. from you oh my god I'm going to eat more of your cakes because you said I don't care all those cakes are commoner cakes wait rainbow rainbow gold he gave me a golden taco that's true why did he give you this exchange? Please no oh taco of trash yes, hey snitch, don't do what I didn't do, that's fine with me here here here here I'll give you a pie for a golden taco Who else gave me gold?
minecraft but i m a giant
It's mine draco just took my cake um there I can't do anything about it because it was a one on one exchange and give me a sample. In no way did my creation work. This is a tall cake. me something taller taller taller they're going to take a step hey hey what do you want what do you want draco so you can become


on the top right you're too gigantic to fit here you might have to find another one oh, I'm sorry I'm so tired here, let me leave you some small cakes so you understand the taco building well thanks for the cake, gold, did you get any?
No, they are throwing small cakes at us. I feel small, wait, wait, wait, this is different, so it's small. us but it's big for you oh hey can you break that cake block? Wow, this is, you are so small that the cake is bigger than you. I'll go up to the roof. Hello, can you give us a cake? Here you have. We're trying, it's crazy, I can't get it up, you guys stink, get it? Hey, give me some cake, I want to be big, yes, give me the whole cake, yes, little human cake, don't eat it to our liking. my magnesium is ok i made time to grow huge hey i need to be bigger how big are you guys the biggest one well you ate 10k it's a


sword for me it's small because i'm a tiny bunny just I have to keep eating if I eat enough cakes I will grow taller than everyone who is the tallest here me why would you ask that question?
It looks like it's the biggest I can get, guys, we're even faster, look at this, we can cross rivers. ease uh, let's find a c how do we build a house now? because clearly our houses were too small for us. uh, I think if we hit blocks, they're still small, yeah, they're still small. Can we build a big house as if we had the house at this highest point? hill on the server I start, we survive as giants, that's going to get, yes, die giant, yes, be fifteen thumbs, oops, sorry, I didn't know my arm was so long, let's find a beautiful piece of land to build our giant house, I want a giant. pool you got it let's wait before this look baby mobs we must crush them can they even hurt us yes they even hurt us hello you are no match for the giant crew creeper creeper wait creeper where is the creeper right there hey creeper hello draco is still around oh there are three creepers i think i'm going to explode there are three these creepers are no match for me um you're dying draco no i'm not they're just pushing me they're small they're not even like screaming whoa the creepers are bad maybe we should just stay away from them come on guys let's stomp around the world like new everyone oh why were you going too fast i was going to click your feet are in the water you know it's different being a giant cause these little ravines you just cross them they're just little cracks so easy they're not a threat to us I want to ride a moon drake horse that is a very horrible idea I recommend you get off the horse okay I have this I have this No way is it mine they are like you are too small a horse look how strong my is horse, it's carrying my weight, oh my goodness, yes horses, look at them, this looks very good, well, we'll walk and you could continue. your little steeds, okay, come on, yeah, okay, ride faster, horse, we don't have all day, it's so slow, this is horrible, it's stuck, you know what I'm going for, oh wait, we should do a small belt, what is that?
I think there is a treasure in it v5 full thumb I want a treasure here is a map of the buried treasure guys I might find the treasure scared how are we going to find the treasure? Draco, look at the map, I gave it to you, buddy, we're so tall that even the ocean is no match for us, I'll do it. find it, follow me, follow the giant drake to the treasure, you're right, we don't even need a boat at this point, we just float, are there any fish?, can we swim?, someone try to do it right, it's going to look so cool, it has to be deep, come.
In going deeper into the water great human um what are you too? Yes I can swim, wait where is the shackle? Oh, that's here, okay, go where, let's go see swim, draco, swim, swim, oh oh, that's cool, this is like a giant shark, okay, this is like that too. quickly the treasure I'm too tall clearly as a giant we can't die so it's time to test the strength of a giant let's put gold in a mine cart it's very difficult to leave this worth gold, sit on that giant roller roller coaster no, I don't you hit, oh my gosh, that's so funny, you're golden, this feels so exciting, when will the journey start?
Uh, just press the up arrow, push forward, I don't think your footprints are there, okay? Where's the accelerator? Come on, funny. bad roller coaster, come on, look what I found, the strangest discovery, a mega fish, oh, like a shark, but that's not like that, it's not a strange spawn, even slimes seem small to us, please, can we Build a nice little roller coaster and let the whole crew ride it? It would be cool, I can barely cut gold wood, but yeah, when I get them, I say let's build a roller coaster, okay, this is going to be very challenging, are you ready, yeah guys, yeah, I never thought I'd say this, but I think I will do that. too tall i think we are too tall oh would you ever say we can't survive in a


Can someone make it yes, Luna? Can you shrink and make a roller coaster for us? Don't worry the lunar worker here will do it with gold soup thank you rainbow he is cutting down trees with his rainbow stick I have something more productive for you what you will have a diamond sword and you will fight against draco little draco where are you I am here in the grass nor even Look at it where you're going my gun Does anyone see it? Not trucker Where are you? I'm next to this rose What rose is there like you jumped when he got up?
Jocko, come on, I don't see you. Do you see my arrow? No oh oh. I saw something from here now from here oh wait shoot again this is like where is the wall so I don't see it jacob where are you? I'm here oh, keep taking me or I might disappear, yeah, yeah, see you later, um, I think. you're going to make me do this I'll never be able to defeat him oh I see him fighting me oh big slime it's like a little take it off take it off he's pushing me ok rainbow I think it's time to fight he's going to attack the rainbow how please I'd like to die fight with me I'm so small he's just breaking everything right so this proves that the giant would lose to the little guy because he can't actually shoot me either his arrows are too small so yeah the roller coaster is ready who wants to be the one first guest rainbow?
I'm not volunteering because actually being that big makes me want to throw up, okay mole, you're the first guest to ride your own roller coaster and you won't. It doesn't matter if I can't even move, you didn't, I'll be the second guest, you guys are wrong in Minecraft, you're supposed to put power rails in it, oh no, you can control it with w, it's really slow now, look, oh, up, it I have, oh. We are too heavy. How do we look? We look cooler than we imagined. Gold. How much fun are you having? Look at me, come on, oh no, the giant cartoon roller coaster for giants, I mean, it's pretty amazing, come on, gold, yeah, you have to do it. make the roller coaster look better yeah like I said roller coaster for giants right oh she's stuck okay so this is a failure of a project no we need to reset it come out no way she doesn't , I mean well we put giant TNT and it exploded, we are a little close to our base, do it, Dracco won't hurt the giants, can Draco handle the tnt, will he die in Minecraft?
Let us see, so we spawn in a giant house that looks huge right now, obviously, we can't build. one let's see if us big humans can live in this giant house he's still giant he was still big guys wait hey you're not big enough no we're technically just kids we're giant kids in comparison With this house, I mean, that's it. close enough rainbow and gold won't you join us gold we can't find the little cake I'm putting in you stole my recipe give it back to me here here are the little cakes what are you guys doing be creative and grab it oh there's the front door come on let's do this, I mean guys, I'm pretty sure we're a good size, look, the door fits oh, we're perfect, home sweet home, come in giants, let's get into your beautiful house, okay, stomp, stomp, even they have cake here hey this is cool hey this is not cake this is a lie it's made of many blocks oh it's disgusting it's the whole block what else we have a garden oh garden oh cute whoa everything is fake hey give them credit imagine building this for how much time It would take us years to build it, I applaud, I applaud to destroy your creation, no, I'm kidding, uh, this is a very nice house, I have to give it a 10 out of 10.
Well, living like a giant is nauseating. Yeah, I thought it would be more fun, but I feel like I'm also nauseous. The right rainbow. I don't think you'll ever want to be that tall. No, this is too high, so now I'm going to go sleep in my giant house. Without a runner, I'll sleep on the giant rug, okay?

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