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Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun: All 11 New Advancements

Jun 04, 2021
thanks to the amazing inspiration of the channel hey, thanks, I don't know what just happened to me in the meantime, where? and he left, I had an axolotl now I don't have an axolotl, I'm really sad, so just five of you, if you have a bucket of tropical fish, I guess we have to go do that, so should we do it during the day? wait, did he kill salmon or is it something else? I can find my ex lotus if I'm brave enough, there goes that as a clever idea that will teach me not to understand Axel, honestly, yes, always in Minecraft.
minecraft 1 17 speedrun all 11 new advancements
I was a mob at this point. I like to delete all the functions because it's like I do something nice and that's the purpose and you know, the only time they don't do it is when I feel stupid. Sorry, I'm just going to take you to town, grab more of these, throw the flats in there, we have to make some boots in a second too, but again, I'm going to get some sleep first. Sorry, you don't need the bed anymore. Maybe you could put a giant spider on your door, although I'm sure that would be appreciated.
minecraft 1 17 speedrun all 11 new advancements

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minecraft 1 17 speedrun all 11 new advancements...

Yes, this is also a look at the bed icon. how weird for me go to bed wonderful good afternoon I like this stream the moment I joined hey thank you uh welcome to the live stream I hope you're having a wonderful day so I need to make a um a lightning rod I think a Lightning rod is just copper, right, I didn't do it again. I haven't made the recipe for a while and basically you don't need to know recipes, you just need to know the ingredients that something has, eh, but let's give it a try.
minecraft 1 17 speedrun all 11 new advancements
This is a try, let's see, hey, look at me knowing the lightning rods, so, that's going to take forever, I literally can't do this without just waiting, without just praying and hoping for something, so I'm going to put this up here anyway you know maybe I'm not going to run over here let's go see my lightning rod is up and ready to go um it's so strange to be playing toy cat java it's so strange to me I'll be playing java with all this rotten meat that now it is mine. So I need to find another Ax lottery, but first I'll find tropical fish because you know that seems important.
minecraft 1 17 speedrun all 11 new advancements
How do I find tropical fish? I hear you ask, I don't know. I have the answers to that question, so I added the quest for private lightning protection, having lightning or a lightning rod near a village without setting the air on fire. Yeah, the surge protector looks like it's going to be like, oh, there's my ex-lottery. mine, I think that's my boy, come back buddy, come back, come back, I loved you, I loved you, okay I can still love you, that's nice of you, so yeah, let's find a tropical biome, how do you find one of those?
Honestly. We will detect it if it is super bright and illuminated by coral. We know we are in the right place. There is nothing cool. I mean, there are coordinates that we have to do like this and that's too much information, so I just got off work. Would I miss hey james jt ​​judd welcome to the live stream happy thursday thursday the 12th anniversary of my channel um oh it's so weird that I can do this anyway um so uh oh god whoa that's interesting um but uh, I what you've missed so far, as I've gotten the first two of the twelve trailers.
I'm currently in the process of trying to get a tropical fish because axolotls are lazy, they won't even work for you until you give them tropical fish, what lazy monsters they are. They are um also uh there are some named Alexander Hamilton in the chat making references to Hamilton the musical you really enjoy it you can have so there are 11 new trailers, not 12. You know what I can? I can make as many new trailers as I want now that there are 13 enjoy it um yeah I may have miscounted. I'm willing to admit that the way I solved it is like I had eight images, there were two in one and three, yes, no, that's 11, you're right, oopsie, let me fix my title. um, it was 11 the whole time, right, no one saw it say anything but 11.
All I've seen is 11. I haven't seen anything but a lot, if you've seen another number, then I think you need to do it. get your eyes checked look at me i'm gaslighting you chad hope you enjoy the gaslighting hey thanks malecraft 11 twick attacks of the year uh thanks for entertaining us and the first live stream i've seen thanks to scoot, uh, i mean school. guessing um and uh just like uh what do they mention uh what uh I have another 169 words to make my hundred dollars worth so um yeah, I'm fine, by the way, you know a fun fact, uh because you know, obviously, it's a hundred Mexican pacemakers , not a hundred dollars, but the peso actually had the dollar sign on it first, the United States stole the dollar sign from the peso, so in case you're looking at that and saying oh, I can't believe I'm trying to pretend that They are 100 as if they were you. in the United States trying to pretend that you know you're stealing that currency, that's my point because I think it might actually be some Spanish peso or something, but anyway, because you already know in the early United States, as such maybe you know. if you're on alexander hamilton from chat um, they didn't have a currency of their own, they use this, they use whatever currency they can find, it's so strange to imagine that at one time the United States was the fighting country that was like yeah, we.
I don't really have the resources to put together a currency like even Moldova has its own currency, you know, but again, things change, things are weird, so can I share some of your conversations? I've been drinking. Fiji water recently true, except I haven't actually been. I have this. I bought a bunch of water bottles and this is my favorite bottle for water, so I fill it with tap water. I like to think it makes me look. like I'm really rich, I actually had an experience recently so I met a lot of friends there, yeah I've met a lot of friends in the last 10 days or so, I'm finally done with social media. which is good, it's good to just be like I won't meet anyone again for a while, but you know, just restore that little social bubble, but one of the people that I met, one of the people that I trust.
I was never sure, I would consider him a confidant, they have this thing where they say, yeah, my favorite water is Fijian water and you know they were kind of environmentalists too, so it's funny that they bought Fijian water per cent. and then garlic delivered and my first instinct was like oh yeah, that's clearly like a waste of money, bottled water is already a waste of money buying the most expensive bottled water by the case, a huge waste of money and it's interesting because, although That's like okay, by the way, there's a guardian temple, although that's my instinct, one of the things I like to try to realize is you know some people really like the taste of different waters, just like I tried it in my water for you. list coming soon, by the way, um, it's, uh, it's a real sun, it's a real thing, people like it and I think it's fun because there are so many different things that you can criticize and like if someone buys, there's too much bottled water . so many parts to this um but I think sometimes it's like a reminder that you know there are so many reasons why you can be the way you know judging someone sometimes it's better to just be happy like you are if you're enjoying it why that? you need to be the king, take away their happiness, you know, unless it's something really atrocious, be happy for your friends and those around you and you'll be a better friend and you know, if you want to do even better, be happy. and good person to people you're not friends with, no, no, don't assume the worst about strangers on the internet and I think you have a better time overall.
I'm trying to do it and would like to even have a bedtime. I can't believe I haven't found a single war move, by the way, are they rarer in Java? What's the exclusive talk? Do you know the situation? Why can't I find a single wall move I have? I got my lovely thing here aquafina water uh I have bad news for you if you don't like aquafina water midwest player I have bad news for you the bad news will be revealed soon so yeah I think actually useful pro tip here is that one, but what if the salmon did something very strange?
I used to approach it because you can actually find mfs geodes in the waves like you can't see them because water vision sucks but if you see sturdy blocks on the surface you'll know you're in the right place so yeah we'll look for one, um, we'll look for a flower. forest across the land and then you casually try to find something if you can I saw you are streaming and when I tell you how fast I hit this video it says caviar hey thanks for getting excited to watch my live streams and I I enjoy. making them so that it's fun that people enjoy coming to say hello.
I'm so excited to make this one that I may have miscounted the amount of progress in Minecraft. That's how excited I was. Obviously not, it always has been. the title has always been 11 inches, 11 trailers, in fact the thumbnail will say 11 trailers when you read this, so you're definitely crazy if you don't see that and it's also very hot in here. I guess we have another iceberg, it's like again, it's this common Java generation to go as far between oceans as I, oh there we go, that's something new, oh damn, it's something out there, right, no, It's just a small surface that goes down a little, well, I wish we could.
At least I can find the flower forest so we can get some bees. Some bees would be nice. Some bees would be nice right now. Where are you? Well, these are the planes they can at least take me to. I hope at least the planes can take me where I want to be, so get rid of these, go to these hives, are you here? You are not here? Can you extract a bean nest without touching the soap? I guess not, but yeah, I guess. We'll have to leave it where it is and just put a bouquet of flowers next to it, huh, so yeah, let's search the planes next to them instead of the flower forest exclusively because the flower forest is quite a niche biome if you're trying to go fast, it won't go well because you need a silk touch to remove it as well, so, thanks for confirming the chat, I appreciate you, I appreciate you a lot, so yeah, let's hurry up here.
It's a big biome, each tree has a five percent chance, so with that many trees it will eventually happen, right? It's a flower forest, there are actually flowers on the side of that hill, it's probably very difficult to distinguish the flower forest biome, let me guess. In fact, this is a flower forest, so now we just look for bees and once we find bees, then we would be happy with the bees, we could be happy bees with them, uh, probably first you put a campfire under it, yeah, that's it smart, I have the i. I have the right ingredients, log sticks and charcoal, maybe it's charcoal, maybe it's both, it's almost certainly both, is there any?
There is only one recipe in Minecraft. I think it requires charcoal and not charcoal. Can you think of anything else? Honestly, I should. I should do a


quiz I don't know I don't know how I do it but I want to do a


quiz too thanks Alejandro cat tax I just had sushi for lunch you like sushi who doesn't? sushi and I know there will be some charm like, uh, I don't like raw fish, first of all, you're not misunderstanding sushi if you think it's all about raw fish, second of all, you know you're wrong and I should feel wrong and I hope you are wrong.
Look, I'm going to look for a geode in the ground, I guess, because I mean, when the caves open up for you it's just oh no, no, I can't find them. the axolotl again because it's too dark okay here we go um yeah I'm going to move this on my left hand so I can do things sorry internet although I know the axolotl was really cute but I'm taking it . We take advantage of Java's life uh today and we're going to run through the cave desperately waiting for a geo ambulance. Otherwise, I guess the best way to find one is to just dig straight ahead until we do, what do you think we should look at? around the caves or should we just dig in a straight line because it's a bit sad at a time 1.17 there's so much copper around.
I'm going to make a statue of something. It's crazy how much copper you get per block. I know. I can't believe I didn't know until now that you have so much raw copper even without fortune and that you can apparently get 12 but fortune is crazy to me uh straight lines probably the strategy says kino hori you know what let's do . It's, um, I know there's no average height for them, but I know they can't be too close to the surface, so we'll go down to something like 40 30 something like that and then we'll do. It's that way, so we'll go as far down as this cave will allow me to go.
Okay, sounds good, just go. You know, we'll start mining down here and then we'll need some iron as we go. In fact, I think I saw something. iron in this cave and I've been ignoring it, in fact there is iron in this cave, raw iron, but it's going to take me a while to get used to mining a block of iron and not getting the iron back like something feels a little bit. It's weird, you know it's going to be great for long-term survival, but the first day it just feels wrong, you know, it feels wrong.
Take a look review morethey produce more honey I don't know I just have some bones and I threw them away so I'm going to Go grab all these flowers and take them. I'm going to raise bees. That's what I'll do. I'm going to raise bees together. It'll be great and then when we have baby bees we'll have something to do, smoke. take out the bees drugs them, you know, I still can't get over this, I met a like, I think the first time I met a subscriber in the wild, they offered to smoke me and I had to come to my stream is like chat, What did they mean when they said they wanted to smoke me?
They say, oh, they want to buy weed from you, uh, you know, it's like inviting someone out for a drink, smoking someone, you know, and it's like. you're not, I'm not good with lingo because that's not obvious to me in the slightest, also chat where my bees are, aren't they meant to be what's going on here hey, here are my bees, like this what us? I'll let you if we find a second b. I feel like there must be a second hive, right? b well chad, am I crazy or was there a second? b let's watch the bees while we eat popcorn let's talk about birds and bees internet um I like a good smokehouse I don't understand why we have to smoke everything can Did we like that the bird left a beak when you had two?
What did you get? We have uh making a shiny slime. We're about to put on wax and take off wax. Oh here we go, here we go, okay b1 b2, believe it. So we just need Oh, it burns my throat very often. but I'm still eating it anyway, so now we're going to throw the chalk on the floor and then we're going to turn this into one of these so we have the wax in the trailer. Hey, look, you're excited for me. look at this look at those four half 11 trailers done right there wait I got it I felt like you didn't appear on screen if I did oopsie um I'm going to look I'm sorry I didn't see it you know?
I can, I'm sure it's here somewhere, I'm not sure where it is here, somewhere, you're not wet, you're not a breeder, no, it's in Minecraft, I guess where it appeared it appeared, right click with the honeycomb , but I didn't wax it anymore, I think they changed that by the way, that's not like now you know whatever, so now we have to do an x, do I have enough iron? axe we don't have sticks ok ok achievement race yeah as soon as Pedro gets the achievements I hope to do an achievement style race that's a shame I have to do a second better now so do a axe, we're also going to do a lot of um, I should find the recipe for the iron that was me and it was prior sex specifically and it takes weeks for it to fully work sma i honestly, I didn't even like reading the little stuff, I was like, oh antacids, you say I can make antacids or that I have actives for ants.
I guess I didn't understand what prilosec is. Honestly, knowing the brands is difficult. Who did he mean? Who knows them? If you think you know the brands, I think you are. a liar um so we put that in there and now we found our copper block yeah waxed that's five even if the fourth one didn't buy you're not the one to say it didn't work so we're five out. out of eleven now we have some nice ones out of the way now we need to find a geode right, we need a geodude and we need to find a warm ocean why is the mouse cursor so ugly even though it's so interesting that people don't like it?
Is it really that big for most people? I want to load Minecraft Bedrock just for comparison. Now I feel like it's not so bad. It's actually not as bad as if it were the size of a chicken. It's not even the size of a chicken. No. wax on um yeah, I wonder why I didn't wax on um and rain and thunder, we need those, oh God, rain and thunder, okay, so we'll go closer to home, uh, to play java, okay then? come on let's go this is a copper wax block playing inside version without big salmon very sad, I'm so sorry for playing small minecraft playing small salmon and not even realizing how problematic that is, I'm so sorry , I would like to take this opportunity to spend more time to be with my big salmon and my desert wells, I am very sorry for this big mistake.
You may need to wax the block when it is on the ground to advance. Yes, that could be it. let me let me try this so we have it. I'm going to make another one real quick just in case because I waxed a block of copper, but we'll do it when we get back home with all my coppers in the furnace over here, okay, you know, I'll take this out of my hand and wax it and grab all that copper. . I don't think I have any need for copper. but you might also know if we're streaming anyway, I want to see how fast, like 10 copper blocks, if we put them in the next five minutes, okay, we're going to wax, so it's interesting that you can't create. wax for wax in achievement, which seems silly to me, but that's life.
Oh, actually, I might need one of these, so I'll take that too. What do I want potions for a waterproofing potion? Yes, it would be the waterproofing potion. Awesome so we need a puffer fish for a water breathing potion ah but you can't get one of those unless you find a move on the wall but I can't find a move on the wall because my life is painful and I am full of regrets. um, okay, then okay, I'm okay, you need copper for the spyglass, yes, but we need amethyst much more than copper. Copper is much more.
Copper is so common that it's shocking how common copper is, so war moves are very rare. I feel like they're not that rare maybe I'm maybe I'm crazy cut copper stairs waxed and slightly worn. I'm waiting for the waxed and slightly distressed copper stairs, don't worry they are, they are in my near future too. jackie ann I like the big sound emoji and the chat, you know, the big salmon emoji, it's one of those emojis when I see that I like it, there's a lot of weird, weird, weird emoji things in the chat, the The only emoji that brings me peace is the great sounding emoji.
Big salmon is something I want to spend more time with. You're crazy, but they're not that rare. Thank you for, thank you Noah formally for validating my madness but also for leaving me, oh no, a creeper. I can't believe the vines are following me. for so long so we try to get some uh oh we got we can't get what we got so yeah it's night but we don't want to sleep because if we sleep we restart the thunder cycle. java because things don't need to make sense in this version um and he has become a member and I will soon for the great samurai it is a high quality emote let's not fool ourselves thank you dazed and conformed shine confused you know dazed and confused sean it just doesn't make sense his name sorry it's pronounced scene um thanks david salamano myra v uh i also have those desert pit emojis again the reasons to play minecraft bedrock edition the reasons objective reasons um the sneaky underrated toy cat of cancer is An exploding mountain or something like that underrated cat toy is mounted on a glass parking lot.
I think a mountain with a glass road would be fun. I'm surprised I haven't done it yet. I see. I can't see anything like I do when I look down. I just see. black like my screen is off or something, which is a problem. I would say you are playing in Java. This surprises me. I'm actually playing Java. I look forward to it. Do you know what's really interesting? came out with 1.18 baits, indicating they're done with that side of things. We should mention that we previously went fishing for fish. Oh yeah, okay. You know that guy in the comments section is smart and we can go fishing.
Oh, we can go fishing. tropical fish you also know when the game doesn't give you tropical fish you give it tropical fish here we go that's an old Chinese proverb you could say no it isn't but I would say it is and who is who has who has the most voice strong I think you'll find out that it's probably you I don't really like yelling how I am I feel like this this is going to sound like I feel like this is going to sound weird but I I don't really understand the purpose of yelling at people like me.
I never had the desire to do it. I've never interacted positively with something like oh, I'm glad you raised your voice to that level. You understand me as if it were so. It's not just a negative addition to everyone's life and people do it anyway it's like I'm so angry you know that makes me like the idea of ​​oh I'm angry and that's why I do it it's like If not, you are angry, then. you're trying to ask where all these iron golems are appearing in chat. How does generating iron golems work in Java? Is this normal or is it a bug?
Why are there free iron golems in this village? Take away the anger, don't put it. your anger at the world takes away your anger, but there are ways to do it other than yelling well, like um, there's an interesting debate, um, is this really normal? Just the golems start appearing and then you end up with a dozen of them for no reason, okay whatever, let's not think about it, so we have to do, we have a rope, we don't have any rope, we find spiders and we get that , so we couldn't find fine spiders either, it's the easiest way. um, I want to see your cats, I don't have cats, I'm afraid if you want to see my cats, you want to see a non-existent concept, the screams are transferred from your anger to others, it's like, uh, this is it, this is it.
It's controversial and I admit I'm not in the perfect place to discuss it, but there is an interesting debate, it's at the center of a lot of really deep conversations in the feminist world, but I think it's more on the surface level, like if you use cosmetics, of some way, or even let's go down to a level that doesn't focus specifically on women, let's say that when you wear nice clothes, is it for you or is it not for you and the answer will almost always be chat, tell me when you wear nice things when you wear your seasonal t-shirt that they gave you at an airport because they stole it, look, I wear elegant clothes, do you wear it for yourself or for yourself?
Use it for everyone who interacts with me because almost everyone says it's for me, right? You see, some I'm sick, some people say they both know me, that's the most honest answer because it's up there, but it's like the reason you, the reason you feel good is because you know other people will feel that you know there's some association, whether you know it or not, because it seems to me like it's not like you're looking so much at your clothes and the reason why you should. I have thunder, am I crazy? I might be crazy you probably got robbed you don't know anything about my robbery story that's my only interesting story um so let's grab a second spider because I don't know if we need it Two or three others like it when you do it when you see everything what you do, even um, I don't know, some people feel smug about this, so they say that's why I don't wear anything for people, not even for myself, right?
Now by wearing this is the shirt of the season I'm indicating you know if I care or I don't care I'm indicating I don't care like oh yeah, no, I don't wear normal People do trendy things because I'm not like the other guys, You know, I don't care about fashion for some reason, why should it be interesting that you would like to meet me and find out? And everyone does this on I've also missed this week's broadcasts. I'm glad I finally got to see one. It always brightens my day. It's good to see Jeffy here for us.
Your advice has made my day. I mean, it's probably like I feel like it makes my day. It's always a lie because it's like you know what that really means, but my day has improved slightly. Every time I see a regular tip, you know it like yourself or, uh, caress everyone you know, even even seeing them in gala after so long. Today you know it, oh. I didn't realize this yesterday until today until now I think I missed your advice gala I'm sorry I'm really bad at being a live streamer my whole job is to say nice things to people who give me money and I don't even do that properly, but uh, um, oh god, um, so I'm doing a fishing rod now, but um, yeah, I think everything is like on some signal level and some people really hate that it's like that. no, no, it's just for me, it's okay if I know, it's even okay, which I think, I think it's true that you can go down this rabbit hole a little bit and you can argue like there's nothing you can do.
You know how some people argue that there is no such thing as a selfish act? Oh, sorry, something is a selfless act, like when you donate to a charity ignoring the tax deduction or whatever you know is good when you make a donation. to charity you can feel good, so you're doing good things because you feel good, not because you're a great person, right? That is the idea that there is no such thing as a selfless act. I would say that there is no such thing as a self. a purely selfish act, there is no one, you know, I think sometimes we try to create a society, but like you, you know, wearing this shirt, I like it because it shows while we are obsolete in the Christmas parade, it gives you an idea.
I don't care about that, can you tell us a story? Also thanks for streaming right now because watching streams helps me withmy depression Thanks for the advice right now because your advice, I wouldn't do it, it's not going to be that serious. helping my depression, but your advice helps me with my lack of lobster rolls. It's been a week since I had a lobster roll and now I can change that after today's broadcast, thanks squashy, you know, I could tell a story. let's chat also, honestly, the problem is the stories, it's like always, you never want to overvalue a story, you just want to tell it, let me tell you a story, um, thank you too, Cancer attitude, did you know this dog was in his legacy for bug wasn't meant to be an exclusive soundtrack um I didn't know it was a bug I mean I would have guessed it was but they kept it for so long but it's hard to get anything out of it.
I know, okay, so it shouldn't take me long to find a pufferfish. We want to puff up fish if we can, but we also want a chocolate fish because we need one. We need to get this axolotl going. Spicy Chicken Story Spicy Chicken Story um no, a lot of the stories are interesting because the longer I use YouTube, the more stories become things that are like public records. An example of that is and uh, one of the worst experiences of my life is eating the ghost pepper. the carolina reaper sorry it's three million scoville units and it's one of the worst moments of my life and you can see it moment by moment and I think it's beautiful I love it okay so we have oh we can't turn this into no can we feed a wait can we feed the axolotl with one of these?
I'm not sure? Actually Chad can we be next on one of these 10 more fake stories like the one you did the other day says James Lee oh so I was waiting in line at Starbucks yesterday um and while I was in line at Starbucks um the president of the United States, Joe Biden, said oh hey, it's that ibx toycat that I see there and I thought, ah, you got me, it's and he said I love it. your Minecraft live streams, especially when you like silly challenges while speeding up the game and I was like ah, I like that, I like doing that too and then, um, and then he was like yeah, I was wondering when are you going to put Christmas.
The merchandise was back in stock and I told you, don't worry, Mr. Biden, it's a matter of national priority. I put it back in stock immediately. You can buy a Christmas cat t-shirt right now at Toycat and then Mr. Joe Biden himself. He said oh wow I better go to toycat and get me a t-shirt right now thanks if it wasn't for your videos I wouldn't be able to do what I do on a day to day basis and then I said what is that exactly what you do on the day to day?
And then he was like, “Oh yeah, I mostly just watch videos of toy cats, so there you go every once in a while everyone applauded in the store because it was a true story that definitely happened.” The day before I was in line at a McDonald's and while I was in line at McDonald's there was a nuclear explosion and there was a terrorist who said that the only way to undo this nuclear explosion is if I find the manufacturer of that long-haired child's stuffed animal. I'm getting one right now and he was and I said, sorry sir, the long boy was a one-time run of merchandise, you physically can't buy one after that time and he said Well, I guess now, now, I'll destroy the world and I said, Well, my principles of caring about uh, you know, uniqueness matters more than the end of the world and then the world exploded and then everyone applauded because I stuck to my principles even. when it wouldn't be, it wouldn't be smarter to just not do that, you're welcome.
Chat, that was a good story. Being a bucket of tropical fish to maximize lotteries is too complicated. Why not make it the tropical fish element? Yes, I guess so. to be live I guess they're like monsters they don't want dead fish it just seems crazy ok so a true story oh I should I should make two fake stories into a true story and then see if you can spot the one real or is it meant to be one two reels and one fake okay let's do it let's do it chat two two real stories one fake story come on um so um i i uh there's one that would be really good, but like me I'd be framing someone else, I think, and I already incriminate enough on the internet, I don't need to up my game even more, once, are you wearing a mask when you go to stores, Starbucks and stuff because there is an option in America, so canvas troller yeah, for like a week most american states don't have a mosque rule uh new york still has a mask rule on public transportation and starting tomorrow new jersey is a state getting rid of theirs i think they are one of the last They resist, so it's okay not to chat.
I don't like to talk about covert things because it inevitably leads to you killing my grandmother because of your carelessness. I can not, I can not. I think you are questioning these iron laws that take away freedoms is the only way to save lives. You know, that kind of thing, um, but I have this, this tickles me, so they announced on Monday that on Friday there would no longer be a legal, you know, a mask mandates a legal requirement to wear masks in any public space and that means that today, when I'm going to go somewhere after this live broadcast, I'm legally obligated, you know, I'm even vaccinated.
I'm completely confident that I'm at very low risk of getting it and if I pass it on someone else, too, I think it's like that today if I go out with the massive mask until I go to another state, in which case without a mask tomorrow, uh, I'll go out. outside, no more mask and that doesn't seem so arbitrary, right? I just feel like it kind of shows the problem with trying to get something legally right in general, like uh. What is that, but that doesn't make any sense? End of all right, like no, I just don't get it, you have to wear a mask on your back, but that's an honest system, yeah, I should clarify what it is. for most people, though again, actually, that's the interesting quirk.
I don't think it should be, instead of trying to do it in a system, just say: use your own judgment. We recommend that it does not matter in these circumstances. We recommend it. underneath this makes people feel smart for wearing a mask instead of dumb. I like wearing one, you know? Did I get a second saddle? Wow, do we need saddles? And I feel like that's what I feel. like governance 101 right, like making people feel smart when they do the things they want to do like uh something something you might not know this this this is this is kind of boring but it's like it's smart governance uh you get a tax break really that one of the biggest tax evasion, you know, everyone hates tax evasion or tax evasion or whatever, the biggest tax evasion you can do is put money into your pension in the United States, that's called a 401k, in the UK it's called sipp um your country doesn't have it as an equivalent, I guarantee you, you can, you can dodge taxes, you can pay, you can, you can make the money appear out of thin air and all you have to do is, um, all you have to do is hey, pufferfish, okay? you put the puff fish here now let's go to the bottom um all you have to do is put money into your pension when you put money into your pension the government gives you a tax reduction because the money is no longer yours, it belongs to the pension that doesn't you get 365. and you can be very smart about saving, you know, and in the UK the tax rates are up to 45 percent, you can save up to 45 uh in taxes and then, because you pay the taxes later. in life, but those taxes will be much lower and it's like a way to avoid taxes, but it means that you are preparing for your future in a way that the government wants anyway, it's a way that you feel smart doing the right thing.
I don't understand, um, it's like making people feel smart when they do what they want you to do, that's how you make people work instead of trying to punish them so that, like you know, you beat them into submission. I guess I think the way you describe the behavioral psychology of this is like the carrot on the stick, generally speaking, maybe just because I'm so contrarian. You know the carrot works much better on me than the stick. It never really works that well and maybe if you say "hey", if you do something, you'll get in trouble, I'll do it, I'll take it to the absolute limit of following the rules about the spirit that you know and if you say "hey, we" .
We will give you some money if you do this. I like money. I will do the same. There you have it. I do not know what I'm doing. I need to go to Never, so I need to find a big lava. well, so lava pits are the same problem as amethyst geodes, where I just have to like kind of hope, let's dig down again, you know, or we could go to this little cave that's going well, let's see where it takes me iron, that's good, oh, it's that lava, no, it's shiny, oh, the glowing lichen, the lichen stuff will make it harder to tell if you have an anti-lava toy cat, but your government won't take you away your pension, eh, again.
All the major countries that I've heard about again, Russia may be an exception, but if it's like that again, you have a public pension and a lot of countries are trying to reduce it because as people get older that's how it is. huge cost, like one in six, you know, you know, are you someone who thinks government can do big things right? All people are some of the richest in our society as a group, right? and one of each, like six pounds or one of every four pounds, is spent like, oh, we found a mine shaft, it's spent on giving money to people who are already very rich and therefore they're trying to reduce that. over time, right, it's a big thing, you know, let's talk about the government, you want to talk? government chat, wait Chad, I'm going to do it, I always like it when I like to stop talking about something like this, there's always songs out of place like no, do it, so you know what, so we can, no, so we can we can, verifiably.
Say that, in fact, this is not what anyone wants. Would you prefer we talk about taxes, governments and pensions? Or we could talk about literally anything else. We could talk about the there's a lot of cool stuff, um, subtitles for lava, oh, that's clever, yeah. let's turn it on stop i i i I'm not okay wait it's accessibility show subtitles on look I'm being weird and I'm playing oh I don't like that I can't deal with that I don't want to like that yes I yes If I become a Java


ner, remember me Let me turn it back on in the meantime, I'm fine.
Oops, I didn't mean to do that, so let's combine the torch stacks. Oh, they don't combine automatically. You have to do it manually. swing them like a club ooh diamonds we can make a diamond sword or something and also bread we can make a bread sword so yeah the mine shaft could be lined with an amethyst geode that would be fun wait why you do not like that? No, I don't like the like, just constant, it's like an extra source of distraction, like I can see why it's useful if you try it, like it's an extra source of information, but in my opinion, it's a source of unnecessary information, you know?
If you will help me find lava, which I need, I'm going to die as I'm going to go see the box office, the lottery has just saved my life, I'm glad, I'm very glad, yes, I, I. I can't deal with that at all um also um oh god where are we? We are in a cave, dark times are good, although I like silly speed races and I like this one, but it makes me sad that I like so many. of this


depends on if it rained outside oh it didn't rain I guess I guess your life is over yeah I guess you can't do anything okay I'll let you blow up okay so no office geode around here. place if we find a hard block but don't see a single one, I actually think the hard can spawn naturally now besides just the geodes, for whatever reason they remove the only interesting thing about it, for reasons I'm not sure of what we will take. a golden apple too and then we'll throw it like a pile of that and a pile of that and that lock and then we'll take that one too, so yeah, we're looking for a tough block at best, at worst.
Just explore a full strip of mining pit and we will get a golden apple. We could eat this girl from Nepal whenever we want. I think we have to get to the end later. I'm not sure if we'll be here long enough to see it through to the end, you know what we have to commit to staying on the stream until we get all 11 achievements? I hope not, honestly, this is a um, as a streamer, I feel like it's one of those things that I like. I look so lazy if I say oh, I wanted to stream for two hours but we're here, oh God, okay, let's break this.
I guess we're playing it cool. No, I thought we were playing normally. no, it's okay, so remember the only poison, you're hot now, you're definitely poisoned. Oh I'm actually going to die, I'm actually dead okay I actually said a little too much literally I'm sorry I was the one who abused you. my power and I, oh,sure, but thanks for watching, I'll see you next time, bye.

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