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Minecraft, But Gravity Flips Every Minute...

Feb 27, 2020
You're not going to make it to the entire bottom of the ocean in time. This video we coded it. It's not at random moments. Gravity turns upside down. Our goal is to win the game. This gets absolutely crazy, especially in the abyss. But it's also very slow when you're close. of a lot of sand or gravel. Also make sure to subscribe if you aren't already, it's completely free. You can always change your mind, why not? And make sure you check your subscription just as you think you are, because sometimes YouTube is a little weird and you get unsubscribed.
minecraft but gravity flips every minute
Anyway, people enjoy the video George, are you ready, yes, run the command,


stop, wait for logs, we are safe for at least 30 seconds, that's all we know, it could be 31 seconds, okay, I'm going to expose myself with an axe, where is the exposed stone? Oh Terry in hey wait, I'm hiding under this tree in case


does stupid things, swords and pickaxes, an access to a shaft, Yolo, okay, I'll have him call redo anything. It was like here. It hit me this half block. Look, I see the sheep. over there there is a sapling there free food I'm going to go pick up all the food later it's okay, I accidentally went out but it's okay I'm going to live anyway how much time do I have left?
minecraft but gravity flips every minute

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minecraft but gravity flips every minute...

There's some sand and sand floating I have some stone, okay, come on, seven, Evan, he had stone swords that even an ox, that's true, we have them. I'm going to get this iron. Hey, oh no, all the squid are going to die. He is out of the water. Oh, no, Oh, in the fish there is gravel and sand. We're all going to die gravel and sand are fine What is that? Look, there are chickens in the air B Can I get this apple? Oh, this, there is a fall. You won't understand about water. You know about water.
minecraft but gravity flips every minute
Oh wait, oh okay. I'm safe, there's an apple and there's a cheap steak starting there, disgusting, I've got eyes on your brain, oh it's a little annoying, just turn right now, what cheats on the coal, wait, what not I will bring it on top of you by breaking the block. you take one out, you left one iron, eh, I didn't let me just do that and make another oven, okay, your steak and what's going to happen at any moment. I have no idea. I just made a coal shovel. I don't know why I'll give you a second, you have no idea when it's going to happen, what do we do now?
minecraft but gravity flips every minute
We need more iron when you go into caves, that's probably true, there's a sword for you sold by me, hey, don't get paranoid, it hasn't happened in so long. last time i ate weekly oh it's happening stop i'm going to die i'm going to die stop eating i actually mean the food oh three hearts oh those chickens coming down i'm getting it all these sheep, so these chickens are raining. heaven there's a Santa nobody hurt I got food hey just read just go go see shit I need to eat I'm like low just run I'm running I'm running to eat I need blocks run oh my god knocked me down hey oh my god wait what?, Well, it's getting loose and the desert where the desert is, oh my God, yeah, all the sand is flying.
I can't even see, I can't see through, I can barely see, dude, you almost broke it, no, no. over there over there buddy wait what get my stuff oh man let's walk straight into a pool of lava where am I? oh we should have made a bucket of water George we shouldn't we have to get that's nice be our top priority is 1 2 cities during gum powder and that's good so what do we need? We need more. We need to get iron. Oh no, oh, sand is coming. George, yes, we have to hurry, even though it's just getting started.
What's happening again right now, okay, this is a cave, oh it is. It's, let's go down to the water in the ravine, oh, I didn't know I like that you're falling spamming torches, it was like it lit up the wall, okay, wait, let's get in here, get in here, come on now, this will happen soon. I wood, how come I don't have wood, oh, it's gravity, no, iron, this has more iron up here, okay, even me, you know, I see the gravel rising haha, I have an iron, I will make food for both of us , it's okay we have


thing in a pop and helmet it's okay to pick it up I need food I need buckets of water I always say I'm going to get some trees I'm going to get some trees and I'm going to get some trees okay it should be safe in the trees I don't know I just to get water, so "We can be safe, it's okay, something nice might happen.
I come under the trees. I'm like I'm just for a sigh in the temple. I don't know what you went to, so I'm just going to wait." here". I'm right where we were originally getting trees, well I'm towards his temple, I'm towards the trees and the fruits, the trees, I see you, I see you, oh my God, no, I'm trying to let go, let go, let go of the bucket of water, release the water. bucket right now yeah, leave it right there's no way there's no way I'm coming towards I'm coming towards you're going to make it no, no, no, no, no, it's too low, it's too low, I can catch it, there's no water I'm here I'm here so awesome oh my god that would have been like the most epic moment in the history of Minecraft placed on my screen placed on my screen so amazing we can get from there okay okay okay oh my god. the whole ocean floor oh the cold oh my god what the hell oh this fish the fish flying out of the water oh my god look at all the gravel look at all the gravel oh my god my fps is a little low I have ten frames but this one is very low I'm liking it we're going to fall we're going to land in the sand we're going to land in the water okay Oh my God, that's amazing,


thing is back to normal, everything, hurry up, look at this, there's something about it, oh God. no no no no no no no oh my god, you beat the lava person.
I will be the water to irrigate one of the first challenges. I'm pretty sure they complain about the roads that there was no food but there was seaweed everywhere. So how do you have to put it on fire? You're 20. I saw it a long time ago and have never tried it. I think you can just warm the cup. Let's try. Aid. I like the news 1.14. Oh, you can cook with wool. wait, he didn't cook anything, oh my god, it's dried seaweed, what is it, dear?, his food, how good is that, nothing, he didn't kill anything, they helped him, ha, this food is terrible, whose idea?
I am that terrible comment and downvote. I'm, I'm using my sex variations and I could kill just because I can't even heal and this is over, you thought oh no, we don't have iron, we have iron, dream, don't break that need to Be in line without or like one above Me Karim how it works I'm really I'm stuck like I'm Way over here I'm going to die oh I see you I'm going to die oh Go to the water I'm actually going to die I don't want to burn I'm fine I won't make it maybe it'll make it nice to be here yeah buddy What happens in the abyss even though we don't have any?
We have to make sure which blocks are above us, otherwise we're dead oh oh oh yeah, it's on, it's on, get the lava, where are you going? What if we went in and pumped like it was inside? Okay, put the blocks up. You, what did you do, you were crazy, so what's the plan? Okay, and then we, George, okay, look, oh no, I can see it myself, oh oh, wait, you can't build anything, wait, where are you? I think I was saved, I think I said it myself. I see you as such an idiot George, I hate you, you almost killed me, I was so gripped, George, yes, look here, what's good, wait, good irony, burn, burn, burn, I'm getting some why not.
I see there. No. I see somewhere, Barnard over there, though yeah, oh my God, I'm saved again, I'm saved again, I'm safe, okay, oh my God, that was intense. Turns out I was walking on the thing and it happened. Just spam, I clicked on the blocks above me. I'm out of blocks, ah, I can't do it next time. I burned in flames. I also like pigs. This is quite doubtful. It's good. Another with a boy. I had dinner with a guy. What your end died. I will kill them. I cut them all off See you buddy What about me?
Okay, I'm kind of hot. I'm trying to find my way home. I am going to jump. AHA. I see you. We are going home? Where are you? You just hit me. Let's get to what happened? I don't know. I would run out of energy if I didn't know you were serious. Place these boxes under you. I don't know. Place water. Please water below. Yes, that's true. Look outside, where is the portal? we're going to die I can tell it's going to happen we're going to die we're going to die George George die Georgia wait they didn't leave me here maybe where you're going you're not going to make it in time George I'm, you have to hurry, George, I got it, Haha, it's like zero, zero ray, I can go down, my fall, the way down, there's no way down, I dream, there's no way down, I'm just riding towards the portal, I'm just trying to go. to the portal I go I go I go are you okay?
Okay, I'll block above my head, right, George, where are you? Just make sure you have blocks so you don't die. I got you out good job there's no way down I got half a heart I'll make you fall we'll make you fall after the next thing happens I'll make you fall okay how I'll make you fall in heartbreak what a living lie I guess I'm trying to Untie us early do it but no I have idea like you. I'm thinking a slime block would work, but you don't have any. I don't see you anyway. I'm here, yeah, every time I say, okay.
I'm leaving, I'm leaving, oh wait, no, okay, hurry up, move, they're moving that block, am I moving? Yeah, aren't you there? Oh my god, I want to please.

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