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Minecraft but are we in a DREAM or a NIGHTMARE?

Jun 08, 2021
Hello guys, this was the strange house I was talking about, you have to come see this quickly, okay, I don't see anything strange in this house, yeah, calm down, Draco, I heard there was a murderer here, I mean, this house is quite big, it seems quite normal. What's strange about it? You won't believe it until you see it. Follow me. This is your corpse. Walk faster. This person is quite rich. I don't know what you mean by "strange." It's almost like this house is straight out of a movie. No. Follow me, hurry up, hurry up, well, buddy, isn't it that important?
minecraft but are we in a dream or a nightmare
Well guys, I hope you're really tired, yes I am, there are a lot of stairs, yes Draco, where are you taking us, mate, it's like taking us quickly through a maze, here, where you look. this bed so ah it's just a kingsley something weird about this bed you know just rest just rest no you someone rest no no no no no I won't I mean it's blue I want to sleep in the bed you guys raymond somewhere place um, I want to try, I'm dying, all of that hurts, but where are we exactly? What is this look around?
minecraft but are we in a dream or a nightmare

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minecraft but are we in a dream or a nightmare...

It is clearly the most incredible


land that has ever existed. It was different so I can see unicorns here, wait can they get hurt here? oh yeah, oh guys, look, I have rainbow seeds. Rainbow seeds, yeah, look, I got them from grass, that's me. This is a


log which means we can build a dream house and it makes dream boards, so none of this is real basically because it's just yours. dream I don't care what not, it's very funny just she got hurt and she didn't wake up here look I can make a wooden sword here a dream wooden sword can you give me a hoe so I can plant this sea? not here look at this cave look at that what is that down there in this case what are those what what is oh hey you try to push me where are those vines vines what are they so cute wait are they nice wearing what is this can you make a beak?
minecraft but are we in a dream or a nightmare
It looks delicious, oh my god, we have to make a beak, oh, like a rainbow beak, oh, I'm going to try this, it looks edible, I want to eat it and then eat it. I'm going to make a pickaxe so we can see what it is and I guess since I gave my sword to Luna, I'll make a Luna sword. Do you want me to hoe you? Yes, please, okay, you still love her. Well, yeah, okay, here's your hoe. Where are you? I'm here. Hey, Luna, take this. take this, thanks, I'm going to go to mine, whatever it says what kind of block this is, it's colorful, it looks like m m, yeah, it's a chocolate candy, wait, don't tell me this is turning into a brick, oh we need a stone pickaxe okay whatever I'll get a stone pickaxe hey careful eraser can I get that block first no the run my goal please please no I don't have enough movement about the people that I do here.
minecraft but are we in a dream or a nightmare
I could share something with you. I don't even have enough rock I have a ship rainbow knives that I need I don't need to close anything no way she doesn't have anything what is this? It's called rainbow mineral I think the rainbow owns you you make a rainbow pickaxe yeah what guys? block just gave me candy i think there's more down here funny make some toys this is cool okay i'm going to get some coal do you want to go deeper into the cave? Yeah, wait, I see something here, Draco, can you bring some? torches here I am beating the rainbow oars, in which case the rainbow gives candy to us all.
Can you share? Wait, just ban me. You just gave me an iron ore. Oh, is it just random? It just gives you whatever. Yes, I think it's a rainbow. block look I found red whoa I'm on it you have to save it I'm eating it here rainbow grab some sticks wait it looks like you're already on it I'm eating golden rainbow berries guys instead of chilling in the cave let's see if there are more monsters , wait, what is that, oh owl, oh, it's quite a fight, no, those sponges grow here, they're just sponges, huh, are there any animals?
I see a chicken, do you think it's a magic chicken? Kill the chicken. It seems too normal, wait, it's true. there chicken, can you give us something sweet? No, it's just chicken. It's those lemon trees. I think it's a mushroom rainbow. Are you going to live here for the rest of your life? figure out how to leave I need more oh let's not do it just don't wait it's that it's a unicorn no way no way no way stay oh my god I want to record it wait there are so many unicorns around here this place is magical hey can I tame you?
Wait, they're different colors too. I want the green unicorn. Oh, they have such pretty hair. Come on, we have to tame you, Draco, what are you doing? I'm trying to tame this green unicorn. Hey, okay, I'll go look. a blue horse there's a blue one around here funny amazing Hi guys, I know it's a dream, but does anyone have any extra food? I am a little hungry. No, I may have food, but I will only give it to you after I tame this blue unicorn. horse I just realized I don't have saddles so they're useless to me yeah we need to find things oh yeah oh oh there's a baby blue unicorn for science we should try if they give something different can we take a baby unicorn give it the same?
What Draco was, it was for science, we must do tests, guys, look, these bushes are called palette brushes, here I can lick them, eh, maybe I don't know, it's a dream, but I need more things, this dream is a a bit boring excuse. I, um, can we wake up? Yes, it's like a


. Wait, I'm happy. I know how to get out of a dream. You have to kill them. I'm going to run away, no, no, no, yes, no, no. I'm not going there, wait before we leave. I heard from the unicorn that there are pots of gold here.
They talk. They don't know how to talk to unicorns. No, the unicorn speck for me. I really need food. I have a lot of ham for you. It's just okay, I'll eat it anyway thanks just a dream, dream, teleported gold, I feel like you can find the pot of gold, breasts, use your power and harness your energy, I won't kill myself or I can't. harness my energy, okay, apparently it's just a shiny thing and it's like a rainbow beacon, anyone tell you something? Does anyone see anything? Lucky, no, it has to be night for us, okay, you can't die in a dream.
We climbed the highest hill in this stream and we met a rainbow, we did it, we did it and you know what's at the end of a rainbow, let's take the gold, what, Draco, don't be selfish, I deserve it because I'm bold , I deserve it. gold oh this is dangerous calm down guys no she woke us up no no no I can't wake up from this dream I need the gold I need a pot of gold hey hey draco stay away from me okay luna just touch the pot I'll do it just take the other side I hope worth it you're going to stop breaking it like this why don't you just right click on it okay it doesn't do anything you could break it okay I'll do it luna and I we're making a golden truce we want the treasure for ourselves hurry up and wake up yeah , wake up, come on, moon, break it, oh wait, the rainbow pig, wow, moon, I must end this dream, moon, we could have had all the gold to ourselves, yes, I know, guys. rainbow showers there's something I have to tell you I found another bed in a dark place and it scares me I don't have good vibes so I want one of you to sleep in it first wow what a good person um I guess you deserve punishment for ruining a rainbow that noble of you Luna you're so noble if we find the next treasure um it's for me because I wasn't totally selfish what you totally killed not to lie oh yeah I did it right it doesn't matter uh rainbow He gets it because Rainbow didn't want to hurt anyone, yes, you also go to the bed of evil, what's fine, it's fine here, but that's not a show, what's down there, it's fine, it just went into the dark and I don't like that, oh, it's the basement. but it's also down here, okay, so secret basement, oh God, come down, come down, I'm shocked.
I don't think we should be down here. This is really creepy, Draco, why are we going down here like in a movie? scaring everyone this bed here I detect sinister energy of very funny and moon first very good moon ahead I don't even care anymore oh oh my God let's try to go to sleep again we have to go and create a what's happening oh, it's so red this one wait , it's all red okay, we have to swim from here what is that? where we are? God, I don't want to wake up yet, I have no weapons, this is a


This is a nightmare. Can I kill him? Does that mean like a zombie? Oh yeah, what's the price? Kill him. Don't just push the lava. Come on, push the lava. Guys, can you distract everyone. Distract? I'm going to make your swords go away. go, push it, wait a minute, i can't see, are you kidding me, i can't get anything, oh, i can't go on, go on, nothing is killing me, especially, let's do it guys, just group up, it's a gas, yeah, oh , no, no, sorry, I'm trying, guys, I'm going so fast, okay, sword, sword, come on, come on, gold, come on, come here, get it, oh, thank you, okay, at least we know that spiders always They will be spiders.
This is a nightmare, though. I don't want to sleep here, okay, we have to find oars, someone dropped their sword, why all you want to collect is ours, dracco, there are like two vines, five skeletons, there are so many things, let's just avoid them like the power mobs, wow, these plants hurt, wow, oh, that's why. Are you all dying, come on guys, we have to destroy this grass, wait, it's a dead tree, there's a dead tree there, yes, spooky tree, this dimension has skeleton horses, it's very dark, it's called a rainbow, look around Please, I don't think there is any? food here and I'm going to die guys look there's a giant zombie we should kill it it's really funny I know but we have to destroy all this grass because it's super annoying yeah it's not a nightmare face your feet what What if we want to do it?
He's our pet god, I hit you, Dracco, you're the biggest zombie ever, you know why he doesn't hit us, it's because he can't see us, because he would know I'm tall, Bernie, kill him, kill him, wait, look how big he is in comparison. For me this is really a nightmare, okay, it's just a horse, put it in the lava, throw it in the lava, come on, oh yeah, nothing, oh baby, the minions are coming for us, okay, let's push it down, right? how much life do you think this? giant zombie has I don't know ow ow ow there's so much pain wait what do I need more food we have something to say to the zombie before he dies I don't feel so hot now burn guys I don't think it's time to dive I can dig him to death no no I want oh oh my god, scott is killing us, I'm not going to sleep again, terrible spawn point, yes, yes, I'm hiding guys, we can't survive the nightmare worlds we have. to be creative let's use the power of commands I won't summon hero brian I'm a fan wait his eyes are glowing wait until someone still survives I don't see how strong hello herobrine can I take a selfie Please, no, okay, oh? no, he, yes, he's punching me to death here, herobrine, I give you my sword, don't kill us here, herobrine, take this, okay, let's see what happens, he's friendly, gold, does he look friendly?, oh, wait, and if we come in here, oh we.
I could just make armor out of it, oh okay, wow, make a sword like a rock, this is all out of clay. I don't like it, you know what I mean, I want to go, okay, let's see if you can destroy with a diamond pickaxe, yeah. I don't know you guys can get gold from that guys I think it just gives you regeneration oh no it does well the rainbow doesn't stay anymore. Okay, I think we need to sleep on a good nightmare dream. Well, what do we have to do, hey. just sprayed, this is not a good place, we missed a mob, they were gummy bears, wait what do they give me, let me get a sword, what do you give these, they are very strong gummy bears, wait, they even die, maybe they're not supposed to. it exists yet oh i have nothing guys we have explored two dream dimensions let us know in the comments below if you liked the dream dimension or the nightmare we would love to know.
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